Duran Duran Returns With Collaborative New Album

Pop rock icons Duran Duran return with a new album full of twists and turns in styles. Their new single is an electro-pop ballad titled What Are The Chances.

Music as a whole is in a perpetual state of flux, with fan listening preferences shifting at a constant rate paired with an ever-increasing pool of talent rising on a daily basis. For this rock trio whose hey-day at the top of the pop charts goes back a few decades, it’s not just a matter of being fluid in their writing style. Their outlook on prosperity in the digital age of modern music is to be both philosophical and inclusive.

The new album from Duran Duran features collaborations with more diversity in style than anything in their past. The guest spots on tracks throughout the album include John Frusciante (formerly of Red Hot Chili Peppers), Jonas Bjerre (from alt-rock band Mews), Mark Ronson, Niles Rodgers, and even former pop star/actress Lindsay Lohan.

Keying in on this seemingly chaotic set of co-collaborators on the album is what Nick Rhodes (keyboardist for Duran Duran) refers to as getting out of the perpetual comfort zone that many artists get into. “A lot of artists get into a comfort zone. They know what works. For us, that’s the least comfortable zone, the comfort zone. We like to torture ourselves a little bit,” Rhodes tells Rolling Stone Magazine.

Paper Gods is the new album by Duran Duran. It debuts September 18th.

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