15 Best Drum Lessons for Intermediate Review 2021

Learn Drum Lessons for Intermediate

Learn Drum Lessons for Intermediate

Drums are pretty straightforward musical instruments, and everyone thinks of it as the easy one. According to majority of people, all they need to do is slap the surface of a drum and done, the music is created. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but this is a wrong approach.

The drum is a member of percussion group of musical instruments and if we look at details, they are technically named as membranophones. There is at least one layer which is stretched to the corners of the drum and when this surface is hit, music is created.

It is said that the drums are the oldest musical instruments and must be one of the instruments that hasn’t undergone drastic changes over time. In start, the drums were created with the alligator skins and originated from China during 5500 to 2350 BC.

According to history, the drums have played an essential role in the ceremonies. Some Chinese armies have been using the drums to motivate their troops as well. This speaks volumes about the importance of drums and how playing it is no less than a skill.

If you want to engage in this activity and learn the drum, we have over 15 lessons for you in this article. All you need is a drum and an eagerness to learn to choose any course from the list. So, have a look!

15 Best Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online Reviews

1) ArtistWorks Peter Erskine Jazz Drums Lesson

ArtistWorks Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

Who said that only one kind of music can be created on the drums? This is because you can even play Jazz on drums and if this fascinates you, we have all the course details in this section. This course is designed and taught by Peter Erskine who has a huge pool of drumming knowledge.

Though his vast knowledge, he has managed to create the video lessons that can be accessed by the students online and students can learn on their own pace. There are backing tracks in the course as well to make you the drum master.

In this course, you will learn to make jazz drum drill though the fill exercise. In addition, there is a huge variety of play along tracks and the jazz charts to revamp the learning experience. Once you start practicing, you can create a video and upload it on the video exchange library.

The instructor will watch the video and create a video response with feedback to help you correct the mistakes. There are hundreds of other videos that you can watch. The best part is that you can use the looping and slow motion on videos to focus on all minor details.

2) Udemy - Learn To Play The Drums

Udemy 1 Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

This course has been designed for everyone who loves to play drums. The course is designed on step-by-step basis to ensure you are focusing on each detail. This way, the beginners can become the experts by following the steps mentioned in the course.

At the moment, there are over 8,000 students enrolled in the course and you can chat with them through the forum to start learning and engaging. The students will learn different types rhythms, rudiments, and rock grooves.

Also, you will be able to play all the famous songs and learn different types of drumming such as reggae, march, blues, Latin, and more. Furthermore, you will also learn the drum notation and drum music theory. To take this course, you only need a drum along with the drum sticks for practicing sessions.

This course has been designed by Billy Baker who is one of the top drum players and a teacher. The three famous video songs include three little birds, jump into the fog, and road to nowhere. With each video lesson, there is a PDF available to help you during the practicing session.

3) Udemy - Learn How To Play The Drum Set: Masterful Drumming Volume 1

Udemy 2 Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

If you want to become the master of drumming and have no prior knowledge in playing the drums, this course is the most suitable option for you. This is the volume one and after this, you can take different courses.

Through this course, you will be able to use the drum set and in no time, you will have the ability improved, confidence gained, and the ability to express emotions through drumming. There are around 29 students in the course and each student gets the attention they need for learning to drum.

In this course, the students will gain an understanding of using the drum set and gain confidence for playing. Also, the students will learn to make note values such as quarter, eighth note triplets, eighth, and sixteen notes.

To get enrolled in the course, you need a drum set and the eagerness to learn. By taking this course, you will also an eBook for free which is written around Masterful Drumming Volume One to help you during the practicing sessions.

This course is for everyone who wants to use the drum set but if you are an advanced, this might not be the perfect option for you!

4) Udemy - Drum Lessons with ULTIMATE DRUMMING Intermediate

Udemy 3 Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

There are multiple styles to play the drums and if you are interested in rock & roll, you have come to the right place. This course teaches rock & roll with the combination of 8th and 16th notes. In addition, you will learn ¼ notes as well.

There are over 1100 students enrolled in the course and you can play with them on the forum and get answers to your questions as well. By taking this course, you will learn the rock beats and the ability count and develop the coordination.

This course is designed to make the students creative in world of courses where cramming is the ultimate learning tool. By understanding the notes, the students will be empowered to put them in practice and make the jamming sessions fun than ever.

To enroll in this course, you need basic knowledge of drumming because it works on notes instead of creating the foundation for you. By the end of the course, the students will have skilled knowledge of rock and roll beats.

Also, the students will be able to perform all the hit songs they have dying to play. So, if you are upper level beginner, you can take on this course and watch the skills touching the sky.

5) Udemy - How to play Drums : The Ultimate Guide to Drumming

Udemy 4 Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

There are some courses that touch few parts of the drumming but for the beginners, such courses hold no value. If you are a beginner or in intermediate drummer, this course has been designed to be the ultimate guide for drumming.

In this course, the students will learn to play drum in step-by-step configuration and in other words, you will become the pro drummer here because it has everything that you need! There are only 16 students enrolled in the course to ensure that instructors focus on everyone keenly.

In this course, the students will learn to play fills and grooves while playing a wide range of styles such as jazz, rock, and funk. In addition, you will gain information about the rudiments, rhythms, and other fundamentals.

The students will have the ability to understand, interpret, and play the sheet music. If you want to work on foot and hand coordination, which has been made possible with this course and you will also be able to improve the accuracy and speed.

So, get enrolled in this course today and learn the proper drumming techniques while you learn all your favorite songs!

6) Lynda.com Drum Lesson

Lynda.com Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

It has become nearly mandatory to learn the beats and fills if you want to become the drumming master. So, if you have been for the course that teaches these things, we have all the things to teach in this course.

The students will be able to learn the most famous songs. To create an engaging learning experience, the students can learn drumming through three-level series. In the initial chapters, the students will learn how to make the rock beats and fills inclusive of John Bonham, Dave Grohl, and Led Zeppelin.

Then, the students will be able to expand the drum vocabulary while honing your skills on jazz and blues beat. Also, the students will be able to learn the syncopation skills along with coordination. You will also learn different styles such as reggae, Latin, county, and funk.

This course is taught by Rich Lackowski and he will teach tempo manipulation along with time coordination, time signature, and tuning of drumming tools. In addition, you will be able to read music, set up the drums, and play the basic beats while learning the hand and foot techniques.

7) Skillshare - Drumming Secrets - 0 to Rocker in 30 Minutes!

SkillShare Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

According to the information provided in the course, the students can hone the drumming in only 30 minutes. Yes, even if you are a beginner, you can start investing 30 minutes of your day to drum and done, you will be the master of drumming in a month.

This course has been designed by Coulter and with his 10 years of drumming experience, he has managed to incorporate all the essential details in the course that are mandatory to learning experience. If you are beginner, this course can be the most suitable option for you.

If you have a knack for drumming, you would know about the secret beat and how every drummer uses it in his songs. Well, this course will teach you that as well. The best thing about drumming is that it teaches on quick basis and the learning curve is pretty small.

Also, this course will build the rhythms for you and you will able to pick any instrument in the longer by enhancing your fingers on these drum sticks. By the end of the course, you can also create a video as the final project and let the world know how good of a drummer you are!

8) 180 Drums Lessons

180 Drums Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

If you are keen about drums, you have come to the right place because this platform is offering two different types of courses to make you the drummer that you have always dreamt of becoming. However, there is a 90-days money back guarantee for the people who don’t think our course is optimized enough to push the learning capability.

In other words, the students can cut out the membership anytime that they want. So, the first course is free, and everyone can get enrolled in this. In the course, there are over 40 video lessons and if you create an account, you will get 10 additional lessons.

Also, you will be added in the private Facebook group to make you a part of the community along with your personal profile. You can access the video lessons anytime you want. This course is absolutely free.

However, there is a premium course as well where you can have access to over 500 video lessons without any irritating ad. Also, you will be given your personal profile and you will also be added in the private Facebook group!

9) Drumeo Intermediate Drum Lesson

Drumeo Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

If you are trying to ramp up you are drumming game, this course will be your best companion. This course has been designed to ensure that students don’t waste time in looking for unreliable drum lessons. To cater to the diverse learning needs of the students, this platform has created the customized curriculum through which you can everything that you need.

There are over ten different curriculums that cover multiple styles and topics to ensure broad-spectrum of learning. Also, if you want to drum on your favorite songs, you will have access to over 28 pay-along songs and there are 80+ song breakdowns to ensure you can learn drumming for all your favorite songs.

Throughout the course, the students will have ongoing support for learning. To ensure you get your doubts cleared, you can ask questions in the questions and answer sessions. The students and teachers will be always connected, and you can gain robust feedback on your performance and progress.

Also, there are live sessions held on video-conference to help you ace the learning you can watch in real-time and have your questions, answered as well.

10) MikesLessons.Com Drum Lesson

MikesLessons.Com Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

No matter if you are a beginner or an adult trying to hone your fingers at the drum sticks, these lessons will make you the drummer within a month by attending a one-hour class every day. If you want to play songs sitting in your cafeteria, these lessons ensure you are able to make a buzz by creating the methodology for learning famous songs.

To ensure you get a kick-start journey for drumming, they start with a famous song. These lessons are the integration of eleven videos that cover every simple section and with the advancement; you will be provided insights about different notes.

The lessons are designed to ensure you are enjoying every note and gaining expertise on different pieces. Students will be able to play different types of music such as rock, pop, folk, blues, and tunes as well. The teacher has been designed the course by integrating his years of experience in the course.

So, if you want to take everyone by storm through the drumming skills, this course is a great place to learn!

11) Drum Channel Intermediate Drum Lesson

Drum Channel Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

This is an online source for mastering the art of drumming and the platform has been designed for beginners and intermediate players to hone their game at the drum and drum sticks. The intermediate players can enjoy it because of there are multiple sing-along tracks in the lessons to help you ace everything.

The course aims at quickening up the process of learning through easy basics and techniques that help achieve the results in a reasonable timeframe. The lessons are devised for beginners and intermediate players who want to scale up to a professional level of drumming.

It’s true that drumming and drum sticks are everything and the musicians need to be skilled at that. With this course, you will have the tips and tricks to optimize the drumming experience and switch between the tunes without creating a buzz.

12) Learn & Master Drum Lesson

Learn & Master Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

This course has been designed for person who has dreamt of becoming drummers because this has everything one needs to kick-start the drumming journey. This course has over twelve DVDs where everything is clearly explained so that students know what to practice.

There are some metrics through which students can access their performance scale and see how they are doing. Through this platform, the teachers have been able to design the drumming courses for students. There are multiple courses available that ensure there is something for everyone.

This course has been designed by keeping in mind the novice people that helped in sequential and simple skill planning. To take on this course, you don’t need any prior music experience and the lessons are portrayed in an engaging way.

By the end of the course, you will be able to play drum with confidence as there are music theories and drum stick training provided. So, in other words, you can easily develop musicianship skills with this curse and play the drum as you have always dreamt of. There are some books as well which you can read during the practicing sessions

13) Stephen's Drum Shed Lesson

Stephen's DrumShed Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

When it comes to music, Stephen has managed to coin his name in the field of music and this course is taught by him. This course is designed to extract his drumming techniques and impregnate into the video lessons in the library.

Once you take this course, you will be able to access the backing tracks, video lessons, and sheets music. The students will get their hands-on drumming; drum stick exercises, along with multiple styles and tools. In addition, video lessons and you can watch them during the practicing sessions.

The students’ drumming and learning needs will be taken care of and once you set the goals, this course will help you achieve them all. The students can also gain access to the program, “creating your drum fill vocabulary” and learn everything else as well.

The students can gain help in creating the single stroke rolls and kick up the drum speed. Over the years, this course has helped over thousands of students. So, enroll in this course and you need to invest only 25 minutes a day to practice drumming.

14) Successful Drumming Lesson

Successful Drumming Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

The best way to learn drumming is to manage your time and progress on daily basis. With this course, you will be able to learn drumming on step-by-step basis because it will help you ace at one step and hop on to the next one. Also, there is a progress tracking system through which students can check their progress.

There are multiple training tools in the course to help you become a creative drummer instead of following the same lines. According to the designer of the course, he has spent ten years of his life in creating the video lessons and that assures the in-depth lessons

As per he states, the students must clarify all their concepts and they need to practice daily, and these are the only things that can make a successful drummer. This mindset helped him create the step-by-step lessons to ensure students are learning as they are supposed to learn.

To make sure no one is being too hard on them during the learning, the lessons have been divided into small chunks. This way, students can learn as much as they can and leave rest for laters!

15) Drumming System Lesson

Drumming System Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

If you think you don’t have time to sit for hours and practice on the drum, this course has been designed for you because you only need to invest 30 minutes a week and you will be able to hone your game. With this course, you will have other fellows sharing the course with you which creates a community and a learning environment.

By the end of the course, you will learn how to play the tunes, how to play drum in a supportive role, and how to create the enthusiastic blues. To take this course, all you need is the drum kit and the enthusiasm to learn because it’s heaven for people who are a novice to the field. There are animated video lessons to ensure the learning experience is engaging and there is a proven system to ensure you have everything for practicing.

In addition, you will be integrated with the confidence of playing and with the remote access; you will be able to learn at your own pace. In other words, there are specialized lessons to help you learn effectively. There are backing and sing-along tracks to help you ace at the music as well.

Choosing the Best Drum Lessons for Intermediate Online

This article has covered a plethora of lessons for the people who want to ace at drumming and take everyone by storm. There is course to meet the needs of beginners as well as intermediate players. So, you can easily check your skill level and enroll in the course as your skills demand. We hope that you will have the ultimate drumming experience!


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