5 Best Dobro Lessons for Adults Review 2021

Dobro Lessons for Adults

Dobro Lessons for Adults

Teaching new techniques and diving into new fields can be prey exciting and there are people who love to enjoy the intricacies of different types of music. It’s needless to say that hundreds and thousands of musical instruments are in the market and each of them makes different melodies. One of such instruments is Dobro.

If you want to learn Dobro, we have multiple lessons for you in this article. However, before we hop on to the lessons, let us tell you more about Dobro. Dobro is the American musical instrument brand and the owners are Gibson. These instruments are manufactured by Epiphone with the single-cone resonator design designed in the wooden design.

Dobro goes back into the 1920s when instrument designer, John Dopyera and musician, George Beauchamp designed this instrument to create music and high volume. There have been hundreds and thousands of instruments designed by the company but Dobro the third-generation design aimed at creating melodies that sparkle the ears.

Now as you are aware of the basics of Dobro and it’s history, these lessons are the perfect fit to make the master of Dobro. So, have a look at these lessons and choose the one that suits you best and your expertise level.

5 Best Dobro Lessons for Adults Review

1) ArtistWorks - Dobro & Lap Steel with Andy Hall

Artistwork Dobro Lesson Online

When it comes to music, Andy Hall has managed to coin his name in the field of music and this course is taught by him. This course is designed to extract his bluegrass techniques and impregnate into the video lessons in the library. Once you take this course, you will be able to access the backing tracks, video lessons, and guitar tabs.

The students will get their hands on strumming; chop chords exercises, along with picking and rolling patterns. In addition, there are gear talks and you have the ability to improvise tunings and solos.

You can learn through the videos and once you are ready to practice, make a video and upload it in the library to get a video response. The students will get in-depth feedback on the video.

In addition, the lifetime access is available along with slow motion and looping on the videos to ensure you learn at your own pace. There are music theory workshops as well and you can make five video submissions to the teachers to gain feedback.

2) TrueFire Dobro Handbook

TrueFire Dobro Lesson Online

If you are a guitarist and want to sharpen the skills for Dobro, it is better to start taking this course because this is all you need to get your hands on the learning material that engages the students.

The course is designed to ensure easy learning so you don’t spend time dwelling on useless material. By the end of this course, you will be able to hold the practicing sessions and in the long run, you will be hosting the jamming sessions.

No matter what your playing style is, this course will be the apt option to make you learn the basics of Dobro and you can enjoy the engaging lessons by Jimmy Heffernan while honing the top-notch skills.

In addition, you will learn how to convert your slide bar into a Dobro through the video lessons. This course will help you sharpen the Dobro skills if you know how to play the guitar.

If you are familiar with the guitar, Dobro will be a piece of cake for you and one video lesson will be enough to make you the master. This course isn’t apt for beginners because basic know-how is essential to sharpen the Dobro techniques. There are eleven jam tracks, 54 tabs, and 54 charts along with approximately six hours of videos to enhance the learning experience.

3) Beginning Dobro With Mike Witcher

Peghead Nation Dobro Lesson Online

Dobro is often named as the lap-style resophonic slide guitar and with this course; you will get to learn basic tips for playing. There are left-hand and right-hand techniques in the course that help everyone arrange songs and additional classical tunes. In this course, there are 24 lessons, 15 complete songs to learn, and 48 videos.

The designer of the course is Mike Witcher who has managed to incorporate his ideas and solos in the intonations. All the lessons are highly engaging and tasteful to ensure optimal learning process for the Doro enthusiasts. With this course, you will get to learn Amazing Grace with the first string and the intonation practicing will be top-notch.

With this course, you will also learn how to read tablature, add rolls to the melody, and learn about the closed positions. You will also get to learn the fingerboard, tunes, songs, and minor chords. All in all, this course will teach the essential techniques one needs to lick the songs. In conclusion, the stand up playing and strapping techniques will be there for you to hone.

4) Dobro Lessons – Basecamp – Jimmy Heffernan’s

Jimmy Heffernan’s Dobro Lesson Online

If you want to make a name in this world, you will need to know this master, Jimmy Heffernan’s and how he has managed to make the course for people who want the ultimate guidance.

This course is based on mp3 and CD lessons to ensure you get to dive into the details. This course will help you learn multiple qualities of Dobro through high-quality audio and video sessions.

There are multiple lessons based on half an hour basis and some are of one hour to help you have a sturdy grasp on the fundamentals. There are free licks in the lessons so you can learn and upload the video.

There are multiple email orders and you can get your hands on the lessons material. There is one video, “scales and how to use them” which will change the game of Dobro music.

With this course, you will get to learn the pattern of notes along with the major scales which can be easily visualized. You will get to enjoy the progressions and the second lesson; “common mistakes and how to fix them” will help you eliminate common mistakes from the sessions and add perfection to playing.

5) Learning With Pat

Learning With Pat Dobro Lesson Online

No matter what steel guitar instruments you like, this course will help you learn all of them. The lessons in this course are available for lap steel, dobro, and Weissenborn. All the lessons are based on the song teaching and you will get to learn techniques through songs. With this course, you will get to learn the lessons with musical theories and additional skills.

With this course, you will get to learn everything you need to play Dobro. Before taking the paid course, you can have a look at the beginner course video to help you understand the basics.

For any musical instrument, learning the basics is essential and this course will shed light on Dobro. After the beginner lessons, you can also learn the intermediate series and with each passing day, you will start learning the songs.

In addition, there are courses for D tunings and the Weissenborn lessons will help you open D on Dobro as well as on the lap steel. There are C6 and A6 lap steel series available as well. In conclusion, you will get to learn the basics and your favorite songs as well!

Choosing the Best Dobro Lessons for Adults

This article has managed to find out the top lessons for adults who want to hone Dobro. All the courses are added keeping in mind the skill level of beginners and intermediate players. Even if you have a knack for guitar and if you are familiar with the techniques, these lessons will be the optimal choice for you!


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