Discover How Google Answers Orchestra Questions

One of the ways marketers position their content on websites is by looking to see not only what people are looking for online, but what words are used to ask. The sequencing of words plays a large role in how search engines like Google determine what results will appear. Google’s suggested search function, also known as the auto-complete algorithm, takes questions asked in certain sequences to determine how to best present sites and resources for the end user.

Below is an image created by Ricky O’Bannon and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra floating around the Internet, showing us all what the Googling public asks about the different orchestral instruments. What questions are being asked and what sequential search data is offered can shine a big light on how orchestras are perceived, understood, and what elements of classical music cause insiders and outsiders the most issue.

Look, for instance, at the area where the french horn is. The main inquiries for this instrument have more to do with the difficulty of playing it than its sound or style. Whereas trumpet players apparently have earned a reputation for being good kissers, violinists apparently are either very attractive, or somewhat arrogant.

google asking about orchestra by ricky o'bannon

google orchestra search

Read the full feature on the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s website here.


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