Did you know you can now play the piano with Simon’s Cat?

simon's cat app
Love him or hate him, Simon’s Cat is a character that closely depicts all behavioral patterns of our feline best friends. He is extremely needy and annoying but, ultimately, you cannot help saying “aww” whenever he performs one of his antics.

The plump little beast now has its own app where he tries to give the likes of Evgeny Kissin and Lang Lang a run for their money. Now available on Android, Simon’s Cat Piano features a miniature keyboard and the majestic figure of Simon’s Cat himself looming over. Just press any key and, instead of hearing a piano-like sound, you’ll be rewarded with a meow in the corresponding pitch. If only there were enough keys to allow a virtuoso to play something like Rachmaninoff’s third piano concerto all in meows!

The app is available for Android on Google play (unfortunately, not in America). For those who really want to hear a melodic sequence of Meows, though, a similar alternative is available on the App Store: it’s called Simon’s Cat in ‘Purrfect Pitch’.


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