Di Gorgio Guitar: Detailed Overview Of The Brand

di giorgio guitar
di giorgio guitar

With all the different brands out there, you can certainly get confused more than often to ensure that you are getting the brand that would be perfect for your needs. Certainly, Di Gorgio guitars are one such brand that was named after Steve Di Gorgio who is an American musician and has been playing bass guitar in heavy metal and death metal bands in the late 1900s.

With that, you can naturally understand that the core focus of the Di Gorgio brand was on bass guitars intended to be played for heavy metal and you can get the best of that genre on that guitar. Di Gorgio guitars are certainly good. they started out in Brazil with acoustic bass guitars and they are still living up to the name.

With the company being passed on to the next generation, they are mainly designing classical and steel-stringed acoustic guitars that are highly popular among the bass guitarists and you get to enjoy a far better and smoother experience on these than any other guitars that you can find out there. A few notable features that you will need to know about these guitars would be:

About The Di Gorgio Guitar


The first thing is first, and these are the dreadnought guitars that are known for the signature style of Steve Di Gorgio and you get to play those metal genres on them pretty well without having to worry about a thing. They are mainly getting you the thicker tones since the design and steel strings are specified for that, and you will be getting the best element of playing metal on Di Gorgio guitars.

However, you can also use them for some of the countries, blues, and folk music that is being played in the South American region and the guitar is going to serve you just right. In addition to all that, you will also need to know that these are mainly the bass guitars and some of the best acoustic guitars out there that you might be getting.


Di Gorgio doesn’t make a lot of designs and you will be getting only the dreadnought shaped guitar from Di Gorgio that is exceptionally good for playing bass tunes on them. The design allows you to enjoy a far better experience with the playing style.

However, the guitar is a bit deeper than some of the modern bass guitars that you can get, and that will be a bit problematic for the playing posture that you will need for comfortable playback.

In addition to that, you get a thicker fretboard that helps with the aggressive playing style that you might need on the guitar to play it for the metal and overall glossy finish that will be protecting your guitar from all sorts of wear and tear or scratches and that way you can get just the perfect experience out of your guitar without having to worry about it looking bad.


When it comes to the options, the inventory line is not that wide and you will have to stick to a handful of models that you can get from them. It is all well and good if you are just looking for a simple bass guitar that is durable and will be helping you out in playing the bass for metal in the right manner so you are not missing out on anything.

But, at times you might be looking for different designs, types of guitar, or custom features that can be added to the guitar. That option is limited and you will only be getting some of the best bass guitars from them that are intended to be used for playing the bass and you can enjoy a better edge of comfort and convenience knowing that the guitar is not going to fail you.


The availability of these guitars might also be a problem for some people out there since the company is based out of Brazil and they don’t have such a large dealer network either. You will need to look out online or for some guitar shops that are known to have the equipment and instruments for metal to get your hands on a Di Gorgio guitar.


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