8 Best Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners Review 2022

Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners

Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners

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It has been around 4.6 billion years since the inception of our planet earth. From day one till today, everything is running in an orderly manner. Some call it the design of God, others say it is nature that is running on its own. What no one mentions is, the planet earth and the other planet, each rotating in its orbit, is one of the best examples of what we may call a perfect architectural plan.

The globe has changed so much during the past 20 years than in the last 200 years. We human beings have witnessed some great masterpieces of social architecture. Whether it is the ancient pyramid of Giza or the recently constructed Burj-Al-Khalifa, each of them is an example of their own.

But, what we see today as one of the best design and architecture, was once the dream of someone. An idea that was born during a class. The same classroom that some of us consider as a prison, is the birthplace of many fabulous architectural plans.

So, keeping the current scenario in mind, We've brought 8 Best online Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners. All of these eight courses are result oriented and will help you to boost the pace of your growth.

8 Best Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners Review

1) Frank Gehry Teaches Design and Architecture

MasterClass Frank Gehry Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners

Every architecture that we see today was once design in the mind of a genius who printed it on paper. MasterClass has provided us with various online courses, and this time, Frank Gehry comes up with an idea to teach people about the best of design and architecture that a beginner can have. In this class, Frank Gehry teaches about the absolute beginning lessons of design and architecture.

The first thing that he teaches his disciples is to start with small only if you want to do big. He shares his experience of how a piece of wood can provide you with ideas for a great design. Moreover, he prepares you to face rejection because according to him, denial is the first step towards success.

Through his lecture, Frank Gehry teaches that no matter how good your project it, if you cannot explain it, then it is useless. He tells us that if an artist plans to do something in advance, then it will never happen. Because creativity is never designed.

The best thing that Frank Gehry thought his students is to respect others. His lessons are always motivational for you to design something great and you can be a great architecture just by watching Frank Gehry teach.

2) Udemy: Chinese Architecture and Design

Udemy 1 Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners

Design and architecture are one of those fields that vary with geographies. Chinese architecture is considered as one of the most ancient architectures around the world. Either it is the Great Wall of China or the Military Gate, the Chinese have always come up with different designs and architectures.

Under the guidance of Federico Von Borstel, you will learn the best about Chinese architecture and designs. The course will introduce you to the rich Chinese culture that laid the foundation stone of Chinese architecture. As an architect, Federico shares his experiences about Chinese architecture and design, and he will teach you to be one of those who are specialized in this field.

This will entertain you with the ancient Chinese architecture and will help you to learn how to design and architect such architectures. In this course, most of the documented buildings are capture by Federico himself. This course will help you to visit China and its architecture through recorded videos that will help you to learn more and more about Chinese architecture and designs.

At last, this course will teach you about the influence of Chinese architecture on the rest of the world and how you can grow your career in this field.

3) Udemy: Architecture Fundamentals and Interior Design

Udemy 2 Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners

Udemy is one of the best online tutors that you may have for your courses. Its online courses of design and architecture are getting so much popularity that people from all around the world are joining these courses. It is certain that no matter how great you architected a building, if the interior is not right, then it is just a waste of money and time.

Interior designing keeps a vital role in designs and architecture, and without it, you cannot enjoy a luxurious life. Along with it, the biggest problem that an architect and an interior designer faces is that he sometimes fails to visualize his/her thoughts to the client through his words. That is something that can lead you to lose your projects.

So, for the ease of learners, this course brings 200 additional questions related to architectural and interior designing terms. It is the panacea for those civil engineers and architects who suffer to deliver their projects to the client. In this course, Sourabh Jain will share his experience of how he succeeded in the field of designing.

After completing this course, you will feel an increased level of confidence, and it will develop such skills that will help you to grow in your practical life. Getting this course will be one of the best choices of your career as it will always help you to interact with your clients appropriately.

4) Coursera: Software Design and Architecture Specialization

Coursera Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners

The earth is growing with every passing second, and to survive in this world, you need to match its standards of growth. Software designing is something that completely changed the horizon of design and architecture. This course will cover up all the aspects that a beginner needs to know about software design and architecture.

This course will allow you to create and design software applications by using design patterns, principles, and underlying architecture. You will also learn to use the visual notation for design and architecture. This is a complete package of four courses that will transform your skills from an intermediate to expert software design and architecture specialist.

This course uses a java based android app that you'll be evaluating and developing throughout the course. The course is not for beginners, but, those who have a little knowledge of reading and writing java codes can be benefited from this course. You'll be provided with a basic tutorial to learn the intensity of this course that will help you to gauge it correctly.

Basically, under the umbrella of coursera.org, this is the course that can help you to enter the field of software designs and architecture.

5) Lynda: Architecture, Graphic Design History - The Bauhaus Movement

Lynda 1 Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners

Graphics designing is considered as the most promising and growing fields in today's world. This course by Sean Adams will help you to grow your career as an architect and graphics designer. This course will prove to be the cherry on the top of your career. This course will teach you each and everything about architecture and graphics designing from the beginning and will let you learn with ease.

This course of graphics designing teaches and explores the most influential and modern principles of graphics designing movement: Bauhaus. This concept of graphics designing teaches the disciple about the simplicity of doing designing and helps to provide quality work. This course will let you know about new ideas, methods, and ways of working as an architect and designer through historical lenses.

This course is purely based on the Bauhaus concept of graphics designing. Sean Adams works to deploy his knowledge all over the world through this online course. It teaches you about the impact of Bauhaus on the architecture and design of today's world. The idea of this course is to link historical architecture with modern graphics designing and architecture.

6) Lynda: Architecture, Graphic Design History: The Arts and Crafts Movement

Lynda 2 Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners

Sean Adams has once again brought a new course for graphics designers and architects to help them grow in this field of design and architecture. Sean Adams always peeps into history to get the best results as a designer and architect. This course is especially for those designers who want to learn about graphics designing history and want to peruse their careers depending on history.

Sean Adams works to promote arts and crafts, and this course will help beginning designers to get more interest in crafting than in printing. This course is for those designers who love to promote old culture and tradition through architecture and design.

This course of architecture and graphics designing will help you to transform your level from a beginner to an expert and will help to showcase your skills as an expert designer.

The model of this course depends on the combination of both ancient and modern graphics designing and help to promote arts and crafts that were on the verge of devastation. So, joining this course will undoubtedly help you to get through all the challenges that you face during graphics designing.

7) Future Learn: Modern Building Design

Future Learn Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners

Futurelearn.com is one of the leading sites to provide quality education to those who can't leave their homes. Under the banner of the University of Bath, Dr. Ricardo Codinhoto defines how design and architecture can be one of the best industries in this transforming world. This course will help you to link your higher education with the modern building design industry.

The course will cover up all the major and minor things that you need to know before entering the field of design and architecture and defines the importance of the role of a design manager. The most captivating thing about this course is that it teaches you that how modern designs and architectures will help to reduce climate risk.

This course will primarily be for beginners as the core focus of this project is to train newcomers to a level that they can be of the best architects and designers. Along with it, this course will teach you to work on sustainable development and build your skills in accordance with the demand of the future market.

By following the guidelines of Dr. Ricardo Codinhoto, you will be able to learn various new things related to design and architecture that will undoubtedly help you to build a bright future.

8) Skill Success: Designing Gardens And Drawing Plans For Beginners

Skill Success Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners

Your house is incomplete without a garden and if you are living in a metropolitan, then having a garden is as important as oxygen. But, the thing to worry about is how to design and garden, and then how will you be able to maintain that garden. This course is designed for those beginners who struggle to design garden and fails to plan for their gardens.

If you are suffering in designing a beautiful garden then yes you are in the right place. Because subscribing to this course will help you to design a garden in an orderly manner. Your first impression is the last, and your garden is something that everyone notices while entering your house. So, if your garden is not well maintained, then it may be bad for your reputation and vice versa.

This course is for beginner designers who want to learn how to design a garden in the simplest possible way. This course emphasizes to design a garden in a simple yet in a captivating manner. So, subscribing to this course will help you to grow as a professional garden designer with minimal efforts.

Choosing the Best Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners

Above are the best Design and Architecture Lessons for Beginners that will help you to grow your career as a designer and architect. In this article, we have clarified all the aspects that a beginner needs to know about design and architect.

If you are suffering in these fields, then you better go through this article at least once because it will help you to mitigate all your confusion about design and architecture. Moreover, if you feel any kind of issue even after going through the article then feel free to leave a comment below. All of your problems will be resolved as soon as possible.

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