‘Daughter’ featuring composer Joe Duddell and a 10-piece classical ensemble

Daughter set out to become one of the most acclaimed new indie folk bands to get out of the UK. Elena Tonra, lead singer and song-writer behind the project enchanted worldwide audience with her beautiful voice and honest lyrics, while the band’s hypnotic and understated textures became instant fan favourites. The band decided to rework some of their songs with a 10-piece classic ensemble at the famous Air Studios, teaming up with composer Joe Duddell. Check out the video below and enjoy the stunning end result.

Joe Duddell has always divided his time & passion equally between alternative and classical music. Shortly after his band Pullover caught the eye of hip label Fierce Panda, he went to study composition with Steve Martland who was the only composer to be exclusively signed to Factory Records – at the Royal Academy of Music.


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