9 Best Creativity Lessons for Beginners Review 2021

Creativity Lessons for Beginners

Creativity Lessons for Beginners

Creativity is turning imagination into reality. Every invention, revolution, and change, in reality, is based on someone’s creativity. Creativity is relevant in every field. All employers seek a hint of creativity among their employees and it is considered an essential aspect of entrepreneurship.

All problem-solving exercises are based on getting creative with existing solutions or draw new ones from scratch. Even though every field of work focuses on its own creative process to evolve or improve, the concept or subconscious process for creativity is somewhat the same for every creative individual.

The most important aspect of developing or practicing creativity is to pay attention and try to conceptualize the process behind every phenomenon under consideration. Attention is the key when it comes to creativity. Secondly, creativity is more likely to emerge if it is being implemented on a problem in which the creative individual is skilled at or passionate about. These requirements are crucial to develop creative solutions for evolving complex problems today.

Today, we’ll be covering the 9 best creativity lessons for beginners. The lessons are focused on teaching you everything about develop a mind process, ethic, and muscle for creativity for everyday situations. No matter which line of work you belong to, after these lessons you will be able to think creatively for your case-specific problems.

9 Best Creativity Lessons for Beginners Review

1) MasterClass: David Lynch Teaches Creativity and Film

MasterClass David Lynch Creativity and Film Lessons for Beginners

The instructor for this course is David Lynch. He is an American filmmaker, painter, musician, and actor. Over the years he has managed to develop his own style of presenting and directing a story for the audience that seems surreal but close to reality.

From most unique cinematic shots to most beautiful story arcs, he pushes his creative boundaries every time. His unique and engaging style has been named “Lynchian” for his wonderful dreamy visuals and engagingly smooth sound effects. He is an Oscar nominee.

In this course, he will share how he engages himself in a cross-disciplinary process for translating his ideas into stories through unique narratives. He will share his unique thought process for forming creative storytelling methods.

Throughout the course, David emphasizes on thinking critically and deeply for being a creative and original for every new project. You will also learn how he transfers his ideas from his thoughts to an actionable plan for the whole team as most of the creatives struggle here.

2) Udemy: Acumen Presents: Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creativity Workshop

Udemy 1 Creativity Lessons for Beginners

This course is offered by Acumen, a Global Learning Community for Social Change Makers. The instructor for the course is Elizabeth Gilbert. She is the best-selling author with a recent book called Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, relevant to our topic of discussion. Her books have been translated into more than 25 languages. She is also listed in the list of 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.

This workshop is based on Elizabeth’s recent book called Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. She will explain in this course why perfectionism and passion are overrated and one should be an authentic doer who follows curiosity. She will go through case studies where change-makers are struggling to get started.

Each section would be accompanied by supplementary notes and exercises to practice creativity in your own lives. She will teach how to tackle creative blockages, ignite curiosity, and translate thoughts on paper.

3) Udemy: Disciplined Dreaming: Lead Breakthrough Creativity at Work

Udemy 2 Creativity Lessons for Beginners

The instructor for this course is Josh Linkner. He is a serial tech entrepreneur. With forming 5 tech companies and being their CEO / managing director, he has been working hard to push his creative boundaries to build his 200 Million dollar tech empire. He is a firm believer in the power and potential of creative thinking as it has been his major reason for success not only for his own ventures but also for startups he invests in.

The focus of this course is to develop a system to follow to come up with creative solutions to everyday situations. Josh will reveal the thinking process that led him to build his creative tech empire. He will mention his 5 – step process for disciplined dreaming to master the unorthodox design thinking to overcome adversities. After this course, students will understand the required mindset to become a creative leader. Josh explains creativity as a muscle that develops over time.

4) Udemy: Complete Creative Writing – All Genres – The Full Course

Udemy 3 Creativity Lessons for Beginners

The instructor for this course is Trace Crawford. He is a certified teacher and a teacher for English, theatre, and speech. He has been writing and teaching theatre for more than 20 years in both the public and private sectors. He is also an author and he excels in writing plays and non-fiction. His horror-comedy screenplay, “Dead (Re)Tired” has won 25 different film festivals and received honors.

The course is focused to cover all four disciplines of writing that are fiction, poetry, drama, and creative non-fiction. The instructor aims to bring out and polish the creative writer among each unique individual. So that everybody can discover their own creative skills in writing and develop their unique style and flavor for their audience.

This course includes video lectures, supplementary notes, graphical visuals to help students better understand the concepts regarding all genres. The instructor will also explain publishing opportunities to kick start career in the field of writing.

5) Udemy: Creative Writing – Get Writing, Keep Writing

Udemy 4 Creativity Lessons for Beginners

This course has been developed in partnership between Tracy Bains and Louise Croft. Tracy is a Creative Writing Coach and for many years she has been writing short fiction stories for weekly magazines all over the world. She has been featured in magazines Woman’s Weekly. Louise is a professional lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur from England. She is working full time to create value-adding Udemy courses that could help people in achieving their individual goals.

This course is designed to kick start your writing habit. Creative writing is the most relaxed and fun genre of writing. It lets us develop our own unique taste in writing that is parallel to our personality. This course will help us in understanding the basics of writing and methods to earn money online through our writing practices. Instructors will explain how to handle hate and negativity and continue writing with passion. They will share their own experiences as a fulltime writer/blogger.

6) Coursera: Ignite Your Everyday Creativity

Coursera 1 Creativity Lessons for Beginners

This course is instructed by two associate professors for creative studies, Dr. Cyndi Burnett and Dr. John F Cabra. The course if officially by The State University of New York, the biggest detailed education system in the United States of America. This course has been designed for working professionals to develop a thought process for creativity.

According to the instructors of this course, every individual is creative in his / her own unique way. Creativity is not restricted to arts or music. The focus of this course is to nurture every student’s own creativity using three methods namely, “Being aware”, “Being Inspired” and “Being Creative”.

This is a 6 week-long comprehensive creative course. The focus of this course would be to inspire students to pay attention to all phenomenons that motivate them. Students will go through a new module each week which will cover understanding what creativity is, who is a creative person, what a creative process is, and how to develop a creative product or a solution relevant to the context.

7) Coursera: Creativity, Innovation, and Change

Coursera 2 Creativity Lessons for Beginners

The instructors for this course are Dr. Kathryn W. Jablokow, Dr. Jack V. Matson, Dr. John Bellanti, Dr. Darrell Velegol, Dr. Elizabeth Kisenwether, and Dr. Armend Tahirsylaj. They belong from diverse backgrounds, design thinking, engineering, environmental sciences, and chemistry but have common passion and experience in creative processes in their respective fields. This course has been officially offered by Pennsylvania State University. It is a nationally recognized research institution.

This is a 6 week-long course. It will cover the complete process for developing a creative mindset. It will start with an introduction to Creativity, Innovation, and Change (CIC) in our professional and personal lives. The instructors will enable us to learn the scientific methods for rewiring our brains to run on a creative path using different processes and techniques.

Since all six of the instructors belong to different fields of study and practice, they will help us in understanding the diversity of a creative process in the workplace by practical examples. The whole course is focused on creating value and relevant creative ideas for a problem.

8) Coursera: Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot

Coursera 3 Creativity Lessons for Beginners

The instructor for this course is Brando Skyhorse. He is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Wesleyan University. He has been receiving national and international recognition since his debut novel, The Madonnas of Echo Park. This course is officially offered by Wesleyan University, a diverse liberal arts community committed to interdisciplinary learning and exploration of new ideas and processes for a wide variety of industries.

This is 4 week-long course designed to make us understand the technicalities behind ideating and translating a plot into reality. The first week is dedicated to learning what a plot is. How characters and the action of the story come together to define and engage the audience with the plot.

Furthermore, in the second week, students will learn the effective and practical structure for designing the plot. The third week is dedicated to explaining the importance and creation of scenes that complement the plot. Lastly, students will learn how to review and edit their work efficiently.

9) CreativeBug: Lessons for Beginners

CreativeBug Creativity Lessons for Beginners

This is a creative platform for individuals who have a bug for art & design, sewing, quilting, paper, knitting, crochet, food & home, jewelry, holiday + party, and kids. This platform is filled with creative classes from a diverse group of professional instructors who are passionate about teaching and connecting with new people. All of the courses are designed to enable students to equip a skill that engages the creative parts of the brain and potentially earn through that skill.

The platform also includes a forum for the students to connect, share experiences, and learn from each other. The website also hosts an inspirational blog to cover inspirational stories related to the platform and the students. The platform is focused to engage students in an active, creative, and meaningful lifestyle through daily creative and fun exercises.

Choosing the Best Creativing Lessons for Beginners

Creativity is a muscle and it needs to be trained, fueled, and worked upon to make it stronger and effective. Today, in this complex world, where there is an excess of information, there is a dire need to leverage this bulk of information for creative solutions. Every field is relevant for creativity as, without it, no change or breakthrough can be made. Every individual has his / her own sense of creativity, the goal is to nurture it, develop it, and train it to become relevant to current scenarios.


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