6 Best Country Music Lessons for Beginners Review 2022

Country Music Lessons for Beginners

Country Music Lessons for Beginners

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Country music might sound like an anthem that wakes patriotism, but the genre has a whole other story that is different than any other. Country music is a genre of popular music that is embedded like blues and old-time music.

Various types of American folk music enhance the rhythm and increase popularity for country music included in it such as Appalachian, Cajun, and the cowboy western music styles such as Red Dirt and Tejano.

A wide range of instruments is also used for country music and it won't be easier for anyone to learn it out of the blue. You will need to have the right love towards music, sheer determination, and the will to learn.

Country music is being taught in multiple music academies, studios, and other institutions around the world. You can learn it from there, or get a private tutor for you that can help you learn country music with the instruments.

But, if you are short on time and resources, you can also opt to learn it online and make the best of your learning experience. There are some cool courses being offered on multiple online learning websites that can take you through an online learning journey real quick.

6 Best Country Music Lessons for Beginners Review

1) MasterClass: Reba McEntire Teaches Country Music

MasterClass Reba McEntire Country Music Lessons for Beginners

For all the old souls out there, listening to country music is a delight. What if we tell you that, you can now easily make your own country music too? That’s to say because MasterClass.com has designed this course in collaboration with Reba McEntire.

Be it the lyrics or melody, the students will learn what makes an impeccable country song. In addition to this, the course will teach you to warm-up exercises that are bound to save your throat from damage and strains.

With this course on MasterClass.com, the students will be able to learn what makes a great recording studio. There are special recording examples so that you can instill emotions into your songs. This might be a new thing but you will come across case studies that will strengthen your concepts about country music.

Once you sign up for this course, you’ll have full lifetime access to course content. There are additional PDF workbooks in the course through which students can line out the theories.

In addition to video lessons, the students can access audio-only lessons, empowering the students to learn while on the go. This course can be accessed on TV, mobile, and computer as long as you have an internet connection. As for the video lessons, they can be downloaded on your device for offline learning sessions.

2) ArtistWorks: Country Vocals with Lari White

Artistworks Lari White Country Vocals Lessons for Beginners

Online learning is the new trend (a convenient one) for everyone who wants to learn a new skill. For people who have been allured by country music and songs, ArtistWorks.com has designed this specialized course. With this course, the students will be able to learn country vocals with Lari White. She has been nominated for Grammys and she’s inculcated all her secret country music tips in these lessons. With this course, you’ll see a significant improvement in your country's music and songs.

Once you sign up for this course on ArtistWorks.com, you’ll be able to access a massive number of video lessons, warm-up exercises, and practice sessions. With this perfect combination, you'll be able to master your country's music skills. The course is integrated with bending and yodel lessons, along with tips for your next live performance (in the countryside, maybe?). With this course, there are body exercises for singers because posture can impact the singing outcome.

The course and its content are available for a lifetime once you sign up for this course. There are music theory workshops so that you can learn the concepts. In addition, you can come in touch with a community of music lovers, hence an improved musical experience.

3) ArtistWorks: Electric Country Guitar with Guthrie Trapp

Artistworks Guthrie Trapp Electric Country Guitar Lessons for Beginners

When you plan to learn a new skill online, choosing the right platform holds great importance. With this being said, we would like to praise ArtistWorks.com. For all the country music lovers, this course is an amazing choice. With this course, the students will learn about the inculcation of electric guitars in country music. The course is taught by Guthrie Trapp and you’ll be enlightened by the experience and knowledge that he has to share. The course is designed with slides and bend tips, along with improv scale exercises.

To be honest, these courses will tell you about the realistic country music standards, so that you can learn the real stuff. The course is designed with unlimited access to video lessons. However, access to the video exchange library is pretty limited. With this course, the students will be able to learn about the intricacies of country music through music theory workshops. On top of everything, you can submit five videos to get proper feedback from the instructor.

The video lessons have looping and slow-motion technique so that you can slow-down the important parts and learn effectively. With this course on ArtistWorks.com, you’ll learn improv scales, ranging from one to nine.

4) Udemy: Learn Country Music on harmonica, play the tunes you love!

Udemy Country Music Lessons for Beginners

Country music is one classic genre that not everyone can understand and master. But if you’ve got a knack for country music, Udemy.com is the ultimate solution for you. That’s to say because this course will help you learn how to play country music on harmonica, pretty diverse, right? The course is designed by Ben Hewlett and he will teach you how to play the harp with guitars and banjo to create a perfect outcome. With this course, students will learn how to create new songs and improvise the country music tunes.

Once you sign up for the course, there is full lifetime access available, so you can revise anytime you want. In addition, there is a 1.5-hour of on-demand video, so your unique concerns can be addressed. There are 12 downloadable resources available with this course, empowering you to learn even if there’s no internet. The video lessons can be accessed on the phone and TV, all the same. After the course completion, you can also earn a certificate of completion.

With this course, you’ll learn how to play rhythms and improvise the chugs. Even more, you’ll learn about scales and multiple harmonica positions. There are 14 lectures in this course, each of them focusing on special techniques.

5) Guitartricks: Country Lessons for Beginners

GuitarTricks.com Country Music Lessons for Beginners

Country music has a vast history behind it and if you have a thing for this music genre, GuitarTricks has designed this perfect course for you. In this course, you will learn about the sub-genres of country music and how you can play them all. With this course, you will be able to learn country music and songs on a step-to-step basis. This course by GuitarTricks.com is designed for beginners, but experts can use it as well for revising the basic concepts.

For instance, there are special video lectures through which students can learn about the bends and chugs. These bends will directly impact the country music outcome. The students will learn how to bend the music through chords and improvise the scales. Through this course, students can learn about the basic and advanced hybrid picking exercises for an optimized instrument. Be it the double stops or double stops progression, you’ll learn it all through this course.

The course has added video lessons with examples of multiple keys and riffs. Once you sign up for this course, you can access the guitar chord chart for adequate information on chords so, you don’t compromise on country music tunes. On top of everything, there are gift certificates as well.

6) CountryGuitaronline.com: Lessons for Beginners

countryguitaronline Country Music Lessons for Beginners

While we have been reviewing some courses that can help you learn Country music on different online learning platforms, this complete website is devoted to the students to learn country music. With a one-month free trial period, there are lessons available on this website designed specifically to improve your ability to improvise country music over the guitar, bluegrass lead guitar, and more.

With the help of lessons on this website, you are going to learn rhythm and fills with a deeper understanding so you can start recognizing them and create your own as well. These lessons will enable you to get the true soul of country music and get immersed in the passionate world of rhythm that country music has to offer.

On this website, along with lessons and helpful resources, you can also find a forum where you can interact with other country music players and students to discuss and grow together.

Choosing the Best Country Music Lessons for Beginners

Although Country music is not a piece of cake that you can learn overnight or in a short time, it is not that hard either. You can master country music in no time at all if you keep moving forward at a steady pace and have the right motivation for it. These courses can help you learn everything that you need to about country music and play it for yourself, at a party, or even make a career out of it.

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