Classical Music And Beat Box, Out Of The Box

flute cello and beatboxIf you are a purist when it comes to music, you might miss out on many truly amazing things. Music is, after all, about evolution. Classic composers were, after all, inspired by other classic composers before their times, and their work keeps evolving according to new interpreters.

The music created by avant-garde flute and cello duo Strawberry Sunday (Kimberly Zaleski, flute and Trevor Kazarian, cello) offers a great example of how two apparently different musical cultures can come together and create something truly astonishing. Beat Boxing culture is closely related to the classic hip-hop scene of the early days: it is just about bringing the beat back to basics and adding value to the rhythmic component behind a track.

In this video, this particular style blends in seamlessly with the depth and textures of classical music. Sometimes, the weirdest things simply fit well together. Who would have thought that pieces of wood and animal guts (originally used for strings) would make such an incredible sounding combo?


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