12 Best Chess Lessons for Beginners Review 2021

Chess Lessons for Beginners

Chess Lessons for Beginners

Chess is one of the most popular board games around the world. It is a strategic game that is played with two players. Each on a different side. The chessboard is made out of boxes in white and black that represent each player. There are 16 different pieces on the table for each player. These pieces include one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns.

The ultimate goal is to checkmate the opponent's queen. Each piece on the board got its own movements that you need to keep in mind while playing the game. These moves are based on pre-defined rules of the game.

Chess comes from the 7th century with Indian-Asian origin and got its popularity in the Chinese region. Now, Chess is recognized as an official sport and there are many tournaments held for chess worldwide. These tournaments include a world championship that can also be called a world cup for chess.

Players from all over the world compete in such tournaments to carve their niche and compete against the very best. The game got its own international governing body as well that does not only regulates the rules worldwide but organizes these tournaments as well.

Chess is a healthy activity for your brain functioning as it can help you grow your brain activity and think more proactively. Playing chess means to be on your toes at all times and give your brain a full rev. If you are looking to play chess, and don’t know where to start from, you can do it online. There are some cool online courses being offered that can help you learn chess in the comfort of your home.

12 Best Chess Lessons for Beginners Review

1) MasterClass: Gary Kasparov Teaches Chess

MasterClass Garry Kasparov Chess Lessons for Beginners

If you are a chess fan, you must have heard the name and know all about him. If not, Gary Kasparov is the world’s youngest chess champion. He bagged the title at a mere age of 22. While many believe that chess is a game for old folks with years of experience at their hands. This is not entirely true and that is what Gary Kasparov is explaining in this course. The course contains 7 hours of lessons in 29 videos on how you can play chess without letting your opponent get a hold of you.

There are different advanced techniques explained int his course that is perfect for every beginner to learn chess. There are some cool opening techniques as well that would allow you to learn how you can dominate the board from the very start and make an impression from the very beginning.

There is a detailed lesson on each aspect of the game that will guarantee a win for you no matter who you are playing against. This course by Gary is specifically designed to help youngsters and beginners to get hold of chess and make it count. You can take part in a tournament or simply impress your friends after learning chess from this great online course.

2) Udemy: Chess Tactics Essentials

Udemy 1 Chess Lessons for Beginners

Udemy is the home for any course you want on any subject. Their wide range of courses allows them to focus on each detailed aspect of any course you want. This course by Brenden .J Norman is a detailed guide on chess tactics that you must know to compete against any player out there.

No matter how good they are, if you know these tactics explained in this course, you can surely give them good competition and that is the beauty of every game including chess.

With these lessons, you will learn to recognize the chess tactics that an opponent can possibly play against you and have a counter ready for that. There are 2.5 hours of videos in this course and 33 downloadable resources with lifetime access so you can learn at your own comfortable pace and revise the course whenever you want. With this course, you will not only be ready to play in a tournament but have your chances of winning increase significantly.

3) Udemy: Chess - How to Become a Chess Master

Udemy 2 Chess Lessons for Beginners

While other courses specify on a single aspect of chess to get you ready, this one is a complete guide to chess. You get extensive 33 hours of video lessons that explain everything there is that you need to know about chess.

The course includes tactical and strategical training to prepare your mind and body to handle the game and make it count towards a win. This course got everything you are going to need including a practice test that you can take to test your skills with the game and be confident about it.

The best part about learning from this course is that there are no requirements to learn. You get everything from beginning to start on this great course that can help you grown your game in chess. You will also be awarded a certificate of completion at the end of this course. If you are not a pro chess player and want something basic to start with, this is the perfect course with you. You can learn to master the game in no time at all and bag some victories really quickly on the board.

4) Udemy: Chess for Everyone

Udemy 3 Chess Lessons for Beginners

Chess is not just a game for competitions or tournaments. It is a game that is played in offices, homes, or even at parties among friends and family. That is one of the main reasons that you must learn how to play chess.

This course here, designed by Robert Gumerlock is an ample explanation of how things work on a chessboard. You don't have to worry about a thing with this course as it got a short and to-the-point approach towards learning the game.

There are 2.5 hours of video lessons included with this course that will help you enhance your strategic thinking. There are basics of chess included in the course that would help beginners understand the game in terms of a layman and take things forward from there. You can have a chance of getting a checkmate in every game.

The course explains everything you need to know to do in the beginning, end, and middle of the game that would make your win inevitable.

5) Udemy: Chess Strategies: Learn Attacking Tactical Chess Maneuvers

Udemy 4 Chess Lessons for Beginners

Attacking is the best defense, and this is somehow true for chess. Each game got its ups and downs, but you have lesser chances of losing a game in chess if you can anticipate the movements of your opponent and attack accordingly instead of getting into a defensive position. This will not only down their morale but also give you a competitive edge over your opponent in the game.

Designed by Mark Eremenko, Viktor Neustroev, and Krill Eremenko, some of the top world chess players, this course is the best one out there on attacking strategies for chess. All you have to do is watch these 2.5 hours video lessons and you will be ready to take down any opponent in an attacking manner.

The course is perfect for any type of player including beginners as it entails all the right guidance to start with the game. Lessons also contain examples from real games that would help you devise the right attacking strategy to take down your opponent.

6) Udemy: Chess: From Beginner to Advance at Warp Speed

Udemy 5 Chess Lessons for Beginners

Chess is an easy game to master if you are sharp enough and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There are people out there that might think that chess is a game of old people with experience at their hands and that is somehow true but not entirely. You can master Chess and all there is to know about it, give the right resources at your hand. This course right here is the perfect example that can help you improve your games with just 3.5 hours of video lessons.

The course is designed by Gregg Vanderford which enables you to think out of the board. This is the best course for you if you are a beginner at the game and you want to increase your skillset rapidly.

There are 8 downloadable resources available as well that will help you along the journey of learning chess and you can avail a certificate of completion as well. The course would be a perfect choice for you if you have a basic knowledge of chess and want to take it to the next level rapidly.

7) Udemy: Live Chess Playthrough #1 – Learn How a Chess Master Thinks

Udemy 6 Chess Lessons for Beginners

The best way to learn something is from the very expert and that is what this course is all about. The course enables you to enhance not only your knowledge about chess but your thinking level as well. You can have all the moves memorized and saw them online but they are not good enough in a live match if you are not thinking on your toes at all times. That is what this course is all about as it enables you to learn like a chess master and employ it towards a victory.

Created by Chess University, this would be the right choice for you if you are an intermediate level of chess player with ample knowledge of moves and the game but you want to enhance your thinking process. You must know all the rules before beginning this course as it is about enabling you to think smartly and not help you learn chess.

8) Udemy: Learn to Play Chess: from a Novice to a Fierce Competitor

Udemy 7 Chess Lessons for Beginners

Chess is not that easy to learn especially if you are a beginner. There are too many pieces, moves, and terms involved that are hard to remember and require practice. You can't just take out a course and come out with an advanced level player. That is somehow true, but there are limitless possibilities to human abilities, given the right motivation and direction.

This course right here, designed by Alex Davidovic is the right assistance that you need to learn chess. The course will enable you to think on your toes, learn all the chess moves and be confident when you are sitting at a side of the board.

You can not only learn all the basic rules and fundamentals but some great offensive and defensive tricks that will make sure that you can win the game every time you are at a table. This course will take you from a beginner to a Fierce competitor at any chess game really quick.

9) Udemy: Learn to Play Chess Openings Like a Master

Udemy 8 Chess Lessons for Beginners

There are no second thoughts about an opening making the best of any game. Having the right start at a chess match will not only increase your chances at the victory tremendously but keep your morale up throughout the game. Confidence is everything in a chess match as the whole game is relying on how strong your brain is and how you can counter your opponent's move efficiently.

This course is all about making some strong openings in the chess game that will allow you to have a better start at the game. You need to plan out the whole game and it begins right from the opening. You need to analyze the board positions and keep updating your strategy according to the situation on the board.

Designed by renowned chess master Greg Vanderford, the course contains ample knowledge and tricks to create a strong impression for any game right from the beginning.

The course does not only contain some cool opening tricks but has a deeper insight into psychological factors that will count to your victory and how you can make your opponent lose the game in their head before you actually checkmate them on the board. All you need to start this course is a chessboard and the right pieces and the rest is all provided in 4 hours of video lessons.

10) Nurtr: Chess: Lessons for Beginners

Nurtr Chess Lessons for Beginners

This whole website is about chess lessons. R.B. Ramesh is a Chess Grand Master that has played against some of the world's best players and defeated the most. The website got exclusive content that is designed specifically to help players learn chess online.

Besides, the website offers unparalleled mentoring from some of the best chess coaches around the world. There are flexible plans to choose from according to your needs and budget that will help you make the most out of your learning experience on this website.

The best part about learning from Nurtr is that you get to choose from tons of learning methods. You can join a classroom with pre-recorded lessons, become a part of a live room with a live session where you get to ask questions, get in a camp room with fellow students and watch some best competitions. You also get the option to choose 1-on-1 coaching from some of the best chess coaches that can help you take your games to new unimagined heights.

11) ChessTrainer: Lessons for Beginners

ChessTrainer Chess Lessons for Beginners

They are offering FIDE certified online training for chess. There are winners from over 16 countries in their alumni that is unmatched by any other online learning platform. This is a cathedral for any chess player who wants to learn chess at an extraordinary level and carve their niche in the sport.

The training program is split into three levels that are Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. You get an assessment on the website that allows you to test your skills and knowledge on the board and join a course accordingly.

You will also be getting online homework between your training sessions to not only keep you occupied but brush up your skills with self-practicing. Dhanesh Shrikhande has been a Chess coach since 1991 and is a FIDE instructor. He has played a key role in the development and improvement of these courses on this website and you can get a chance to learn from him first-hand if you go with this website learning.

12) ChessTutor: Lessons for Beginners

ChessTutor Chess Lessons for Beginners

The name says it all, the website is about getting the best chess tutor online that can help you learn chess at the comfort of your own home. There are courses that are easy and affordable. You get a free first lesson to get you acquainted with the game and an idea of the things so you can assess if it would be worth giving a shot. There are tons of resources listed on the website that would help you move your way along with the game and become a pro chess player.

The best part about this website is that they are not just offering pre-recorded courses but help you learn chess through video link in 1-on-1 sessions. The tutors use skype to help you learn the game.

There are tons of resources like books, videos, and lessons with simulations to make you understand the game better. And if that doesn't work out well for you, you can always ask assistance from a live chess coach who is pleased to answer any of your questions.

Choosing the Best Chess Lessons for Beginners

Chess is a game that requires patience, will, and strategical thinking. That is why you just don't need to learn the rules but bring your mind up to the par as well. These are some of the best courses online that you can use to learn chess. You can choose from these courses based on your goals and get started on your journey from the comfort of your home.


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