3 Cheapest Way To Ship A Guitar

cheapest way to ship a guitar
cheapest way to ship a guitar

Guitar has become the universal symbol of music and that is why everyone loves to have their hands on it. It is being played all across the world for a variety of music types and genres and that is a greatly significant factor of the importance of guitar.

Moreover, there are hundreds of types of guitar or similar instruments that are being played in different forms, cultural music, and more and all that would make it the perfect choice for you to start learning guitar and make your dreams come true.

However, a lot of different guitars might be out of your reach due to geographical restrictions. Not that it is not possible to find a guitar where you are, but there are also some limited-edition guitars that you might want to get your hands on, or you might be looking for something that is better than you are using at the moment.

For that, you can need to have the guitar shipped to your place. However, there are a lot of different factors involved with the shipping that you will need to know. Not only the reliability and package handling are a major concern for you to have the guitar shipped, but price matters as well and you will need to conduct thorough research on that to make sure you can get the best experience out of it.

A few of the most affordable methods that you can use to get the guitar shipped to your place are:

Cheapest Way To Ship A Guitar

1. Ground Services

The best and most affordable way to have the guitar shipped to your desired location if you are looking to ship it within North America would be to utilize the ground delivery service.

Needless to say, that the deliveries are made through the roads and that can take some time for the guitar to be delivered. However, it will just be a matter of days and your guitar will reach its destination before you can know it.

The best part is that you can ask them to have the fragile packing for your guitar, and they will be able to handle it properly. That will not only save a lot of bucks for you but will also be an important factor to make sure that the guitar doesn’t get damaged during the transit.

So, if the guitar needs to be shipped within Northern America, all you will need to do is ensure that you are choosing the ground service as that is the best and most affordable way to have your guitar shipped.

The best part about using the ground services is that they will also be providing you with plenty of options like you can choose the time of delivery and not only that but there is also insurance available for the guitar that you are looking to ship so you can have the peace of mind at all times that you are in good hands.

Grounds services remain to be the most affordable way to have the guitar shipped to someplace without having to break your bank.

2. Sea Cargo

If you are looking to get your guitar shipped overseas, and you don’t want to pay a hefty amount just for the shipping, sea cargo would be the best option for you to choose. It is pretty simple and the guitar is shipped via Sea.

That would mean, it might be delayed a bit. However, you don’t need to worry much on the price here because it would be the cheapest way to have your guitar shipped overseas. They will handle the packing of your guitar as well and you will not have to worry about the slightest of thing if you choose to go with the sea cargo.

One thing that you will need to keep in mind is that it can take extended periods of time to have your guitar shipped through the sea and that is why you should only be choosing this method if you are not in a rush.

If you are waiting for a concert that is next week and you need your guitar by then, or you don’t have any other guitar at the moment, then sea cargo might not be the best option for you. However, if you are not in a hurry and can wait for weeks and sometimes it can take up to a month, you will really be saving a lot on the guitar shipping costs with the sea cargo and that would be the best thing for you to enjoy a seamless guitar shipping experience with them.

3. Overnight/Air freight

Lastly, if you are preferring to have the guitar delivered to you earlier, the overnight or air freight service might be worth paying for. The key is to not set a priority time for the delivery as it will add to your overall shipping costs.

You can choose the overnight or air freight delivery to have your guitar shipped and it will take no longer than a day or two to have your guitar shipped from one place to another. It is also totally safe as they know how to deal with fragile equipment.

The costs are obviously a bit higher than the ground shipping or sea cargo, but it would be worth paying a bit extra if you need the guitar urgently for some performance. Airfreight is going to help you out greatly and you would not have to worry about anything either.

They will be able to get you the insurance for the guitar as well and make sure that you don’t skip on that trying to save some bucks as there can be a lot of unforeseen circumstances and you might end up with a broken guitar that is not good for anyone.

These would be some of the cheapest and most efficient ways to have your guitars shipped from a place to another without having to worry about the cost or safety of your instrument.


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