Charges dropped against opera singer arrested for noise violation

In Sep 2016, Opera singer Krista Clouse was arrested in Alexandria, Virginia, for singing on the street with a speaker system.

The authorities have now withdrawn the misdemeanor charge filed against her and acknowledged that Clouse should never have been arrested.

“The officers were arresting me for singing opera in public when blocks away there were drug dealers, there were people committing crimes,” Clouse commented. “Recently in Alexandria, there have been rapes, there have been murders and I was the one arrested for singing opera in public.”

City officials said Clouse should first have been served a notice before being arrested. But the police failed to do this and instead arrested her soon after asking her to turn off the Bluetooth speaker she was performing with.

She posted a video of the incident online.

As well as apologizing to Clouse, the city says it is reviewing its regulations for street performers and will be presenting new guidelines soon.


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