Carrot and Drill Are Ingredients For New Kind Of Clarinet

Do you remember eating dinner with your family as a child and wanting to play with your vegetables as though they were something else, like a musical instrument? Linsey Pollak had the same thought, though he wasn’t a child. He is an adult who has taken a carrot and transformed it into something children only dream about – a musical instrument.

It doesn’t hurt that Linsey Pollak is an instrument maker by trade. The Australian musician is committed to variations of the craft (both figuratively and literally). The construction and creation of a clarinet out of a carrot is genius in and of itself, considering it actually plays, and it plays notes in key.

The real kicker is that he constructs and creates the carrot clarinet in 5 minutes. He even jokes about keeping to the time limit. In what seems like a demonstration that is also purposed for recruiting other carrot clarinet players, Pollak walks us through the process of the carrot transformation and performs a short piece at the demonstration’s conclusion.


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