Can virtual pianos live up to the real thing?

Sound Magic has announced the release of its latest virtual piano: version three of its Ruby Grand. It enables users to recreate the sound of a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano on the computer.

Yamaha C7
A Yamaha C7 Concert Grand Piano. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

The software is created using Sound Magic’s Neo Piano Hybrid DFD/RAM system. They boast that they have been able to recreate the true sound of a concert grand piano with the development of a resonance engine, which replicates the reverberation of sound off a grand piano’s soundboard and wooden body.

The software then offers 40 different controls that can be altered by the user, including changing the player-audience perspective and adopting a style resonance such as jazz, classical or pop.

But can it actually live up to the real thing?

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