6 Best Work Mats for Music Instrument Review 2022

Best Work Mat for Musical Instrument

Best Work Mat for Musical Instrument

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A work mat offers the best protection for your musical instruments and work surfaces. There is always going to be a time when you will need to work on your instrument—either minor maintenance touches or a full-scale repair task.

Whenever such a need arises, you need the best tool to assist you conveniently while ensuring you do not inflict more damages on your delicate instrument. This was what necessitated the construction of work mats for musical instruments.

What to do when shopping for the best work mat

Buying a work mat for your instrument is no rocket science. But if you want to make sure everything goes smooth and fine, then you will need to buy the best. And to do this, there are certain things to take into consideration when shopping for your work mat.

Consider the material type

Work mats are available in different materials, but the most popular is TPE and neoprene material designs. The material, notwithstanding the type, should be able to withstand extensive use and protect the surface on which you are working.

Work mats made from TPE materials are very efficient and do not affect the instrument finishes. Therefore, go for such mats that don’t contain latex, chloride, leads or such other harmful chemical compositions that can damage the look of your instrument while resting on it.

Think of the resistant level

How reliable is the work mat when it comes to being resistant to bacteria and chemicals? It would be useless investing in a work mat that lacks resistance to bacteria and chemical infections. Ascertain this quality by looking out for reviews on the internet.

What about size?

Perhaps, the most critical aspect of choosing a work mat for the instrument is the size it offers. This is because, if your instrument is larger or longer than the work mat you bought, it means the purpose why you wanted the mat in the first place have been defeated. The instrument will certainly be exposed to the work surface, and as a result, get scratched or damage the work surface by its inputs.


Traction is another thing you should consider when buying your work mat. The mat surface should be able to hold items while preventing them from rolling away during work.

With this entire consideration in mind, nothing should stop you from purchasing the right work mat for musical instruments.

6 Best Work Mat for Music Instrument Reviews

1) MN207 Music Nomad Premium Work Mat

It’s no secret that Music Nomad produces some of the best work mats in the market. The MN 207 is a top quality, 5-in-1- neck support Cradle Cube design that allows you to conveniently do maintenance and repairs on your string instruments in a secure way. Considering that when you lay your instrument on a hard surface or towel can damage it, the MN207 offers a safe handling for your instruments during maintenance.

The MN207 work mat features a biodegradable TPE material that is perfect for all surfaces/finishes. We like the fact that the work mat itself is odorless, includes no PVC, no latex, chloride, dioxins, rubber, or lead. It has a unique and excellent closed-cell design that enable it to resist chemical and bacteria.

You can have a lot of balance while you work; thanks to the anti-slip, textured surface that provides excellent traction. With the Cradle Cube gently supporting either side of the neck, you can have a better way to work on your musical instruments.

2) Large – OP/TECH USA Work Mat

If what you are looking for is a work mat that features a soft, rubberized and portable work surface, the OP/TECH will do just fine.

We like the waterproof design as well as the anti-static construction both of which combines excellently to protect the delicacy of your musical instrument, including the surface where you are going to work on.

If you are the type that always finds it difficult to locate small loosed items during maintenance or repairs, then this work mat is suitable for you. The reason is it comes with a gray, neutral color which makes it easy to see and locate small items from your instruments.

Another remarkable thing about this work mat is that the surfaces are well textured, preventing items from rolling off. The mat also rolls off conveniently for transport or storage.

3) AS4 Vellerman Anti-static Instrument Mat with Ground Cable

Do you know that static electricity is capable of destroying fragile electronics within seconds? This is just the reason people are going for the Vellerman AS4 anti-static work mat.

Once you have properly installed this work mat on the ground, it guarantees an electromagnetic discharge work surface. Such work surface is where you can safely assemble electronics, perform kit building or repair damaged components with ease.

The Vellerman’s anti-static mat works excellently, but you might have a little challenge in keeping it flat as it tends to roll up itself like a happy worm.

The mat weighs 8.6 ounces and measures 2.36 inches in height and length also.

4) Music Nomad Premium MN 208 Work Mat

There is hardly a brand that beats Musical Nomad. This model from MN is particularly designed for all kinds of musical instrument repairs and maintenance jobs. In the description, the mat is large enough for your instrument. It boasts 17 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches in dimensions—which is a large and perfect size for you.

Like its sister counterpart (MN207), the MN208 also features a TPE material design which is very safe for all types of instruments finishes. The material doesn’t contain lead, PVC, chloride, dioxin or latex. It is also odorless, and its biodegradable design further enhances its resistance against chemicals and bacteria.

The MN208 quality is even more pronounce considering the fact that it is soft yet made to be durable, helping your instrument to avoid scratches at all times. The mat is well padded to ensure safety for your instrument while working on it.

5) Mr. Power Work Mat Guitar Cleaning Tool

Do you have a guitar that needs some repairs or maintenance work? Mr. Power work mat is just the ideal surface-to-ground clinical bed for your instrument. At 3.35 x 3.35 x 17.72 inches in dimensions, this is the right size of work mat that will adequately support your instrument while you get right into the maintenance work.

The Mr. Power work mat is a reliable guitar mat that comes with two elastic bands which are connected together so that you can easily roll it up and store it conveniently. For musicians with bass guitars, this is a great option, considering the excellent surface it offers for guitars with lacquer finishes.

The working mat also comes with a non-slip cork and reliable cushion foam that provides excellent feel and support for your instrument. There is nothing wrong with getting this work mat for your guitar.

6) Guitar Tools from JIM DUNLOP (GM65)

A tool that supports the maintenance of other instruments should also be easy to maintain. The JIM DUNLOP work mat features a nice workstation setup for your guitar repairs or maintenance tasks.

The work mat itself is designed with a solid, no-mar neoprene material which can stand the test of time and extensive usage. The mat also features thick and adequate padding that provides the user with a reliable cushion for its instrument and for the surface where repairs are taking place.

There are tight webbing on the material, which prevents debris from sticking in the material, and at the same time making it easy to clean.

You couldn’t have gotten it better elsewhere.

Choosing the Best Work Mat for Music Instrument

Work mats for musical instruments are the best tools you can get when carrying out a DIY repair and maintenance works on your musical instruments. They just don’t provide the right security for your instrument, but also ensure that you’re working conveniently while keeping everything intact.

When buying your musical instrument work mat, brand consideration shouldn’t really be a major point of consideration. There are so many brands out there, and none will tell you their product is inferior.

What you should be looking out for is the reliability, consistency, and safety-consciousness of the product. However, if you intend on considering the brand name, then let Musical Nomad (MN) be your number one go-to manufacturer. The musical instruments work mats offered by this company are simply amazing.

Good luck as you go shopping, and do not forget to leave your comment or questions below.