3 Best Ways to Learn Electric Bass Guitar

Best Ways to Learn Electric Bass Guitar
Best Ways to Learn Electric Bass Guitar

Guitar is being played all around the world for centuries now, and it is probably the most popular instrument out there as well. However, there are far too many types of guitars out there these days that can get you confused if you are looking to learn playing a particular one of these and are unsure where to start from.

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The electric bass guitar is one such instrument that started in the 20th century and is the lowest-pitched member of the guitar family. It is a stringed instrument of course with a slightly longer and thin neck that you may find on other guitars but that makes it even more fun to play and create those electric bass tunes that you might want to have for EDM, Jazz, or any other genre of music.

The guitar has four to six strings generally so you need to get used to this if you want to be playing it in the right way. A few ways that you can opt to learn to play electric bass guitar would be as below.

Best Ways to Learn Electric Bass Guitar

1. Online Electric Bass Guitar Lessons

While we are seeing the whole world being revolutionized and almost everything is being turned to digitalization, education is not left behind and there are tons of mediums that are making it possible for everyone out there to have access to quality education through the internet.

With that being said, learning a skill and especially a musical instrument as complex as the electric bass guitar was considered a hard task as you needed to have spare time to join some classes and practice and a lot more stuff like that, but you can avail these online lessons to help you through the journey and make things a lot easier and fun for you. One such example that would be a perfect choice for anyone looking to learn online electric bass guitar lessons would be:

Electric Bass with Nathan East

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Nathan East is the name that is a true inspiration for anyone who is familiar with the genre of EDM, bass and has a thing for playing rock or pop music over the guitar. He has created hundreds of tracks and stunned millions of audiences worldwide so that would be the perfect way for you to have an insight into his world-famous methods and learn from the legend first handedly.

This course contains hundreds of electric bass guitar lessons that cover basically everything that you are ever going to need while learning the bass guitar from the very beginning and turn out to be on the top. With the help of this course, you will be learning bass guitar tabs and backing tracks. You will have the chance to learn from the master and no matter where you are located, and what level of skillset you are at, this is going to be just the perfect thing for you to get the right proficiency over the bass guitar.

Furthermore, the course has a great narrative and takes you step-by-step through pop, rock, and funk lessons. You will also be learning chords and arpeggio through the right practical exercises on this course, which is going to help you build the right confidence that will enable you to stand confidently along with any band that you are playing with or even alone in front of your audience and do wonder with your fingers on the electric bass guitar.

You will also get unlimited access to all the video lessons with the subscription of Artistworks and you will enjoy the option of slow-motion and looping on these videos that will help you with a better understanding and a great play-along experience to the practice.

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2. Music Studios

Since electric bass guitar is the instrument of the present era and there are far too many players and students out there looking to get their hands on the right skills that will enable them to have the proficiency over the instrument, music studios would be just the right choice for you to learn an electric bass guitar with the right enthusiasm and the best environment you can get.

Learning from a music studio will enable you to be surrounded around the people that are up for the learning experience as you are and you will not only be discussing your journey and the problems that you have to encounter while learning the electric bass guitar but that will also help you to get the right motivation and you can have the proper equipment there as well to ensure you are not lacking at any point.

The only drawbacks that are there when you opt to learn from a music studio are that you need to join and attend classes at a particular time and that can be a hard thing for someone who has a full-time job or a student.

Also, you will have to commute to these classes and that is not something easy for most people. Otherwise, if you feel like online learning is not the thing for you and you want to grow your electric bass guitar playing skills to a whole new level, music studios are your next best bet.

3. Private Tutor

There are also some private tutors that can help you learn any instrument of your choice including the electric bass guitar, now if you feel like learning from a music studio is not suitable for you and you need some extra attention and guidance than an online music lesson can provide, you should definitely consider learning the electric bass guitar from a private tutor.

This might cost you a little extra than other methods that you might be choosing but it will be worth each penny as the tutor will be able to teach you playing the bass guitar at your comfortable schedule and the place that you might like. Not only that, but you will also have undiverted attention from the tutor that is going to help you with the lessons and you can grow your skills with an electric bass guitar pretty fast than any other learning method.

You should keep in mind that if you are looking for some goal-oriented method to learn the electric bass guitar and want the best assistance that you can get, having a good private teacher is the best option for you to get.

Also, you can practice along with the tutor and have your questions about the electric bass guitar answered in real-time so you can clear your doubts and move forward with practice. Guidance on the right posture, playing techniques, and assistance will be given by a private tutor for your fast-growing guitar skill. Besides, the private tutor will give some advice on choosing the best equipment for you including the right electric bass guitar and all the gear included.

The Bottom Line

The electric bass guitar is not that old, and neither that easy to learn so you need to ensure that you are choosing the right way to learn how you can play it as the generation that likes such music does not only offer applauses but they are fine critiques as well. So, the best way for learning the electric bass guitar is what suits you best and you will be able to make the decision that would be better for you given your needs and goals.

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