15 Best Tube Microphone Reviews 2022 (Best Tube Microphone Brands)

Best Tube Microphone & Best Tube Microphone Brands

Best Tube Microphone & Best Tube Microphone Brands

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Tube microphone is a must have if you intend to record in the studio or play on the stage. These microphones are famous for providing their users with rich and warm sounds. The sound they offer is suitable for use whether you are performing live or recording in the studio.

Why buy tube microphones?

The reason why most established and upcoming musicians or artists invest in tube microphones is down to the fact that they offer a wide range of options, compared to other forms of microphones. They are very versatile, reliable and trustworthy.

A good microphone is essential for any gig and for any time spent while working out something at the studio. If you don’t get the mic that works well for the application you are planning, the work you are doing we suffer much.

That is the reason why most folks are now investing in tube condenser microphones since they are durable and versatile in nature. They have a very low level of distortion, and this is actually what makes them hotcake.

What are the Best Tube Microphones to Buy?

2) AKG Pro Audio P820 Tube Condenser Microphone

  • Elegant remote control
  • Choice of nine different polar patterns
  • Switchable bass-cut filter eliminates rumble or footfall noise
  • High Quality

1) MXL Genesis HE Heritage Edition Tube Microphone

  • Rich, Bright & Vocal Sound
  • Superior Quality
  • Produce rich vintage tune
  • Professional Results

3) Rode K2 Vocal Tube Microphone

  • Ultra Low Noise
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Premium Valve Design
  • Warm & Rich Tone
  • Professional Results

What should I consider when selecting a tube microphone?

Here are some things you should consider when selecting your tube microphones.

Impedance functionality

These describe how successful your mic will be able to resist the signal from the AC, such as the audio, which is calculated in Ohms. You will see them on a tube microphone. Know that low impedance will appear less than 600 ohms while high impedance will show above 10,000 ohms.

A low impedance or high impedance determines how far the microphone can send signals. In that case, a low impedance microphone is the best option to get. So look out for that.

Polar patterns

Depending on the sensitivity and construction of your microphone, it will most likely respond to any sound coming from a different direction bearing different sensitivity.

Tube mics polar patterns always look directional, or they are simply rejecting interference/sound coming from another defined direction. Again, direction depends on the type of mic–it is either unidirectional or Omnidirectional.

An Omnidirectional microphone can pick up anything that revolves around it within 36 degrees. These types of microphones are perfect for people who want the recording room to form part of the final output.

On the other hand, a unidirectional microphone has a peculiar pattern shape graph representation that enables it to reject bleed from all voices and other instruments. So whatever you do, always remember your needs so you can know what to look for when selecting the microphone.

Other things to look for when choosing youth tube microphones are:

Go for mics with thicker and warmer sound, if you want to record vocals.

Go for cardioids microphones with tight polar patterns if you want to play the drum.

A drum mic or dynamic vocal mic will do if you are out looking for something to work with guitar amps.

For horns, go for cardioids mics.

15 Best Tube Microphone Reviews and the Best Tube Microphone Brands

1) MXL Genesis HE Heritage Edition Tube Microphone

The best tube microphone should be able to deliver a rich, bright and vocal sound, and that’s precisely what this mic from MXL does.

With the MXL-HE Genesis, this is where recording starts and end. The mic features an innovative engineering construction that bespoke excellence and quality at the same time. As a tube mic, it cuts handsomely across the mix with fantastic detail.

It is because of its superior quality that it has won the praises of many musicians and studio recording experts. The Genesis (as it were in the Garden of Eden) produces foundational clean highs, warm and reassuring mids, as well as tight-bottom and productive ends.

One of the reasons the mic can produce such rich vintage tune is down to the inclusion of the original Mullard 12AT7 tube. You might not need any EQ or just little of it to maintain your vocal position.

Whatever be the case, know that with MXL, you can always trust this co many to deliver quality.

2) AKG Pro Audio P820 Tube Condenser Microphone

Here is a remote control enabled tube microphone that provides endless versatility. With this mic, you have the options of accessing and making use of nine different and reliable patterns.

Given the versatility of this mic, you can sue it to create unbeatable lead vocals. Whether you are playing any brass instrument, this is the mic that you need.

Musicians who play guitars and drummers of all kind can trust the flexibility and versatile nature of this P820 to excel in what they do. It features a 1-inch dual diaphragm capsule, and the entire body possesses that solid design typical of all AKG microphones. The voice rendition is smooth, and it provides an excellent sound character and voice expression of the best quality.

Excellent high mids and the bottom-end is also reassuring. So, if you are looking for a warm tune while on a budget, this is the mic to get.

3) Rode K2 Vocal Tube Microphone

Hmmm! How many products or microphones have you come across with Amazon being the only authorized seller? So when you come across tube microphone like this, it means the quality is something to seriously consider.

Alright, so what is in it for us? Well, if we are to look deeply, we will discover that the Rode K2 tube mic is one of the best to come from Australia. Like the Kangaroo, this mic can jump-start your singing career to the next level. It has useful features like the premium valve design with a 1-inch dual gold, sputtered diaphragm.

The range of the mic is full, which enables listeners to enjoy the best in low-self noise amounting to 10 dBA. The noise distortion is also very low, and the sound it emits is tremendous and pleasurable, boasting a maximum 162 dBA.

With such a warm and rich tone, the Rode K2 remains one of the best choices for vocalists. So whether you are a violinist, acoustic guitarist or lover of such other instruments, Rode K2 is calling you over.

4) Avantone Pro CV-12 Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone

The Avantone is the ideal tube microphone that is designed to meet and even surpass the needs of the singer. A look at its frequency range would reveal that its audio capability goes from 20Hz to 20Hz concerning Maximum SPL range.

Regarding the type and style of design, this microphone is mountable, meaning you can use it for studio recording, on the stage, and just about anywhere. The tube capsule and multi-pattern activities make it an excellent choice for musicians of all genres.

The mic comes with a brass body design that beat some of the very best in the market. It weighs 1.8 pounds, which is just perfect a choice for top quality design and music rendition. The sound is warm, and the audio body performs better than a host of condensers in the marketplace.

Excellent in design and style of performance, the Avantone is the ideal choice for those who want to have something dangerous in the studio.

5) MXL Genesis Flagship Tube Condenser Microphone

The best things that can ever happen when you go out to look for a product is finding one that is quite affordable, yet boast a quality of one that sells in the range of thousands. That is what the MXL Genesis tube mic offers. It is a beautiful microphone beyond the stretch of our imagination. The mics quality is good, and the expression regarding sensitivity is just high.

Like its predecessor, the Flagship Genesis is another top quality tube microphone with fantastic sound and excellent features. The good thing about the mic is that it records your vocals and instruments with incredible precision and superb detail.

The Genesis flagship provides the warmth and intimacy that defines the quality of most of the more expensive models and brands. It superb a sonic quality is just breathtaking. For people who love to sing among the church choir, this mic is for you. Also, it is perfect for R&B and hip-hop singers. The red color design adds glamour to the microphone, and the diaphragm features six micro gold sputtered designs.

6) MXL V69M HE MOGAMI Heritage Edition

Favorite brand MXL returns with another superb tube microphone, which is more of a sequel to the already famous V69M. If you are looking for that microphone to create up front and strong vocal tracks, the V69M HE MOGAMI tube microphone is the ideal choice.

As usual, the mic comes with a 12AT7, superior dual-triode tube that excels in providing amazing vintage tone under perfect clarity and purpose of style. The wiring itself is also of the best quality. It features a first-grade Mogami cable and exceptional wiring for ultimate audio fidelity.

Once mounted, the mic provides singers with the best rich, warm, and thrilling sound that edifies your style of play and singing. Since there is no included transformer on this version, the noise output is low, while the quality speaks clearly and crisp in sound.

MXL also include some accessories with your purchase. A flight case with aluminum construction protects your mic f.rom damage when not in use. The V69M-HE is wired with the best cables and features a 15.7-inch cable for external power supply.

7) MOGAMI Edition Large MXL V69M Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone

If we are to include elegance in our review of the best tube microphones, the MXL will certainly up there among the best in the market. The condenser capsule features a large gold diaphragm design that lights up with glory, even from a very far distance. It is the type of mic you will fall in love with at first sight.

Alright, what else has it got? Well, let’s look at the sound, and oh, that’s a gorgeous one. The MXL V69M features excellent vintage tube sound that beat expectations in some quarters. The microphone itself is a complete set, and it comes with everything that usually follows the MXL series. It features all necessary tube cables and Mogami XLR.

Are you a singer who wants that rich and warm vocal sound? The MXL V69M is out to deliver the best there is. The mic comes with a 12AT7 double triode tube that produces vintage sounds. The music itself is crisp, clear and precise because it has no transformer. If you want to create some unique hard rock and hip-hop sound, then this mic is for you.

8) Telefunken AK-47 MKII / R F T Series Multi-Pattern Condenser Tube Microphone

With the name’AK-47,’ you might be wondering if the Russians are coming, but that isn’t the case here. The name is to describe the high quality and reliability nature of the microphone.

Telefunken is a company whose line of tube microphones is remarkable for what they do both on and off the studio. This particular model features an excellent, beautiful body. The mic comes with three regular polar patterns, together with six stages, making it a hardworking tool in the studio.

Whether you will be using with drums, guitars, vocals, the large-custom diaphragm is more than capable of providing you with the best in sound and enduring output. The diaphragm provides low ends and smooth and reliable open highs for best performances. That is what defines its versatility.

When it comes down to recording, this mic is one of the best in its class. It possesses remarkable flexibility in recording. It also features switchable polar patterns, which includes figure 8, cardioid, Omni, plus the six additional stages that give you an endless stream of maximum performance across all styles and use.

9) MXL Revelation Variable Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone

The MXL Revelation is one of the critical features of the MXL series of tube microphones. The version is remarkable for defining the company’s warmth and intimate manufacturing prowess. This mic needs clarity and additional punch to give you the precise balance in your recordings.

Featuring a gold sputtered diaphragm with 6 microns, the MXL Revelation offers the best in warm and rich sound. Thanks to its EF86 pentode tube inclusion, the rich sound it projects is almost unlimited. This enables it to handle all sorts of recording tracks.

The quality of the mic is superb, both in details and in performance. Its variable control mechanism makes your recording process and easy and enjoyable, as it allows you to mix up different types of patterns.

With the EF86 pentode, you have the best in vintage sound while allowing a pure and natural process of recording. It is even more surprising that with all of these good qualities, this mic is one of the cheapest in its category.

10) Nady TCM-1050 Vacuum Tube Condenser Microphone

It isn’t every day that you come across a tube microphone that has subtle details but with a quality tone that is unbeatable by a host of other top quality designs.

Like most other brands, the Nady 1050 features a Mylar dual diaphragm, with gold sputtered, three microns accompanied by a handcrafted brass capsule. All of these define the high sensitivity nature of the microphone.

The AC power supply of this microphone is designed to provide an unbeatable connection for a maximum playing capability. The XLR output of the power supply provides a balanced connection to support any mixing console without requiring phantom sound.

Nine distinct and selectable patterns with remote control functions make up another interesting aspect of this design. This means you can easily select any of the patterns and make use of them remotely.

An exclusive output transformer enhances the transparency of the mic. Also, the sound reproduction is one that boasts natural warmth and acoustic quality.

Other features of the Nady TCM-1050 include shock mount with flexible suspension design, power cord, a switchable VAC operation, connecting cable and aluminum flight case for storing the mic.

11) BadAax GT-2B Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone

The BadAax GT-2B tube microphone is one of the best mics for live performance and vocals. It features a tube that is very remarkable in producing extremely low noise. While the noise is low, its dynamic range is broad and remarkable.

Sound creation is the hallmark of every popular tube mic, and this didn’t disappoint at all. The Mic features an excellent timbre sound that reproduces a distinct, rich, mellow and beautiful tone. There is hardly a better pickup device out there that beat the capabilities of this tube mic from BadAax. The DT-2B is the perfect microphone ideal for sound reproduction across all genres of music.

You can easily select nine unique polar patterns from the selector. Each pattern has three graded stages between them, which allows you to record across a chain of versatile options.

Are you looking forward to broadcasting, recording, and stage and concert performance? Get the GT-2B now and enjoy the very best in live performance.

12) Mojave Audio MA-300 Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone

While there are great mics, some mics are more significant than others. The Mojave MA-300 is one of the greatest of the pack. If you are looking for a grand-slam audio microphone, Mojave MA-300 is yours for the taking.

Coming on the heels of the best selling MA-200, the mA-300 takes the pace step further. The mic offers significant customizable variables with unique polar patterns that enable you to tailor the sound and vibe to suit whatever you are recording.

No matter the type of style or genre you are playing or singing, or the lyrics you place in front of you, your voice opens up on this mic, you will be greeted with a rich, clear, and mesmerizing sound that defies the odds. The sound it produces is the type that will make you smile from lips to lips.

So, if you are considering which tube microphone to get, don’t waste your time looking further. Just grab the Mojave MA-300, play and sing to the high heavens. Remember that you can use this across different platforms, including on stage, in the studio, for different music or artistry rendition. This mic is up to the task.

13) Audio Technica AT4060 Cardioid Condenser Tube Microphone

If you are looking for the best vintage tube sound, boasting a remarkable performance, this mic from Audio Technica will do just fine. The mic comes with excellent features that make it unique. For instance, there are two thick, gold diaphragms with excellent with micron vapor deposited design that has passed through a fives step process of age for optimum performance.

The performance produced by the mic falls well within the category of that which is needed in a studio recording process. The noise emission is very low, and the dynamic range is wide. Also, its SPL capability is very high. The mouthpiece area and the body features a nickel plated brass design enhance excellent acoustic performance.

This is the mic you need when your works require great quality sensitivity, optimal stability. Take your vocal and instrumental performance to the next level by banking on this tube microphone to deliver fantastic performance. The vintage sound it; provides excel in many categories of instruments and overall play.

14) Telefunken CU-29 Copperhead Cardioid Tube Mic

The primary reason why many love this tube mic is its versatility in supporting a wide range of application. It is the mic that you can use to draw up some quality old school or vintage performance from the crow while keeping them coming back for more.

Telefunken features are EF-95, which is designed to provide even more robust performance. The shaft features a copper and stylish black design for high power supply performance. It also comes with a shock mount plus a 7-pin cable for connection and a wooden box for safekeeping the mic when not in use or when on the go.

The real area where this microphone performs is its sonically distribution. The CU-29 has a hi-fidelity construction, with excellent clarity and down-to-earth detail. It is even more reassuring when you come to consider that this mic comes with less with no single ‘bite’ that usually characterize the majority of the mic in its category.

Never worry about the durability of the cardioid capsule because it has been tried and tested. With the copperhead design, you will get a warm and perfectly throw-out vibe at the end. This mic is very for people who want to record vintage sound in the studio.

15) Mojave Audio Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Professional Microphone

Mojave is making a return to the tube condenser microphone market with this excellent version. The mic features some of the best components out of the United States, which is known for top quality products. This is the pioneer of the MA series of the Mojave line of tube microphones.

The diaphragm of the MA-200 is large, and its cardioid pattern if fixed for better performance. The microphone features Jensen audio transformers and 3 microns capsule, making it one of the best of al tube mics in the market.

The tube of the mic features the JAN 5840, which is a military grade vacuum tube design. This tube design enhances the beautiful range of its signal path, making it sound way better than a host of its competitors.

The microphone has undergone a lot of test by many musicians and has since become the cornerstone of the most recording process and stage outings. No matter where you are, and what nature of sound you are creating, this Mojave MA-200 is the best you can get.

Choosing the Best Tube Microphones

The microphone is to the musician what book is to the teacher. Without them, nobody will know you are a singer. The best microphones are those in the tube condenser category. This is because of their versatile quality and vibe in creating the best sound.

2) AKG Pro Audio P820 Tube Condenser Microphone

  • Elegant remote control
  • Choice of nine different polar patterns
  • Switchable bass-cut filter eliminates rumble or footfall noise
  • High Quality

1) MXL Genesis HE Heritage Edition Tube Microphone

  • Rich, Bright & Vocal Sound
  • Superior Quality
  • Produce rich vintage tune
  • Professional Results

3) Rode K2 Vocal Tube Microphone

  • Ultra Low Noise
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Premium Valve Design
  • Warm & Rich Tone
  • Professional Results

When you are looking forward to performing on the stage, a tube microphone is essential, and even in the studio, you will still need it. However, there exist other forms of aspects that you might want to consider when selecting your tube microphone. Apart from knowing first what purpose you will be putting the new microphone to, also bear in the mind that the nature of the instrument also involves matters.

However, we have been able to uncover for you the best microphones in the market that excels in quality and versatility. These mics will enable you to sing and play well on a lot of musical instruments, from orchestra to classic and to vintage performance. Our top best tube microphones can do the job for all your musical needs.