5 Best Timpani Reviews 2022 – Best Timpani Brands

Best Timpani & Best Timpani Brands

Best Timpani & Best Timpani Brands

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There are enormous beginners and intermediate music lovers that look for a guide that can help them in buying the best instrument according to their skills and needs. Timpani is one of the instruments that is loved by the musicians. There are a variety of Timpani instruments available in the market and we will provide you with the buying guide that will help you in choosing the best timpani that is balanced when it comes to price, performance and durability.

Basically, a typical set of timpani consists of four or five drums. These drums are of different sizes. Although they are only different in size and looks similar to each other, but all these drums produce different pitches. The large drum in the group is for low notes while middle range and small drums are for high notes.

If the cost is not a factor, then selecting a set of timpani can be a simple task. In case you can only afford two drums, then you can go with smaller size drums. 

Many manufacturers in the market claim that their drums are of the range of the octave. There are some playing ranges that need to be considered. The bowls and heads decide the range and quality of sound that a timpani can produce. 

To improve your strumming sessions, you have to be equipped with essential accessories of timpani. Tuning gauges and mallets are the two common accessories that have to be available all the time. Tuning gauges can really help young students in tuning the instrument.

There should be four pairs of mallets that include a general, staccato, ultra staccato and soft cartwheel type stick. Mallets are important for soft laying, rhythmic clarity and for generous sound. You can get mufflers for the drums that increases the quality of sound and can cover it with protective covers but they are not the essentials.

However, maintenance is a key when it comes to musical instruments. The durability and performance is largely dependent on the maintenance and that is why students should have the understanding of the maintenance of the drums. For beginners and intermediates, it is recommended to make sequential purchases. You can also get the assistance of your local music dealer while purchasing the instrument. 

5 Best Timpani Reviews and the Best Timpani Brands

For your convenience, we have reviewed five timpani models. Read the timpani reviews and then decide what model is suitable for you and which cannot be considered.

1) Yamaha TP-8300R Series

Yamaha TP-8300R Series

Yamaha is an established and known brand of musical instruments because it offers a combination of quality and best construction. This exclusive Yamaha model has Pedal adjustment clutch system and its 24 and 27 inches drums have exceptional potential to expand music for the player.

The model is perfect for the students of colleges and for the schools of music. There is a unique upgrade installed in this model that has enhanced the tone and playability of the instrument. The bowl design is refined as compared to its previous models which has resulted in a greater bowl volume.

The PAC system of the instrument makes it easy for the player to adjust the pedal resistance. The main caster heights can also be adjusted with the tuning key. In case the player fails to engage the main caster brakes of the instrument, then auxiliary brake can be engaged in order to prevent the movement.

We have mentioned about its clear tone and improved sound quality and that is mainly because of a harder urethane material used in the caster. The instrument comes with head covers and long drop covers, it can help you in keeping the instrument protected and easy to transport.

2) Adams Philharmonic Classic Timpani

Adams Philharmonic Classic Timpani

It is one of the most innovative timpani model and it also offers production consistency. The company is known to bring timeless sound quality and vintage style instruments in the market since the 20th century. This is a classical traditional timpani model from Philharmonic Classics that has a traditional ratchet and pawl foot mechanism.

Adams Philharmonic classics has put all their efforts in providing an instrument that is balanced in style and durability. All the drums are coated with powder and then plated with nickel. This enhances the durability of the product. The drums of the timpani are suspended over a strong steel ring which improves the sound and also helps in keeping the instrument protected.

There are 20”, 23”, 26”, 29” and 32 inches drums available in this model. All sizes of drums are available in Berlin and Dresden pedals that helps in creating a resistance and to keep the top pitch toned. For the head you can choose between Super Kalfo head and Remo Renaissance head. But the ratchet and pawl mechanism are adjusted very well. Although there are no wheels to transfer drum from one place to other but the buyers get tuning key and black felt mute with the timpani.

3) Ludwig professional series Timpani

Ludwig professional series Timpani

As the name suggested, it is a Timpani designed specially for the professionals and performers. This is because that this model from Ludwig has the perfect resonance, tone and projection. There are 20”, 23”, 26, 29 and 32 inches handmade drums available in this model and can be customized accordingly as well. There is aluminum, fiber glass and hammered copper bowls available in this series. You can purchase specific size drum separately or you can bundle them in one.

You can also purchase a pair or set of drums of two different sizes. Ludwig already has a reputation of providing quality wise leading instruments. Because players rely on their performance and reputation, it is not a secret now that how they have managed to manufacture quality Timpani.

The bowls of the Ludwig timpani hangs freely in a double ring suspension system. That is why they can produce a tuning range up to a major 6th

4) Majestic concert harmonic series timpani

Majestic concert harmonic series timpani

Although it is not as premium as compared to the previous timpani series, but it is a portable timpani that also offers great performance, stability and precision. This harmonic series from Majestic have folding legs with wheels installed that makes the instrument easy to move and transport. The pedal arm system of the instrument is of lightweight as well. FRP kettles and precise tuning mechanism makes it perfect for training and rehearsal studio purposes.

The bowls of the instrument are available in copper, aluminium and fiber glass reinforced polyester. It is also available in parabolic bowl and users can select one according to their preference. All the kettles of the instrument are then coated with polish to give it a smooth finish.

Although there are standard white REMO timpani heads available with the instrument, those heads can be changed to REMO renaissance by upgrading. The pedal of the instrument is very light and smooth in action while the tuning gauge is large and easy to adjust.

5) Karl-Heinz Weimer Series Timpani

Karl-Heinz Weimer Series Timpani

Last in our list is Karl Heinz Weimer series timpani. This is another timpani series that is suitable for beginners and intermediates. There are no multiple options available when it come to the bowl construction. All the bowls of the series are available in copper only but each bowl is hammered by hand and the frequency pitch is centered on the individual basis. The construction of the instrument indicates that it promises a quality sound quality and performance. No doubt it has a bold tone that is thick, clear and sustaining for the ears.

There are players side fine tuning knobs available in the timpani and because it is contoured with steel frame, it has the ability to last for long time. There are also wheels provided with the timpani that makes it easy for the students and players to transport the instrument. Head covers are also available for 20”, 23”, 26”, 29” and 32 inches. This series has a resonance for symphony and that is why it is recommended for students.

Choosing the Best Timpani from the Best Timpani Brands

Buying a timpani can be a huge investment for anyone. It is advised to get educated about the instrument first before making such a huge investment. This will definitely help you in saving some money and to get an instrument that can last for long time. Different models suits different level of players and we have review some timpani that can be considered by different level of players.

A good timpani can allow the young and even the old musicians to get a great sound without dealing with the complexities of the instruments. For beginners, it is recommended to start with two sets of drums and then increase the range gradually.