3 Best Stylophone Reviews 2020

Best Stylophones

Best Stylophones

Stylophone was first introduced back in 1967. It was invented by Brian Jarvis. Stylophones were very popular back in the 1960s and 1970s. They were initially sold as children’s toys. However many professional musicians have also been known to use stylophones for their music. David Bowie is one such example. The stylophones have a metal keyboard. When you touch the metal keyboard with the stylus, it caused the stylophone to make sounds. This is how music was created through the use of stylophones.

In the 1970s the production of stylophone stopped. However in 2007, almost about 30 years after the production ceased, the stylophone made a comeback. The stylophone was initially manufactured by Dubreq Company. In 2007, it was re-launched with the partnership of Dubreq with a toy company Recreation. The newly launched stylophone was a digital and modern version of the 1960s stylophone. Since its re-launch in 2007, two more versions of the instrument have also been introduced.

The second version was introduced in 2012 whereas the latest version of stylophone manufactured by the original manufacturer Dubreq was introduced in 2017. Music lovers can still find both old and modern versions of the instrument. As production ceased for almost 28 years, the older version is very rare. However, the newer version is more digitalized and makes for a great experience.

You might have some issues finding a stylophone at your local music store. However, in this era of eCommerce, you shouldn’t worry at all. You can find all your favorite music instruments including the stylophone at online platforms. There are many online stores specifically designed to cater to the needs of music lovers. Amazon is a great place to get such items. There is a lot of variety on Amazon so if you don’t find a stylophone at your local music store; chances are that you might find it on Amazon. Let’s take a look at three amazing stylophones available on Amazon.

3 Best Stylophone Reviews

1) Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth By Stylophone

The company name says it all. Dubreq is known for its creation of amazing stylophones. The Retro Pocket Synth Stylophone is one of the most unique products the company offers. It has the same style and feels to it as the 1960s version of stylophone. It is basically a recreation of the original instrument with a modern touch.

This stylophone comes with built-in speakers. The built-in volume control button also adds a lot of value to the instrument. You can also connect it to an MP3 player. This feature lets you mix the music created through stylophone with your other music.

As this model is like the recreation of the original one, you can choose from three different retro organ sounds. It is very easy and fun to use the instrument. Even though the stylophone started as a toy for kids, these days even serious musicians use it to add value to their music. This specific model is very easy to use which makes it perfect for beginners. Professional musicians can also use this stylophone for professional purposes as well. It has all the features a professional musician would need in a stylophone.

2) Stylophone GENX-1 By Dubreq

Without a doubt, the most advanced stylophone out in the market. It has a lot of amazing features which can take your music producing experience to a whole new level. The sub octaves feature lets you add an extra frequency in your music. Some of the features exclusive to this model include low pass filters and LFO. One great thing about this product is that it is portable. So you can take it anywhere you want. It would a great accessory to have when you are out with friends or with your family. You can show everyone your amazing music skills.

As technologically advanced as it is, it would be unfair if it didn’t have a headphone jack. This stylophone comes with a built-in head jack. It has a very small size which makes it easy for you to carry it around when you are traveling. One feature that makes this model stand out from the rest is that with GenX-1 you get two ways to create sounds. Where other stylophones only have a keyboard to make sounds, this model has a sound strip on top of the keyboard. This is perfect for both beginners and professionals, however, with so many amazing features it is more suited for professional use.

3) Stylophone Beatbox by Dubreq

This is another great stylophone from Dubreq. Instead of the traditional and generic shape, this model has a round play area. It is a very unique piece as it has such a unique shape complemented by modernized technology. The stylus is also very sleek. As clear from the name ‘beatbox’, it is more of a drum machine than a generic handheld synthesizer.

This stylophone offers three unique modes of sound i.e. percussion, beatbox, and bass. You can use all three of these modes according to your needs. This will help you create different types from music from such a small handheld musical instrument. It also comes with a recording feature that lets you record the music you create on the stylophone. You can use this feature to mix sounds and make some amazing music.

This stylophone beatbox has all the features you would want in a modern stylophone. From headphone jack to MP3 input and volume control, this stylophone is equipped with all the latest features. It runs on batteries, so keep a few batteries on hand when you are traveling. This is perfect for kids and adults alike. Kids can have fun playing this stylophone while professionals can use it for their own purposes.

Choosing the Best Stylophone

Stylophones are very rare in the current market. This is because of the fact that there was no production for at least 29 years. These days you can find both traditional and modernized version of the stylophones in the market. Digital music instruments have taken over the music industry. People still look for the older version of stylophone for their own collection, however, when it comes to creating music, the modern version is ideal. It is also user-friendly music instruments for children to play with.

If you are looking for a stylophone for professional use, for your kid, or simply to add it to your collection of musical instruments, then you can check out all of the stylophones mentioned above. Familiarize yourself with the features of each of the stylophone and choose the one that best suits you.