16 Best Pipa Reviews 2022

Best Pipa

Best Pipa

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When you think about musical instruments, many people tend to think about guitars, drums or pianos, but very few stop to think about the pipa and its very unique sound.

Pipa instrument is actually a lute, and it’s mostly used in Chinese opera orchestras. We can recognize it thanks to its short neck figure and its kinda hourglass bottom part. The pipa has four strings in total and although it is usually played with more instruments, it can double as a solo instrument and still sound amazing.

What is the Best Pipa to Buy?

2) XingHai Traditional Hardwood Peony Bones Pipa

  • Excellent Workmanship
  • Solid Structure
  • Stable Tone
  • Strong Tension Test Passed

1) Dunhuang   Chinese

  • Top Graded Sandalwood Pegs
  • Paulownia Body
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable Playing

3) OrientalMusicSanctuary Rosewood Pipa BIWA

  • High Graded Rosewood
  • Mellow Midtones
  • Handily to Play

Of course, if you’re reading this it means you are thinking about getting a pipa for yourself, and already know what a pipa is. Whether it is because you want to play it professionally or to learn how to play the pipa, this article is going to tell you what you need to know about this unique instrument and points reader you the right direction to get the one you need.

Keep in mind, buying a pipa (as much as buying any musical instrument) is a very important decision and should be considered an investment too, never a regular purchase; after all, if the performers wish to buy a good pipa, the performer will use it for several years to come, so it's important to be smart when getting one.

That being said, let's take a look at these scented rosewood oriental pipa instruments and their various qualities.

16 Best Pipa Reviews

1. Dunhuang Chinese Pipa

The Dunhuang Pipa follows closely the traditional design of the Chinese guitar, and it stands out due to its simplicity and attention to detail. Besides, the head design is Ru Yi, which is created by following all the traditional lines of this Chinese lute. The Dunhuang Pipa comes with a set of finger picks, along with a tuning device and a spare string. It is created only from qualitative materials, making it safe for health and the environment. Those non-toxic materials allow outstanding sound quality when the instrument is played.

The soundboard of this Chinese guitar has a paulownia body and it was designed from hardwood. Also, the pegs are made from yellow sandalwood, while the fingerboard is made from rosewood. A tutorial VCD included for users to easily access this Pipa. Due to its lightweight (10 pounds), it is easy to carry around but there is no free storage bag provided. Its dimensions are approximately 38 x 16 x 5 inches.

2. XingHai Traditional Hardwood Peony Bones Pipa

The XingHair Hardwood pipa is a classic Chinese Lute, used to play in traditional Chinese orchestras. Keep in mind, the XingHai pipa is for adults, not for kids, so if you want to get one for your children, you should look for other options. However, this is a great lute for adults!

The top part of the pipa is made out of peony bones, while the rest of the instrument is carved in Hardwood and naturally dried in air. It is a strong and tight structure that helps to create stable tones and strong sounds. It is made by XingHai, a famous company in China that is well known for making high quality traditional musical instruments.

What causes this pipa has such a great and steady sound is due to its solid structure, strong strings, and impeccable finish, which are made of high-quality material and it is perfectly assembled.

As to its weight of 14.15 pounds, it is considered a little bit on the heavy side (as there are lighter pipas available), but it is still manageable to use and carry around. Plus, it comes with a free top durable storage bag for storing and caring for the pipa around.

3. OrientalMusicSanctuary Rosewood Pipa BIWA

This scented rosewood pipa is a professional musical instrument that is recommended for the professional performers who wish to perform in an orchestra or any stage. Therefore, it not might suitable for beginners or immediate performers. It produced mellow midtones but there a little affected on high notes. The blooming low note also produced by this Pipa which makes it handy to play with.

This particular pipa is made of very high quality, specially selected Paulownia, topped with scented rosewood, which gives it a nice smell and unique touch. No to mention, it has a buffed finish, completely smooth, easy to grab and without any bumps.

Unlike some pipas, the scented rosewood pipa comes with all the accessories the performer might need, which include a plectrum, spare strings to change the ones it comes with, adhesive tape and of course a hard case to put away or carry the pipa anywhere to go. Also, no worry about how much it weights, remember it’s a medium-sized instrument, and this one, in particular, is a light pipa which only has 9 pounds, which makes it easier to carry it around.

4. OrientalMusicSanctuary Varnished Rosewood Pipa

If you are looking for an affordable Pipa, that is both qualitative and perfect for an ensemble, the Oriental Music Sanctuary has the perfect option for you. This Pipa is created from solid rosewood, which makes it great for small performances in a group. Keep in mind that this Pipa is not recommended for soloists, as it needs other instruments to support its sound.

Anyhow, this varnished rosewood Pipa is suitable for beginners, too, as it is easy to master and use. It was handmade in Beijing, China, and it has an exquisite traditional Chinese flair. Also, it is shipped with a protective case, along with a complete set of accessories needed such as tape and plectrum for the best Pipa performance. It also comes with a basic warranty plan to secure the Pipa is in good condition to reach buyers' hands.

5. Dunhuang Concert Cambodian Rosewood Pipa

For performers seeking the best concert Pipa, the product sold by Dunhuang was created especially for that. In the design of this instrument, you will observe high-grade Cambodian Rosewood, while the soundboard was created from paulownia. Besides, the pegs and the fingerboard are made from outstanding white ox horn.

What makes a most like for this professional concert Pipa is its head design. It is all about Mu Dan, and it is nicely matched by the white ox bone. This Chinese guitar was created to suit the needs of a performer that wants to either go for a solo or follow the lead of a band. And the best part about Dunhuang’s Pipa is that it comes with all the accessories you might need, including a hard case for storing or transporting.

Furthermore, it comes with a hard case, a set of fingerpick, a tuning device, and extra strings which satisfy the buyers' needs. Its weight is 10 pounds with its approximate dimensions of 38 x 16 x 5 inches.

6. Yunzhi Chinese Pipa for Professionals

Yunzhi Pipa’s with the head design of Gu Tou is the best option for professional players. The soundboard was crafted from fortune paulownia wood, which supports an amazing sound experience. Also, the backboard was created from rosewood, and it offers stability while playing. Overall, the materials used for this Pipa are extremely durable and are not prone to cracking.

It is a great solution for professional ensemble performers, but in some situations can be used by solo musicians too. And we recommend the Yunzhi professional Pipa because, in its creation process, experienced musicians have tested it for the best results.

Moreover, this Pipa comes with a soft lining hard case for storing and transportation purposes, along with a set of finger picks, adhesive tape, and extra strings. Its 15 pounds weight is slightly heavier but fortunately, there is a Pipa hard case provided. Its dimensions are approximately 40 x 13 x 5 inches. It is great for both intermediate and professional Pipa players also.

7. FidgetFidget Liuqin Soprano Pipa

The FidgetFidget Liuqin soprano Pipa is quite a beautiful appearance amongst such instruments. It followed the smooth details of the traditional Chinese instruments, but at the same time, it comes with an extra touch of style offered by the materials used.

The soundboard was created from durable paulownia and it offers a clear and loud sound experience. Also, the body and the pegs were made from non-toxic, safe for health qualitative wood. It is a great solution for beginner performers, as it is both durable and lightweight. Its approximate dimensions are 23.5 cm width & 8 to 9.5 cm thickness.

8. Dunhuang Ruyi Carving Pipa

Dunhuang is one of those Pipa distributors that pride themselves with the quality and performance of their instruments. And this Ruyi carving Pipa is no exception. It was created in such a manner that it can be played by both beginners and professional Pipa performers.

The design of this instrument stands out due to the attention to detail, is made with a white Ruyi pattern. Also, the body of the instrument was created from natural color wood, and its firm structure offers extra stability to the tones. We recommend the Pipa from Dunhuang because of its extremely qualitative strings, beautifully aligned and balanced. It provides a smooth and outstanding sound, being a mix of delicacy and force.

It is a Pipa recommended for adults, that comes with approximative dimensions of 102 x 32 cm and 6.61 pounds which is very lightweight and very suitable for Pipa traveler to carry around the globe. It is also shipped with extra pipa strings, fingernails, a pipa tuner, and a user manual. It can be used by beginner performers, too.

9. ZGUO Traditional Peony Bones Hardwood Lute for Adults

Pipa performers understand the need of having an instrument that is created accordingly to its original features. This is why ZGUO is viewed as the best brand that distributes original Pipa for adults. Each performer that used a hardwood Chinese lute from ZGUO affirmed it led to the most stable, exquisite and beautiful sound they ever achieved from a Pipa.

It is a qualitative instrument created by the best craftsman from qualitative and durable materials. The body of this Pipa is made from hardwood, and it creates a smooth sound due to the fact that it was naturally dried. Also, the head consists of an exquisite white flower carved of bone. And the best part of this instrument is represented by the outstanding painting technique which resembles accurate the beauty and comfort of the traditional Chinese Pipa.

It comes with a free fabric bag for storing and transporting the Pipa instrument. Also, it's clear, loud and professional sound, being suitable for intermediate and experienced performers. The firm tension test also passed by its string bridge and its strings are assembled perfectly.

10. XingHai Traditional Headdress Flower Pipa

This Pipa is entirely made of selected, high-quality hardwood, with a unique headdress flower carved at the top (which is said to bring good luck to the owner), and it doesn’t crack nor gets yellow through time. It is completely hand-polished with classic finishing touches such as inlaid steel on the frets.

This Pipa is a strong, resistant and high-quality pipa that can be used both by professionals or beginners, as it is a smart option to choose. Plus, it’s manufactured by XingHai, one of the biggest companies in China that produce traditional musical instruments.

Both the neck and body of the pipa is made of selected Harwood, however, the finishing on the neck is different from the body, and it actually went through grinding and polishing. As to the frets, it is made with inlaid steel and has manual alignment, and that, combined with high-quality spedex strings, assures a transparent, clean sound.

It has a rustic yet classic design, has strong strings and it’s easy to carry around, despite it weighs over ten pounds. It is a great option for anyone who wants to get a long-lasting, high-quality pipa that will last them for a good couple of years.

Keep in mind, this lute doesn’t come with any accessories (no hard case or extra strings), so the buyers might need to purchase them separately. But it does come with a warranty, so you know your money will be secure in case of any defect in this Pipa.

11. Yunzhi Professional Pipa for Child

If you search for a professional Pipa suitable for children, Yunzhi has the best solution for you. this Chinese guitar follows all the traditional guidelines of the instrument while being crafted in a smaller size. In this way, it can be played by kids that just started to learn the Pipa, or even by more advanced performers.

The nice head detail of Gu Tou is completed smoothly by the fortune paulownia wood used for the soundboard. Besides, this Pipa was designed and tested with the aid of the most experienced musicians, which in turn allows any aspiring child to discover how to master this instrument.

Besides, it also comes with a Pipa bag for better storage, a set of fingerpicks, adhesive tape, and an extra set of strings. Its weight is 8 pounds and its dimensions are 35 x 11 x 4 inches.

12. Artistic Sea® Hardwood Bone Flower Pipa for Children

Artistic Sea sells Pipa for all levels of experience, including this hardwood bone flower Pipa for kids. It follows closely the Chinese traditional guitar settings, making it perfect for learning, performing and achieving a deeper knowledge about the beauty of this instrument.

It is safe to use by children due to the high-grade Changbai Mountain Hard Maple material used in the creation of this Pipa. Also, the headdress flower was created from peony, while the entire panel stands out due to the exquisite paulownia wood. Still, because of all the natural materials used in the creation of this Pipa the manufacturer advises that it should be stored correctly to preserve its materials.

This Pipa is designed only from durable and extremely qualitative materials, which makes it suitable for beginner children. It doesn’t break easily, while it allows a child to discover how this instrument works. Therefore, there is no worry to buy it for your lovely children to play with.

13. Yunzhi Professional Pipa

Yunzhi is a Chinese guitar manufacturer that aims to satisfy the needs of both beginners and experienced Pipa performers. This is why this professional lute can be used no matter the level of experience. Created from the best materials, the sound experience is unique, while the clearness of the performance is outstanding.

The Yunzhi Professional Pipa comes with a RuYi head design, while the soundboard was created with qualitative paulownia wood. But what we admire most about this instrument is that it was created and tested with the help of experienced musicians. So, it is safe to assume this Chinese instrument will offer the best playing performance.

As well, it comes with a pipa bag, a set of finger picks, adhesive tape, and an extra set of strings. Its dimensions are approximately 40 x 13 x 5 inches with 8 pounds weight.

14. Maestro 4 String Pipa

For those that want to learn how to play a Pipa, the Chinese instrument sold by Maestro is the go-to option. It has a simple design, inspired by the traditional Chinese guitar. Also, it is simple to understand even by complete beginners, being one of the most affordable four-string instrument Pipa.

Overall, this Pipa provides decent sound quality, being responsive to the smallest pitches. Its neck was created from qualitative maple wood, while the fretboard features delicate rosewood. It is a good choice for those that just started learning this instrument, as it is lightweight, and simple to maneuver. Still, a downside of this Pipa might be the fact that it comes with no extra spare strings.

This Pipa is shipped with a protective bag so it can be carried around the world, also and a set of snail picks. It is also a great choice for adult performers and is comfortable to play with.

15. Artistic Sea® Hardwood Pipa

The Pipa sold by the Artistic Sea is labeled as the best and most comfortable Chinese guitar to play upon. It is recommended for adult performers, that have an understanding of how this instrument needs to be played.

It was created from high-quality hardwood, while the headdress flower stands out due to the exquisite peony OX bone flower. Also, the panel was designed with a bit of inspiration from the original traditional instrument, which is why it features extremely soft paulownia wood. Overall, this Pipa is recommended for those that want to get a deeper understanding on how this instrument can be used, is great for live performances. Keep in mind that the manufacturer advises that this Pipa needs special storage conditions to preserve its qualitative materials.

This Pipa creates loud and clear sound and is perfect for intermediate and experienced performers. The resin carving of the sound ole offer an amplifying effect of the notes played. It will be another best choice to put in the buying consideration.

16. Dunhuang Concert Yun Rosewood Pipa

For those looking for an outstanding concert Pipa, Dunhuang proposes this Chinese guitar. Created only from qualitative rosewood, this Pipa stands out due to its style and traditional approach. The entire body of this Pipa was created from non-toxic, eco-friendly rosewood, while the soundboard features concert grade paulownia. Also, the pegs and fingerboard support an exquisite sound experience due to the ebony from which it was created.

What is even more interesting about this concert Pipa is its head design. It comes with the one of a kind dragon design, being a great option for performers that want to stand out with a bit of originality. This concert Pipa comes with a complete set of accessories needed by a professional performer, along with a hard case.

This concert Pipa comes with a set of fingertips, a hard case, a tuning item, and a set of extra strings. Its weight is 10 pounds and its approximate dimensions are 38 x 16 x 5 inches.

Choosing the Best Pipa

Pipa is not only a beautifully crafted instrument but has a scented effect and an impeccable finish. There’s also essential that the instruments come with all the accessories the buyers might need.

As the article mentioned earlier, buying a pipa isn’t a regular purchase, the buyers should make a serious consideration of the type, material, weight, size, and other particular designs to meet the buyers’ expectations.

Last, but not least, it will be a smart purchase if there is a warranty provided by the manufacturer and it can secure in those cases that there might have any malfunction for the instrument and the buyers can claim for the warranty so as to secure what they pay for.

2) XingHai Traditional Hardwood Peony Bones Pipa

  • Excellent Workmanship
  • Solid Structure
  • Stable Tone
  • Strong Tension Test Passed

1) Dunhuang   Chinese

  • Top Graded Sandalwood Pegs
  • Paulownia Body
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable Playing

3) OrientalMusicSanctuary Rosewood Pipa BIWA

  • High Graded Rosewood
  • Mellow Midtones
  • Handily to Play