14 Best Multi-Effects Pedal Reviews 2021 (Best Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Brands)

Best Multi Effects Pedal & Best Multi Effects Pedal Brands

Best Multi Effects Pedal & Best Multi Effects Pedal Brands

The full potential of Multi-Effects pedals was not fully harnessed until very recently that guitarists have –adopted this valuable device as a useful tool in their craft. The pedals were designed to be an effective solution for guitarists which provide all the solution they need to create any genre and type of music.

Essentially, multi-effects pedals contain all the different types of vintage processors and pack it in a single device. With a multi-effects pedal, guitarists can use any preset combinations across different types of effects at once.

Within a pedal, there are different types of effects ranging from chorus effects to distortion effects and any of these effects can be used alongside a host of other sound manipulations all at the same time. In some more advanced multi-effects devices, they have looping functions which eliminate the need to buy an additional looping device.

The question, “what is the best multi-effects pedal?” is one that has been asked a countless number of times by different people and of course, it is a valid question. The only catch is that there are a lot of supposedly “best” multi-effects pedals out there and this is where you need a proper guide to make an informed choice.

What are the Best Multi-Effects Pedals to Buy?

2) Zoom G1Xon Guitar Effects Pedal

  • Affordable
  • Innovative
  • Variety of Effects
  • Great Price Value

1) Boss ME-80 Multi-Effects Pedal

  • Compact and Powerful
  • Full Features
  • Editable and Customizable
  • Top-quality Effects

3) Zoom G3X - Guitar Effects Pedal

Zoom G3X
  • Stomp Box Interface
  • Selectable Modes
  • Easy To Use
  • Running on Battery

Of all the multi-effects pedals in the market, what separates one model from the other are their prices and their features. Multi-effects pedals are usually confused with distortion pedals. Although almost alike, multi-effects pedal only has a couple of major manufacturers around the world so you will most likely find different models of multi-effects pedals bearing the same brand names.

The major manufacturers include DigiTech, Zoom, TC Electronics, Boss and Line 6. This can make it difficult to choose because the multi-effects pedals are coming from different manufacturers except that the models are different. Luckily, we will be doing a review of some of the top multi-effects pedals which will help you decide regardless of your requirements and budget.

After thorough research and reading through customer reviews across different stores, the shortlisted multi-effects pedals in this article should be the ones you should look out for. If you want to delay sound, a multi-effects pedal with delay effect should be your best bet.

14 Best Multi Effects Pedal Reviews and the Best Multi Effects Pedal Brands

1) Boss ME-80

This is another multi-effects pedal which offers full features and a functional amp-modeling unit. The Boss ME-80 has a lot of knobs which are effective and easy to access. Guitarists especially love this model because you can simply change the tones by twisting one of two knobs.

It has a mono input that you can plug your guitar to, a USB port, a headphones jack, a stereo output and an AUX-in where you can connect any device capable of playing music. A downside is that the power supply does not come with this model; you will have to buy one for it separately.

We do not understand why Boss made it so, but it is what it is. It does not diminish the functionality. Although it works with 6 AA batteries as well in case you want to use it on the go it is not advised to use batteries as the batteries get used up in no time, and you will have to use a lot over a while.

This pedal is a suitable multi-effect pedal for guitarists at the beginner and intermediate levels, and it is highly sought-after because it is easily editable and customizable. With the knobs also easily accessible, there is no doubt about just how well you will enjoy using this product.

2) Zoom G1Xon Guitar Effects Pedal

Zoom is one company that has been putting a lot of efforts into producing quality and innovative audio musical products. The company is a top producer of recording devices and multi-FX pedal processors, and their reputation is quite unrivaled. This level of expertise has been displayed in the Zoom G1Xon Guitar Effects Pedal.

This product comes with 100 multi-effects and is a good device to add that additional dash of expertise to your performance. You can easily change volume and add a wide variety of effects to enhance your guitar playing skills. You will get at least eighty different effects from this device which are ordered into about a hundred patches that you can easily choose.

The Zoom G1Xon does not only give you the freedom to select and edit onboard effects, but you can make as many as five effects all at the same time and use them in your own desired order.

The Zoom G1Xon helps you create rich sounds through versatile manipulations effortlessly. During a performance, it is important that you are able to analyze your notes and with the chromatic tuner that comes with the G1Xon, you can see a real-time feed of your notes as you play so you can see which note is flat, sharp or dead. We do not think there is any greater level of freedom other than what the Zoom G1Xon offers.

3) Zoom G3X

When in search of a multi-effects pedal that is built with the highest quality and affordable. It is powered by a 9V adapter which is included in the package, and you also have the option of using four AA batteries.

Although Zoom says the G3X can last up to six hours running on battery, this is not entirely true. It’s, however, safe to just connect the device to a power source but if you are on the move and you need to do a quick performance, using batteries can give a decent runtime, or you should just buy rechargeable batteries.

Every connection you need to use this device is right at the back of the unit. From the mono input to attach your guitar and a stereo output which allows you to connect to your headphones.

There is a guitar amp, an XLR output which you may or may not need, a USB port which can be used to power the G3X or used to connect the G3X to an audio device, so you can conveniently record in your desired DAW.

With the USB connection, you can use Zoom’s free Edit & Share software which makes managing patches on your computer easy. You will also have access to flexible input and output options. The G3X is one device that packs all of the most sought-after features in it and buying a device like this will be worth it, and we recommend it.

4) DigiTech RP55 Guitar Multi-FX Pedal

If you are in search of a multi-effects processor which lets you explore your creativity to bring out the best sounds, DigiTech RP55 is the multi-effects processor that you should go for. For almost four decades, Digitech has produced outstanding instruments that go beyond the traditional setup.

The Digitech RP55 is one multi-effects processor that will help you explore your musical creativity to the extreme depths. The RP55 comes with 20 studio effects 8 of which can work simultaneously as well as 11 Amp models.

Usually, it is not simple to get familiar with guitar different effect processing, but with DigiTech RP55, you can choose your presets and amps right at the surface without going through a lot of procedures to have it done.

Not everyone can effectively put amps and studio-quality special effects into a portable box, but with the Audio DNA DSP present in the RP55, you will get all the amps and studio-quality things that you need to produce world-class sounds.

There is usually a lack of frequency response when linking inputs and outputs, but the RP55 comes with a 24-bit Analog-Digital conversion, the connection is made flawlessly regardless of the number of inputs and outputs you fill in.

5) Digitech TRIO Electric Guitar Multi-FX Pedal

DigiTech is a top producer of top-quality, affordable DSP-oriented audio devices. With the TRIO Electric Guitar Multi-Effect Pedal, DigiTech steps up performance to a whole new level. The TRIO is an inbuilt functionality that listens to what you play, and it helps you generate the drum and bass that match your songs.

This is something that a lot of old-fashioned pedals cannot do. To get started, with this multi-effect pedal, you only need to link your guitar to the TRIO, depress the foot-switch to input your rhythms and chords and then operate the foot-switch once also to start your performance in your style.

This box can play up to seven music genres so regardless of what happens, you have enough support for your music genre. It also has about a dozen song styles for each of the genres it can play in, so this pedal allows you to be versatile.

You can teach the TRIO about three song parts which you can easily recall whenever you need them. It is especially a loved device because it can be operated without hands and for budget buyers, the TRIO provides a huge bang for money spent.

6) Line 6 POD HD500X Floor MFX Pedal

For guitarists who would like to do great things and perform great music with amps and reverberations of the highest quality while producing unique sounds, the Line 6 POD HD500X multi-effects pedal is the best solution for you.

With the DSP power, you have access to a highly innovative product that delivers the best way possible. The HD500X gives you control over the rich, sweet sound that you produce thanks to the character, touch nuance, depth and the presence of the amps with HD technology in it.

The HD500X gives you classic vintage vibes and modern technology to manipulate sounds. Creating sounds with impressive effects tales your sound to a different level and with the 100 studio stomp effects that come with the HD500X, the quality of your sound remains undiluted.

Out of the effects, you can use up to 8 effects all at once to get a unique sound. When it comes to multi-effects processing, Line 6 POD HD500X Multi-effects pedal is a device that trumps all other devices.

The switches have backlights, so it is easy to operate. The amps are of world-class quality, and the over 100 effects of the studio-grade level make the multi-effects pedal market a stiff one for other brands.

7) Line 6 M5

This is the second multi-effects pedal in this list, and it is different from other multi-effects pedals as it can model only one effect at once. It also does not do amplifier modeling.

Different from all the other multi-effects pedals reviewed in this article, you can have more than one effects active at the same time, but with the Line 6 M5, it is simpler as you can only use one effect at once.

The best thing about this device is the fact that it is simple and that is why we recommend it if you are a fan of simple. Alongside its simple design, it is a very portable and compact device that is easy to use with a pedalboard. Its footswitches and chassis are made with strong heavy duty metal.

It features simple input and output which are ¼” stereo-in and ¼” stereo-out. Other features include one expression pedal input and one input for a 9V power supply. It also features two footswitches which are used to turn on/off the effect and for scrolling up/down.

The simplicity of this device is its biggest downside, but for a multi-effects pedal of its category, we really should not be asking for too much. It nonetheless remains a decent device for guitarists.

8) DigiTech RP500

The DigiTech RP500 comes with a lot of features and functionalities ranging from USB connectivity, amp modeling, onboard expression pedal to a looper. The vacuum-style footswitches and its cast metal chassis make it feel like a real stompbox.

It has a ¼” input at the back of the RP500 where you can plug in your guitar; it also comes with other features such as the AUX in, headphone jack, balanced XLR stereo out, a stereo output and a USB port where you can connect an audio device. It comes with a power supply.

The DigiTech RP500 functions as both an amp modeler and a multi-effects pedal and with the knobs and buttons, it can be used in editing mode which allows you set up your signal chain. The pedal board mode allows you use the footswitches to turn on or turn off five effects. It produces pretty decent sound with excellent quality and good distortion.

The reverberations are lexicon algorithms and this accounts for the gorgeousness. The sound delay and chorus are both great. Setting up the effects parameters is easy and with the different knobs placed under the display, these effects can be accurately adjusted. As far as quality multi-effects pedals are concerned, the RP500 is a good option for you.

9) Behringer Electronic Multi-FX Fx600 Pedal

Behringer, a company, founded by Uli Behringer is one that is founded by one of the best instrumentalists of our time. Uli built a synthesizer when he was just 16 years old and had gone on to establish one of the most successful audio instrument businesses today.

Behringer’s digital multi-effects pedals, without doubt, surpass the competition and the Fx600 is no exception. The features packed into this small multi-FX pedal is almost unbelievable.

From stereo processing to the power and the sound of studio quality, they are all made available in the highest possible quality. With a 24-bit high-resolution stereo effects engine that has multiple reverberations.

This Fx600 comes with high-quality processors such as chorus, delay, phaser, flanger, and tremolo. Other than these features, the device also gives you a backup resolution of 24bit/40kHz. There is an FX knob that you can use, and this knob alone has six effects.

You can use both parameters on the multi-FX pedal to fine-tune the knob to produce the best sound. The reverberation has a 24 bits high-res, and you will enjoy a 3-year warranty on it.

10) Boss GT-100 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals

Boss has decades of experience under its belt, and the brand is one of the few that can be spoken of to have produced some of the best musical instruments. For three decades, the brand has remained undeterred in its pursuit and production of innovative musical instruments.

The GT-100 is a multi-effects pedal like no other. It comes with formidable and dependable features that let you push beyond the musical boundaries set by less effective products. It features an impressive reverberation, a simulator for acoustic guitar, two amps and a revamped rotary style that confirms the GT-100 as a product you cannot overlook.

If you have ever wished you could link your guitar to a laptop and enjoy your music in the best possible way, the GT-100 features a function with which you can plug your guitar to MIDI and enjoy music in another dimension. The processor in the Boss GT-100 is the latest generation of CMOS processor.

This processor gives you complete power over tone and with the classic amps in this product, you can unlock a wide variety of new tones. Other features of this pedals that are hard to ignore include a dual LCD and a user interface that has eight knobs on it. With the ACCEL. Step, you can control all parameters at the same time and have a unique experience.

11) NUX MG-100 Electric Guitar Multi-FX Pedal

NUX is a pioneer in the business of producing guitar fixtures for guitar players for close to a decade now, and the brand always puts quality first in the accessories they produce. The MG-100 is a compact and affordable product for anyone who is looking for a multi-effects processor with all the necessary features that you need to maximize your musical creativity.

The MG-100 is widely preferred due to its compact and portable size as well as the wide tonal options. The body of the MG-100 is designed with the toughest materials, so it is guaranteed to be a tough product.

From the foot-switches to the outer casing, you will find the materials to be of a strong quality, so it can withstand any type of rough movements when you get carried away by your performance on stage.

With this pedal, you can easily combine different effects to enjoy the wide range of music styles because of the presence of high-quality drive and modulation effects. In the same vein, you have access to drum patterns with real sounds in a variety of styles and different loop functions. This works in a similar way to using a loop pedal individually.

12) HeadRush Pedalboard

The HeadRush Pedalboard is another impressive multi-effects pedal from HeadRush. It comes with a quad-core custom-designed DSP which produces quality tones that sound like it is plugged into the main gear.

If you already have a rig, it is simple to integrate the HeadRush Pedalboard due to the different input and output. Included among the outstanding features of the HeadRush is a 7-inch touchscreen interface which you can easily use to make desired changes.

The HeadRush produces true tones, offers flexibility in the routing of the signal and the workflow is quite intuitive. The HeadRush Pedalboard is one of the multi-effect pedals that you cannot ignore.

The HeadRush Pedal contains different tube amplifiers and high-quality microphones with which you can create and produce high-quality sounds. HeadRush also supports cabinet impulse responses made by third party cabinet, so you have more tonal tools to explore and draw inspiration from.

Despite the -competitive multi-effect pedals market, the HeadRush Pedalboard stands out with its extremely easy-to-use interface. From the very first time to frequent use, it requires little effort, and all the settings you would like to effect can be easily done with a knob or two.

13) Boss ME-50B Bass Multiple Effects

For players who want a device that takes them beyond ordinary production, the Boss ME-50 is an answered prayer for them. This is a pedal processor with extraordinary bass effects packed into a sturdy floor unit with a pedal that is easy to control. It is a great offering that gives you untethered access to powerful sound effects.

Like every other product made by BOSS, this device is no exception in its unique offering as an excellent multi-effects pedal processor. This model gives off a great bass tone thanks to the Equalizer and compression.

The ME-50B comes with two especially dedicated sections where you can choose any effects that you want, and you will not be forced to go for anything less than the best.

The ME-50B is a multi-effects pedal that offers brilliant innovation and unique features. It has a solid metal case so it can withstand the roughs that it may be subjected to during performance. It comes with the sound-on-sound recording capabilities, and for each FX section, there are especially dedicated knobs for them.

The great COSM compressor in this device makes it one that surpasses expectation and capable of delivering the best sounds ever produced in music.

14) NUX MFX-10 Modeling Guitar Multi-FX Pedal

NUX has over the years proved that it is capable of producing the most affordable multi-effects pedal with highly functional features. The MFX-10 has been named the “beast” by a lot of music enthusiasts and it is an assorted effects device with full features that is the top choice of a lot of guitarists.

The MFX-10 offers 55 models out of which eight can be used all at once to produce the cleanest sound output possible in any multi-effects pedal. In this device, you will also enjoy 19 amps and device modes which give you all the goodness of sound that the NUX MFX-10 multi-effects pedal has to offer.

With 36 user presets and 72 regular presets, you can conveniently save and re-use a wide range of sets. You can also make use of a drum machine that has CD quality, so you can give the effects an improved texture. The converters are of high-performance, and they come in the 24 bit/ 48kHZ Analog-digital / digital-analog format.

It also comes with a new generation DSP of 32 bits. The NUX MFX-10 also comes with a big TFT display that has a backlight, and when coupled with the other impressive features, it is a strong contender in the multi-effects pedal market.

Choosing the Best Multi-Effects Pedal from the Best Multi-Effect Pedal Brands

Long gone the times when the jack of all trades and master of none was implied to the multi-effect pedals because the paradigms have shifted. Be it the tonal bases or initial outlay, the multi-effect pedals have become an integral part of the guitarists’ life.

Be it the numerical tweaks or menu surfing, plug & play ease, or toning, multi-effect pedals are the right choices for you. These pedals weren’t so common in the past but with the initiation of the digital music age, the trends have changed while musicians look for the analog and organic effects.

There was a time when using the single pedals would have been an unthinkable thing but today, these multi-effect and single pedals are all the rage. Given their ability to model the cabinets and accentuate the amplification, multi-effects pedals have been the edgy parts. With this article, we are walking you on the music notes of multi-pedal effects inclusive of a buying guide and interesting facts!

2) Zoom G1Xon Guitar Effects Pedal

  • Affordable
  • Innovative
  • Variety of Effects
  • Great Price Value

1) Boss ME-80 Multi-Effects Pedal

  • Compact and Powerful
  • Full Features
  • Editable and Customizable
  • Top-quality Effects

3) Zoom G3X - Guitar Effects Pedal

Zoom G3X
  • Stomp Box Interface
  • Selectable Modes
  • Easy To Use
  • Running on Battery

Mounting Facts About Multi-Effect Pedal

As complicated as these pedals look and sound, the facts adhered to them are hard to resist. So, let’s see what these multi-effect pedals have to offer to the guitarists!

  • Most of the multi-effect pedals will not have the power supply and you might want to opt for an additional nine-volt power supply. If you don’t want to use the power supply, it offers battery integration as well
  • The pedals need to be organized between the amp and guitar which creates the signal traveling
  • Experimenting with the order or pedal helps in creating the pure and clean sound from the guitar
  • Always have an extra cable with you because multi-effect pedals don’t come with the cable It is better to opt for the short and L-shaped instrument cable to ease the connectivity
  • It takes massive practice to ace the multi-effect pedal playing
  • If you use the pedalboards, it will align the effects and make it easy for you to ace the jam session
  • To pump up the music, the amplifications started in the early 1930s when Rickenbacker used motorized pulleys with his guitar to create the vibrato effect
  • DeArmond developed the effect in the 1940s
  • The manufacturing of solid and affordable effect pedal happened in the late 1970s

What To Consider When Buying a Multi-Effect Pedal

With an intimidating number of options available in the market for multi-effect pedals, people tend to opt for the wrong pedals. With this buying guide, we will help you consider the essential factors leading to an informed and productive decision. Have a look and do consider them while looking for a multi-effect pedal!

  • Signal Flow – The order of your components and instruments will affect the sound production at a great deal. It is better to set up the multi-effect pedal in the following order; guitar – gain stage – frequency – modulation – time – amp
  • Gain Staging – These effects are made from the clean gain boosting and the shape of pedals will impact the tone. However, you can also create complex tones using the different gain-staging pedals such as overdrive, gain boost, volume control, compression, and distortion
  • Frequency – The gain-based effect will add harmonic complexity to the tunes and to get rid of that, pitch shifters, equalizers, and wah-wah effects can be used
  • Modulation – This means that the effect of pedals will vary over time and are implied on the pedalboard. However, to keep up with the variations, it is better to use a low-frequency oscillator
  • Time – These effects devise the texture and depth of effects and have impregnated the modern music taste
  • Stereo or Mono – There are some multi-effect pedals with diverse options to running the mono or stereo options. In the case of the stereo, guitarists will have full control over reverbs, depth, and dimensions but if not set right, they can cause phase issues
  • Buffered Bypass or True Bypass – Nothing is perfect in this case because both come with their perks and downsides.

- Buffered bypass improves retention in the signals and eliminates the attenuation caused by long cables

- True bypass keeps the signal path streamlined reducing the coloration faced by the circuit setup

  • AC or Batteries – It is optimal to get your hands on the power conditioner to power the amp and pedals. This configuration will offer zero tension about the battery dying while creating clean and crisp music

Popular Multi-Effect Pedals Brands

If you want some information about the industry players with top-notch multi-effect pedals, we have devised the list in the section below!

  • Ibanez

Dating back in the year 1908, the company is owned by Hoshino Gakki, located in Aichi, Japan. In addition to the multi-effect pedals, they manufacture seven-string and eight-string guitars which have helped them ace the American and European musical instrument markets. The company also makes acoustic guitars and that operation started in 1935.

  • Boss Corporation

Releasing their first product in 1974, Boss Corporation embarked on the journey of effects pedal and tuner manufacturing with never-ending enthusiasm. The company is based on Japanese manufacturing acing at the manufacturing of pedalboards, electronic tuners, twin-effect pedals, and multi-effect pedals.

  • Danelectro

Launching in 1947, the company is a brainchild of Nathan Nat Daniel sporting the edgy manufacturing of musical instruments. The company is based in New Jersey and started with string instruments. Today, the company is offering multi-effect pedals, electric sitars, pickups, amplifiers, effects units, along with the electric and resonator guitars.