5 Best Mesa/Boogies Amp Reviews 2019

Best Mesa/Boogies Amps

Best Mesa/Boogies Amps

If you play the electric guitar, you will definitely need an amplifier to maximize your tone. There is one brand that has carved out a name for itself over the years: Mesa Boogie.

When deciding to select a brand for your amp, a number of reasons like whether to choose combo amps or stack amps often determine the brand that you go for, and this is where Mesa Boogie comes as number one.

What are the Best Mesa/Boogies Amps to Buy?

2) Mesa Boogie Fillmore Guitar Amp

Mesa Boogie Fillmore Guitar Amp
  • High Quality
  • Unique vintage voice and style
  • Soft Clip Design
  • Super excellent voice projection

1) Mark Five: 35 Head

Mesa/Boogie Mark Five:35
  • 3 channels with exquisite independent reverbs
  • Stylish controls and unique versatility
  • Full range of equalizer control

3) Mesa Boogie Subway Guitar Amp

 Mesa Boogie Subway Guitar Amp
  • Made by Italian Poplar Cabinet
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Carries a Neodymium speaker of the custom Subway type

Mesa Boogie’s combo amps are created for the need of the guitarists who want to save space as much as possible. The company boasts a different and extensive catalog of amps, with their tube powered amps winning the best of all in the market.

If you are into hard rock music, Mesa Boogie amplifiers are what you should get. Great Artist like Carlos Santana is using Boogie’s amps because of their efficiency with metallic acts. From the Dual Rectifier to the Mark series, Mesa Boogie continues to hold sway as the best brand in the amplifier category.

For instance, with the Lonestar, you can get up to 60 clear and clean tones. Most of the Boogie’s amps feature vintage-inspired aesthetics. Their versatility and down-to-earth craftsmanship make it the ideal brand to get when shopping for the best amplifier in the market. The Mark series offered by the company remain the most versatile and all-encompassing in the world market.

5 Best Mesa/Boogies Amp Reviews

1) Mark Five: 35 Head

Mesa/Boogie Mark Five:35

When a company brings 35 years of building quality amp designs with a focus on power, then you know there is more to get from the new product.

The Mark Five is one of Mesa Boogie’s legendary amps. The amp is best described as an upgrade of the company’s famous and record-breaking Mark Five: 25. This new model features a top quality design that boxes far higher than its predecessors.

It features a stage ready resume that enables it to work straight out of the box. The company also added to this new amp a Channel-independent and a unique SOLO feature that further extends the versatility of the Mark Five: 35.

Mesa Boogie included a long spring tank that assists the all-tube reverb to delivers excellently. This version also features 3 channels with exquisite independent reverbs that create stylish controls and unique versatility. The footswitch on this model also receives an additional upgrade as well as the inclusion of a complete set of voicing choices that proceeds from the company’s CBCLONE.

One significant aspect of this model is the full range of equalizer control and a loop effect for assigning channels, making this one of the most comprehensive tube amps in the market today.

2) Mesa Boogie Fillmore Guitar Amp

Mesa Boogie Fillmore Guitar Amp

The Fillmore is one of the best guitar amps that feature a unique vintage voice and style. The amp construction was inspired by the need to create something different from the company’s line of amps. This model features a soft clip design with two simple, look-alike channels. The Fillmore also has a custom-sized combo and head formats that operate under a three-mode platform.

The response rate of the Fillmore amp has earned it the nick name of “super responsive” amp. It has a super excellent voice projection that some have described as inspired magic. For those who have made use of this amp, they are of the opinion that it produces subtle saturation that doesn’t smother but serves your style.

While the Mark series may have won much of the success among Mesa Boogie’s line of amps, the quality offered by the Fillmore shows there is still much to get from the company. The Fillmore represents much of Boogie’s long kept secret, and now that it’s out, you can have that magical touch that will light up a new wave of passion in your guitar playing. With 2 full, switchable and independent channels, more quality awaits you over here.

3) Mesa Boogie Subway Guitar Amp

 Mesa Boogie Subway Guitar Amp

The Subway Guitar Amp from Mesa Boogie is the perfect solution for anyone playing the bass guitar. If you do not plan to compromise size for the quality you want, this amp is what you need. The amp features an Italian Poplar Cabinet that is light in weight, at 38 pounds, adding beauty to the overall design.

Boasting a black metal grill, this amp also carries a Neodymium speaker of the custom Subway type, which provides excellent sound. While the front features a port, the back comes with a closed design, both of which combines to maintain and sustain the punch and clarity associated with such larger cabinets.

400 watts is what this amp supports, with a high-frequency horn and 8 Ohms. The Mesa tag is located at the upper region of the amps front side, which further simplifies the process of looking for it in a packed mortal and brick store. With its front porting that is properly tuned, the Mesa Subway provides a greater range of dynamism and play for all bass players who are in search of a lasting solution.

4) Mesa Boogie Mark Five 35 1×12 Combo

Mesa Boogie Mark Five 35

There is no other model that can boast of success like the Mark Five series of amps from the legendary Mesa Boogie. This is another version of the Mark Five family of amps. The design of this one is not much different from a host of others in the same category.

However, this version appears more portable than a host of other versions. It bears the result of more than four decades of research and is among the most cherished amplifiers that are ruling the marketplace.

The layout of this model features a CAD design, which is necessary as a result of the increase in the component density. While the head and combo look similar to that of other Boogie’s Mark 35 versions, the cabinet size is however different. There are two independent channels performing different purposes. While the first creates rhythm, the second is used for lead, with each of them having three modes namely: Fat, Clean and Crunch on Chi.

When it comes down to tones, there are a whole lot of them in here. From classic rock tones to breakup tones, and huge pallet sounds. As for the graphic equalizer, you can individually select per channel. With 6 modes of mighty power sections, this Mark Five 35 1×12 variant performs wonders at any time you need it.

5) Mesa/Boogie Lone Star Special

When you are looking for an amp that will project the voice of your guitar, the brand and model to think about is Mesa Boogie’s Lonestar Special.

The amp features most of the unique qualities that set Mesa Boogie apart from other brands in the market. The Lonestar Special comes with hardwood, vinyl and leather design components on the outer part of the amp. These enable the amp to remain sturdy and extremely durable.

Two full, independent channels were created with this amp, and they run on four EL84 tubes. Each or of the tubes are assignable to achieve a combination of 5 to 30 watts, meaning you have the luxury of assigning 30 watts to a single channel for the purpose of creating a lot of clean headroom. Conversely, you can as well assign a lower wattage to the remaining channel to derive am overdrive creamy experience.

With its long, spring reverb, the Lonestar Special is an amp that is beautiful, versatile, and reliable. It is loaded with lots of controls, with an aluminum chassis fan that cools down the amp while enjoying the best experience form your play.

Choosing the Best Mesa/Boogies Amps

Mesa Boogie is no doubt one of the most reliable and trusted companies in the world of amplifiers. The company, which was founded in the 1970s, has gone on to be one of many artists favorite choices for the stage and practice play needs.

The majority of the designs mentioned above is handcrafted in California, and are highly respected and sought-after because they are so intuitive to tweak. most of Mesa Boogie’s amplifiers, including the Mark Five series, features dual Equalizer sections plus multiple channels—a feat so many other brands can only dream of.

There is no other brand in the world that can match the versatility of Mesa Boogie amps. Today, many artists have taking to the company’s line of products, knowing that with Mesa Boogie, there is always something golden when it comes to amps.