20 Best Hulusi Reviews 2021

Best Hulusi

Best Hulusi

Hulusi or the cucurbit flute is a wind instrument native to China, and it stands out due to the three bamboo pipes that go through a gourd wind chest. Initially, it was used only in the Shan State of Myanmar and Yunnan province. But recently, the rising popularity of Hulusi gained its attention at an international level and more and more performers use it as their main musical instrument. It is that type of exquisite instrument that offers a unique and easily recognizable sound that has the power to soothe your senses and promote a feeling of otherworldly experiences.

What is the Best Hulusi to Buy?

2) Oriental MusicSanctuary Sandalwood Hulusi 

  • Professionally Tuned & Tested
  • Clear & Resonant Sound
  • Suitable for All Level Players

1) L'MS Professional Bamboo

  • Impressive Brass Fittings
  • Excellent Tone
  • Easy Maintenance & Reed Adjustment

3) Huren Bb Key Detachable Gourd Hulusi

  • Best Brand Quality
  • Graceful & Soft Sound
  • Best for Professionals

For a serious performer, one of the most challenging parts is choosing the perfect Hulusi. The player should consider several important factors in choosing Hulusi depending on their playing skill and experience level. Firstly, the Hulusi must be designed by hand by a skillful craftsman, so that you can be able to achieve the best and purest sound. Besides this, you should follow the next steps:

  • Choose a reliable distributor for Hulusi;
  • Make sure it is a qualitative instrument that has no potential structural weaknesses;
  • Choose the instrument is based on the player’s level of experience. An apt Hulusi can be found on the market for beginner players, intermediate players, and professional music lovers;
  • Choose the right size for the instrument, as a Hulusi can be specially designed for either children or adults;
  • Make sure the Hulusi comes with its special box packing due to the storing is essential for prolonging the instrument’s life;
  • Select the appropriate tone for the Hulusi, it can be available in various keys such as C, D, and so on.

20 Best Hulusi Reviews

1. L'MS Professional Bamboo Hulusi

If you are looking for an unusual Hulusi, this is the one for you. It is a professional instrument, that comes with three octaves and in C key tones. L'MS Hulusi strives to meet the expectations and needs of experienced performers while providing an extremely qualitative instrument to perform upon. It is handmade by the most skilled craftsman, offering impressive brass fittings with sturdy fixtures, and top-notch sound.

It is designed with a detachable gourd, pipe, and drones, allowing easy maintenance and reed adjustment. The black bamboo completes well the nice touches of beige of this Hulusi. Overall, it is user-friendly, simple to manage and perform upon due to the smoothness provided by the bamboo.

Other characteristics:

  • Dimensions of 17.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches with its weight of 11.2 ounces
  • 3 Octaves, and C key tonalities
  • Protective handcrafted case included
  • Basic traditional accessories included, such as the Chinese knot
  • Non-toxic materials used
  • Easy to clean

2. OrientalMusicSanctuary Sandalwood Hulusi for Professional (Black)

The Hulusi from Oriental Music Sanctuary has an interesting design, being crafted from stylish black sandalwood. Sandalwood offers a clear and extremely resonant sound, which resembles quite well the music performed with an oboe or clarinet. This instrument is suitable for all levels of experience, and it comes in C, Bb, G and F keys.

This instrument can allow the performer to obtain the traditional Hulusi sound, but at the same time, it is great for much softer tones. It is also been tested and tune-adjusted by professionals so there are no worries to play it with. This professional black sandalwood Hulusi comes with a rigid foam case, perfect for storing or transporting the instrument safely.

Other characteristics:

  • Great for beginners with easy access to C, and bB keys;
  • Great for professionals with easy access to G, and F keys;
  • Perfect resistance to pressure as denser materials are used for this instrument

3. Huren Bb Key Detachable Gourd Cucurbit Hulusi

For those seeking an authentic Hulusi with all the traditional characteristics, Huren’s Professional Woodwind Instrument might be the best choice. This gourd cucurbit flute wind is designed by following the conventional woodwind flute instrument details found in the original Chinese instrument.

The drone pipes on this Hulusi allows three tones in the Bb key, which can lead to either profound or serene sounds. What makes this Hulusi stand out is its professional brand quality, as it is made in a natural gourd with sandalwood pipe. It can be stored or transported in a specially tailored, hard case. Still, we recommend this as the best Hulusi for professionals due to the outstanding craftsmanship. It is an instrument embellished with a wide array of Chinese motifs inspired by ancient poetry.

Hence, this Hulusi for professionals will get you the following:

  • A Hulusi designed from gourd cucurbit, and sandalwood pipes, without cracks, or insects;
  • A safe to use the instrument, made from non-toxic materials;
  • It has an overall length of 50cm, and it includes an adjustable strap;
  • It has a tone key Bb;
  • In the package, this Hulusi instrument comes along with a Chinese Knot and a hard case so as to able to carry around and protect it from any damage or climatic harm

4. Huren Gourd Cucurbit Traditional Hulusi for Kids

One of our great choice for beginner children that play a Hulusi is the one sold by Huren. The Gourd Cucurbit Flute Hulusi Instrument is very recommended for children as it is eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, which make this Hulusi safe for the health of kids. This instrument is created from ABS resin, with no cracks in the mold, or insects, therefore, it is being perfect for any kid and students who want to learn how to master this traditional Chinese instrument.

The drone pipes positioned on both sides of the pipe allow the performer to access three octaves in the C key. It can produce graceful and soft sounds just like shaking silk. This Hulusi has 7 holes with standard intonation. Its tone is fine-tuned by qualified technicians in order to ensure the sound is go-on smoothly. Besides, Huren’s Hulusi is long-lasting, easy to pack and transport due to the hard case included. This Hulusi has an overall length of 45 cm, and it has an included adjustable strap. In the package, the Hulusi comes along with a Chinese Knot and a free hard case that enable the players to carry it around handily.

5. Interact China 3 Octaves Bamboo Hulusi

If you enjoy playing the Hulusi, you most likely seek an authentic one. This Hulusi is similar to the original Yunnan Hulusi, being handmade from black bamboo. The details on the instrument are handcrafted, which offers an extra touch of authenticity. It is best for professional performers, as it comes with two tuned drones, switches for turning those drones on/ off and high-grade sophisticated switches if you aim to upgrade this Hulusi. Still, everything is secured in place with quality brass, and you can opt for the extra copper and nickel alloy if you need an upgrade.

This bamboo Hulusi has everything you might need, including the possibility to detach the gourd pipe, and drones for a more manageable maintenance process. It comes with a top-notch velvet carry case, an original ornamental Chinese knot, and the authentic Yunnan tone. Besides, it is professionally tuned and ready to be mastered by any professional performer.

Other characteristics:

  • Handmade Hulusi from original black bamboo, natural, non-toxic, safe for health and eco-friendly;
  • Stylish and qualitative case included, along with an original Chinese knot.

6. Red Music Shop Adjustable Bamboo Chinese Hulusi (G Key)

This Hulusi resembles quite well the original instrument, being crafted from purple bamboo and gourd. It is great for those that are in their beginnings, but still, know the basics of how to play a Hulusi. And the best part about it is that this manufacturer doesn’t ship identical instruments.

Each Hulusi has a personal touch, as it is created from natural bamboo. Besides, distinct engraved motifs might differ, as they are selected in such a manner that they suit the natural bamboo lines. This Hulusi comes with a sturdy, and personalized protective case, along with a traditional Chinese knot.

Other characteristics:

  • Made from non-toxic, safe to health and eco-friendly materials
  • Approximative dimensions of 7 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches
  • Perfect for either beginner or intermediate experience
  • Available in G key, C key, D key, F key, and bB key
  • Protective case included

7. ammoon C-Key Traditional Gourd Cucurbit Hulusi

If you are looking for a Hulusi for beginners, but at the same time you want something stylish and inspired by traditional Chinese motifs, the Hulusi sold by Ammoon is the go-to option. It is created from a non-toxic resin material, while it has an interesting nondetachable design. This Hulusi is lightweight and sturdy, which makes it perfect for someone just learning how to handle this instrument.

This instrument offers sounds in C key, being enticing and mesmerizing. Still, only one drone pipe can produce sounds, as the second one is decorative. This Hulusi is shipped with a decorative Chinese know and a useful, elegant carry case.

Other characteristics:

  • Created with qualitative Resin, without toxic elements;
  • Approximate dimensions of 41 * 9 * 9cm / 16.1 * 3.5 * 3.5in;
  • Protective case included

8. ETbotu Gourd Cucurbit Handmade Hulusi for Beginners

The recommendation for Hulusi beginners is the one available from ETbotu. The ETbotu Chine Gourd Cucurbit flute is handmade and it comes in C key Bb Tone. The craftsmanship of this instrument is what makes it stand out amongst other competitor products. It follows the traditional design of this instrument closely, while the conventional Chinese motifs offer an extra touch of authenticity.

It is created from bamboo, and the tone pipe is hand-carved. The mellow and purity tone produced by this Hulusi is a result of its alloy reed. Besides, this Hulusi is eco-friendly, being handcrafted only with non-toxic materials. The product is shipped with an original case for storing and transportation, while the Chinese knot is included too. Its dimension is of 39 * 9 * 9cm.

9. Timiy B Flat Professional Hulusi for Beginners

If you are looking for a Hulusi for a beginner that is both professional and qualitative, then this might be the perfect option for you. Timiy Professional Chinese Hulusi comes in B flat, and it stands out due to the smooth and soothing sound it produces. It is a three-tone Hulusi, being easy to understand and learn. It has a musical tone in B flat, but it can be purchased with other tonalities, too. Also, the tube on this Hulusi can produce a vice bass sound, too.

An interesting thing about this Hulusi is that it comes with a detachable small pipe that can blow low. It is designed accordingly to the traditional lines of this Chinese instrument, is made of ABS resin. There are no chemicals used in its design, meaning it is safe for health. This Hulusi is shipped with a Chinese Knot and an interesting velvet case.

Other characteristics:

  • Designed with non-toxic, safe to use ABS resin;
  • The overall length of 45 cm;
  • Strap included with an adjustable length of 48 cm;
  • Protective case included

10. ammoon Chinese Bamboo Hulusi

If you want to surprise a loved one with a top-notch gift, we recommend you to consider this Hulusi from Ammoon. It is handmade from bamboo, being safe for health and created only with non-toxic materials. It is great for beginners, as it comes in C key, being simple to master and understand.

This Hulusi stands out due to its hand-carved design. The black bamboo is embellished with traditional Chinese motifs, adding a unique flair to the entire instrument. The black bamboo pipe is completed by two sub pipes and a plunger, which in turn creates a pure and smooth tone. This Hulusi is shipped in a specially designed case, along with a Chinese knot. Overall, this is the best option that resembles quite well the traditional design and materials for an authentic Hulusi.

Other characteristics:

  • Made from extremely qualitative natural bamboo;
  • Approximative dimensions of 39 * 9 * 9cm / 15.4 * 3.5 * 3.5 inches
  • Protective case included

11. Ebony Cloisonne Hulusi with 3 Octaves

For experienced performers, this is one of the best Hulusi on the market. It is handmade with all-natural ebony pipes, while only quality materials were used in its creation process. It features two tuned drones, an impressive switch for tuning drones, and an exceptional sound experience. Its design is included security measures with copper and nickel, which better the sound.

Besides, the top-notch ox horn mouthpiece makes this Hulusi the best on the market. All professional performers recommend it due to the detachable gourd, pipe, and drones, which allows easy maintenance and reed modifications. This Hulusi comes with a velvet-lined hard case, a traditional Chinese knot, and professional tuning. It is one of the few instruments that can produce the authentic Yunnan tone.

Other characteristics:

  • Made from durable materials, non-toxic and safe for health;
  • Protective, stylish case included

12. Bamboo Saxophones Natural Black B Flat Hulusi

This Saxophone Natural Black Bamboo Hulusi stands out due to the nice combination between the natural black bamboo and bright orange details. It is made from non-toxic materials and is safe for health and the environment. The gourd and the blowpipe are hand polished, which offer the authentic and smooth touch you might see in the original traditional Hulusi.

This Hulusi produces a harmonious sound, that appeals to the listeners' emotions. It is simple to master, being the best option for beginners. All you have to do is discover how to manage the blowing strength and reed vibration. This Hulusi comes with basic accessories and a reliable carrying case that protects the instrument at all times.

Other characteristics:

  • Approximative dimensions for C key about 38 cm and for B flat about 42 cm;
  • Great for children to play too;
  • Durable materials used in its design; non-toxic and safe for health.

13. Bamboo Saxophones G Key Bamboo Hulusi

Those that adore performing on a bamboo Hulusi will definitely love this one. It is a professional instrument, handmade and polished from black bamboo while remaining entirely safe for health and for the environment. It produces a soft sound, in almost any keynote, including C, B flat, D, G, or F key. Also, it makes the perfect choice of instrument for advanced students in the practice of Hulusi. It is simple to master with a bit of attention to detail.

Of course, it comes with a wide array of sound functionalities, including a subwoofer in E major, D major or C major. It is shipped with a sturdy, protective case, along with all the basic accessories.

Other characteristics:

  • Non-toxic, natural, and eco-friendly materials used in its design;
  • Approximate dimensions for C key of about 38 cm and for B flat of about 42 cm;
  • Built-in reed;
  • Protective case included.

14. Bamboo Saxophones Resin White B Flat Hulusi

No matter what age you are, if you want to learn how to master a Hulusi, this is the best instrument for you. This Bamboo Saxophones Resin Hulusi is quite distinct from other options on the market. It is simple to understand, while it is designed with qualitative resin, without chemicals, and only with materials safe for health. It is an attractive instrument, as it appears to be polished several times.

Besides, it is an eco-friendly version of Hulusi with outstanding sound quality. All you have to do is discover how to manage the blowing strength, reed vibration, and fingering in the soundhole. It is smooth, lightweight, and easy to operate, making it the go-to option for any beginner eager to discover the melodious sounds of a Hulusi. It also comes with basic accessories and a sturdy case.

Other characteristics:

  • Approximative dimensions of about 45 cm;
  • A durable instrument, not simple to crack or damage;
  • Protective case included.

15. Aishanghuayi 3 Tone Cucurbit Resin Hulusi

This Hulusi is the perfect combination of professionalism and easiness of learning. It can be used by both children and adults, is a versatile instrument. Its design is great, the Curcubit silk being achieved with abrasive tools. Besides, the ABS resin addition offers additional sturdiness to the instrument. Overall, the treatment techniques used for this Hulusi makes it harder to break or mold.

If you are looking for a Hulusi that is both efficient and easy to maintain, we can say for sure this is the one for you. It comes with a main and an auxiliary pipe, along with a detachable plastic casing link between the hoist and white copper sleeves. It created a sound that resembles quite well the melodic line of the traditional Hulusi. And, of course, it comes with a specially tailored protective case and a traditional Chinese knot.

Other characteristics:

  • Approximative dimensions for C key about 410X85×80mm, for B key about 420 X 90 X 85mm, and for A key about 430 X 95 × 90mm.
  • Available in three-tone keys: C, B, and A;
  • Created with a mix of qualitative and durable materials, including resin copper, brass reed, and a plastic sleeve;
  • It comes with a wooden box as a protective case and a Chinese knot.

16. XIONGHAIZI Bakelite Resin Green Hulusi

If you enjoy beautiful instruments, we guarantee you will love this Hulusi. The instrument distributed by Xionghaizi aims to smooth the learning process for beginners. Besides, it is inspired by the porcelain art, being designed in imitation of blue and white porcelain. It comes with one sound tube, piston control, also an impressive and quite transparent sound.

This Hulusi is created from sturdy materials, non-toxic, that can outstand a lot of damage. Also, it comes with no water absorption, no expansion, and simple to replace imitation bell mouth. It is nicely created with a copper casing, and it allows you to detach several components for easier maintenance. Mostly, this instrument is a great option for beginners, as it comes with either B or C tuning. But it can satisfy the needs of an intermediate performer, too.

Other characteristics:

  • Approximative dimensions of 41 * 8.7cm
  • Created with non-toxic, eco-friendly bakelite and resin;
  • Solid wood for drag left and right;
  • Perfect for beginner lessons

17. Youshangshipin Mahogany Red Hulusi

The Hulusi from Youshangshipin is one of our top choices. Its design resembles accurately the mahogany details, offering a professional and sturdy look. Designed with ABS resin, it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. And, of course, this material permits good vibration performance, meaning it has impressive blow resistance.

This Hulusi is durable and reliable, is perfect for a beginner in the art of mastering a Hulusi. It has included an imitation bell mouth, which is also made from sturdy materials, so it won’t break easily. It creates a vivid and vibrant sound with the aid of the sound tube, the piston control, and the high transparency of the keynotes. It is accompanied by a matching protective foam case, along with a traditional Chinese knot.

Other characteristics:

  • Approximative dimensions of 17.7 x 17.7 x 3.9 inches;
  • Great combination between stainless steel and ABS resin, making this Hulusi crash-resistant;
  • Great for learning Hulusi techniques;
  • Available in B tone;
  • Protective case included.

18. XIANGNAIZUI Metal Wire C Key Hulusi

For those that seek a Hulusi that goes beyond the traditional lines, this metal wire Hulusi is one of a kind option. It is created with intriguing metal wire drawing, being created entirely from aluminum. Besides, it is quite durable, due to the fact that it is plated with copper.

Overall, the materials used for this Hulusi are safe for health and for the environment. It is suitable for beginners with good taste in musical instruments, as it has a fashionable and exquisite appearance. It is compact, easy to play at, and it is shipped with the traditional Chinese knot, along with a sturdy case for protection.

Other characteristics:

  • Approximative dimensions of 41 * 10 * 10cm / 16.1 * 3.9 * 3.9in
  • Created with durable aluminum and copper-plated
  • Protective case and Chinese knot included

19. ammoon Traditional Gourd Silk Hulusi for Beginners

The Ammoon Hulusi is our favorite choice for a unique design. It is created with a lot of durable resin, and its surface resembles quite well the impressive blue and white porcelain. It is a special type of Hulusi, being perfect as a gift for a beginner performer. It has included only one drone pipe, while the sounds it creates are in C-key.

Indeed, this Hulusi’s design is another outer pipe, but its scope is more decorative, rather than functional. This one of a kind Hulusi is shipped with a nice Chinese knot and a sturdy carry case.

Other characteristics:

  • Created with non-toxic, safe for health ABS resin;
  • Approximate dimensions of 41 * 9 * 9cm / 16.1 * 3.5 * 3.5in;
  • Protective case included, along with a traditional Chinese knot

20. Huren Orient Gourd Cucurbit Bamboo Hulusi for Students

Also distributed by Huren, this bamboo Hulusi was specially created to suit the needs of eager students. It comes with three octaves in C key, and the drone pipes on both sides provide a unique sound experience. The instrument is designed from natural bamboo, which offers an extra touch of style to the traditional Chinese motifs included.

This Hulusi for beginner students is versatile and lightweight, being easy to store and transport with the included hard case. Also, the standard intonation can be adjusted with the aid of a technician, which allows the performer to tackle several types of music. And the quality of this instrument is outstanding. All products distributed by Huren are thoroughly tested for cracks, which makes them the best option for beginners that aim to master the Hulusi.

Thus, the features for this Hulusi for students are:

  • It is a Hulusi made out of bamboo, and gourd, without cracks or insects;
  • It is made out of non-toxic materials, being eco-friendly, and safe for health;
  • It has an overall length of 45cm, and it comes with an included adjustable strap;
  • It has seven holes and a tone in key C;
  • In the package, you will receive a hard case for storing.

Choosing the Best Hulusi

Hulusi is often compared with the pure clarinet sound, but it is an instrument that can offer even more. Its ability to produce distinct tones due to the finger holes spread along the pipe which allows the player to create a unique auditive experience. This gourd of three bamboo pipes is an instrument that will never go out of fashion, as it is versatile, and allows distinct interpretations.

2) Oriental MusicSanctuary Sandalwood Hulusi 

  • Professionally Tuned & Tested
  • Clear & Resonant Sound
  • Suitable for All Level Players

1) L'MS Professional Bamboo

  • Impressive Brass Fittings
  • Excellent Tone
  • Easy Maintenance & Reed Adjustment

3) Huren Bb Key Detachable Gourd Hulusi

  • Best Brand Quality
  • Graceful & Soft Sound
  • Best for Professionals

Hulusi is the best choice for both beginners exploring music, as well as experienced performers. There is no other musical instrument that can match the ability of this wind musical instrument. Besides, it is easy to learn and play while providing the best abundant tone for the listener. Thus, if you want to start your musical journey, you should opt for a Hulusi flute for beginners.