5 Best Harp Reviews 2022 – Best Harp Brands

Best Harp & Best Harp Brands

Best Harp & Best Harp Brands

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Irrespective of the fact whether you have bought a harp previously or are a first-time buyer, you are definitely going to feel overwhelmed with the number of options available for you. Harps are available in different types, sizes, and models; hence, it can get a daunting process to choose the best one for you, which will suit your requirements and fall in your budget bracket.

2) Pixie Harp Tm, 19 Strings

  • Highly-Rated
  • Good Quality
  • Classy
  • Beautiful
  • Great Sound

1) Heather Harp TM, 22 Strings

  • Superior Quality
  • Melodious Sound
  • Classic 
  • Handcrafted

3) Rees Harps Harpsicle Harp

  • Popular
  • Great Packaging
  • Quality Material
  • Comfortable playing

Let’s have a look at a complete guide, which can come in really handy for you to buy the best harp for you to play wonderful and soulful music.

​Accessory: Harp case

Quality of Sound

The most important feature, which you need to consider while selecting a harp, is the quality of sound it makes. You should select a harp that has a rich and resonant voice. It should have evenly balanced strings so that best quality sound could be produced.


If you are fond of traveling or want to keep it with you whenever you are going out for a picnic or day out at the beach, consider small portable harps. They can be easily strolled and taken wherever you want to conveniently.

Requirement of the Musician

The ultimate selection of the harp depends on the requirement of the musician. The genre of music, which the musician wants to play with harp, also has an influence on the selection of harp. If you want to play diverse music with your harp, you should opt for floor size harps, which offer little no compromise to the musicians, when it comes to quality of sound.

Price of the Harp

The quality of the material, which is used to manufacture the harp, has an effect on its price. The greater the quality of the harp is the bigger price tag it comes with. Therefore, you need to consider your budget bracket before you embark on the idea of buying a harp for yourself. If you have a moderate budget, you may have to settle for a harp with limited features.

5 Best Harp Reviews and the Best Harp Brands

Now that you are aware of the complete guide to buy the best harp, the next step is to find the perfect harp with the best features. Let’s have a look at the reviews of the top harps.

1) Heather Harp TM, 22 Strings, Vine Design

Standing tall at 36” high, the Heather Harp TM, 22 Strings, Vine Design from Roosebeck is one of the most popular harps out there. It features 22 DuPont hard nylon strings, along with 22 sharpening level, which allows superior quality and melodious sound.

Moreover, it boasts of range from C3 to C6 and comes in a beautifully engraved and inlaid frame made of Sheesham, which gives it classiest look. The harp also features a birch plywood soundboard for outstanding sound quality and strength.

Weighing just around 16 pounds, the harp is exceptionally popular due to the various extensive features it boasts of. It is reasonably priced; you will also get an extra string set and tuning tool with this harp, which makes it a purchase that offers complete value for money.

With its handcrafted quality, it allows maximum satisfaction to the musician. If you aren’t satisfied with the performance of the product, you can use their 30 days return policy and claim a full refund.

2) Pixie Harp Tm, 19 Strings

Next in the list is another remarkable harp from Roosebeck. One of the best features of the Pixie Harp is that it is made with authentic materials. It is beautiful to look at and offers complete value for money with its reasonable price tag. The harp can be a perfect purchase if you are an aspiring musician or want to gift it to someone among your loved ones who want to learn to play the harp.

The height of the harp is approximately 31”. It comes with 19 sharpening levels and has the same number of DuPont hard nylon strings. The engraved and inlaid frame of rosewood further enhances the beauty of harp. Moreover, it provides exceptional sound quality and strength due to the birch soundboard.

Along with this beautiful and outstanding harp, you also get an extra string set and tuning tool. Its look, material, sound quality, and the affordability factors have made this harp one of the most popular harps among the musicians.

3) Rees Harps Harpsicle Harp

If you are looking for a great harp for the beginners, the Harpiscle Harp from Rees Harps is a great one for you. It is made from the finest quality material, is lightweight and easily portable. You can get this harp in either natural maple or color finishes. The height of the harp is 2 & a half feet and it weighs only 4 lbs.; hence, it can be carried without any difficulty.

The notable features of the harpsicle harp from Rees Harps include the premium quality material it is made from. It exudes grace and class with its look. Moreover, it is reasonably priced, which allows you to buy it without burning a hole in your pocket. It doesn’t come with a tuner, so you need to have your own tuner in order to tune it and play music with it.

The harp comes in perfect packaging, which ensures that it doesn’t get damaged while in transit. It can prove to be a perfect gift if anyone in your family or friend circle is fond of playing harps.

4) Schoenhut C1019C – 15 String Cherry Harp (Cherry)

Perfect for the learners, the Schoenhut C1019C – 15 String Cherry Harp offers hours of fun for your little ones with its realistic style. It produces realistic sound, has a strong and sturdy built, and has the ability to keep the learner engrossed for hours. The amazing harp is made from the premium quality plastic and wood material, which makes it most durable. 

It is beautifully constructed and is available in cherry color, which further adds to its beauty. The height of the harp is 27” and it boasts of curved sides and a spacious box. It enables the musician to play a wide range of music using their best skills with its range of 15 notes.

One of the most remarkable features of Schoenhut C1019C – 15 String Cherry Harp is that it is the safest harp out there in the market. It meets the international safety standards concerning the use of harps and is absolutely safe for the children. Parents can stay assured that their child is safe when playing melodious tunes with Schoenhut C1019C – 15 String Cherry Harp.

5) Roosebeck Meghan Harpâ„ 36-String Knotwork *Blemished

One of the most sought after harp, Roosebeck Meghan Harpâ„ 36-String Knotwork from Roosebeck is 51” high and weighs around 26 pounds. The harp is ideal to be used by beginners who are looking to master the art of producing soulful and melodious music from harps. The harp comes with an extra string set. Its price is market-competitive, which makes it a popular harp with the harp learners.

It is made from the finest quality material, which enhances its lifetime. For the satisfaction of the customers, the makers are offering a 1-year warranty on the frame and 5-year warranty on the soundboard, which it contains for premium quality sound.

The product is blemished; however, there is no effect on the quality of the sound it produces. Some of the amazing features, which make it the best deal for the musician, include 6 DuPont hard nylon strings, a birch soundboard, and a great range, which allows musicians to play a variety of melodious tunes.

The harp is beautiful to look at because of the engraved and inlaid rosewood frame and exceptional design. It has 36 strings and 31 sharpening levels. You will also get a tuning tool with this harp.

Choosing the Best Harp from the Best Harp Brands

To sum it up, purchasing the best harp can prove to be a challenging task. One needs to be very tactful while making the final choice. There are various factors, which are needed to be considered while buying the best professional harp, which includes budget, quality, use, and quality of the sound.

However, it all comes down to the requirement of the musician at the end. Since they will be playing the melodious tunes with the harp, it should be according to their requirements and specifications.

As discussed above, the huge number of harps available in the market can make the buying decision difficult for a musician; therefore, one needs to rely on expert advice to get the best harp for them.

If you do not have any one to ask for expert advice to buy the best harp, do not worry as we have got your back. The above-mentioned write up can serve as a complete guide for you to buy the best harp for you, without any risk of losing your hard earned money on an inferior quality product.