20 Best Gifts for Piano Players Reviews 2022

Best Gifts for Piano Players

Best Gifts for Piano Players

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Piano players are a dedicated bunch. From learning music to sight-reading, then graduating to sight playing, and finer positions, it is no child’s play. And they do not get to practice as much or as often as they want.

After all, a piano is not something that can be popped in a bag and lugged around the way a guitarist can carry his guitar around. So, it is a good idea to encourage a pianist anyhow you can. How better to acknowledge their efforts and all the time they spend practicing producing good music than to gift them with thoughtful items, and that share a theme with their pianos?

While you may not be able to able to gift them with a big grand piano - those things are expensive! - you may be able to buy something thoughtful, something they will appreciate, and something that will resonate with them.

What are the Best Gifts for Piano Players to Buy?

2) Play22 Keyboard Playmat 71"

  • Piano play mat with 24 keys
  • Electronic and made from ultra-strong and high-quality vinyl
  • Total of four different play modes

1) Piano Stickers for Keys

  • Double layer coated
  • Works for all piano & keyboard
  • Easy to install
  • High quality sticker paper

3) Foot Traffic, Musical Notes and Bars

  • Men’s foot socks
  • Made of nylon, polyester, cotton, and spandex
  • Super comfortable, breathable, and soft

It would not be a very smart idea to gift a pair of piano themed earrings to someone whose ears are not pierced, or gift a men’s tie to a woman pianist, so when buying gifts, do well to consider what is appropriate for each person.

Below is a list of twenty gift items that pianists would love.

20 Best Gifts for Piano Players Reviews

1) Piano Stickers for Keys – Removable w/Double Layer Coating for 49/61 / 76/88 Keyboards

While learning to play the keyboard can be fun, it can also be challenging. Learning finger positions can be made infinitely easier with these piano sticker keys. They are a set of piano stickers, double-layered so the keys are printed on the inside of the inner surface so that they do not fade from the repeated pressing of the keys.

These piano stickers are so big that they can easily be seen by anyone playing the piano. These stickers work for all kinds of keyboards and pianos, and whether your keyboard has 49, 61, 76, or 88 white keys, these piano stickers have got it covered. They are removable, and no gum residue is left behind when they are removed. These piano stickers will make a great gift for anyone.

2) Play22 Keyboard Playmat 71" - 24 Keys Piano Play Mat

For kid pianists aged anything from 3 to 10 years old, and even adults, this would make a wonderful present. This is a piano play mat with 24 keys. It is electronic and made from ultra-strong and high-quality vinyl.

It sounds tones of eight different musical instruments viz: guitar, violin, trumpet, xylophone, banjo, clarinet, and the piano. This piano mat has a total of four different play modes. It records at every keypress, and the recording can be played back. It is electronic, requires four AAA batteries, and has a volume control button.

This playmat is safe as a toy, as it supports weights of up to about 250 pounds, meaning that as many as three children can play on it at the same time with no fear of it breaking.

3) Foot Traffic, Musical Notes and Bars, Expressing the Love of Music on your Feet

These are pairs of men’s foot socks made of a perfect mixture of nylon, polyester, cotton, and spandex. These socks are super comfortable, breathable, and soft. With their reinforced toes, not only are your toes guaranteed comfort and ease, but they also do not bust to allow toes through.

The breathability of these socks helps to prevent the occurrence of smelly feet, as enough air gets into the feet through the socks. They have firm elastic bands that ensure the socks stay up for as long as they are on. Each pair of socks is brightly colored and has an electric guitar theme. They are suitable for men with shoe sizes 7 to 12, and women with sizes 9 to 14. They would make heartfelt gifts.

4) Old World Christmas Musical Instruments Glass Blown Ornaments

This gift is a Christmas tree ornament. It is shaped in the similitude of a grand piano. It is made from molten glass that is then mouth-blown into already prepared molds that are carved from wood.

This piano ornament would sit very comfortably among all other Christmas decorating ornaments. It is painted by hand and has a shiny, glittery surface. An exquisite work of art, it is the result of superb craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

This piano ornament comes wrapped in a bubble that prevents any breakage of any of the piano’s parts. It is lightweight and measures only 3 by 3 by 3 inches. Since this is only a Christmas tree ornament, it does not play any records and is for decorative purposes only.

5) Nanoblock Grand Piano - Black

This gift item is a grand piano made of nanoblocks. Nanoblocks are like LEGO pieces, only more recent in design, smaller and more rounded. The top of this piano is hinged; it has an individual pianist seat and a set of complete pedals. It is made with 170 pieces of nanoblocks.

Other than the pleasing aesthetic of this piano, arranging it into its final outlook can be a lot of fun. This piano is constructed with the utmost detail and gives the piano realism that is unmatched by any other construction sets.

The construction bricks have small sizes that make them fit perfectly into other pieces to give the piano its perfect outlook. Each piano comes with a full set of instructions on how to construct it. This would make a perfect gift for children aged 8 to 12 years.

6) Metal Music Book Clip and Page Holder - Sheet Music Holders for Piano

In terms of diversity, flexibility, and utility, this is perhaps one of the best gifts. It is a music book clip that almost everyone would find most useful to them. From musicians to composers, professors to students, pastors to chefs, this paper clip resonates with everyone.

Each one of these versatile book clips is constructed with long-lasting stainless steel of the highest quality. This confers a strength on this paper clip that makes it suitable for use in textbooks, texts, and cookbooks.

It is lightweight, ergonomic, functional, and has an easy grip. It is coated, so it does not fade, rust, or corrode. It is cute and stylish and has a silver, glossy luster with one side plain and the other engraved with a music clef.

7) Alytimes Mechanical Classical Ballerina Girl Dancing On The Piano Music Box

This is a music box with a mechanical mechanism. It is a piano featuring a dancing ballerina on its surface. This music box comes in two forms. One plays Fur Elise, and the other plays the City of Sky. Only one tune may be played by one music box at a time.

When the cover of the piano is closed, the ballerina dances to the tune. But once the piano cover is open, the ballerina stops dancing. This music box is made of resin and is small and petite that it sits comfortably on any surface and adds a nice touch to the décor of any room.

To play the tune, the music box needs to be wound a couple of circles. This music box is a good idea for a gift on any occasion.

8) Fairly Odd Novelties FON-10216 Black & White Piano Coffee Mug

This is a funky coffee mug. It takes the boring edge off the monotony of everyday coffee mugs. It has a capacity of eight ounces and is great for drinking tea, coffee, cocoa, or even water. It has a design of swirling notes and a piano handle that is ergonomic and has a firm grip.

This coffee mug is made of pure ceramic and can be hand washed as well as machine washed. It is also safe to put in a microwave oven. It would make a perfect gift. Its monochrome colors of black and white make it blend in with every other dishware while adding an air of elegance to the overall effect.

9) WOGOD Music Sheet File Paper Documents Storage Folder Holder Plastic.A4 Size,40 Pockets (Black)

This is a plastic folder for hardcopy files, papers, and music sheets. It is designed for files of size A4 and smaller - anything bigger than that will not fit. For everyday storing and filing of documents at home, in offices and schools, this folder holder is a must-have.

It has inner pockets that are transparent as well as skid-proof. It is made with polypropylene and is waterproof, tough yet light. It is also very flexible and will fit snugly in bags and binders. This folder may not be used as a binder. It does not have any binder rings, so pencils or pens may not be kept in the spine.

10) Clairevoire Grandeur: Premium Velvet Grand Piano Cover

To everyone with a grand piano, or even those contemplating buying one, this velvet piano cover will be a very much appreciated gift. It is tailored to fit grand pianos that are 5 feet in length. It will fit perfectly with most brands of the grand piano.

This cover is made of soft, premium velvet and it has fold overs overlaying the sides so that there is easy access to the grand piano. This covering protects the piano from scratches, dust, and abrasions. It also helps to insulate the piano from extreme temperatures of cold, heat, and humidity.

It is handcrafted, thick, and durable, and while it protects the piano, it also helps give the piano a more desirable outlook. It comes in a variety of colors to complement whatever the color of the piano is.

11) PopLife Grand Piano Pop Up Card for All Occasions

Everybody adores a greeting card. This pop-up card takes the art of greeting cards just a notch higher. When this card is opened, it pops up a grand piano, all black, in three full dimensions. The grand piano is replete with a piano bench for the pianist and sheet music. It is handcrafted and comes in a big sized envelope. The front cover of the pop-up card features an inviting laser-cut G clef.

The back cover is blank and may be used to write any personal greetings. This pop-up greeting card is versatile in use. When the threads are cut, the grand piano may be used as a solitary office or home decoration. It may also be put to use on a Christmas tree alongside the other bright decorations.

12) Finger Strengthener,4 Tension Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser Ergonomic Silicone Trainer for Piano

This is yet another versatile, keyboard-themed item that may be given as a gift. It is an exercise designed to strengthen the muscles of the fingers and promote coordination in them. It is made of silicone and trains fingers to build endurance, flexibility, and speed. It looks very much like the valve of a trumpet.

This finger strengthener caters to all fingers of each hand and has the capacity to increase or reduce tension in each of the valves. The silicone material is soft and gentle to touch so that while it strengthens the fingers, it does not cause them any harm. It is long-lasting, lightweight, and portable and so can be carried about for easier and constant finger training.

13) Antique Ebony Piano Key, Handmade Gift for Musician or Music Teacher, Long Musical Necklace Jewelry 2295

This piano-themed necklace would be a welcome gift for young girls and grownups. It is made from a real, genuine keyboard key. It has a gunmetal chain that is 28 inches in length, and fully adjustable. It is simple in outlook, unique in design, and classy in appearance.

It has the appearance of a sharp piano key, made from authentic ebony wood that is wrapped and then soldered. A black patina is then applied on the key to giving it a darkened shine, after which it is polished. This pendant is a work of art and can be worn on any chain.

14) NON ROCK Water Globe for Musical Instruments,Music Box (Saxophone)

This water globe is a classic and elegant one, with a perfect 3D rendering of a golden saxophone in it. The water globe has a shiny, glossy black base and gold rims around the base, and the joining between the globe and the base. Swirling clefs and music notes are etched around the globe, giving it a somewhat funky look.

This water globe is the standard 100mm glass globe and only weighs about 2.25 pounds. The water in the globe swirls to the beat of the tune Dixieland that the globe plays. This globe does not require any batteries as it only needs to be wound at the base to play the music tone. It would look good at any bedside stand and can be given as a gift.

15) South Asia Trading Handmade Wooden Art TRICK SECRET Piano Puzzle Trinket Box (3026)

This item is unique in design and purpose. It is a puzzle box, shaped like a piano, and having a secret compartment inside. Music aficionados, pianists, and lovers of puzzles would find this versatile puzzle box a very much appreciated gift. Handcrafted from teak, maple, and walnut trees, it is a peculiar work of art, unique in the sense that no two puzzle boxes are quite the same. 

It has a locking mechanism that can easily be opened when the secret lock piece is removed and gently slid off the box. The secret compartment that will then be revealed is the perfect size for storing small items like rings, pieces of jewelry, or musical knickknacks like guitar plectrums, reeds, and rosins.

16) PammyJ Piano Keyboard Dangle Music Earrings

Female piano lovers would absolutely fall in love with these dropping earrings. It is designed as a piano with two octaves. It is made of metal and has fishhook wires. It is only about 1.75 inches in length, and the white and black colors make it appropriate for any outfit or event. It is cute and, although simple, gives an elegant look to any wearer.

For birthdays, music recitals, concerts, and Valentine’s, this pair of dangling earrings would make any girl happy. It comes in a white gift box, perfect for presentation as a gift. These earrings are, however, not designed to be used by people under the age of twelve.

17) Steven Harris Men's Piano Keys Necktie

This is an exclusive gift for men. It is a men’s tie that was designed and made by a real-life, real-time musician. It is handmade and produced from a wholly 100% microfiber. It is designed with piano and keyboard players in mind, although men from all walks of life will find this tie a very nice addition to their wardrobes.

From pilots to airline employees to bankers and office workers, this Men’s necktie would make a very lovely gift. It has a wine-colored background with a keyboard etched on the surface. It has a somewhat vintage and retro style, and is in a class all of its own, as it is a mite thinner than standard-size ties, and is a little wider than thin ties.

18) Piano Chords Music Low Profile Thin Mouse Pad Mousepad

Pretty much everyone uses a PC, either in the form of a laptop, or the bulkier desktop computer. That is precisely why this gift idea would be the most useful present for anyone, and not just only the piano lovers.

This is a slim mouse pad that helps give a computer a finer and more personalized look. It is made of a thick cloth that is smooth, and that will remain crease-free, no matter how long it is used for.

The smoothness and softness of this mouse pad create a gliding, effortless motion for the pad; and enough support and comfort for the wrists to move the mouse. The surface of this mouse pad can easily be cleaned with a dry piece of cloth, and the mouse pad retains its effectiveness.

19) 3dRose Piano Edge-Baby Grand Keyboard Design for Pianist Musical Player 

For students, teachers, college professors, and pretty much anyone else who requires the use of a lot of pens, this pen holder would make a very nice gift. It is a grand piano themed pen holder, all black, made of out of solid wood, and with a glossy satin surface finish.

Ceramic tiles, to serve as the white and black keys of the grand piano, are glued on the one side of the pen holder; while the other side is completely plain. It has three holes where the pens and pencils go, and pens can very easily be color arranged. At only 1 pound, it is lightweight, and the black satin finish makes it a very good addition to any workspace table.

20) Zfangy Vinyl Record Wall Clock 1 Piece Piano Keys

This analog wall clock, made of a real-life vinyl record, has an antique and classy look. It has a needle display type, seven different LED lights, is powered by quartz and runs on one AA battery. It is made from environmentally friendly materials, is non-toxic, and has a silent sweep mechanism.

It is only about 30cm in diameter, and apart from keeping accurate time when it is set, it serves as a good item of decoration for any wall in any interior décor. It is extremely easy to set up and will fit in anywhere, including a living room, bedroom, office, or music studio. It is a unique gift idea for homeowners, families, and friends. Extra AA batteries have to be purchased alongside this item, as it does not come packed with batteries.

Choosing the Best Gifts for Piano Players

Whether your friend or loved one is a beginner at the piano, or an accomplished pianist, one of these gifts discussed above would be perfect for them. However, if you’re still not certain what you should get for your pianist friend or lover after this, it might be a good idea to ask them what they would like.

Most people cherish the element of surprise when giving a gift, but it is better to gift them with something they see coming and like than with something they are surprised with but hate all the same. And when you do decide what to gift them with, remember to wrap it in a colorful, attractive box with a bow on top. Everybody likes bows.

2) Play22 Keyboard Playmat 71"

  • Piano play mat with 24 keys
  • Electronic and made from ultra-strong and high-quality vinyl
  • Total of four different play modes

1) Piano Stickers for Keys

  • Double layer coated
  • Works for all piano & keyboard
  • Easy to install
  • High quality sticker paper

3) Foot Traffic, Musical Notes and Bars

  • Men’s foot socks
  • Made of nylon, polyester, cotton, and spandex
  • Super comfortable, breathable, and soft