10 Best Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Reviews 2022 (Top Mouthpieces for Flugelhorn)

Best Flugelhorn Mouthpieces & Best Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn

Best Flugelhorn Mouthpieces & Best Mouthpiece for Flugelhorn

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Just like other types of brass instruments, the Flugelhorn will also require a mouthpiece in order to allow you to produce music with its help. With the help of the mouthpiece, you will push air into the Flugelhorn and it will produce sounds. But, you need to know that not every mouthpiece will be suitable for your Flugelhorn.

This rather small piece can influence your performance in a great deal, so it is worth taking sufficient time to find a good mouthpiece. How to choose the best mouthpiece for your Flugelhorn? Take a look at the following lines and find out more about how to make the best choice.

What are the Best Flugelhorn Mouthpieces to Buy?

Bach Flugelhorn Mute (3421HC)
Yamaha YAC FH11F4 Standard Series 11F4 Flugelhorn Mouthpiece (YACFH11F4)
Denis Wick DW4884-4FL Gold-plated Flugelhorn Mouthpiece
Bach Flugelhorn Mute (3421HC)
Yamaha YAC FH11F4 Standard Series 11F4 Flugelhorn Mouthpiece (YACFH11F4)
Denis Wick DW4884-4FL Gold-plated Flugelhorn Mouthpiece
Bach Flugelhorn Mute (3421HC)
Bach Flugelhorn Mute (3421HC)
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Yamaha YAC FH11F4 Standard Series 11F4 Flugelhorn Mouthpiece (YACFH11F4)
Yamaha YAC FH11F4 Standard Series 11F4 Flugelhorn Mouthpiece (YACFH11F4)
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Denis Wick DW4884-4FL Gold-plated Flugelhorn Mouthpiece
Denis Wick DW4884-4FL Gold-plated Flugelhorn Mouthpiece
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First of all, you need to make sure that your Flugelhorn and the mouthpiece you are about to purchase will make a good fit. If the mouthpiece will not fit properly into the Flugelhorn’s shank, you will have troubles performing well. Thus, the first condition is for the mouthpiece to be right for your instrument.

Secondly, you should pay attention to the size of the mouthpiece. It is worth knowing that many used the term “standard” for either large or small mouthpieces. This is due to the fact that approximately a half of century ago, the Bach mouthpiece as standard.

But, times changed, and now the Large shank is very popular among Flugelhorn players. Still, the Bach remained one of the most popular in the US. Of course, Bach is not the only brand worth trusting, as there are other more than capable of providing high-quality Flugelhorn mouthpieces.

When it comes to American brands, more and more manufacturing companies these days use the standard size when manufacturing Flugelhorn mouthpieces. So, it is quite common for the standard shanks to be considered as “American” shanks.

Still, if you want to avoid any confusions concerning the size of your mouthpiece, use terms like Bach or Standard, when it comes to the standard size, and Large or Small Taper when you’re making reference to other sizes than the standard one. In the lines below, you will find a list with great mouthpieces to start with. Take a look at each and see which one will best fit your Flugelhorn.

10 Best Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Reviews and the Best Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Brands

1) Bach Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Silver 1 1/2 C

Plated with silver and with a medium-sized cup, this Flugelhorn mouthpiece is a good item to start with. The rim is nicely rounded and will make playing your instrument a real pleasure, for hours in a row, without creating any kind of discomfort. Because we are talking about a medium cup, the sounds produced by your instrument will be balanced and sufficiently loud.

If you are a beginner, it is good to start with something standard and work your way toward other types of mouthpieces as soon as you acquire sufficient skills and experience. The fact that it is plated with silver is an advantage when it comes to cleaning and hygiene.

You can easily wipe your mouthpiece after each use, to keep it in great shape. Also, the top silver layer will not allow bacteria to thrive on its surface, so you will constantly enjoy a clean piece.

2) Yamaha YAC FH11F4 Standard Series 11F4 Flugelhorn Mouthpiece (YACFH11F4)

Another representative of the standard series made by Yamaha, this Flugelhorn mouthpiece will deliver as expected. The cup has a deep shape and volume, so the sounds your instrument will produce will be likewise. The rim will have a semi-flat design, but will still be rounded enough to make playing enjoyable.

In fact, some players find this design very practical and comfortable, especially if you find it difficult to use the mouthpiece at the moment. So, this is a mouthpiece that is highly recommended for beginners, as it makes playing the Flugelhorn an easy task.

The shape of the cup, in the form of the letter “U”, will give the mouthpiece resistance in time and the ability to produce beautiful sounds. If you want a quality mouthpiece that doesn’t cost a fortune and will make things easier for you, this product is definitely worth taking into consideration. For starters, it will be a great addition to your Flugelhorn beginner set.

3) Denis Wick DW4884-4FL Gold-plated Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

For those looking for a mouthpiece plated with gold on its entire surface, not just the rim, this option will grant them this wish. But, it is worth mentioning that the tone provided by this mouthpiece is the typical British tone.

So, if you’re looking precisely for this tone or you would like to try it out, this Denis Wick mouthpiece will help out. How great this choice will be? Well, you should be able to enjoy a great intonation in every registry you will play.

It will also provide an even response with the help of a balanced cup, backbone, and throat. In other words, it will be a pleasure to play your instrument each time. The cup is quite deep, so it will be capable of delivering rich and loud sounds. So, besides elegance provided by the gold plating, this mouthpiece has what it takes to help you perform in optimum conditions.

4) Bach Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Silver 3C

Just as mentioned earlier, the Bach mouthpiece is a standard-sized item. Thus, it is more than recommended for those that are just learning the secrets of the Flugelhorn.

The cup of the mouthpiece is quite large, which means that the mouthpiece will be suitable for a wide range of purposes. So, regardless of the musical style you adopted for the moment, this mouthpiece will help you perform well, as soon as you start controlling your instrument.

It is also plated with silver, to prevent the formation of bacterial colonies on the item. Considering that it will have to withstand high levels of humidity and moisture rather often, this is a very important aspect. The warm and moist air that comes out of your mouth when playing the instrument is the ideal breeding grown for bacteria, but the silver layer will prevent this from happening.

5) Yamaha YAC SHEWFLUGEL Signature Series Bobby Shew Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

Made under the signature of Bobby Shew, this Flugelhorn mouthpiece features a standard cup depth and a beautifully rounded and semi-trick rim. You will find it quite easy to play your instrument with the help of this mouthpiece. What kind of tone will be enjoyed with this piece? You should expect to enjoy a smooth and silky tone each time you play your Flugelhorn.

In case you find it weird for Yamaha to provide mouthpieces, you should know that before producing this kind of items in series, the company manufactured many custom-made pieces for professional players. So, it has all the experience and knowledge necessary to come up with great products.

Give this mouthpiece a chance and you will see that it won’t disappoint you. Thus, if professional players had the confidence that Yamaha can make the mouthpieces of their dreams, you can be sure that this brand can make quality products for sure.

6) Yamaha YAC FH14F4 Standard Series 14F4 Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

According to the manufacturer, you will be able to use this mouthpiece for rehearsals, various public performances, and studio work at the same time. The truth is that Yamaha provides great products for musicians worldwide, so it comes only natural for this Flugelhorn to perform well.

The size is a standard one, which reinforces the idea that it can be used for almost anything. But the cup is generous, with a rather large inner cup diameter, so the sounds will be richer, deeper, and more spectacular. So, if you want to enjoy a higher easiness when playing your instrument and more control, you should give this mouthpiece a try.

The item is not too light or too heavy, making it convenient to apply for any kind of performance. Players of all ages and experience levels will definitely appreciate this product, due to its precision and smoothness of the resulting sounds.

7) Bach 3423D Silver Plated 3D Cup Flugelhorn Mouthpiece, Medium Shallow

You should not get the idea that silver plated mouthpieces are not okay. There are very many professional Flugelhorn players that consider these mouthpieces as more suitable for their style.

Considering that you are just starting out, there’s no point in spending too much money on a mouthpiece for now. At the moment, you could use a versatile mouthpiece of a great quality that will help you acquire good playing skills.

Thus, having said all these, this mouthpiece from Bach is just what you need. This company has long-time experience in manufacturing mouthpieces for a wide range of brass instruments. So, if you choose this product, you can be sure that it will not let you down. You need to start somewhere until you develop your own personal style. After that, you can have a wider collection of mouthpieces, depending on the music you will like to play.

8) 24K Gold Marcinkiewicz Flugelhorn Mouthpiece (Large Morse Taper), 3FLD

Probably the priciest Flugelhorn mouthpiece in this list, this product has a very good reason for presenting such a price tag. It is plated with 24K gold and make according to high standards. Still, do have in mind that it may take up to 10 days for your order to be dispatched in case of a gold plating.

Apparently, the company plates only as ordered, so if you want this special treatment to be applied to your mouthpiece, you will need to have a bit of patience. Apart then this, you have no other reasons not to try this mouthpiece out, as long as you have a budget that suits the price requirements.

9) Parduba 5 Double Cup 24K Gold Rim & Cup Flugelhorn Mouthpiece (Small Morse/Bach Taper)

This is another great Flugelhorn mouthpiece that is worth taking into account. What is interesting about this product is that you can order the silver version first, if you are unsure about your choice. In case you would like it to be plated with gold, later on, you can send it and have it done.

So, as you can see, you don’t have to get the gold-plated rim mouthpiece if you’re not sure what it will do for you. Think about it and try the mouthpiece meanwhile. The company will gold-plate your product if you change your mind as you use it.

If the size will fit your instrument, this is definitely a product you should take into account. With or without the gold, this mouthpiece will help you play your instrument in a pleasant manner.

10) 24K Gold Rim & Cup Denis Wick Flugelhorn Mouthpiece, SFL

If silver does not suit you, you could easily opt for a mouthpiece that has the rim covered in 24k gold. The manufacturer makes the mention that the plating is custom made to suit the requirements of such an item.

The price remains in the acceptable range because just the rim features gold. Gold, just like any other precious metal, will not allow any kind of bacterial growth on its surface. This way you can be sure that you are using a safe product each time.

Of course, it is recommended to properly clean your mouthpiece after each use and store it in adequate conditions. This will minimize the contact with any germs and will help you keep it in an outstanding condition.

So, this mouthpiece won’t be just good-looking, but also very practical. It is indeed more special than the rest, due to the gold plating, so it is really up to you what kind of mouthpiece you want to enjoy on your instrument.

Choosing the Best Mouthpieces for Flugelhorn

When it comes to playing the Flugelhorn, you won’t be able to do it without a mouthpiece. And the mouthpiece you choose to use will influence your performance. So, in spite of having a rather reduced size, the mouthpiece is actually a very important part of your instrument.

You should have as much care of your mouthpiece as you have of your instrument. The depth and shape of the cup, length of the neck, they all contribute to the way your Flugelhorn sounds; this is why you need to have all of these aspects in mind when shopping for a mouthpiece. But, above all, you need to make sure that the mouthpiece you are about to purchase will fit your instrument.

Not all instruments are of the same size and there’s isn’t a general dimension after which mouthpieces are made. It would be completely useless to get a mouthpiece that will not fit, as you won’t be able to use it. So, take the time and attention to make a good choice.