20 Best Floor Standing Speaker Reviews 2020 (Greatest Tower Speakers)

Best Floor Standing Speakers, Best Tower Speakers & Best Brands for Floor Standing Speakers

Best Floor Standing Speakers, Best Tower Speakers & Best Brands for Floor Standing Speakers

Floor standing speakers have been an incredible addition to the home audio system for quite a long time. They also referred to as tower speakers. And, they are unparalleled in the areas of full sound production. Floor standing speakers are designed to offer the essential part of surround sound. Therefore, with these speakers, you can build a stereo system that you desire.

However, the choice of the right floor standing speaker might be overwhelming if you are looking for the best floor standing speaker to buy for the first time. Therefore, it is essential that you arm yourself with the necessary knowledge before setting out to buy a floor standing speaker. Adequate information will save you from stress and headaches associated with choosing the best speaker from the numerous speakers available in the market.

When you follow our buying guide, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to choose the set of speakers that suit your needs. We have reviewed the best floor standing speakers; you can choose from any of these speakers; all you need to do is to go through their features and specifications.

What are the Best Floor Standing Speakers to Buy?

2) Sony SSC3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

  • Mica Reinforced cellular Fiber woofers
  • Rigid and stay strong even at high speed and pressure
  • Optimized Crossover componentry for a clear audio path
  • 3/4" Sony Super Tweeter for immersive sound staging

1) Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Floor Standing Loudspeaker

  • Superb performance and fantastic sound quality
  • Affordable price
  • RF Molded Curved Cabinets to reduce internal standing waves
  • Oversized three woofers
  • Improved bass response

3) Polk T50 150-Watt Home Theatre Floor Standing Tower Speaker

  • Dynamic balance technology for solid bass
  • Unmatchable home theatre experience
  • Producing a perfect and authentic sound
  • Works perfectly with most home theatres AV receivers

Drivers for Floor standing Speakers

When buying a set of floor standing speakers, it is vital that you know what makes up what you are about to purchase. The drivers for floor standing speakers are four, and each of them is responsible for a specific frequency range. Sounds within the range of 20 to 20000 Hz are audible to human hearing. And, you should note that the size of a driver partly depends on the range.

Therefore, speakers with higher ranges require smaller drivers because they have shorter sound waves. Speakers with lower frequencies require larger drivers due to their wavelength. The types of drivers for floor standing speakers are as follows:

  • Tweeters

Tweeters are small drivers that produce high pitch sound that is very similar to that of a bird. They are usually placed at the top of the speaker. Tweeter delivers sound in frequency range 2,000 to 3000Hz. Here are the types of tweeters that are popularly used with floor standing speakers.

  1. Horn tweeter
  2. Dome tweeter
  3. Plana-magnetic tweeter
  4. Cone tweeters
  • Woofers

Woofers are characterized by a low-pitched sound that is typical of a dog. They offer sounds of low frequency that ranges between 40 and 1,000 Hz. They are great speakers recognized for their excellent bass response. One of the main reasons why floor standing speakers are preferred to bookshelf speakers is the high-quality bass performance of woofers.

  • Midrange Drivers

Human voice and most musical instrument fall within this range. The Midrange drivers produce sounds ranging from 500 to 2000Hz. They are made of various kind of material like tweeter; these materials influence the quality of their sound production. It is worth noting that some horn tweeters are engineered to function as a midrange driver.

  • Subwoofers

The speaker helps in the magnification of bass sound. It produces sounds with frequencies ranging from 20 to 200Hz. The characteristics of sounds that fall within this frequency range are that they are non-directional. That is, they can be placed anywhere in the room. In some instances, subwoofers are used with small speakers to eliminate the need for floor standing speakers. But, a subwoofer is an essential component in a real home speaker.

20 Best Floor Standing Speaker & Best Tower Speaker Reviews

1) Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Floor Standing Loudspeaker

The Pioneer SP- FS52 Andrew Jones Floor standing speaker is an award-winning tower speaker that is manufactured by professional speaker engineer that is well known around the globe. If the feature that you desire in a floor standing speaker is superb performance and fantastic sound quality, you should consider the pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Floor Standing Speaker.

Apart from that, you can get this tower speaker at an affordable price. It is one of the few products that do not sacrifice the quality for the price. One important feature to note about this speaker is that it is designed to make you hear every single detail of sound, making them perfect for home theatre system.

The Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Floor standing speaker will offer you incredible sound quality from your CDs, gaming, DVDs, and other audio sources. It features an oversized three woofers having an enormous magnet for exceptional performance and quality that gives you a thrilling audio experience in the comfort of your room.

It is also worth learning that the extraordinary performance of this high-value speaker is due to its great design, which minimizes the effect of the standing sound waves in the cabinet. Furthermore, the speaker features an eight-element crossover that accurately blends the sounds tweeter and the woofer for superior sound production.

2) Sony SSC3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

The Sony SSC3 floor standing speaker is versatile enough to give you an incredible audio experience. Not only that, the speaker produces a sound that is so real that you feel the emotion and passion of the original performance. You enjoy all these in the comfort of your living room.

Unlike many speakers that make use of paper cone that results in reduced quality sound overtime, the Sony SSC3 floor standing speaker features Mica Reinforced cellular Fiber woofers. These woofers are rigid and stay strong even at high speed and pressure, giving you a high-quality bass at any condition.

The Sony SSC3 floor standing speaker comes with tapered faceplate edges. This feature is essential to maintain clear sound. The slightly tapered faceplate minimizes edge diffraction for a smooth and perfect sound stage.

Also, there is a newly developed 5.12-inch woofer that enhances the production of solid, deep bass. Other notable features of this fantastic speaker are optimized crossover component, mica-reinforced cellulose cone, and many others.

3) Polk T50 150-Watt Home Theatre Floor Standing Tower Speaker

The Polk T50 floor standing speaker is designed to make the sound of your sound system come alive. The Speaker is known for its high-quality sound production at a reasonable price. Therefore, if you spend quality time viewing movies or playing your favorite video game, you should consider the Polk T50 floor standing tower speaker for excellent sound.

The tower speaker features dynamic balance technology for solid bass even at low frequency as well as high soars. The Polk T50 has everything it takes to fill your room with the perfect sound of your favorite movies, podcast, games soundtracks and songs.

The tower speaker offers unmatchable home theatre experience, thanks to its fantastic features like one-inch tweeter, 6.5-inch drives, and two 6.5-inch bass radiators. The main woofer and the dual bass radiators work together to producing a perfect, authentic sound that has a far-reaching effect; it gets to all the corners of the room.

An advantage of this product is that it works perfectly with most home theatres AV receivers. So, if you are looking for a high-performing tower speaker at an affordable price, the Polk T150 floor standing speaker is your ideal choice.

4) Cerwin-Vega SL-8 8” 2-Way Floor Speaker

What attracts a lot of audio enthusiasts to this speaker is its relatively small footprint. The speaker produces a super punchy sound with just 10 inches square footprint. The product comes with an 8-inch woofer that works in modern soft dome tweeter of the Cervin-Vega.

The bass housing reflex cabinets accommodate the 8″ woofer. If you require a speaker that is cable of producing a serious and mature sound all the time, you should not look past the Cerwin-Vega floor speaker.

The floor standing speaker can handle the power of 150W, making it a perfect go-to speaker for your party. Some of its features are unique styling with a grille that is removable. Another feature is a bass reflex cabinet and two-way system design.

If you need a floor standing speaker that will perform beyond your expectation and at the same time takes up a little fraction of your floor space, the Cerwin-Vegas floor standing speaker is the right speaker that can satisfy all these desires.

5) Onkyo SKF-4800 2-Way Bass Reflex Floor-Standing Speakers (Pair)

If you desire a specially crafted tower speaker that will give you an unparalleled home entertainment experience, you should not underestimate the ability of the Onkyo SKF-4800 Floor Standing Speaker. It is a speaker designed to revive your home entertainment. This stylish tower speaker can serve as a perfect addition to a stereo system or can be used as a front left and right surround speaker.

They can handle various levels of sounds, thanks to their twin woofers. So, your music remains natural and full at all volumes. If you desire a stunning audio experience, add the Onkyo SKF-4800 floor standing speaker to your stereo system today.

The speaker operates in the frequency range of 55Hz to 35,000Hz. And, the maximum output power is 300W. The speaker features twin 16 cm woofers, soft dome tweeter, and speaker posts that are compatible with banana plugs. Another notable feature is woofer equalizer.

The function of the woofer equalizer is to enable a quick and flawless response. There are many more intriguing features to discover when you order for this speaker.

6) Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floor-standing speaker

The Polk Audio Monitor 70 series II is a floor standing speaker with outstanding performance. The speaker has a lot of notable features. One of these features is the Cascade tapered array technology for flawless imaging, detailed midrange response, and optimum bass output.

The speaker comes in a stylish design that beautifies your living room. It comes in a cherry or black grain finishes. The Polk Audio Monitor 70 series II will not only fill your room with full, natural sounds, but it will also improve the appearance of your room.

The tower speaker features stiff and lightweight composite drivers for fantastic midrange clarity, reduced distortion and excellent bass. Asides, the speaker comes in solid construction. It features all-MDF enclosure that is non-resonant for perfect, smooth, and natural sound quality. Also, the speaker comes at an affordable price.

The Polk Audio Monitor 70 series II will offer you quiet, crisp, and spacious stereo sound for engaging audio experience in your living room or entertainment room. The fact that the speaker is magnetically shielded is a significant advantage because you can conveniently place it near your Television without worrying about interference or distortion.

7) Klipsch RP-280F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speakers

Described as a floor standing speaker that produces an incredible sound, the Klipsch floor standing speaker is all you need for your entertainment system. If you desire a floor standing speaker that worth every penny, this is an excellent speaker in such category.

The floor standing speaker can effortlessly fill your large room with theatre-grade sound, giving you unparalleled listening experience. Klipsch Floor standing speaker comes with numerous functionalities. The speaker features a redesigned tractrix horn for enhanced high-frequency response and extension. Apart from this, it also improves dynamics and imaging.

Another notable feature is the compressed molded rubber construction. The function of the rubber construction is to minimize harshness and boost detail for the production of pure and genuine sound. Also, the linear travel suspension reduces distortion for quality performance.

Furthermore, the spun copper cera-metallic woofers help to maintain unequaled rigidity and a lightweight body that to minimize distortion and cone break up. Other notable features are the polished polymer veneer baffle finish for exceptional durability and unique appearance that matches any décor. There is also a plastic grille that removable for an excellent transition from a fantastic showstopper to a device of discrete performance.

8) Fluance XL7F High performance Three-way Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Are you looking for an outstanding tower speaker that is engineered to take care of your audio need? You have found the right speaker. With Fluance XL7F floor standing speaker, you will be able to listen to a sound that has the intensity and the emotion of a live performance without stepping out of your room.

The speaker has a stunning sound that you will love to hear always. Apart from that, their sound quality is still at its best at all sound levels. Meaning that, at all levels of sound, you will always get a sound with incredible clarity and accuracy.

The midrange driver is an indispensable component of a high-quality tower speaker. The fluance XL7F comes with a powerful midrange driver enables you to hear every detail of the sound. Some of the features of this great speaker are the audio grade MDF cabinet that is carefully crafted. This audio grade MDF cabinet comes in an excellent mahogany grain finish that helps to minimize resonance.

Another notable feature is the single rear-firing fantastic subwoofer for perfect deep bass, improved linearity and extended excursion. The fluance XL7F will always offer a perfect high-frequency response thanks to its neodymium dome tweeter.

9) Cerwin-Vega XLS-28 Dual 8” 3-Way Speaker

Users of this speaker described it as a great speaker that produces much better sound than other tower speakers in its price range. Apart from being the most popular floor standing speaker in classic series, it is stylishly designed for an attractive appearance.

This floor standing speaker offers three-way performance for unbeatable sound production. It is a speaker of many intriguing features that are aimed at giving you the best of sounds. The power capacity of this tower speaker is about 200 watts.

Some of its functionalities are attractive black-ash housing, soft dome tweeter, and 6.5 inches mid-range speaker that have a fiber impregnated cone. It is also worth knowing that the soft dome tweeter comes with Ferrofluid.

Another important feature to note is eight inches cast frame woofers for quality sound production. So, if you seek the right floor standing speaker that will offer you the quality of sound that you desire, the Cerwin-vegas floor tower speaker is a perfect choice for you.

10) Samsung TW-J5500 2.2 Channel 350ac Sound Tower

Designed to deliver exceptional sound, the Samsung TW-J5500 is one of the tower speakers of choice. It features horn tweeters, 2.2 channels audio, and a ported hoofer for production of deep, flawless bass and smooth highs. An important functionality of this tower speaker is the Bluetooth connectivity.

With the Bluetooth feature, you can establish a secured connection between the speaker and your computer, Android phone, and other devices. You can effortlessly stream your digital music by using the Bluetooth features. Apart from that, it comes with AUX, optical inputs, and HDMI which allow you to connect effortlessly with your audio devices for the fantastic listening experience.

The Samsung TW-J5500 tower speaker will enable you to enjoy the full range sound of your audio thanks to its excellent 2.2 channel sound. It features ported woofers and horn tweeters for amazing deep, flawless bass for the unmatchable listening experience. Also, your home entertainment system will be free of wires and cords as it allows you to make connections through its Bluetooth functionalities.

11) Dayton Audio T652 Dual 6-1/2” 2-Way Tower Speaker Pair

An excellent feature that qualifies the Dayton Audio tower speaker as one of the best is its sound clarity. The floor standing tower produces a bright sound with details that cannot be compared with any other speakers in its category.

If you love bass sounds, the Dayton Audio tower speaker is your best choice. You will be interested to know that this brand of speaker features the same design as the superior B652 Daytona speaker. The speaker comes with many fantastic features for exceptional performance.

This tower speaker features two woofers in its cabinet for smooth bass sounds that are incredibly deep. Apart from that, it comes with a polycarbonate dome tweeter. Also, it is designed in such a way that it won’t take much space in your room. The slim profile design of the tower speaker is of significant advantage to those that need a speaker that will not overwhelm their room.

The floor speaker is capable of delivering a deep bass with frequency up to 45Hz thanks to its ported bass-reflex design. Therefore, if you need a tower speaker that will give a value for your money, the Dayton Audio Tower speaker is one of the high-performing floor standing speakers that you should consider.

12) BIC America Venturi DV84 2-Way Tower Speaker

If you need a high-quality floor standing speaker that produces exceptional sound for both music and video, the BIC America Venturi DV84 is a fantastic tower to consider because of its versatility and high-quality sound production. An essential feature of this tower speaker is that it functions perfectly both in the rear and front channel of a home theatre system.

And, the speaker is a perfect match to the excellent DV62CLR-S speakers. It comes with dual 8-inch passive radiators that offer a shallow bass extension. Just like the other brands of the BIC America venture, the DV84 features MDF cabinets.

The Floor standing speaker comes in a black laminate finish and has a 7-year warranty. The speaker is magnetically shielded to avoid video interference. And, it produces a sound of frequency ranging from 27Hz to 22000Hz.

Other features of this tower speaker are gold plated terminals, a two-way tower speaker for surround system or stereo application. The power rating of the floor standing speaker ranges from 10 to 250 watt.

13) ELAC Uni-fi UFS Floor standing Speaker

Perfect for TV and music, the ELAC Floor standing speaker is a great front speaker that is outstanding in many ways. Its sound production is unique and impressive. The floor standing speaker features a high-frequency transducer and fantastic aluminum cone-drivers.

Also, the tower speaker comes in a 3-way, bass reflex configuration for producing a high-quality sound that does not match its price range. The tower speaker can be used with a subwoofer to create a fantastic two-channel system or can serve as the major component of a perfect surround set-up.

The ELAC floor standing speaker can produce sound with frequency ranging from 42Hz to 25, 000 Hz. It comes with robust cabinets and a custom-designed concentric driver for optimum performance. Apart from that, the floor standing speaker features an excellent base and feet.

The speaker also features aluminum woofer and a sophisticated crossover. If you desire a high-performing floor standing system, the ELAC Floor standing speaker is one of the best speakers you should consider.

14) Yamaha NS-F210BL 2-Way Bass-Reflex Floor standing Speaker

If you need a floor standing speaker that will reproduce the faintest audio detail from sounds sources like CDs and DVDs, the Yamaha NS-F210BL Floor standing speaker is your ideal choice. The tower speaker features new aluminum woofers for a swift response.

In addition to the aluminum woofers, the speaker has dome tweeters that for quality sound production from HD sources. The Yamaha NS-F210BL is the right speaker to choose when you need a tower speaker that can produce clean and detailed sound. An extra-large magnet is used to extract detailed sound information from sources for perfect sound staging.

The floor standing mirror comes in elegant finishes that can complement the interior of your room. It comes in a slim design that is perfect for Panel Televisions. Not only that, you can be conveniently placed the speaker anywhere due to its compact design. Other notable features are removable front grille, robust, round speaker stand, and large screw speaker terminals.

The frequency response of the Yamaha floor standing speaker ranges from 50Hz to 45,000Hz while the nominal power input and the maximum power input are 40W and 120W respectively. The Yamaha NS-F210BL floor standing speaker is the best choice for a music lover who wants nothing but thrilling musical experience.

15) MartinLogan Motion 40 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

The success of the MartinLogan Motion 40 Floor standing speaker is partly due to its dual large black-aluminum cone woofers that functions with a rear-firing bass port. The large woofer design provides an expansive cone area delivering rich sounds and a deeper bass performance than motion 20, which is a smaller brand. The floor standing speaker can offer more open, fantastic, and genuine sound in the critical midrange thanks to its dedicated mid-woofer.

The floor standing loudspeaker features the MartinLogan advanced folded motion tweeter. Apart from that, the speakers are designed attractive piano black finish, perforated MartinLogan grill, and angled-toped cabinet. It is also worth knowing that the speaker has two sets of five-way binding posts for an excellent rear-firing bass port as well as bi-amp/bi-wire functionalities.

Other features of this elegant floor standing speaker are the accurately built advanced topology and an excellent aluminum cone woofer. This Floor standing loudspeaker is an excellent product for audio enthusiast who wants nothing but the best sound quality at all times.

16) Monitor Audio –Silver Series 6 Speaker

Monitor Audio –Silver Series 6 Speaker

If you seek a floor standing speaker with great sound, beautiful finish, and classic design, you should not overlook the Silver series 6-floor standing speaker. It is described as a best sounding speaker that produces clear dialogue and that it comes at a pocket-friendly price.

The Silver Series 6 is one of the speakers you will never regret buying because it is designed to give you maximum satisfaction. The speakers combine excellent dynamics, excellent bass, and perfect sonic character for fantastic communication of movie and music audio in all sizes of room. Meaning that this speaker is ideal for small, medium and large rooms.

The bass and midrange driver of this speaker takes the shape of a continuous, uninterrupted dish. The speaker features a dimpled surface for quality sound radiation. Apart from that, the speaker has a larger coil surface and motor for improved efficiency, cleaner and near-perfect response.

The floor standing speaker has a power capacity of 150watts, and its frequency response ranges from 38 Hz to 35000Hz. This speaker has many other features that are designed to enhance the production of high-quality sound. Therefore, if you love great designs and fabulous sound production, the silver series 6-floor standing speaker is worth your consideration.

17) JBL Arena 180 Black 2-Way Dual 7-Inch Floor standing Loudspeaker

Featuring 1-inch soft dome tweeter for the production of smooth, powerful highs, the JBL Arena 180 Floorstanding speaker is a high-performing speaker that will give you unparalleled listening experience. Apart from the soft dome tweeter, it features dual 7-inch woofer that gives the floor standing speaker the ability to fill your room with amazing sounds from your console gaming, Favorite movies, and TV shows.

Furthermore, the speaker features a high definition imaging Technology. The speaker comes in a cabinet that is shaped with top panels and angled side to give the speaker an attractive appearance.

The floor standing speaker offers a lifelike soundstage imaging and optimum performance thanks to its computer-optimized network integration and driver positioning.

If you desire an amazing audio experience in the comfort of your room, the JBL Arena 180 Floor standing Speaker is all you need. When it comes to affordability and legacy, this tower monitor is unmatchable.

18) Polk Audio TSi400 4-Way Tower Speakers with Three 5-1/4” Drivers

Are you looking for an excellent addition to your theatre system? A good tower speaker that will perfectly fit into your home theatre system is the Polk Audio TSi400. They are sets of speaker designed for enhancing the sound production of your sound system. They are well-built speakers with great sounds and clear highs.

The Polk Audio TSi400 tower speakers are recommended for music lovers that want the sounds of their favorite music to fill their smaller room. A distinct feature of this speaker is the correctly braced solid MDF that comes with ¾ inch baffle for more efficient performance and clear sound.

The Polk Audio TSi400 Tower speaker operates within the frequency range of 34 to 25 000Hz. And, the speaker comes with three bi-laminate organic cone woofers. Apart from the woofers, the speaker features one-inch great dome twitters.

These dome tweeters produce smooth and perfect highs at high volume. Also, the speaker comes in a fantastic design that gives your room a classic look. The Polk Audio TSi400 Tower speakers come with lots of functionalities that make them exceptional.

19) Rockville TM80B Black Home 8” Speaker

With Rockville Home theatre system tower speaker, you have a complete home theatre system, and you don’t need any addition to it. The tower speakers come with everything you need to have an excellent home theatre system. Each of the speakers features a tweeter, 8-inch subwoofer, and dual full range speakers.

Another exciting feature about the Rockville home theatre system tower speaker is that it comes with all the inputs and outputs features that you need. The tower speaker comes with FM radio, SD, and USB. The Bluetooth has about 150-foot range, and its sound quality is free from interference.

When it comes to loudness, these floor standing speakers deserves applause. It features a 4″ full range drivers equipped with rubber surround, bullet dust cap, and propylene cone for productions of sounds that are incredibly clear, distinct, and loud. Also, the system is expandable, thanks to its RCA output. And, it has RMS power and peak power of 200watts and 800watts respectively.

Other great features of this home theater speaker system are adjustable treble and bass, eight band equalizers, and high and low pass crossovers. It is worth noting professional audio engineers tune these crossovers for exceptional performance. This product is available in black, cherry and white finishes.

20) Klipsch KF-28 Icon 8-Inch Floor-standing Speaker

Monitor Audio –Silver Series 6 Speaker

Are you in search of a floor standing speaker that features an excellent multi-directional amplified radio antenna? The best speaker that has the feature you are looking for is Klipsch KF-28 Icon Floor standing speaker. The Radio antenna helps in delivering clear AM/FM reception with increased channels and reduced blind spot.

Therefore, this floor standing speaker will provide the top news, talk, music, and sports radio in your locality. You are advised to check the connector type of your receiver before buying this product. The antenna of this speaker is designed for ‘F’ female connector.

The Klipsch KF-28 floor standing speaker comes with numerous intriguing functionalities. The speaker comes in a slim design, so it can conveniently stay in a small room without taking much space. Apart from the compact design, the speaker features a classic hairline texture finish. Furthermore, the antenna of the floor standing speaker is beautifully designed to fit a wide range of home décor.

Choosing the Best Floor Standing Speakers

Choosing the right tower speaker is essential for some reasons. The first reason is that they are gadgets that will probably serve you for years; therefore, it is wise to invest on quality speakers that will not only stand the test of time, but it will also perform optimally. Secondly, tower speakers are unarguably one of the most vital components of your sound system.

2) Sony SSC3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker

  • Mica Reinforced cellular Fiber woofers
  • Rigid and stay strong even at high speed and pressure
  • Optimized Crossover componentry for a clear audio path
  • 3/4" Sony Super Tweeter for immersive sound staging

1) Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Floor Standing Loudspeaker

  • Superb performance and fantastic sound quality
  • Affordable price
  • RF Molded Curved Cabinets to reduce internal standing waves
  • Oversized three woofers
  • Improved bass response

3) Polk T50 150-Watt Home Theatre Floor Standing Tower Speaker

  • Dynamic balance technology for solid bass
  • Unmatchable home theatre experience
  • Producing a perfect and authentic sound
  • Works perfectly with most home theatres AV receivers