22 Best Drum Throne Reviews 2022 (Best Drum Seat for the Money)

Best Drum Throne & Best Drum Throne Brands

Best Drum Throne & Best Drum Throne Brands

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The drum throne is actually the seat that allows the drummer to play the instrument comfortably. As you may know, when playing the drums you need both the hands and feet, so sitting down is a must if you want to deliver an exceptional drum performance.

Thus, the drum throne is an essential part of any drums set. But, won’t a regular but shorter chair help in this case? No, unfortunately, even if you try using a small ottoman, which will give you a more appropriate position, nothing beats the comfort, mobility, and versatility of a drum throne.

If you want to give them best each time you use your drums, you need to have a correct position and you need to be able to move according to your needs so that your hands and feet are doing exactly what they’re supposed to do.

What are the Best Drum Thrones to Buy?

2) Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne

  • Comfortable Design
  • Double Braced
  • The Seat is Thick and High Quality 
  • Direct in Height Adjustment With Memory Lock

1) Cannon UP197 Drum Throne

  • High Quality
  • Heavy Duty Double Braced Comfortable Padded Seat
  • Seat 10-Inch Diameter
  • Accessible Price

3) PDP By DW 700 Series Tractor Style Drum Throne

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and Ergonomic
  • Sturdy Double Braced Legs With Large Rubber Feet
  • The Seat is High Quality

Having said all these, let us take a closer look at drum thrones and how to choose the best one in your case. If you did some research on this matter, looking for the ideal drum throne, you probably noticed that there are quite a few options to choose from.

Because every drum player is different and has a variety of preferences, drum thrones also came up in a variety of styles, so that they are capable of providing the required features. Thus, you will find drum thrones that are round, saddle-style, softer, firmer, hydraulic, spinder, and so on.

So many options can bedazzle you and make you wonder what the difference between using one or the other is. This is a legit question, especially if you want to make sure that you will enjoy a comfortable position each time you are going to play your drums.

Just like in the case of any other choice, the budget you have available plays a very important role. How much are you willing to spend of a drum throne? Most certainly you want to make sure that your money will be well spent and that you will get to enjoy a seat that will help you enjoy each drum performance.

Well, what you need to remember is that a drum throne doesn’t have to look sophisticated in order to give you the comfort and reliability you need. Softness and comfort should be two of the main things that interest you when purchasing a drum throne. Then you need to make sure that the hardware of such a seat is capable of withstanding wear and tear.

You see, even if you sit down when playing the drums, a lot of movement is involved and you may want to make sure that the chair on which you’re sitting will not break down. Believe it or not, a good drum throne will help you forget all about back problems, especially if sitting down for too long is causing you a certain degree of pressure in your back.

So, out of the desire to help out, we came up with a list of drum thrones that are both accessible and offer a great level of quality. Check them out and see which of these fits your comfort and reliability requirements.

22 Best Drum Throne Reviews and the Best Drum Throne Brands

1) Cannon UP197 Drum Throne

Sometimes you don’t need a complicated drum throne. You just need a throne that is there when you need it and can be reliable each time you have to play the drums.

Presenting a seat with a generous layer of padding, of 10 inches, this throne can be extremely comfortable during drum playing sessions. The feet of the product are double-braced so that it will remain reliable and steady no matter how much you like to move and kick your drums.

The material from which the throne is made is a heavy-duty one, so you can be sure that the product will withstand a lot of wear and tear. So, if you like to keep things simple and get a quality drum throne at an accessible price, you just got your answer.

2) Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne

This is another great drum throne shaped like the seat of a motorcycle. Even though it seems awkward for you to use such a seat, some will tell you that this is a very comfortable design.

The foam contained by the seat is thick and of high quality, so it won’t lose its properties, even in the case of extended use of the seat. The height of the seat can also be adjusted, so you can choose any value between 18 and 24 inches.

It is also worth mentioning that this drum throne has a memory lock once you found the ideal height, so you won’t have to go through the height adjustment process over and over again. Just set the preferred height once and get right to using the seat next time.

The double-braced legs and rubber feet will make it a very stable drum throne to have around, so nothing will keep you from delivering the performance you want each time you play your drum set.

3) PDP By DW 700 Series Tractor Style Drum Throne

This is another amazing drum throne that has a design inspired from tractor seats. The reason drum throne manufacturers choose to utilize tractor seats is due to the fact that they are comfortable and ergonomic.

The seat of this throne is properly padded for increased comfort and features double-braced legs and rubber feet for increased stability. All you need to do is focus on your performance instead of worrying about the seat.

Also, with the help of a carriage bolt, you will be able to adjust the height of your seat and make it suit your needs. Considering the product’s price tag, you get a good number of great features without spending a small fortune on the throne.

So, if you are not ready to make a consistent investment in a drum throne at the moment, this product will provide quality and comfort while being accessible at the same time.

4) Drum Throne Stand by Griffin 

Believe it or not, but having a good seat when playing the drums can significantly improve your performance. So, you need not just a resistant seat, which can withstand all the motion that takes place when you play the drums, but also one that is comfortable and allows you to play without feeling the strain of physical effort. Bad seats can really take a toll on your back, especially when you sit down and play for hours.

But, as we all know, good drum players spend countless hours rehearsing and practicing. Not to mention that live concerts also last for quite a while. So, you need to direct your attention toward high-quality drum thrones.

This throne from Griffin is reliable and made to suit professional drum players, without costing you a fortune. It is a very well proportioned drum throne that will allow you to give your best each time.

5) ChromaCast CC-DTHRONE Universal Drum and Keyboard Throne

This is one great throne for beginners, suitable for drum players, guitar players, and any other type of players that could use a good seat. Once you get the seat, you won’t have to do anything to install it. It will come as it is and as presented in the picture.

There are no tricky mechanisms for setting the desired height either. All you need to do is to adjust the tripods of the throne and make it suitable for you most comfortable seated position.

Don’t worry about the tripods slipping away, as this won’t happen. The throne’s tripods feature rubber feet that won’t skid, so you are in complete safety each time you use it.

The throne is padded, so it is very soft, allowing you to play the drums for hours in a row. The upper part is also covered in a material that is easy to clean and maintain so that you can keep stains away.

6) ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne Blue

Even the pickiest drum players deserve to find a product that is up to their expectancies. Of course, wanting a high-quality drum throne is not a caprice, but more a necessity.

This sophisticated looking throne is very versatile and can be easily adjusted to fit your height requirements. You can adjust your seat between 18 and 24 inches so that your drum playing sessions will become pleasant and comfortable.

As you can see, the design of the seat is made to resemble the seat of a bicycle. Although most drum thrones are round, this design is better for your feet, so you can keep them in a natural position when performing. You can forget all about lower back discomfort and pain in the legs.

The throne also spins with ease, so you can move like you want while playing the drums, avoiding putting any strain on your back. This is a throne of excellent quality, so the price tag is justified.

7) Spectrum AIL DT Heavy Duty Drum Throne, 250-Pound Capacity

In case you want a seat that is comfortable and easy to use, this one from Spectrum should definitely get in your attention. This heavy-duty padded drum throne has everything it needs to offer the sturdiness and comfort a drum player needs. You will also enjoy a swivel movement, more than needed when your entire body is engaged in your performance.

Also, with the help of a simple mechanism, you can adjust the desired height. It goes up to 22” at most, while the minimum height is 18”. Plus the tripod of this throne ends with feet made out of resistant rubber, which won’t skid, no matter what surface you’ll end up placing your throne.

It is worth knowing that once you get the seat, you can simply take it out of the box and use it right away. There’s no need to install it in any way.

8) Mapex Double Brace Round top Drum Throne

This drum throne provided by Mapex is a traditional-looking and very practical item to have around like a drum player. You can adjust the height of this throne with the help of a bolt, which can be set in 5 different positions, according to your preferred height. The minimum height is 17.5 inches while the maximum height of this throne is 22 inches.

If you are wondering about the stability of this throne, it is worth knowing that the legs are double braced and end with rigid rubber feet. So, you can be sure that you won’t slip or risk falling off the throne no matter how much you feel like moving when playing your drums.

The seat is covered by a layer of quality vinyl so that it will resist wear and tear and be easy to clean. This way, your drum throne will be in great shape as time passes by.

9) Rockville RDS30 Deluxe Thick Padded Foldable Drum Throne Stool Adjustable Height

In case you are looking for a drum throne that can be folded with ease, so you can carry it around everywhere you may need it, this is a product you should definitely check out.

Besides being foldable, this drum throne also provides a thick padding so that you won’t feel any discomfort while playing your drums, even if you have to do it for hours in a row.

The cushion of the throne is very supportive of your body’s own weight, so you won’t find it difficult to sit down for extended periods. The rubber feet will keep it stable at all times and the available bolt will allow you to set the desired height.

The sturdy ear casting composes the tripod, which means that the throne is resistant but light weighed at the same time. Most certainly you will appreciate the versatility and comfort of this throne and its more than accessible price tag.

10) TopStage Universal Drum & Keyboard Throne Stool JX95

You can start using this drum throne as soon as you get it, as you won’t have to assemble it in order to make it functional. The feet of the throne feature quality rubber, which will keep the seat steady regardless of the type of floor found underneath.

For a drum player, having a seat that doesn’t slide and moves around during a performance is extremely important. While the player must move, a lot, the throne should remain steady at all times.

The height of the throne can be adjusted, but only if you adjust the legs of the tripod, so it is worth keeping this detail in mind for this particular product. So, the affordable price tag and easiness of use recommend this drum throne for those that are not looking for complicated products. Just take this throne from its box and go straight to using it. This is how simple things work in some cases.

11) Gibraltar Pro Oversized Motorcycle Style Throne

Gibraltar Pro Oversized Motorcycle Style Throne

If you are ready to invest a bit more in a drum throne in order to make sure that it is capable of offering an adequate level of comfort, this piece from Gibraltar can be exactly what you need.

As you can tell, the seat looks like an oversized motorcycle seat. The shape was precisely chosen because it offers you a very comfortable seating position while allowing your legs to move freely with a minimum amount of effort.

Featuring double-braced legs, it is a very stable drum throne, so you should not be afraid to move as you please and kick the drums however you feel suitable. The rubber feet will also help in the matter of stability.

 Also, equipped with very soft padding and with a seat cover made out of vinyl and Cordura, this is not just a comfortable throne but also one that is very easy to clean.

12) DW Drum Workshop 3000 SERIES DWCP3100 THRONE W/ VISE MEMORY

Most certainly you will love how sturdy this particular drum throne looks. Well, the thing is that it doesn’t just look sturdy, as it is actually a very sturdy item to have around.

It is made out of solid ear casting, so it will easily withstand a lot of wear and tear. It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about drum playing, as this throne will be there for you each time.

Featuring a tripod base, it won’t be difficult to install and use this seat all day, every day. It offers a generous 13 inches in diameter area for sitting, which is also thickly padded, 3 inches in height, for increased comfort.

Plus the seat is covered by a layer of quality vinyl, which makes it very easy to clean and maintain. In other words, your drum throne will look the same even after a good number of years.

13) Percussion Plus 300T Single-Braced Junior Drum Throne

Are you looking for a drum throne for your kid? Then do take a look at this one. It is specially made to fit junior drum sets and it has an accessible price tag. Don’t worry about its quality and reliability, as it is a piece that is very easy to use and set up.

You will invest in a piece that will serve your child for a very long period. It doesn’t matter if your child is playing a 3-piece or 5-piece drum set, as this drum throne will be suitable in both cases. You just need to make sure that your junior gets used to having a good seat when performing, instead of using improvised seats.

A correct playing position is extremely important, as it keeps the back in a safe and healthy position. So, fuel your child’s passion for drum playing with an adequate seat for his or her rehearsal sessions.

14) ROC-N-SOC Lunar Series Gas Lift Drum Throne Black

This is one gorgeous looking drum throne that promises to offer increased stability for an improved drum playing performance. It is enough to take a good look at it to realize that it looks pretty much like an office seat. Of course, it has no wheels at the end of its feet, as having a seat that stays in place when playing the drums is a must.

Thus, because we are talking about a drum throne, the product will have sturdy rubber feet that will keep the seat in place at all times. When it comes to adjusting the height, it is worth mentioning that this throne features a gas lift.

So, by simply pressing on the right pedal, the seat will be lifted or lowered according to your desire. You will also enjoy the comfortable and soft cushion of the seat, as well as its design, which allows a natural position of your legs when playing the drums.

15) Gibraltar Softy Drum Throne

When you sit down and plan on playing the drums for as long as you can, the last thing you need is a throne that is hard and doesn’t provide an adequate level of support.

Such a seat can definitely spoil your practicing session and can take a toll on your back. Many drum players have sensitivity in their back, due to the fact that they spend extended periods in a seated position, so they know that comfort is a must.

With this particular drum throne from Gibraltar, comfort will not be an issue. Featuring a high-quality cushion with a thickness of 5 inches, this throne has what it takes to allow you to play the drums for as long as you want.

The rubber feet of the tripod will prevent the throne from skidding on the floor. Also, it is worth mentioning that the height of the seat can be adjusted with ease.

16) Drum Throne – Chrome Heavy Duty Double Braced Adjustable Round Swivel Seat Stool

In case you are looking for a drum throne that is versatile and adjustable, it is worth checking this one out. It is an affordable and easy-to-use seat that can be easily adjusted to the desired height.

You can choose between a height of 16 and 21 inches, depending on how you manage to sit comfortably when playing the drums. The part of the drum throne destined for sitting has a round design and features a thick cushion.

For extra protection and easy maintenance, the seat is covered with a layer of soft vinyl. This will ensure a long life of the throne with minimum attention from your side.

The legs of this drum throne are double braced, so they will be capable of withstanding extended periods of wear and tear. For the price tag of this product, it is not worth using an old or inadequate seat when playing the drums.

17) Flexzion Drum Throne

This is a drum throne with a simple design, but, after all, you don’t need anything complicated, just a seat that will allow you to perform well. Equipped with highly resistant rubber feet, the throne will withstand all the movement you will produce when playing your drums. So, don’t sit stiffly on this seat, worrying that if you don’t, you risk falling off, as this won’t happen.

In other words, kick your drums as you’re supposed to. This throne will resist without a doubt. When you’re done playing or when you need to grab it along, just fold it and pack it.

Featuring two knobs, this particular throne allows an easy adjustment. Thus, it is suitable both for adults and children, as one knob will change the seat’s height while the other will set its feet right. The cushion of the seat provides excellent comfort while the vinyl cover makes sure that cleaning and maintenance will not become a nuisance.

18) Tama HT130 Standard Drum Throne

Tama is a brand known for providing a wide range of products for drum players, both beginners, and experts. So, if you are interested in high-quality then you should know that this is a brand you can trust. This drum throne has one of the most generous adjustment rates when it comes to height.

So, feel free to adjust it from 17 1/2 inches up to 24 7/16 inches, according to your needs. Because it was made to be functional, a wing bolt will provide optimum torque for your adjustments.

The legs are double-braced and feature rubber feet so that you will enjoy the highest degree of stability during your performance. The comfort the throne provides is also superior, with the help of thick padding. With such a seat, you will forget for how long you’ve been playing your drums.

19) DW Drum Workshop CP9120AL 9000 Series Heavy Duty Air-lift Throne w/ Tractor Seat

Would you like to have a drum throne that doesn’t look ordinary? Then there are high chances that you will end up loving this particular throne. Believe it or not, the design of this throne’s seat was taken from the seat model used for tractors. Besides this, the height adjustment of this drum throne is hydraulic, so adjusting it to the desired height will not be a problem.

For increased comfort, the seat contains a double layer of foam, so there are chances that you won’t feel how time passes by when playing the drums, as you won’t feel any strain or discomfort.

If you want, you can add a backrest to this drum throne, but you will have to order that separately, as it won’t be shipped together with the throne. Overall, this is one amazing drum throne to consider.

20) Drum Workshop CP9100AL 9000 Series Heavy Duty Air-lift Throne w/ Round Seat

It is impossible not to notice this good-looking drum throne. It is made out of high-quality materials from the start to the end, and this can be reflected in the product’s price tag. But if you are ready to make the investment, you will not regret it.

This is a reliable drum throne with a generous padding for comfortable drumming sessions and hydraulic height adjustment system, for increased convenience. The rubber feet and smart design of the seat’s legs transform it into an incredibly stable product.

With its help, you will be able to play the drums without it budge an inch from its set position. Also, if you think that a backrest will help you, you can have one for this throne. Just have in mind that the backrest is available as a separate product, so you will have to order it besides the throne itself, as it won’t be sent in the same package.

21) Ahead Spinal-G Saddle Throne – Black

For those looking for high-quality and an innovative design, there are high chances that this drum throne will have what it takes to satisfy all requirements. The seat features a thick layer of memory foam, which means that you will get the same level of comfort each time you will use this drum throne.

Because it is also an elegant item, the seat cover is made out of black velour, while the sides present a black sparkle wrap.

If you choose to have this drum throne in shows, your choice will be more than suitable. Another particularity of the throne’s seat is that it is split into two separate parts while being balanced by springs so that the level of comfort provided is the highest available.

Also, with the threaded height adjustment, you will be able to set the best height for the throne, for enjoyable drum playing sessions.

22) Performance Plus DT1N Drum Throne with Padded Seat, Full

Available at a very accessible price, this particular drum throne is more than suitable for those that just began learning the secrets of drum playing. Of course, it is a good option for intermediate drum players are well. Once you receive the throne, you will have no problems putting it together, as the process is straightforward. Its height can be also adjusted, from a minimum of 19 inches to a maximum of 24 inches.

With the help of a bolt-in system, once the desired height is set, nothing will modify it. It features rubber feet as well, for increased stability, so it is the kind of seat you can rely on during your performances.

It is also worth mentioning that this is a drum throne that can be folded with ease. Thus, once you are done playing the drums or when you want to take the throne along, you can do so without worrying about the necessary storage space.

Choosing the Best Drum Throne from the Best Drum Throne Brands

Choosing the best drum throne may not be the easiest task out there, considering that products vary a lot when it comes to price tag and features. This is why it is worth taking the time you need to do some research until you manage to find the best throne that will have a positive impact on your performance.

2) Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne

  • Comfortable Design
  • Double Braced
  • The Seat is Thick and High Quality 
  • Direct in Height Adjustment With Memory Lock

1) Cannon UP197 Drum Throne

  • High Quality
  • Heavy Duty Double Braced Comfortable Padded Seat
  • Seat 10-Inch Diameter
  • Accessible Price

3) PDP By DW 700 Series Tractor Style Drum Throne

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and Ergonomic
  • Sturdy Double Braced Legs With Large Rubber Feet
  • The Seat is High Quality

So, seriously consider how are you going to use the drum throne? What will be more comfortable for you, a round throne or one shaped like the seat of a bicycle or maybe a tractor seat?

Would you prefer a foldable drum throne?

And, of course, how much are you willing to spend on such a product? Think well and find the best answer to all of these questions and you will end up making the best choice in your case.

We can only hope that the present guide will help you find your way easier in this sector. Every drum player deserves to have the drum throne that answers to his or her requirements and provides sufficient comfort during performances.

This is why we did our best to find some of the best products in this category, so you can see your options clearer and make an informed decision in the end.