18 Best Double Bass Stand Reviews 2021

Best Double Bass Stand

Best Double Bass Stand

String instruments are very delicate and must be kept protected from any form of harm that can cause damage to the varnish on their outer surface, break the bow or string or cause more destruction to the entire instrument. It is based on the above knowledge that brands making musical instruments provide a stand with which each of the instruments can be kept, protected, and made safe.

For double bass, acoustic, electric guitars, violins, Mandolins, and ukulele, the look is similar, and a bass stand can be good enough to hold each of the instruments.

What are the Best Double Bass Stands to Buy?

2) Adjustable Upright ChromaCast Stand

  • Made with lightweight steel and a rubber material
  • Double-tier adjustment
  • Lightweight

1) Universal Acoustic, Electric Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjos Stand

  • Safe padding made of nitrocellulose at the neck and yoke area
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Lightweight

3) Adjustable Foldable Bass, Banjo, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele Instrument Stand

  • Adjustable heights and foldable
  • Small and portable size
  • Comfortable to transport and carry

Double Bass stands are made with various kinds of materials such as steel, aluminum, wood and much more while the sizes of bass instruments it fits and can carry are also of various sizes though some come as a universal bass stand.

For players of double bass or any of the string instruments, you need a stand or holder to protect the instrument properly. However, many players are in need of bass stand and are ready to buy even though they need to have a residual knowledge about the bass stand before making an order or purchase.

In this article, we will explain some good factors to look out for when buying your favorite stand.

a. Compatibility

The first thing to check out for is the compatibility of your instrument with the bass stand you are buying. Some stands are made to fit into all kinds of double bass, violin, and others, but many of the stands only work with a specified range of sizes, and you must be sure it is compatible with your instrument before buying.

b. Material Used and Durability

The durability of an item or product is mainly an issue that concerns the material used in making the product. Materials that manufacturers usually use for bass stands are aluminum, steel, and wood, but buyers need to be sure of the one they want based on how durable and long-lasting it is.

c. Purpose of Bass Stand

The purpose of buying or owning an item is so much important that it influences the buyer's choices in the market. Same for bass stands, the purpose may be to have a type that can be used at home to practice, play, and enjoy the amazing sounds of a double bass without having to take the stand for concerts or to have a portable stand that can be taken to almost all places.

Your purpose for buying the bass stand will influence if you are buying a stand that is portable and foldable or heavy ones that is difficult to transport.

18 Best Double Bass Stand Reviews

1) Universal Acoustic, Electric Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjos Stand

It is nice to save costs and have a single stand or holder for multiple string instruments, such as provided by this bass stand made by Hola!Music brand of musical instrument. This product is of three legs (Tripod) and has an ability to hold and keep every type and size of string instrument from falling off and getting damaged.

Maybe you own an acoustic, electric guitar, bass guitar, ukuleles, mandolins or banjos; this universal stand is compatible even as it features height adjustment ability. It has safe padding made of nitrocellulose at the neck and yoke area, and as such, the instrument is kept secured on it.

This stand is easy to disassemble, while the lightweight of 2.6 pounds makes it convenient to transport for concert and event.

2) Adjustable Upright ChromaCast Stand

This is a very functional and effective guitar stand or holder which is made or manufactured by the ChromaCast brand of musical instrument. This product is made with lightweight steel and a rubber material used to create a padded surface to keep and protect the instruments.

It is a tripod leg and offers much stability and support while it also has a strap that keeps the instrument fixed to the padded area of the stand. This ChromaCast product also features a double-tier adjustment and foldable bodies that aid its comfortable transportation even as its lightweight.

The weight is just about 2 pounds with a size dimension of about 21 inches wide of the base, 7 inches of cradle width and 27 inches to 40 inches height.

3) Adjustable Foldable Bass, Banjo, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele Instrument Stand

This is another kind of stand or holder made by Aroma brand of the musical instrument to perfectly and seamlessly fit into all kinds of spring instruments such as banjo, guitar, bass, violin, and ukulele.

It is a pretty-looking type of stand that combines a bright blue coop of the outer body surface with a touch of black at the end of the joints. The double legs are well padded and cushions to disallow floor scratching while it is still able to hold firm and withstand the weight of the instrument.

It is adjustable through heights and also foldable to give a small and portable size that is comfortable to transport and carry anywhere at any time.

The safety of the instruments is ensured through the use of silicone material. That is the one used to pad every point of contact between the stand and the instrument.

4) Foldable Adjustable Ingles Cello/Bass Stand

The bass guitar and cello is a valued and cherished instrument with the varnished surface, and as such, the holder or stand must be able to keep, protect and cushion its surface or parts from any harm, damage, and scratches.

This product is made by Ingles brand of musical instrument and features a wide array of functionality, which offers dependable support and safety for all kinds of cello and bass guitar. This stand is sturdy and well-positioned on the ground with two long legs that are fitted with rubber materials to prevent floor scratching.

It is an adjustable and foldable piece which is capable of locking on the instrument with its innovative safety bar lock. The endpin is extended to position the instrument for playing while every point of contact is padded to avoid the scratching of the instrument surface vanishes.

5) Foldable Bass, Banjo, Ukulele Mandolins Instrument Stand

This is another very essential and usable kind of stand well designed to hold, keep, and protect most types of bass guitar, Mandolins, Ukulele, violin, Banjo, and many other string instruments. It is made by Nordic Essentials brand of musical instruments, and It features great and exciting abilities.

This product has two legs, which anchor the ground and guarantees a reliable grip and support. It is very easy and convenient to assemble and disassemble even as it is very portable and to hold when folded into a single size.

It is suitable to be sued in schools at music classes, at home, or in the studio. It is a lot comfortable to carry or move around for events and concerts due to the lightweight of about 1 pound.

It has a unique feature that allows this bass stand to stretch and accommodate the most instrument. A premium free bag comes with this bass stand eve as buyers enjoy an unbeatable lifetime warranty on purchase of this bass stand.

6) Double Bass DS590B Stand

This is just a typically strong and sturdy stand or holder for the compatible bass instrument. It is a product of the Hercules brand of musical instrument, and it features a complete and dependable locking that protects and keeps the instrument even as it makes it very accessible to the bow.

The points of contact between the instrument and the bass stand are well cushioned with a specially formulated foam to prevent harm and scratches from friction while still holding the instrument firm with its two locking pins. The DS509B is compatible with a bass with a bow hook of ¾ and 4/8 sizes.

The weight of this product is about 7 pounds, and this is considerably heavy to be transported easily. It is foldable as the size dimension becomes 28 inches by 36 inches by 4 inches when folded.

7) Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

This is a very simple and extremely usable and functional stand that is made to keep and protect the various kinds of cello and bass instruments. It is a product of Ingles brand of musical instrument and fits into all types of cello and bass.

It has two legs of which are strong and reliably able to carry the weight of the instrument. It can leave out the endpin extended, locks the cello and bass safe in position with locks, and hold the bow well.

The contact points are padded and, therefore, very protective of the instrument against scratches, harm, fall, and damage. This Ingles model is foldable but surprisingly heavy with a weight of about 10 pounds and, as such, may be difficult to transport and carry conveniently.

8) Travel Wooden Guitar, Bass Stand/ Holder

This is a strong A-frame design wooden bass stand or holder made by the PlutuX brand of musical instrument. It is made from walnut wood that offers a colorful and gorgeous look and appearance.

This product has very stable and balanced legs that withstand the full weight of the instrument. It is very functional and offers width adjustment that allows for bass, the guitar of various sizes, while also keeping them all safe with all cushioned points of contacts.

It is portable and easy to fold together to a single, and this makes it useful for all purposes in concerts, events, parties, music festivals, a talent show, and carnivals. It is a stand that can be assembled with the aid of a screwdriver that comes as a gift with the stand.

9) Hamilton Chrome-Plated Double Bass Stand

This is a durable and very efficient kind of bass stand made by the Hamilton brand of musical instruments. It is a stand meant for all sizes and types of bass, and it ensures and guarantees protection of the instrument.

This stand is a 3 legged tripod stand with each leg covered and fitted with soft padded material that does not scratch and damage the floor on which it is placed. This product is made of steel but plated with a chrome finish to appear and look smooth and attractive.

It is also very easy to adjust and fit into all kinds of all fractional levels of use. It is a foldable stand or holder that is easy and very convenient to assemble and disassemble. It is made of lightweight steel and as such has a weight of about 3 pounds that makes it very comfortable to transport and move around with for concert and many other events.

10) Upright Bass K&M 14100

This is a nice and useful bass stand made by the popular and famous musical instrument brand called K &M. It is a product made from steel and coated with a black varnish that offers a smooth and shiny surface.

It has a three-leg tripod with each fitted and covered with rubber at the ends to prevent scratching and harming the floor. It is a bass stand that protects the instruments from any damage, harm, or scratches.

This stand is upright and with a height that can function from 24.5 inches to 44 inches. It is a foldable type of bass stand and, as such, can be made portable enough to easily take around or carry to various events, concerts and occasions.

11) 3/4 to 1/4 Meisel Double Bass Stand

This is a foldable and very portable piece of the bass stand that is functional and as well unify in its way of keeping, protecting and holding bass instruments in place to prevent damage, harm and any form of wear or scratches.

This Meisel bass stand is equipped with a unique way to lock up the instrument and still keep its stability and rigidity on the flour it stands. This stand designed and constructed to keep and hold various kinds of the bass guitar of sizes between 3/4 to 1/4.

This stand is made of steel well vanished with a backed or black finish. It has an option, and this means you can fold and transport the stand using a vehicle during events, concerts, occasions, and entertain.

12) Bass Stand and Stool Combination

This is a very innovative and creative kind of bass stand as it holds and keeps the instrument securely in combination with a stool that the player can sit comfortably on. It is made of wood by the Shar brand of musical instrument. It is very suitable for jazz players and people in the orchestral.

It has a perfect and effective interlocking, which gives rigidity and stability for both the person sitting on the stool and the instrument on the stand. It weighs 5 pounds, which is averagely weighty and may be uncomfortable to transport. This product is not foldable into a single entity, even as it has no height adjustment.

13) Double Bass and Cello

Made by Stagg group of musical instruments manufacturer and brand, this is a good type of bass, or cello stands a holder. It possesses just two legs, which each of them are rubber material. The covering of the legs can prevent the legs from scratches and unwanted issues of damaging the floor of the venue, such as at concerts, parties, movie shows and events, and occasions.

This particular product is made to provide a quality stand for electric bass and electric cello. This product is made of steel, which is vanished with a creamy green color, possess a nice and fitting two legs while the whole body is able to fold into a portable piece. The size dimension in the use of this product is about 41 inches by 7 inches by 6 inches.

14) The Bass Bar Stand

This is perhaps the bass stand with the best and perfect base and sturdiness to carry and hold to safely every compatible bass guitar. It has a 3 legged tripod which is strong and at angles that provide rigidity. This bar and tripod combination ensures and guarantees the easy and convenient assembling during a concert, show, musical events, carnivals, and much more.

It is also easy to disassemble and pack as a simple portable product of about 4.5 pounds weight that can be taken anywhere, at any time, and for various musical purposes.

15) Wooden Double Bass Upright Burgundy Stand

This is a very strong and durable type of bass stand made by a common and illustrious brand of musical instrument called Vio Music. It is an upright kind of stand constructed to possess wide space that the instrument can be securely placed for desired protection and prevention from fall.

The wide space for the instrument also contains an opening with which the bass bowl can be placed. The inside of this wooden stand or holder is well cushioned with burgundy velvet, although it is not compatible with just any guitar but for ¾ basses size with some of the smaller ones.

The bad of this bass stand is very stable, comfortable, and dependable. It is quite a very heavy stand, which can be best used as a stationary stand positioned in one place before sending it.

16) Wooden Carved Bass Stand

If you have ever taught of practicing and playing your violin and guitars anywhere and anytime, then you probably need this kind of bass stand, which allows you to fulfill the dream.

This product is made by an Ornate brand of musical instrument, and it is designed as a carved stand that holds cello and bass well in that players can even play while the instrument is on the stand.

The base of the stand is flat and ensures a greater and improved stability and strength to withstand and carry the weight of the instrument while you can play as well. This item is made by the Strad brand of musical instruments. It is useful and functional at home, musical classes in schools, and studios.

It is heavy, and this is evident with the 50 pounds weight, and this makes it difficult to transport and carry without a vehicle. It cannot also adjust the height and fold, and these are drawbacks for buyers.

17) Adjustable Double Bass Stand

This is a nice and efficient double bass stand built and manufactured by the K&M brand. It has a tripod leg with each well covered with cross braces, even as the material used to make the whole stand is steel with a good and quality finish.

This bass stand comes with a height adjustment from 36.22 to 63.779 Inches. It also has a width adjustment feature that can be used to allow the compatible bass instrument to stand comfortably and securely through width adjustment for compatible and supported bass sizes.

The parts of this bass stand that contacts the instrument are readily padded with anti-marring rubber materials even as the stand is foldable and able to be made into one portable size easy to move around with for events. The weight is about 5.5 pounds, while the stand size dimension is 35 inches by 6 inches by 5 inches.

18) Double A-Frame Foldable Guitar Stand

This product is one of a kind from its appearance as a double bass guitar stand made into a single entity and the functions and features it offer. This is a very reliable and compact product that works with many types of guitar, violin, Ukulele trough the use of its an ABS and sandblasted aluminum material, which is durable and resistant to corrosion.

It is understood that some bass or instrument comes with various thickness, but with the support of ladder base arms, the thickness of instruments needed to lock in can be adjusted. The points of contact are all padded with silicone, and this ensures no harm, damage, or scratch of any kind can be found on the instrument body surface.

It is a universal stand for various string instruments and also very light and portable when folded and can be easily taken to different concerts and occasions.

Choosing the Best Double Bass Stands

In conclusion, the information given above has shed lots of light to grey areas and challenges buyer who are inexperienced about buying a bass stand confront.

The factors to look out for before deciding on buying a stand and the reviews of some selected bass stands are enough to help and make you shop for your new bass stand like a pro.

2) Adjustable Upright ChromaCast Stand

  • Made with lightweight steel and a rubber material
  • Double-tier adjustment 
  • Lightweight

1) Universal Acoustic, Electric Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjos Stand

  • Safe padding made of nitrocellulose at the neck and yoke area
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Lightweight

3) Adjustable Foldable Bass, Banjo, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele Instrument Stand

  • Adjustable heights and foldable
  • Small and portable size
  • Comfortable to transport and carry