20 Best Double Bass Bow Reviews 2022

Best Double Bass Bow

Best Double Bass Bow

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Choosing a double bass bow is more difficult than it may seem. There’s no such thing as a double bass bow that suits all players. The bow should suit the needs and preferences of the player, so it is worth checking several options before choosing one.

In the case of students or beginners, trying more than one style of bow is recommended. This way, the player will be able to experiment and decide which style suits his or her needs best.

What to look for when shopping for a double bass bow? First of all, it is worth knowing that there are two types of style of double bass bows. There’s the German style and the French style. The difference between these two lines in the “frog” or grip area of the bow.

German bows have a wider frog, which sits better in the palm of the player. The French style features a narrower frog, slimmer than the German type, because it is meant to be held with the fingers and thumb, not with the palm.

What are the Best Double Bass Bows to Buy?

Vio Music #403 3/4 Bass Bow,brazilwood, Ebony Frog, French Style, Black Horsehair
Model DM2629 Double Bass Bow 3/4 Size Top Brazil Wood German Type … (3/4 - Size)
4/4 Size Brazilwood French Model Double Bass Bow
Vio Music #403 3/4 Bass Bow,brazilwood, Ebony Frog, French Style, Black Horsehair
Model DM2629 Double Bass Bow 3/4 Size Top Brazil Wood German Type … (3/4 - Size)
4/4 Size Brazilwood French Model Double Bass Bow
Vio Music #403 3/4 Bass Bow,brazilwood, Ebony Frog, French Style, Black Horsehair
Vio Music #403 3/4 Bass Bow,brazilwood, Ebony Frog, French Style, Black Horsehair
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Model DM2629 Double Bass Bow 3/4 Size Top Brazil Wood German Type … (3/4 - Size)
Model DM2629 Double Bass Bow 3/4 Size Top Brazil Wood German Type … (3/4 - Size)
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4/4 Size Brazilwood French Model Double Bass Bow
4/4 Size Brazilwood French Model Double Bass Bow
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Then you should also check the material used for the making of the bow. Traditionally, double bass bows were made of wood, and you can still find this option available nowadays.

However, wood is sensitive to humidity, which could make the bow lose its arch, making its use inconvenient. Carbon bows, on the other hand, maybe a better choice, as they are more resilient and durable.

If possible, it is worth investing in a high-quality double bass bow, as it can offer a comfortable and pleasant playing experience.

20 Best Double Bass Bow Reviews

1) Vio Music #403 3/4 Bass Bow, brazilwood, Ebony Frog, French Style, Black Horsehair

This is a French-style double bass bow made for those who enjoy a slimmer bow. The item is made entirely out of Brazilwood, with a frog made of ebony. The strings of the bow come from real Mongolian horses, which have a dark hair color and incredible resistance to wear and tear.

The bow has a total length of 28.5 inches, and it is very well balanced and sturdy. However, because it is made out of wood, storage is crucial for this bow. Keep it in dry conditions, without exposing it to high humidity.

This way, the bow will maintain its shape and properties. A straight bow is very hard to handle and will make playing a difficult and unpleasant experience.

So, when opting for wood bows, always bear in mind that they can be deformed by extended exposure to environmental factors and improper storage.

2) Model DM2629 Double Bass Bow 3/4 Size Top Brazil Wood German Type

Even if carbon fiber bows are marketed as being more resistant and durable, there are still many bass players out there that appreciate wood bows. The truth is that respecting adequate storage and transportation methods, and a wood bow can last for a very long time.

This product is made of Brazilwood in its entity. The frog is made from ebony, and it is wider, as this double bass bow is a German-style one. Equipped with unbleached and untreated Mongolian horsehair, this bow can offer amazing playing experiences.

It is more suitable for intermediate and advanced players, as not everybody is used to holding a German-style bow. Therefore, it is worth getting used to both styles of bows, choosing, in the end, the one that suits one’s personal style in the best way possible.

3) VingoBow A Gorgeous Brazilwood French Double Bass Bow Pernambuco Performance!

Even if modern materials are available, there are more than enough players that will prefer items made traditionally, with traditional materials. This French-style bow is a rather affordable one, and it is made, for enthusiasts of this type, out of genuine wood.

Brazilwood was used for the making of this item so that it will require a bit of special care. Bows made of wood look amazing, but they are more sensitive to environmental factors, especially humidity. Also, wooden bows are slightly heavier than the carbon fiber variety.

There are a few grams to the final weight that may make a difference in the case of a beginner. So, a bit of experience is recommended before using a wooden bow.

It is worth mentioning that the wood used for this bow model was dried for at least 8 years. This makes the wood harder and more resistant. But, even so, extra caution when storing and transporting the bow will prolong its life.

4) D Z Strad Double Bass Bow - Model 623

For those scared to invest in wooden bows, this product may represent a better option. Made out of braided carbon fiber, this bow won’t bend, no matter what. Thus, it can represent money well-spent for those that travel a lot with their instruments or simply wish to remove any worries out of their heads.

However, bear in mind that this is a French-style bow, so it is the slim kind. The frog features polished ebony and is decorated with the famous French iris flour, the representative for the noble class back in the days. This bow is also equipped with real horsehair, coming from the sturdy Mongolian horses.

Playing this bow on the strings of the bass will certainly be a pleasure. Another great detail of this item is that it is entirely made by hand. So, attention to detail is what sets this product apart. The truth is that it’s a beautiful and elegant bow to have and to use.

5) Top D Z Strad Size 4/4 Double Bass Bow Carbon Parisian Eye French Type (4/4 - French)

Another great French-style bow, but this in a different size option, as this product is not a ¾ bow, but a 4/4 one. It can be a great investment for anyone looking to enjoy a sturdy double bass bow. The product is made from braided carbon fiber, which means resilience in any condition.

It could be a great choice for students, as this bow is capable of withstanding a lot of wear and tear without the risk of being damaged. Until a student gets used to the size and length of the bow, accidents may happen. So, even if carbon fiber bows may come with a slightly larger price tag, it may be worth the effort.

With a bit of care, this is the kind of bow that can last for a lifetime. The hair of the bow is 100% Mongolian horsehair, all-natural and unbleached. The frog is made from ebony, and every bow of this make and model is made by hand. Thus, it is exceptionally well-balanced.

6) 4/4 Size Natural Black Mongolia Horsehair French Carbon Fiber Double Bass Bow Art No. 100BFB

A French-style double bass bow, this product is marketed as being made by a bow-maker with extensive experience in this domain. Even so, it is not made out of wood, but out of carbon fiber. This material is widely used these days because it is very flexible and resilient at the same time.

It is also quite affordable, allowing students to have access to beautiful and sturdy bows for practicing. This bow respects all details of a reliable product. It features natural black horsehair, which comes from Mongolian horses, and ebony frog. It is slim and elegant, ideal for those appreciating the French style bows.

The nickel-silver mounting increases the resilience of this bow, giving the player to enjoy it for many years to come. For a student, this means countless rehearsal sessions, classes, and performances with the same bow.

7) Double Bass Bow Full 4/4 Size 76cm Black Horse Hair German Style VINGOBOW

This is another great affordable and accessible double bass bow for students and experienced players to enjoy. It is a German-style bow made of wood, for special attention and care are required.

The black hair of Mongolian horses is used for the making of these bows, so the product is sturdy enough to withstand the clumsy maneuvers of a student or beginner.

Black hair is thicker than white hair, and therefore it is a good match for beginners. But, at the same time, black hair will make the instrument sound louder.

Nevertheless, this is a great double bass bow to have and use constantly. It is very well-balanced and will make performances enjoyable.

8) Top 4/4 #BP 928 Double Bass Bow Top Brazilwood German Style

Sometimes, traditional items made from natural materials are the best choice to make, especially in the case of musical instruments. Wooden bows are, in most cases, more affordable than carbon fiber. This is due to the fact that they are more sensitive to humidity and may get deformed if not stored or used properly.

But, even so, it may serve the player well, enhancing his or her playing experience. Because wooden bows are a bit heavier than carbon fiber ones, they provide a distinct feeling to the player each time they are used.

The player is more aware of his performance and feels his instrument at a deeper level. A German-style bow, this model has a wide ebony frog. It also features black Mongolian horsehair, ideal for louder sounds and resilience.

9) VINGOBOW New Full Size Top Model, Silver Braided Carbon Bass Bow

Those that want to enjoy a double bass bow that offers a better grip should direct their attention toward a German-style bow. This model is made out of carbon fiber, so it will behave much better when it comes to environmental conditions.

When it comes to carbon fiber, the storage options are varied. All you need to worry about is the integrity of the natural horsehair installed on the bow. The horsehair also has an important role to play, so it is worth keeping it in great shape, away from dust and debris.

This double bass bow is equipped with black horsehair, thicker, and stronger than white horsehair. Handmade, in spite of the fact that it is not made out of wood, this bow is manufactured with a lot of attention to detail. It is very well balanced and accessible, two aspects that can turn it into a great choice for students.

10) Bowspeak Top 3/4 Carbon Fiber Double Bass Bow, Ebony Frog, German, Natural Black Horse Hair

When it comes to German-style bows, their wider frog makes them more comfortable for those that want to feel the bow better in their palms instead of holding it with the fingers and thumb. If the player has shorter fingers or is very young, holding the bow’s frog with the fingers could be difficult.

Yet again, choosing the style of the bow is, in the end, a matter of personal preference. This product can be an affordable one, made out of carbon fiber that will ensure its use without problems for extended periods.

The bow features natural black horsehair, which is ideal for great musical performances. Natural horsehair retains resin much better than any other type of fibers, making the use of the bow easy and convenient.

The frog is made out of ebony, which is the right material used for this part of the bow. Having all these in mind, this double bass bow can represent a very good option.

11) VingoBow 4/4 NEW Carbon Fiber FRENCH Double Bass Bow!

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Marketed as having parts professionally fitted, this double brass bow may very well deliver as expected. Featuring the French style, this bow is made out of quality carbon fiber, which makes it extremely resistant.

In other words, it will be flexible and elastic, yet sturdy enough to maintain its shape throughout the years, various environmental conditions, and constant use. The hair on this bow is a natural black horsehair.

In comparison to white hair, black hair is thicker. This will easily influence the way the instrument sounds when struck with such a bow. The sounds will be louder, and the tone will get slightly wilder.

Even if the latest manufacturing technologies and materials are used, this bow is still handcrafted. Only this way, it is possible to come up with a bow that feels balanced, and it is easy to use. The bow is great for being used in concerts and rehearsal sessions as well.

12) VingoBow 3/4 Size GERMAN UPRIGHT DOUBLE Bass Bow!

Double bass bows made out of wood can be quite affordable and provide the elegance and performances sought after by a player. This item is a German-style bow, which means a wider frog that ensures a more comfortable position in the palm of the player’s hand.

Because of its accessibility and comfortable shape, this bow could be a great choice for a student. Usually, carbon fiber bows are recommended for students, but this model here could also serve a student well. The stick of the bow is made out of Brazilwood and has a beautiful round shape. It is also well-balanced, making its use very pleasant.

If a student is keen on having a wooden bow, this product is worthy of consideration. Besides natural wood, the bow also features natural horsehair, the black type. Black horsehair is thicker and more resistant, so accidents are less likely to happen.

13) VingoBow New Full Size Black Horsehair Bass Bow Warm Tone FRENCH. Art No.310BFB

This is another great double bass bow for intermediate and experienced players to enjoy. Made by an experienced bow maker, this bow is ready to deliver the best results. The stick of the bow is made of Brazilwood, which was air-dried for over 8 years.

That is a process that enhances the resistance of the bow. Thus, it will not absorb humidity from the environment with ease. But, even so, it is recommended to store the bow in adequate conditions, keeping it away from excess moisture and humidity.

By the time the bow presents deformities due to high humidity, it is too late to save it. Made entirely by hand, this item is well-balanced and very easy to use.

It also features black horsehair, which is thicker and will provide a louder tone to the player’s instrument. Adjusted for several times before being declared finished, this bow will offer a great balance to its user.

14) VingoBow 4/4 Size Wonderful Brazilwood GERMAN Double Bass Bow

If used and stored in adequate conditions, a wooden double bass bow can turn out to be a great choice. Wooden bows can offer a distinct experience while playing because they have a great balance and arch.

But the same arch is sensitive to external factors, such as humidity and moisture. When looking to buy a wooden bow, considering a proper storage solution for it is a must. This product is made by an experienced bow maker, so quality is guaranteed.

Handmade, the bow presents beautiful details, and it is finished up to the latest standards. Natural horsehair is used for this bow, untreated with chemicals and unbleached, so its properties as well preserved. The bow just needs the right kind of resin to perform as expected.

15) VingoBow Full Size New GERMAN Double Bass Bow Pernambuco Performance For Advanced Level! Art No.310BG

Advanced players may appreciate this bow, both from its aspect and the way it is made. It is a German-style bow made of Brazilwood and equipped with natural white horsehair. It is worth mentioning that the horsehair is not bleached or treated in any way.

Handmade, this double bass bow presents a great balance when used and helps the player enjoy an excellent performance. However, beginners may experience some difficulties when handling this bow.

Wooden bows are amazing, but they do require a certain level of playing skills in order to react and perform as desired. Until those skills are acquired, the beginner or student should use carbon fiber bows.

The frog is made from ebony and is wide, as the German-style is known and appreciated for. The stick is round and will behave well in the hands of an experienced player.

16) Schmidt Workshop Double Bass Bow 3/4 Size German

No products found.

Ideal for students, this German-style bow made of Brazilwood made its way up on our list. It is manufactured by a company that is worthy of trust and comes with a rather acceptable price tag.

The stick of the bow has a beautiful round shape that makes it aerodynamic, while the frog is made out of ebony with the ideal width for this particular style. The hair of the bow is 100% natural horsehair.

For this model, white hair was used, which is slightly thinner and makes the instrument sound warmer. An important note is a fact that the horsehair was not bleached. It features its original, natural color. In other words, it can be a great double bass bow for most bass players.

17) Yinfente 3/4 Upright double bass Bow Brazilwood German Bow Natural Bow Hair Well balanced

Balanced to provide a fast response and capable of reacting well in the hands of experienced players, this double bass bow is a beautiful, high-quality item that will enhance one’s performances.

The stick of the bow is made out of rounded Brazilwood, which was properly air-dried prior to being used for bow-making. The hair on the bow is genuine Mongolian horsehair, the ideal type of hair for a bass bow.

This hair works best with resin and slides wonderfully on the strings of the bass instrument. The frog of the bow is made out of ebony and has the width specific to German type bows.

As a decorative detail, mother-of-pearl eyes were embedded in the frog. It is not an ostentatious detail, being a discreet aesthetic touch in contrast with the black color of ebony.

18) VingoBow German Upright BASS BOW Silver Braided CARBON Double Bass Bow 4/4 Size

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A beautiful double bass bow to consider, this one featured a German-style and was made with extreme attention to details and quality. First of all, it is made out of carbon fiber. So, the chances for this bow to be around for very many years is extremely high.

The frog is traditionally made out of ebony, while the side of the frog is embellished with mother-of-pearl. It creates a beautiful contrast on the black background of the ebony, so it is a nice detail that makes this bow distinct.

Besides all these, the grip is made of leather, and the entire bow has a nickel-silver mounting. Weighing just 133 grams, it is extremely light and easy to use. At the same time, it is strong and flexible, proving to be a reliable musical tool any bass player should have.

19) D Z Strad Double Bass Bow - Model 3616 - Braided Carbon Fiber Bow with Ebony Fleur-de-Lis Frog (German Style)

Don’t be fooled by the Fleur-de-Lis or iris flower that decorates the frog of this double bass bow. This is not a French-style bow, but a German-style one. It may not seem like such a big detail, but it matters if the player is not used to holding the wide German-style frog in his or her hands.

Also, those looking for German-style bows should stop and take a closer look at this item, as it may match their requirements. The bow is made from carbon fiber, and it silver-lined for increasing resilience.

With this bow, you always know that you’ll be covered, as it will resist any external factors. Using the latest technology for its manufacturing, the company came up with a bow that is very well balanced and ready to deliver the expected results.

20) 4/4 Size BRAIDED Carbon Fiber FRENCH Double Bass Bow Pernambuco

This product is a very elegant choice and may suit the requirements of even the pickiest bass players. Made out of carbon fiber, this bow is here to stay. Extremely light and flexible, yet sturdy and reliable, it will perform as expected and take a lot of wear and tear.

It features an elegant leather grip and ebony frog, decorated with a mother-of-pearl patch. The hair of the bow is natural horsehair, which is easier to rosin and will make the instrument perform as expected.

Even if modern materials were used for its making, this double bass bow is still created with the help of handcrafting skills. This explains why the bow has so many incredible details and feels so comfortable when held. For students, this bow can be a great choice. It weighs very little, offering a high degree of comfort and flexibility, and is more durable than bows made out of wood.

Choosing the Best Double Bass Bows

A bass player must think that the bow is the extension of his or her hand. If the bow is not the right one, the hand of the player may feel crippled or uncomfortable. This is why a player must choose well the length and style of the bow, in accordance with his or her experience and playing style. The available budget is another factor that may influence the final choice of the player.

Ideally, one should invest in a quality double bass bow for as much as it is possible. A well-chosen bow can transform one’s performance and study sessions. So, having said all these, wooden bows are usually more affordable than carbon fiber versions. This is due to the fact that wooden bows are more susceptible to being damaged by excess moisture.

But, when stored and used right, wooden bows are great items to have around. On the other hand, carbon fiber bows are lighter, more resilient, and are not affected by external factors. Taking into consideration each of these factors and one’s personal needs and requirements should point toward the best bow in the end.

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