20 Best Dizi Reviews 2022

Best Dizi

Best Dizi

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Music is an important part of every culture, people and race since years unmemorable and from the difference in the sounds and tones of music, one can distinguish one race from another. A group of musical instruments used to provide sounds at cultural events and festivals is the wind instruments which require the blowing of air into a compartment to generate the desired sound.

In the Asian continent, the populous people of China loved and desired the thrilling sounds of Flute (known as Dizi) from ancient time and as human development, other parts of the world love Dizi and learned to play it as well. Dizi is now a common musical instrument in music classes of schools, religious concerts, and events and as such, players or anyone in love with flute may want to buy one. An individual must be intimated with necessary information about Dizi before deciding to buy from any store offline or online.

Below are the factors that should determine your choice of Dizi at any store. Going through the guide will help buy the perfect type of Dizi for yourself.

1. Prioritize your Need

Prioritizing your need means being sure of what you want and going for the flute that offers such features. In this case, I would advise that you choose a type of flute for your playing level. Do not try to buy a Dizi meant for professional players when you are a beginner. Go for beginner types or choose those that both beginners and professionals can play.

2. Select your Perfect Key

This is another very important aspect where you must also be selective. As a flute player, you must identify the best and perfect key you love to play on. In the store, there are a lot of flutes with varying keys. Select the best for yourself so you don’t have to regret it.

3. Mind the Weight and Accessories

It is important to also consider the weight of a flute before deciding to buy it. Choose and buy the ones that are not weighty or heavy because weighty ones would become stressful when you want to play for a long time. You should also be sure the flute you are buying has full accessories that are needed to comfortably enjoy your playing times.

What is the Best Dizi to Buy?

2) NICOSHINE Chinese Traditional Bamboo Dizi

  • Highly Rated
  • Purity in Tone 
  • Made from Aged Rosewood

1) NICOSHINE Chinese Traditional Bamboo Dizi

  • Play in E Key
  • Melodious & Loud Sound
  • Suitable Play at Crowded Area

3) F Key Beginners Bitter Bamboo Dizi

  • Comes with All Accessories
  • Euphemistic Tuneful Sound

20 Best Dizi Reviews

1. NICOSHINE Chinese Traditional Bamboo Dizi

This flute is made by the NS Musical brand of musical instrument manufacturer and it offers some amazing features that will excite and motivate any professional or beginner. The gift box is very pretty and attractive to behold. The Key is E with Senior Cupronickel Double Insert and this is perhaps the best feature of this product.

It is made of materials from a dried bitter bamboo and this is similar to the most flute. The mid joint is done with a shiny coating material which holds the bamboo well even as the melodious and loud sound fills the air at various events and occasions. A free membrane, Chinese knot is accessories given on every purchase and they are carried in the bag easily due to the lightweight of the flute.

2. Chinese Aged Recovered Rosewood Dizi/Flute

This is another type of Dizi made from the America-based brand known as OrientalMusicSanctuary and it is just another kind of flute made from a material other than the common dried bitter bamboo. It is made from an aged and recovered rosewood and effectively made to glow with the use of varnish on the outer surface of the flute. The glowing surface and the engraved designs presenting a lovely appearance.

Great sound with nice intonation that is on various keys C, D, E, F and G with which buyers can choose from. It comes with necessary accessories like glue and membrane and an innovative addition of a foamy case that provides better protection of the Dizi.

3. F Key Beginners Bitter Bamboo Dizi with Glue, Protector, Membrane

This is a more sophisticated type of Dizi which is also made to project the native Chinese Dizi sound and tone and add so much glamour to every event. This model is made for the Dizi or flute beginners who are without much playing experience. Made from the popular bitter bamboo material, this musical instrument can function as a teaching flute in musical classes.

This bamboo Dizi is of 20 inches in height, weighs about 6.4 ounces and as such, easy to hold and play for a long time while the two ends are made of synthetic horns for comfortable and convenience blowing of any kind of playing style. It comes with all needed accessories including; a membrane protector for the specified key, classy Dizi box, a membrane glue, a knot and a velvet pouch or bag to keep the Dizi.

4. Chinese Traditional Handmade Bamboo Dizi 1pkg Musical Instrument

This a Dizi made by the Kmise brand. It is a very functional and intuitive flute that produces wonderful tones and sounds through the various notes which players can play. This Dizi is a Chinese traditional type and it is very useful in any occasion and event. The flute/Dizi is a made of 3 years dried bitter bamboo material and offers a single plugged brass that holds the flute firmly and in place. Beginner players are suitable to play this Dizi.

This classy Dizi is of 21 inches in length, very easy to carry about due to its lightweight of about 3.5 ounces. It is a 13.8 X 0.8 X 0.8 inches size dimension and imitation OX is on both ends of the head and tail. This model has a lovely pouch that fits well and protects the Dizi from dust.

4. Carrotmusic Profession Bamboo Dizi Model – CD301 Alto C

This is a professional kind of flute that is made by the Carrotmusic brand. It comes as an attractive instrument made with the popular bitter bamboo but well covered with eco-friendly and non-toxic vanishes that offers a patterned brown look of immense beauty. The joint is of stainless material and very effective while the two ends are of ox horns. This flute provides a lovely and thrilling sound acceptable at every occasion and players need not get confused with instruction as it is written in the English language.

The weight of Dizi is about 7 ounces for easy and long playing time. Nice features that include the ability of the vanish to protect both the inner and outer surface of the Dizi, as well as the base wax joint lubricant that comes as part of the accessories, is an innovative idea and great selling point.

5. Adjustable and Pluggable Bamboo Dizi – C Key

This is an adjustable and pluggable type of flute which is made by the Red Music Shop brand. It has a similar feature with the other pluggable types. Made of a 3 years old and dried bitter bamboo material which is durable. The sounds from this C Key flute is amazing and very supportive of both beginners and professional Dizi players. It is adjustable and pluggable while the two ends are adorned with OX horns.

The weight is about 10 ounces and that shows it is rather fairly weighty for longer length of playing. Accessories include a pouch, a Chinese knot and 2 membranes which are all packed together with the pretty black color of the flute surface.

6. Ammoon Traditional Chinese Handmade Black Bamboo Flute Key C

This is a nice and functional Dizi by the Ammoon brand of musical instrument manufacturer. The flute is a Key C type and provides unique and exceptionally melodious sounds that excite hearers at any event, carnival, and festival. It is made from black bamboo. The outer surface of the flute is nicely coated with brown vanish while each of the head and tail ends are of copper material.

This product is good enough for beginners and professionals as it comes with 6 different tone holes and a membrane hole with which it can play various tones. It has two holes for the tassels to hold it from falling even as it has other accessories like the membrane and Chinese knot. Weight is light and convenient enough to bear and play for longer times but there is no bag or pouch for the Dizi.

8. Timiy Chinese Traditional Pluggable Handmade Bamboo Dizi G Key

This a very lovable flute from Timiy brand and it is an easy-to-use musical instrument that offers effective and efficient holes that are defined precisely for tones. The sound generated is clear, loud and thrilling even as the joint is made of brass material and very simple to assemble.

The whole flute/Dizi is an 18 inches length instrument with a brown colored varnish covering the bitter bamboo material. The weight is typically light with just 3.2 ounces which provide for lengthened playing time or period. Both ends of the head and tail part of the flute are well wrapped and provide a harmless surface. Accessories include a velvet bag to keep the Dizi and 5 bamboo membranes.

9. Chinese Bamboo Dong Xue Hua Professional Flute- Set of 5 Keys C, D,E, F and G

This is a typical type of Dizi or flute that comes as a complete set. It is built to provide glamour and rich color to any kind of occasion, events, and concerts. An exquisite too for an orchestral with each key tearing through the air with exciting sounds and tones that offer great fun.

Manufactured by OrientalMusicSanctuary brand, the product is made from dried bitter bamboo and tested for quality assurance. The flutes are of varying keys C, D, E, F, G and all are of shiny and smooth body and a nice and fitting mid-joint. Buyers can get a free aluminum case if they purchase the whole set but each of the flutes comes with a free membrane and glue.

10. Professional Bamboo Flute/Dizi with Membrane Glue and Protector

This is another very exquisite flute or Dizi made by the PhysCool brand manufacturer of Dizi. This model is however made for professional flute players that know their onions. It is made from the famous bitter bamboo material which was dried for years. The body is smooth and harmless while the head and tail ends are adorned with synthetic horns. The joints of the bamboo are of made with polished copper and the flute offers so much thrilling and fantastic sounds when played at any event and concerts.

Measuring 20 inches in length and just 7 ounces in weight, this flute ensures a professional can stay longer playing without tiring. Accessories are added in the pack for every buyer and they include membrane glue, its protector and a box.

11. Exquisite Red Sandalwood Chinese Dizi

If you always love to be unique in what you do, then this Chinese Dizi may be perfect for you as it is a type of that is made from red sandalwood which is a departure from the usual bamboo material used for most Dizi. This product is firm and well-crafted to allow for copper joints and 6 traditional finger holes to dictate tones on the surface. This Dizi comes as a variant of keys and buyers can choose which to buy. The sandalwood material also adds some extra value to the flute as it is not easy to crack and ensure better vibration and intonation that the bamboo material. It comes with a pack of the membrane and a soft case to keep and carry the 1 pound weight instrument.

12. Dong Xue Hua Chinese Professional Bamboo Dizi (Bass)

This is a Dizi or flute made with the common and most used bitter bamboo material dried for 4-5 years to be durable and last long. Made by the Dong Xue Hua brand, this wind instrument is made for both beginners and professional players. It offers a great deal of nice bass sound and even as it has a lovely and pretty design.

The length is about 18 inches and a weight of about 1.2 pounds. The Dizi is a little weighty and may become stressful for players that love to play for a long period. The Chinese words engraved on the outer surface of the flute is nice and makes a good march with the black colored material used on the head and tail part. The accessories that come with the purchase include knot, 2 packs of Dimo, a glue and bag to carry the Dizi.

13. Chinese Professional Bamboo Dizi (D Key)

This is another type of a very usable and pretty-looking flute or Dizi made for beginners and professional players. It is a product from the Red Music Shop brand manufacturer and made with 4-5 year dried bitter bamboo material. The flute is nice with an average length of about 17 inches and a weight of just 1.1 pounds.

The two ends are of metallic material and they signal beautiful pieces as they combine with the artistic engraved patterns placed around the outer surface of the Dizi. Buying this product allows owning free accessories like 2 packs of Dimo, a Chinese knot, glue and a carrying case that protects the flute.

14. Ammoon Traditional Handmade Pluggable Flute for Professional Performance

This is another Dizi from the Ammoon brand and it is similar to the C key type. This G key is made of bitter bamboo, clothed with a brown patterned design on the outer surface which is littered with holes used for tones, sounds, membrane and hanging the tassels. The sound and tone emanating is impressively great and can be enjoyed for long due to the lightweight of the Dizi which is just 5.4 ounces. It comes with few accessories like 2 bamboo membranes and a Chinese knot while it lacks a pouch or bag for the delicate Dizi with 18.7 inches long.

15. Bitter Bamboo Chinese Dizi Key of G

Made by the OrientalMusicSanctuary brand which attested to the tuning and quality control. The flute is made from dried bamboo-like many other flutes but this unique in that is it comes with all accessories (glue and Dizi membrane) required to start playing. This Dizi has a variation for children and kids and for adults that love the fantastic nature of the tone and sound.

The mid-joint of the bamboo is of nickel alloy and it holds the Dizi in place. The weight of the flute is 4.8 ounces and guarantees that players can hold it for long without stress and also carry it for long using the attachable tassels. The outer surface of the Dizi is smooth and well vanished through to make for a good-looking flute.

16. Chinese Handmade Traditional Bamboo Pluggable Dizi/Flute in G Key

This is a traditional Chinese bamboo Dizi that is made by the Kmise brand. This flute is made from bitter bamboo materials dried for 3 years. It has a lovely design as the dark-brownish vanish on the surface and the engraved Chinese words give a nice appearance. As a G key type of flute, it can be played with the comfort with both head and tail ends covered metallic materials. It is also suitable for student or beginner players.

The weight of the Dizi is about 3.5 ounces and this makes it light and easy to carry around and play for long periods. It comes with a membrane, a Chinese knot and a piece of red bag to carry so as to protect the Dizi from dust and environmental damage.

17. Chinese Traditional Handmade EDTara Bamboo Detachable Dizi

This is a kind of Dizi made by the EDTara brand. It is made from natural bamboo and this guarantees and ensures that the flute possesses features of Chinese native Dizi. This bamboo flute is long, well-crafted and possesses a glossy appearance with a metallic material fitted to both ends of the head and tail.

The sound is unique and desired as the musical instrument for Chinese national bands which is great use for the crowd. The key variation is between key C, D, E, F, and G, and the accessories include a bamboo membrane, glue, knot and a pouch to keep and protect the flute.

18. Chinese Bamboo Dizi without Membrane Hole

This is a type of flute manufactured by the XIAOLAOBIAO brand. Apart from its material made from bamboo, the Dizi is also a very efficient instrument that offers sounds on various keys C, D, E, F and G which buyers can buy from. This particular Dizi is built with an innovative exclusion of the membrane hole in the design but with 6 fingering holes that change the tone. It is an open hole option and a transverse wind blowing type with one section tuned chromatically.

This flute is a little weighty with 15.4 ounces weight while the accessories given at every purchase include a dimo protector, a Chinese knot and a pouch or bag to keep the Dizi safe from any damage.

19. Eason Chinese Traditional Handmade Bamboo Dizi

This is a type of bamboo flute which is built to be strong, sturdy and durable. It has a wide diameter and 60cm in length with a single joint. It is made from white bamboo material and made it look so attractive with the shiny and glossy-looking varnish that covers the whole length of the Dizi. The body surface has an engraved line of poems that may be played by the flute with its exciting and melodious sound and tone.

Apart from that, it comes with the common accessories like the flute membrane, glue, velvet case and also a video instruction for a better understanding of the various functions of the Eason Music branded musical instrument.

20. Chinese Traditional Handmade Pluggable Bitter Bamboo Dizi

This is a typical handmade traditional Dizi which is made of natural bitter bamboo material with a brass material as joint. Besides from its ease and comfortable to play and handle of, the flute also is a D key type and produces distinctive, unique and clear sound well acceptable in events, concerts, and various occasions. It features a blowhole through the wind goes in to create sound, a membrane hole, 2 sound holes, 6 tine holes and 2 holes to attach the colorful tassels.

The outer body surface is smooth as it is well vanished to cover the bamboo. It is longer than most flute at 23 inches and the weight is light with about 4 ounces and can easily be carried and played for a long time. Its accessories include a membrane, a Chinese knot but with no pouch to keep it perfectly. Pouch might need to purchase separately so as to protect the Dizi from any damage or environmental harm.

Choosing the Best Dizi

In conclusion, buyers have to read through the factors and then consider before buying a flute. The above reviews of various kinds of flute, it is safe to say you are equipped to choose the perfect flute for you at any store. You may ask for reviews of various kinds of flute from neighbors and friends who had bought one in the past while you also can stay off online stores with no reputation.

2) NICOSHINE Chinese Traditional Bamboo Dizi

  • Highly Rated
  • Purity in Tone 
  • Made from Aged Rosewood

1) NICOSHINE Chinese Traditional Bamboo Dizi

  • Play in E Key
  • Melodious & Loud Sound
  • Suitable Play at Crowded Area

3) F Key Beginners Bitter Bamboo Dizi

  • Comes with All Accessories
  • Euphemistic Tuneful Sound