12 Best Cornet Mouthpiece Reviews 2022 (Famous Mouthpiece Brands for Cornet)

Best Cornet Mouthpieces & Best Cornet Mouthpiece Brands

Best Cornet Mouthpieces & Best Cornet Mouthpiece Brands

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Buying a correct cornet mouthpiece that matches your style of play is a must if you plan to be successful with your brass instrument.

The reason why so many people chose the wrong cornet mouthpiece is that there is little or incorrect information out there.

While so many people may easily get frustrated for always choosing the wrong or not too performing mouthpieces, choosing the right mouthpiece is not really a problem.

What are the Best Cornet Mouthpieces to Buy?

Denis Wick DW5881-4B Silver-Plated Cornet Mouthpiece
Bach Cornet Mouthpiece (3493C)
Blessing Accordion Accessory (MPC3CCR)
Denis Wick DW5881-4B Silver-Plated Cornet Mouthpiece
Bach Cornet Mouthpiece (3493C)
Blessing Accordion Accessory (MPC3CCR)
Denis Wick DW5881-4B Silver-Plated Cornet Mouthpiece
Denis Wick DW5881-4B Silver-Plated Cornet Mouthpiece
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Bach Cornet Mouthpiece (3493C)
Bach Cornet Mouthpiece (3493C)
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Blessing Accordion Accessory (MPC3CCR)
Blessing Accordion Accessory (MPC3CCR)
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First, think about the type of sound you would want your cornet to generate. Once you can determine the sound you want to have, then go for the mouthpiece with such sound quality rendition ability.

Secondly, the next thing to consider is how fit will the mouthpiece be on your cornet’s receiver. You might think “well, everyone knows this,” but it will surprise you to discover that so many mouthpieces do not fit your cornet. For instance, assuming you have a Getzen 3850, buy a Yamaha 16C4, and you would be surprised that it won’t fit your cornet.

Thirdly, consider how hard and efficient it is going to make you work to realize your goals. If with the mouthpiece you can attain 75% of your playing goals while being able to focus on the remaining 25% in the area you are most vulnerable; you’ll probably turn out to be a happy cornet player.

Another thing you will need to ask yourself is whether you are willing to spend much buying different mouthpieces for a different sound. Preferably, you should be the one-mouthpiece-for-all-type of player.

The fourth thing to consider is, how much time you are willing to sacrifice on a particular mouthpiece before you start seeing the results you desired. Take note that you will not always be able to play everything with one mouthpiece. There is no miracle mouthpiece anywhere.

W shall take a look at another essential aspect of the mouthpiece buying guide in our conclusion below. Meanwhile, here are the best cornet mouthpieces in the market.

12 Best Cornet Mouthpiece Reviews and the Best Cornet Mouthpiece Brands

1) Denis Wick DW5881-4B Silver-Plated Cornet Mouthpiece

Are you a cornet player in search of a mouthpiece that will give you that classic “British” tone? The rim of the mouthpiece is highly comfortable and enhances excellent playability. The medium size-cup offers a pleasant balance design and attention to sound. The sound is precious, and the creamy tone it produces will give the majority of the manufacturer in the market a run for their money.

Measuring 2 x 2 x 4.3 inches in dimensions and weighing 3.04 ounce, the Denis Wick is designed to provide a good balance response across all registers. The cornet player will find it easy to produce a rich tone; thanks to the effectiveness of the brilliant entries.

However, know that the bore on this mouthpiece is more open while the cup appears deeper. So, if you are not used to such, you might find it a bit inconvenient. But with proper adjustment, you should be up and doing.

2) Bach Cornet Mouthpiece Silver 3C

If you are looking for a relatively large mouthpiece for your cornet, this option from Bach will do just fine. The mouthpiece features a rim shape that gives it extreme flexibility when going through ranges. If you are playing in a brass group, this 3C mouthpiece from Bach offers an excellent choice.

This is because the mouthpiece creates that typical “American sound.” The type of sound it projects is perfect for anyone who is using a cornet and playing a jazz group. The Bach 53 mouthpiece is ideal for any cornet player who wants something that resembles the bright sound of a cornet.

For those who are in the marching band, this mouthpiece may just be the answer you seek. Some would even argue that Bach is the ultimate in the mouthpiece business. The Back features a silver plate design, with 16.30mm cup diameter. It weighs 0.8 ounces, which is perfect for good, dark sound creation.

3) Blessing Accordion Accessory (MPC3CCR)

Blessing returns with another high-quality cornet mouthpiece. This one features a 3C color design, with the down-to-earth feel and sound projection capability. Measuring 3.6 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches in dimensions, this mouthpiece is entirely constructed to provide a quality sound with long-lasting comfort and durability.

Considering that this mouthpiece from Blessing is made in Germany, you can expect their quality to be top-notch. The sound is excellent and perfect for the student player. It creates a bright and well-controlled range.

The mouthpiece also features top quality material, which makes it excellent for practice and real-time playing. The durable material makes this mouthpiece able to withstand wear and tear. If you have a student at home, this is the mouthpiece you can get be for going for a much larger model.

4) Blessing MPC7CCR Cornet Mouthpiece 7C

The Blessing 7C Cornet mouthpiece plays with excellent style and flexibility across its sound range spectrum. The sound the mouthpiece project is obvious, and it fit properly into your cornet. It is no surprise that this cornet mouthpiece is a highly functional product since the manufacturer is a household name in brass instruments.

The Blessing 7C cornet mouthpiece measures 3.6 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches in dimensions. It is a portable looking accessory with well-carved signature blow mouth. The good thing about this mouthpiece is that it can also be used on a trumpet. But the better aspect is that it fits properly, which is the hallmark of any successful mouthpiece/brass instrument.

When you blow some air into it, the sound that greets you is excellent and reassuring. It comes well packaged and is properly fit for all cornet players.

5) Yamaha YAC CR11C4 Standard Series 11C4 Cornet Mouthpiece with Short Shank

Now, everyone knows how great Yamaha is when it comes to musical instruments and accessories, and this mouthpiece didn’t disappoint either.

The YAC CR11C4 is one of Yamaha’s standard series mouthpieces. The construction of this mouthpiece features one of the most advanced manufacturing technology and computer design ever used in such line of brass instrument accessories. It has excellent precision in make, with secure control and smooth attack. Playability is even more comfortable and sleek for the student player and professional cornet star.

At 16.46mm, this mouthpiece carries an ideal weight that encourages all-around usability. The good thing is that this mouthpiece is available for purchase in more than 10 configurations. So, whatever style you want to play, there is a Yamaha mouthpiece of this nature for you.

The mouthpiece has a shorter shank, with amazingly high registers. The cup volume and shape of the mouthpiece is a standard design, which is ideal for beginners.

6) Blessing MPC105CCR Cornet Mouthpiece, 10.5C

This is another workable mouthpiece from Blessing, a famous name in the brass accessories instrument market. The bowl on this model is deep, which means if you are the type of cornet player that loves jazz, this mouthpiece will serve you well.

The Blessing MPC105CCR also features a relatively wide rim. However, it appears to lack that spark in sharpness. As a 10.5C, it is a dream come true for cornet players who want play and feel that Wild Bill’s sound.

The mouthpiece measures 3.6 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches in dimensions, the same range and size for which most of Blessing’s mouthpieces are famous. The German side touch to the construction makes this mouthpiece a much sought-after model in the market.

The sound appears bright and colorful, with excellent turn-over rate in playability and intonation. It is ideal for student practice.

7) Bach Cornet Mouthpiece Silver 5C

Bach Cornet Mouthpiece Silver 5C

If you are a cornet player in search of a unique silver 5C mouthpiece, this one from Bach will do just fine. The mouthpiece has a lively tone that resonates with quality rendition. The sound is equally lively and entirely rich on the go. The shape of the rim measures medium size in width, and it is well rounded as such that it leans towards the inside and outside of the rim in a perfect flat balance.

The rim diameter measures 16.25mm. The mouthpiece is suitable for players who are looking for a more sturdy embouchure without any sharp edge. Hence, the intonation range is lively and extremely rich.

8) Bach 3491HC Silver-Plated 1-1/2 C Cup Mouthpiece Medium

The cornet 3491HC mouthpiece from Bach features a silver-plated body construction for excellent durability and medium-to-end functionality. Bach designed this model with a cup diameter that measures 17.00mm. This means the cup is deep, which is perfect for people looking for deep and dark sound.

The medium size cup construction also contributed to the reduction in sharpness of the mouthpiece. It is an excellent option for cornet layers that favors a soft, dark tone.

The design of the mouthpiece along its considerable diameter length also makes it perfect for all-around functionality. The response appears a bit mellow, but with defining balance across all registers. Lastly, the mouthpiece 4 x 1 x 1 inch in dimensions, making it a reliable choice for professional class cornet players.

9) Blessing MPC5BCR 5B Cornet Mouthpiece

For those cornet players who are looking for a dependable mouthpiece that will enable them to hit above the C line, the Blessing MPC5BCR is the answer!

This mouthpiece has an excellent range of sound, and the quality of its intonation is just perfect for such an affordable mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is designed for cornet players who are interested in 5B cornet playing.

The depth of the cup on this model is medium, so it is neither too deep nor too shallow, creating a good balance across all registers. The response from this mouthpiece is great, and you will catch up on your level of intonation.

The cup diameter measures 16.25mm, which is ideal for student players as well as for professionals in real-time playing. The shank features a US long style design for extendable flexibility. If you are looking for a cornet mouthpiece that performs handsomely for a moderate price, this is it!

10) Denis Wick DW3181-4B Heritage Cornet Mouthpiece

The Denis Wick Heritage DW3181-4B Cornet Mouthpiece is the type that features a fantastic bright tone. If you are looking for a mouthpiece to go bright in tone and range, this is the mouthpiece to have. When on the top register, this excellent mouthpiece performance. It has a nice range and great intonation.

The Heritage cornet mouthpiece has an excellent innovation behind the construction. The mouthpiece an increase mass design at every key point. By this design, the mouthpiece can reduce the loss of energy because of its thinner upper walls that deliver incredible and powerful sensitivity across all dynamic levels. In the end, the result that comes out of this is a maximum response and sensitivity with improved range and clearer overtone.

11) Faxx Cornet Mouthpiece 7C

For those who are looking for a mouthpiece that has an excellent taper and superior plating at quite an affordable rate, this option from Fax is worth the consideration. The Faxx 7C mouthpiece has a beautiful design, with its 16.25mm range. The mouthpiece has a well-rounded edge that also ensures you have a perfect grip.

The design and its range are made to lean towards the outside. By this, the mouthpiece can generate medium sharp inside edge. The tone is brilliant and bright, making it a popular choice among students for practicing and by professional artists as well.

12) Bach 3493E Silver Plated 3E Cup Cornet Mouthpiece, Shallow

This mouthpiece from Bach is one of the most functional pieces in the brass accessory market. The mouthpiece features a silver plated color design which enhances the durability of the product. At 16.30mm, the Bach3492E features a shallow construction that is good for people looking for a refined sound and bright intonation in all registers. You might not really to adjust the cup, as it is not too deep to appear inconvenient assuming you aren’t used to the deep-cup mouthpieces.

The responsiveness that comes from this mouthpiece is reassuring. If you are looking to get more of a characteristic and reliable cornet sound, this is your best bet. You get to enjoy the beautiful sound better, considering that the mouthpiece shape is playable and comfortable.

If you want to get a bit more of a trumpet but higher cornet controlled sound, this mouthpiece from Denis Wick will surely do it for you.

Choosing the Best Cornet Mouthpieces

Mouthpieces are important to cornet players as strings are essential to guitarists! The best mouthpiece is the one that gives you the exact sound and range you want. While selecting them can be tricky, knowing what you want from your mouthpiece by knowing your style of play will go a long way in helping you to buy the right one.

Now, the last thing that you must not forget is that when you are out buying your mouthpiece, don’t allow peer pressure to determine your choice. What is good for Ted may not be suitable for Tex. Most cornet mouthpiece advisors have their favorite mouthpieces, and it’s not a guarantee that just because it works well for me, it will work the same way for you.

Look for people who are in your playing style and determine what is working for them and why. That way, you will be helping yourself also.