19 Best Conga Bag and Case Reviews 2022

Best Conga Bag

Best Conga Bag

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Conga is one of the most popular percussion instruments that appeal to a performer’s imagination to achieve the best sound experience. And there are distinct types of conga drums available on the market.

Overall, this is a tall and narrow instrument meant to be played with the fingers and palms. It is essential to understand that this drum is created in a wide range of dimensions. The smallest congas can be only 9 inches across and are suitable for using via a shoulder strap.

But at the same time, there are more prominent conga drums that can have around 14 inches across. The dimension of this percussion tool has a direct impact on the sound and pitch of the drum. The biggest congas are great for lower rhythms, while the smallest perform similar to a singer of the band and adds a certain smoothness to the song.

What are the Best Conga Bag to Buy?

2) Gator Padded Conga Bag

  • Durable 6-Denier nylon construction
  • Comfortable carrying straps
  • Shoulder strap
  • Padded interior
  • Reinforced bottom

1) Latin Percussion Conga Bag

  • Durable
  • Heavily padded bag provides superior protection
  • Wide mouth opening
  • Large wheels

3) Meinl Percussion Conga Backpack

  • Heavy-duty padded nylon
  • Made from shock-resistant, waterproof, and dustproof materials
  • Ease of handling
  • Includes outer pocket

So, it is only natural to think about the best conga bag for your instrument. A unique percussion tool needs to have a carrying bag that will fit its distinct sizes. This means that the first thing you need to look for when it comes to conga bags buying guide is the size.

Durable nylon exteriors, padded interiors, and reinforced bottoms are the main characteristics of a sturdy conga bag. This can prevent transportation damage and keep your conga damage free. Also, several conga bags come with helpful straps or carrying handles, along with smaller pockets, which are great for storing conga accessories.

If you require a new conga bag, read on to find out all you need to know about the top conga bags available today on the market.

19 Best Conga Bag Reviews

1) Latin Percussion Conga Bag

If you are looking for an interesting and extremely helpful conga bag, the Latin Percussion’s Ultra-Tel Touring Series Conga Bag might meet your expectations. It is quite distinct from the standard conga bags, as it comes with a wide-mouth opening for simple insertion or removal of your instrument.

And it has an appealing inverted design that adds a lot of stability during transportation. But what makes this conga bag stand out are the large wheels added in its design with the sole purpose of easing transportation. It is great for almost all congas that do not exceed 30 inches in height.

This conga carrying bag is created from qualitative padding for the best protection, along with a waterproof exterior covering. It is durable, reinforced with handles, and has a full zipper design.

2) Gator Padded Conga Bag

Gator designs all its carrying bags for instruments with a lot of attention to detail. This is the main reason why they created the best solution for percussionists on the go. This padded conga bag was designed from top-notch 600-denier nylon and featured a padded interior with qualitative materials that provide broad protection.

It is a portable conga bag that comes with easy to use carrying straps, a shoulder strap, and extremely handy wheels and a tow handle. And the best part about Gator’s conga carrying bag is that the bottom of this pouch is reinforced with additional durable materials, which allow you to use this bag for a long time.

Its interior features a pair of adjustable straps, which you can use to fit in the bag distinct conga sizes. The approximative dimensions of this bag are 29 x 17 x 17 inches.

3) Meinl Percussion Conga Backpack

Meinl Percussion specializes in percussion instruments. So it is safe to assume this conga backpack is one of the most qualitative items you will find on the market. This bag was created to offer protection for larger congas up to 12 ½ inches in diameter and 30 inches tall.

Meinl Percussion’s bag stands out due to the impressive protection abilities provided by the heavy-duty padded nylon. Besides, the exterior is made from shock-resistant, waterproof, and dustproof materials that prevent dirt build-up.

Overall, this is one of the most portable conga bags you will find, as it was created with a thick carrying grip, a two-way zipper, and a padded backpack strap.

These features offer ease of handling, no matter where you are traveling with your conga. And the best part is that Meinl provides a two-year warranty for its carrying bags if you buy your backpack from authorized resellers.

4) Stagg Conga Bag

Stagg’s conga bag is the standard carrying pouch you will find on the market. It comes with the basic design of a conga bag, and it is meant to shield a 12-inch conga instrument. Overall, it is great to have around, as it is easy to use due to the two shoulder straps and one padded handle included.

It is easy to transport, and it shields the instrument from environmental damage. The bag is created with reinforced black nylon, while the foam padding and plush interior are one of the most qualitative on the market.

It is excellent for short-distance transportation, and it has a zipper design for fast insertion or removal of your instrument.

5) Meinl Percussion Universal Conga Bag

Meinl Percussion always thinks about its customers, which is why they sell this universal conga bag that can fit all conga sizes. The drawstring opening on this bag permits you to expand or contract it depending on your instrument’s dimensions.

This gig bag is exceptionally durable, and it was designed with heavy-duty nylon to shield your conga during transportation and prevent dust build-up when you don’t use it. The included shoulder strap eases the transportation process, while the small outer pocket is great for storing small items for easy access.

The interior is reinforced with top-notch padding, which absorbs shocks and keeps your conga stable during any transportation method. And the best part about purchasing this universal conga bag is that it comes with a two-year Meinl guarantee if you get your conga bag from an authorized retailer.

6) Latin Percussion Conga Bag with Wheels

Another exquisite product sold by Latin Percussion, this tubular conga bag with wheels, offers the ultimate protection for your instrument. It is a compact carrying bag with easy loading and a lot of useful features.

The exterior was created with the aid of heavy-duty nylon, known for its ability to absorb shocks and prevent dust from gathering on the bag’s surface. Besides, the exterior is padded, too, which adds a lot of additional protection for your conga.

Of course, the interior features top-notch padding, which prevents your percussion instrument from moving while you transport it. This conga bag with wheels comes with carrying straps, a removable over the shoulder strap, and a handy exterior pocket for accessories. The approximative dimensions of this product are 21 x 31 x 7 inches.

7) Latin Percussion Compact Conga Backpack

If you are tired of those boring standard conga bags, this backpack sold by Latin Percussion might suit your needs. Even though it is a compact conga backpack, it is heavily padded and comes with room for two compact congas, and two snare drum stands along with room for bells or blocks.

This backpack was manufactured from heavy-duty and durable nylon fabric that prevents dust or any debris from reaching inside the bag. Also, the interior is reinforced with shock-absorbent padding, which protects your instrument from additional damage.

It is a user-friendly bag due to the nice padded carrying straps included. The approximative dimensions for this product are 11.2 x 17.6 x 5.3 inches.

8) Latin Percussion Fits-all Conga Bag

As you can see, we found many carrying bags distributed by Latin Percussion that are both user-friendly and extremely qualitative. And this fits-all conga bag is one of those products that can suit the needs of any percussionist.

It is a standard non-padded nylon carrying bag with an all-purpose feature. Its basic tubular design offers ease of access, while it can shield almost all conga sizes. It is great for storage purposes, as it is not reinforced with durable padding for long haul transportation.

But anyway, you can move around safely your conga with this bag if you plan an occasional gig trip. The approximative dimensions of this product are 27.5"W x 38"H x 18" D, meaning it is great for your conga, no matter how small or big it is.

The shoulder strap and handle are great for moving around the bag, while the exterior pocket can be used for storing small items.

9) Latin Percussion Conga Bag with Wheels

Well, we are all accustomed to the top-notch accessories’ Latin Percussion sells for percussion performers. And this conga bag with wheels is no exception. It comes with a user-friendly design, a lot of durable zippers, and interesting padding. It features qualitative and heavy-duty padded nylon, along with a reinforced bottom for additional protection.

The ample woven fitted straps let you carry around the bag with ease, while the wheels and useful handle make it simple for you to use it as a small suitcase with wheels. The inside pocket can fit in keys, wrenches, or lube, while the overall bag was created to fit most of the medium-sized congas.

The approximative dimensions of this product are 35.4 x 20.5 x 8.6 inches. Hence, if you want maximum protection in a soft and stylish case, this conga bag with wheels is the best solution for you!

10) SKB Conga Drum Case

Some percussion performers love their instrument too much to use just any regular case. And if you are one of those conga players that want the ultimate protection for their drums, the SKB conga drum case might suit your needs and expectations.

It is a roto-molded for durability carrying the device, created from an extremely durable and heavy-duty exterior that absorbs shocks and offers extreme resistance in case of damage. The padded interior adds an extra layer of protection, too.

And the best part about this conga drum case is that it features convenient lockable casters and sure-grip handles. The interior has a maximum of 17 inches in diameter and 32 inches tall, making it perfect for almost all average-sized conga instruments.

11) Latin Percussion Double Conga Stand

If a standard carrying bag doesn't satisfy your expectations, then you need to consider Latin Percussion’s case designed from durable molded plastic. It is both sturdy and lightweight, which enables this conga stand to shield the interior from scratching or denting.

The top-notch nylon straps keep the handle lid tightly secured, while the heavy-duty wheels are great for easing transportation. Any professional percussionist will want to keep the conga safe with this sturdy stand. Even though it might seem massive, this double conga stand is easy to manipulate and move around.

And the best part about it is that it provides the best protection you will ever find for your beloved percussion instrument. The approximative dimensions for this product are 18.3 x 18.7 x 32.9 inches.

12) Latin Percussion Giovanni Conga Bag

Latin Percussion is all about professionalism, which is the main reason why they created this conga bag with the help of the all-time famous percussionist Giovanni Hidalgo. It is excellent for shielding almost all conga instruments, as it comes with average dimensions of 33.5 x 24 x 13 inches. It has an interesting design, resembling much a concave form, and having a slightly modern flair.

The adjustable shoulder straps allow you to carry around the conga bag with ease. And the included pocket is great for storing your conga accessories. We like this conga bag because of its inverted design that adds a lot to its stability. The exterior was created with heavy-duty, waterproof, and dustproof materials, while the interior is padded with qualitative foam.

So, if you want to have the most stylish bag designed with the guidance of a professional percussionist, this is the go-to solution for you! It is user-friendly and created with a percussionist’s needs in mind.

13) Latin Percussion Padded Conga Bag

Even though this conga carrying bag might seem a bit lose, it is, in fact, a top-notch protective case. It keeps your conga safe with the aid of a sturdy layer of cushioning, while the durable nylon used for the exterior prevents damage caused by wear and tear.

This padded conga bag was created with an adjustable strap and handle. Also, it comes with a small exterior pocket that can fit in small conga accessories. This conga bag is great for almost all instrument dimensions as it has the approximative dimensions of 27.5"W x 38"H x 18"D.

So, if you want to purchase a professional padded percussion bag, this might suit your needs, as the secure interior layer of cushioning prevents shock damage during transportation.

14) Pearl Conga Bag

Being a percussionist doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to settle for a dull conga bag. Take as an example: the carrying bag sold by Pearl. It comes with a rather innovative design, made from extremely durable materials, including qualitative nylon, which adds a lot of protection for your instrument.

Besides, the nylon handle and shoulder strap are great for ease of carrying. Indeed, this bag might seem at first not so durable, but the interior is reinforced with padding and fits smoothly standard conga dimensions.

The approximative dimensions for Pearl’s conga bag are 15.1 x 13.6 x 3.7 inches. Overall, this is a unique approach towards a percussion bag that will shield your conga and offer you’re an extra touch of style.

15) Gewa Premium Conga Bag

Another reputable percussion bag distributor is Gewa. They sell a premium gig bag for conga that comes in two dimensions: 10 and 11 inches to suit these particular conga sizes. The bag was created from Cordura 600 denier materials, which are known for their tear-proof, waterproof, and dustproof characteristics.

Besides, the conic design is reinforced inside with a thick foam padding, great for shielding your percussion instrument from exterior damage. You can carry around this premium conga bag with the help of the included carrying strap with shoulder pad, as the overall design for this is backpack style.

Hence, if you want to purchase the best conga bag, this product sold by Gewa is a great suggestion, as the brand focuses solely on mechanical-acoustical and percussion instruments.

16) Humes & Berg Tuxedo Conga Bag

As soon as you look at Humes & Berg’s bag, you will see how durable and qualitative it is. The exterior is extremely thick and features their signature tuxedo design. The product comes with a black Cordura shell, a thick ½ inches poly-foam liner, and double-stitching design, which can be used for several years without damage.

This tuxedo conga bag is created to lower impact shocks, and enabling the percussionist to transport a conga safely. So, for those who want to best bag for their conga, this product is one of the most professional, durable, and qualitative on the market.

Both the interior and exterior are reinforced with thick foam padding, which increases safety for your drums. This tuxedo conga bag comes with waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof characteristics.

17) Zenison Deluxe Conga Bag

Zenison proposes a versatile conga bag, made from extremely qualitative materials, being the main reason why it is found under the deluxe category. This conga drum bag is excellent for several types of congas, and its thick padding prevents shock or transportation damage.

Overall, it is a great choice for any performer that has to carry around the conga for performing in different locations. It comes with a useful carrying strap, along with a shoulder strap that makes it even easier to transport your percussion instrument.

Besides, you have a handy pocket for accessories or other small items. The approximative dimensions for this deluxe conga bag go around 28 inches, while the top is 15 inches and the diameter 9 inches.

18) EDMBG Deluxe Conga Bag

Another top-notch recommendation for your next conga bag is the deluxe carrying bag sold by EDMBG. It was designed to shield 12 inches conga drums, while the approximative dimensions for this product are a height of 25 inches, a top diameter of 15.5 inches and a bottom diameter of 10 inches.

It is an extremely qualitative conga gig bag that comes with an exciting plush padding within. It can absorb shocks or transportation vibrations, which protects your instrument while on the go.

Besides, it is extremely simple to use due to the zipper design and the included carrying strap and shoulder strap. It has a small pocket, which can be used for several purposes, including storing small personal items.

Thus, if you are looking for the best protection for your 12 inches conga instrument, this bag might be the best solution for you due to the toxic-free, durable, and great padding materials.

19) EDMBG Deluxe Conga Bag

Another exquisite conga bag sold by EDMBG, this one is great for protecting your 10-inch percussion instrument. This bag’s overall dimensions are around 28 inches height, while the top is 14 inches, and the bottom is 8 inches in diameter.

Overall, it can fit different conga drums with the sole condition that they don’t exceed these standard dimensions. This bag is created with durable and qualitative materials, while the exterior prevents environmental factors from damaging your beloved conga. It comes with a useful carrying strap and shoulder strap, along with a pocket for additional storing of small items.

We like EDMBG Deluxe 10 inches conga bag because of its super thick padding that absorbs shocks and shields the delicate instrument from transportation damage.

Choosing the Best Conga Bag

The bottom line is that the best conga buying guide starts with your instrument’s characteristics. There are plenty of carrying solutions for the conga drum, and sometimes it can feel quite challenging to choose a particular one. And to tell you the secret, you need to think about how often you travel with your conga.

If you are always on the go, maybe you need a sturdy case with a reinforced exterior to prevent shocks. But if you are only transporting your conga from now and then, a durable, protective nylon carrying bag might do the trick. Anyway, no matter which conga drums bag you opt for, any of the products mentioned above will offer you excellent protection.

All were created with durable materials to prevent shock damage and dust gatherings on the exterior. Thus, if you have a conga or planning to purchase one, you need to get a bag for it today!

2) Gator Padded Conga Bag

  • Durable 6-Denier nylon construction
  • Comfortable carrying straps
  • Shoulder strap
  • Padded interior
  • Reinforced bottom

1) Latin Percussion Conga Bag

  • Durable
  • Heavily padded bag provides superior protection
  • Wide mouth opening
  • Large wheels

3) Meinl Percussion Conga Backpack

  • Heavy-duty padded nylon
  • Made from shock-resistant, waterproof, and dustproof materials
  • Ease of handling
  • Includes outer pocket