Best Choice SKY2246 Guitar Review 2022

Best Choice SKY2246 Guitar Review

Best Choice SKY2246 Guitar Review

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Learning how to play guitar can be quite overwhelming. There is so much to knowledge to soak in and techniques to master. However, that isn’t what makes beginners tremble in their shoes. Finding the right guitar has proven to be a much more stressful part of the whole process. Back in the day you had to set aside a decent chunk of money or suffer through a used barely playable guitar. Today that’s no longer the case. With guitars such as the Best Choice SKY2246, you can start learning in no time.

Best Choice SKY2246 Guitar Review

Best Choice SKY2246 – Is It Worth It?

Before we get into specifics, many of you are probably wondering whether or not this guitar is even worth getting. The answer to that question requires you to be realistic in terms of your expectations. This is a beginners guitar designed to get you started. It’s not a custom made Fender nor will it ever be.

On the other hand, it is so cost-effective that it becomes the perfect choice for those who aren’t sure whether they want to play guitar or not as well as those on a budget.

Just Another Strat Copy

While some might mock it because of this fact, we think it’s a great thing! If there is one model of electric guitars that have been built to perfection, it’s the legendary Strat. Mass-produced guitars of this type used to be absolutely horrible back in the day. However, due to the overall popularity of this shape, many manufacturers started building their own and thus pushing down the price all while increasing quality to stay competitive. The end result is something like SKY2246 – a solid guitar that is silly cheap.

Body and Construction

When you’re dealing with high-end guitars, the type of wood matters a lot. With this model, all you need to know is that it’s some sort of hardwood. In all honesty, it could be anything. What matters the most is that the body of this guitar delivers enough to sustain and has a decent sound profile.

Furthermore, the fit and finish of all major components are quite alright all things considered. There are no wobbly bits or major gaps between different guitar parts. The neck feels like maple and features that classic Stratocaster profile. It may not a lightning-fast neck like those you’ll find on Ibanez guitars, but it is comfortable and that is what matters the most when you’re just starting out.


SKY2246, like most Stratocaster, inspired guitars, comes with three single-coil pickups. While a high end, American made Fender Strat sounds like pure magic, cheap Strats have to deal with issues inherent to the single-coil design.

To be more specific, these pickups are noisy. Does that matter much? Not really, at least not today when you can get a gate pedal for cheap and sort that issue out. For all intents and purposes, these pickups are decent. They will get you started and offer a bit of that classic rock tone. Once you get your bearing as a guitar player and expand your skills, you will know where you want to go in terms of guitar sound. Therefore, until you reach that point, it doesn’t really matter which pickups are on your guitar.

Another weak point of many Strat copies is the bridge. Tremolo bridges are difficult to deal with even in high-end guitars, let alone cheap beginner axes. The best thing you can do is take off that tremolo bar, toss it into the nearest lake and forget it. Why? Because any prolonged use of the good old whammy bar on this bad boy will result in a complete loss of key or worse.

Speaking of keys and tunings, the tuners that come with this model are surprisingly good. Sure, they are no Grover locking tuners, but they hold their ground better than expected.


Getting just a guitar doesn’t really do much for you. Electric guitars, as great as they are, make no sense in the long run unless you have an amp as well.

This is where SKY 2246 stands out. Best Choice Products ships these out with a few accessories included. You get a gig bag, a strap, a set of spare strings, even a pick. Most importantly, you get a small 10W amp and a guitar cable.

Even though these no-name amps are usually questionable at best, the ‘BC GA10’ that comes with the kit is quite decent. Truth be told there isn’t even close to 10 proper Watts of power in this thing, but you will get a solid sound! As far as controls go, the panel includes a standard 3-band EQ setup but there’s also an overdrive channel. Despite being that thin, digital drive, it is suitable for classic rock or similar genres where the baseline guitar sound is often described as ‘containing buckets of fat’ and causing an immediate stank face in the audience. You won’t be chugging Meshuggah with this bad boy that’s for sure, but you could pull a solid Cream.

Is Best Choice SKY2246 Guitar Good?

SKY2246 is a great piece of kit as long as you don’t try to make it something it obviously isn’t. This is a beginner model that most older players would dream of when they started out. Additionally, it is priced in a way that makes affordable even to those who are working on a super slim budget. We’ve expected a consistent lack of quality across all aspects of this guitar, but we were proven wrong.

This is a decent axe that sounds great for the money. The real question is how it will perform in the long run? All things are pointing towards a good performance even after a solid year of frequent use, but your mileage may vary. By that time, you might be already jumping ship for something better and more in line with your music tastes