15 Best Cheap Trombone Reviews 2022 (Best Budget Trombones)

Best Cheap Trombone & Best Budget Trombone

Best Cheap Trombone & Best Budget Trombone

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Brass instruments are among the popular class of musical instruments. There are several different types of these and one of the most eminent brass musical instruments is the trombone. It is an Italian word that is simply translated as a ‘large trumpet’. This is an amazing and old one and was first developed in the mid of 15th century. Since then, it has been called with several different names in different languages. Besides, it comes in different types and the most prominent ones include bass, alto and tenor trombone.

The instrument has a wide usage and it is played in orchestras, wind bands, chamber music and jazz as well. There can be many structural variations as different trombones have different bell construction depending on the brass mixture used. Similarly, many of these come with the attached valves. This feature not only increases the range but also offer more convenience e for the trills.

If you want to get a new trombone, we suggest you go for a cheaper one if you are a beginner. There are many that come at a very reasonable rate but possess marvelous quality and excellent functionality. Why spend plenty of money on a good quality instrument when you can buy one for a more budget-friendly price? All you need to do is find the right one and that’s what we are here for.

What are the Best Cheap Trombones to Buy?

Mendini by Cecilio Trombone Kit - Bb Tenor Brass Instruments for Kids, Beginners w/Case & Gloves
PINSTRUMENTS Plastic pBone Trombone - Mouthpieces and Carrying Bag - Lightweight Versatile, Comfortable Ergonomic Grip - Bb Authentic Sound for Student & Beginner - Durable ABS Construction - Blue
Glory Brass B Flat Trombone with Case and Mouthpiece, Nickel Silver Color, Student Trombone
Mendini by Cecilio Trombone Kit - Bb Tenor Brass Instruments for Kids, Beginners w/Case & Gloves
PINSTRUMENTS Plastic pBone Trombone - Mouthpieces and Carrying Bag - Lightweight Versatile, Comfortable Ergonomic Grip - Bb Authentic Sound for Student & Beginner - Durable ABS Construction - Blue
Glory Brass B Flat Trombone with Case and Mouthpiece, Nickel Silver Color, Student Trombone
Mendini by Cecilio Trombone Kit - Bb Tenor Brass Instruments for Kids, Beginners w/Case & Gloves
Mendini by Cecilio Trombone Kit - Bb Tenor Brass Instruments for Kids, Beginners w/Case & Gloves
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PINSTRUMENTS Plastic pBone Trombone - Mouthpieces and Carrying Bag - Lightweight Versatile, Comfortable Ergonomic Grip - Bb Authentic Sound for Student & Beginner - Durable ABS Construction - Blue
PINSTRUMENTS Plastic pBone Trombone - Mouthpieces and Carrying Bag - Lightweight Versatile, Comfortable Ergonomic Grip - Bb Authentic Sound for Student & Beginner - Durable ABS Construction - Blue
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Glory Brass B Flat Trombone with Case and Mouthpiece, Nickel Silver Color, Student Trombone
Glory Brass B Flat Trombone with Case and Mouthpiece, Nickel Silver Color, Student Trombone
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Starting your musical journey with an expensive model would be a very bad idea. It is always good to be economical in your choice especially if it is the first time you are buying a trombone. There is a general idea that cheap musical instruments are not good in quality but that is not the case with trombones.

Many of these are made of plastic which serves as a cheaper and more durable option than brass. Thus, these are not only low in price but high in durability as well. Although the sound of plastic trombones is different from the brass made instruments but these are usually preferred because of their low price and robust structure. You can use them for practice for as long as you want.

Thus, you should always go for a cheap trombone if you are in your initial stages of learning. There is a whole range of low-price trombones that are made to offer a more convenient playing experience for the beginners. Besides, these are easier to carry and their portability offers an edge for the traveling musicians as well.

If you want to purchase a good trombone at a low rate, we have got you covered. Take a look at the list of top cheap trombones and make your choice after reviewing their specifications and playability.

15 Best Cheap Trombone Reviews and the Best Budget Trombones

1) Mendini by Cecilio Bb Tenor Slide Trombone

Here is a simple yet beautiful and elegant model of tenor slide B Flat trombone. It has robust construction and easy functionality. The workmanship is great and it helps the players to deliver a more expressive play. The Gold lacquer finishing adds to its aesthetic appeal. Moreover, this is heavy in weight and carries 11 pounds.

Its size dimensions are 36 x 15 x 10 inches. Some other specifications include 8 inches bell and a medium sized bore. This is made to have a balanced distribution of weight and offers a very smooth action in addition to effortless note changes.

Considering the bore size, it is highly suitable for the jazz musicians. Furthermore, the initial level players and students are going to find it a very helpful instrument. The complete package includes a mouthpiece which is silver plated, a polishing cloth and a pair of gloves.

Besides, a hard shell carry bag covered in nylon is also included to make its hauling easier for the players. The best part is, it comes with a one year warranty. Thus, you can buy it without any doubts.

2) pBone PBONE1B Jiggs Plastic Trombone

If you want to get one for your kid or you are an entry-level player, this is a very apt choice for you. It is made of good quality plastic that adds to its durability. This is made to provide a more comfortable playing experience.

The ergonomically designed grip is specially tailored to make it handy for the young players. Besides, the water key design makes it unique. The size dimensions include 38 x 11 x 14 inches. It is made light in weight so that new players can easily carry it around. It weighs only 1.8 pounds. The bore size is 0.5inch and it sounds remarkably good.

It has a slide made of fiberglass that is designed to move freely. The easy movement of the slide is assisted by the addition of stockings of the brass slide on the inner side. This gives a smoother feel and makes the play easier. A plastic mouthpiece is also included. Moreover, it comes complete with a well-made carry bag for easy hauling. In short, this is an excellent choice for the new and young players.

3) Glory High-Grade Bb/F Key Intermediate TENOR Trombone

Do you want to buy a more durable trombone for long hours of practice? Looking for an easier to play and handy model? Want to make a more budget-friendly choice? Take a look at this well-structured and elegantly designed tenor trombone. This is made of high-grade brass and delivers a very beautiful sound.

It is made to be very durable. Besides, the workmanship is commendable and it offers a very handy experience. The size dimensions of this phenomenal model are 39.8 x 10.2 x 9.1 inches and its total weight is 9.15 pounds.

It functions in the key of Bb and has the bell size of 7.913 inches while the bore measures 0.496 inches. This adds more resistance and contributes to the strong sound.

The gold plated finish makes this model more aesthetic and the smooth action provides enhanced ease for delivering a great performance. This works equally well for both the fresh players and learning students. You would enjoy its expressive performance. The low rate makes it best for students.

4) Glory GTD-2 B Flat Brass Trombone

Looking for an affordable option for your kid? Here it is. This is another fully functional, simply designed Alto trombone pitched in B flat. The brass construction makes it highly durable and the gold finish makes it look more attractive.

If you want to select one with a low budget, it would best meet your needs. It is very suitable for school bands as well. Considering the playing features, sound quality, and intonation, this is a suitable option for both the newbies and intermediate level players. The weight is about 8.25 pounds which is reasonable for the growing students. Moreover, the size dimensions are 37 x 10.1 x 9.5 inches.

The easy playing makes it a favorite choice of students. Not only it will last long, you would love its bright tone and a pleasant sound as well. It also comes with a care kit for proper maintenance of your instrument. Besides, a good quality hard carry case with inner compartment is also included for easy carrying of your trombone.

5) Mendini MTB-31 Intermediate B Flat Tenor Slide Trombone

This is a gorgeous looking B Flat Tenor trombone made for the intermediate learners. The excellent craftsmanship, simple design, and robust construction make it a more favorable pick for the enthusiastic learners.

The mechanical linkage and F attachment add to its functional efficiency. It is made of yellow brass and the lacquer finish makes it look appealing. It has 13 pounds weight and the size dimensions are 42 x 17 x 15 inches. Some other measurements are 8.5 inches bell size and bore of 0.547 inches.

The lead pipe is nickel plated and there is an inner and outer slide. It has a big shank and a 12C mouthpiece which is plated in silver. Moreover, a chromatic tuner is added which makes the play easier.

Other accessories included are a cleaning cloth for keeping your instrument dust free and a pair of white gloves. It comes with a highly durable hard carrying case for making the portability easier for students. Grab it and enjoy learning this wonderful instrument at a very reasonable rate. You will get it with a warranty for one year.

6) Tromba TRB-BK Plastic Trombones-black

It offers a perfect blend of quality, durability, and style. The robust construction adds to its strength and beginners would find it a very handy option. Not only the rates are low, the functional efficiency is also commendable. It delivers a very bright tone and sonic characteristics help to deliver a marvelous performance.

Besides, it has very smooth slide action and the easy operation enables the newbies to perform well. The size measurements are 30.7 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches and its weight is about 3.97 pounds.

It is made of high-quality ABS plastic and the black color with high gloss finish makes it look more appealing. This features contemporary brace style. It is best for beginners and the finish is made dent resistant. Some features include lock ring slide and Bb tone.

The bell size is 8.5 inches and has 0.5-inch bore. It comes complete with a strongly made stand and padded gig-bag for carrying the instrument. Besides, a cleaning kit is also included for better maintenance. Thus, it offers everything you need to enjoy a comfortable and high-quality musical experience

7) ammoon Tenor Trombone Brass Gold Lacquer Bb Tone B flat

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Ammoon has always pleased the customers with reliable quality musical instruments. It is famous for strong construction and high value for money. This B flat wind instrument pitched in Bb tone presented by Ammoon is among the most economical models that provide remarkable functionality in addition to smooth action and remarkable sound.

It is strongly structured with professional quality brass and has cupronickel piston. Whether you are a fresh learner or an advanced level student, it is a favorable option for you. It carries 8.7 pounds weight and the size measurements are 36.9 x 14 x 14 inches.

It has the finish of gold lacquer, flawless intonation, and high structural quality. The care kit is also added so that you can better take care of your instrument. It includes a cleaning stick, a pair of gloves, and cupronickel mouthpiece.

Like for most of the other models, a hard shell carry bag is also included which makes the portability easier. Both the students and teachers will have a joyous playing experience with this trombone.

8) Moz Brand New Bb/F Tenor Trombone w/ Case and Mouthpiece- Nickel Plated Finish

Are you looking for a well-crafted and durable trombone with catchy outlook? Want to purchase one at a low price? Don’t worry, you are covered. Check out this remarkable model built with special attention to functional efficiency.

Not only it is beautiful in appearance, the operational convenience is also a major plus. Trying this one, in the beginning, would be very helpful for you. It delivers an eminent quality sound that encourages the new players to keep on practicing for enhancing their performance. It delivers a melodious tone. Furthermore, the size measurements comprise 35 x 13 x 11.3 inches and its weight is 10.4 pounds.

This functions in the key of Bb flat. The bore size is 0.54 inches and the bell measures 9.252 inches. It has a beautiful nickel plated finish and reflects seamless craftsmanship. The perfect tubing structure and phenomenal tone make it an excellent model.

The silver color makes it more adorable. Besides, the well-structured brass body makes it more durable. Just as other models come with carrying bag, it also comes with a hard-shell carry case. Try this horn for a pleasant and handy performance.

9) Le’Var TBOLV100 Student Trombone

If you are in search of a more economical, attractive and easy to play trombone, here is a wonderful option for you. It is usually recommended because of structural strength, good quality sound, powerful tone and perfect intonation.

Despite the low rate, functional capabilities are exceptionally good and it enables the players to perform well just will a little practice. It would be great to begin your musical journey with this user-friendly instrument. It measures 44 x 7 x 4 inches and its total weight is 7 pounds.

The cylindrical bore has 0.5 inches size. It is scaled in Bb tune and the functional features are designed to assist the aspiring students. The bell, lead pipe, and body comprise high-class brass and it delivers a bright and very rich sound. Besides, it features, silver plated mouthpiece and the lacquered finish adds to its beautiful outlook.

The complementary products added are cleaning rod, polishing cloth, and slide cream. A carry case is also included that makes the portability easier for students. Not only the students like to play it, it works great for musicians of other skills levels as well.

10) Merano WD427SV-MT B Flat Tenor Slide Trombone

This is among the most appropriate options for those who don’t want to compromise on quality but have financial constraints. It has a body which ensures high longevity and the admirable looks make it a good choice. This trombone has a glossy and polished finish and it exhibits flawless workmanship.

The silver color makes it look more attention-grabbing. Some of its perks include easy functionality, strong tone, praiseworthy sound quality and decent design. What can be a better option than this for a growing musician? Playing it would assist in better learning. It is very suitable for orchestras and bands. Moreover, it measures 37 x 12 x 13 inches and its weight is 12.2 pounds.

It operates in B flat key. The added accessories are a pair of white gloves, a metro tuner for your ease, a music stand, and a zippered carrying case. The bag is lined with velvet for better protection and it helps in easy hauling. This adds more convenience for the students. Grab this model for enjoying more convenient practice sessions and learn in a more effective manner at the very low rate.

11) Costzon B Flat Tenor Slide Trombone

Try this B flat tenor trombone once and you would be pleased with its operational efficiency. It is designed to deliver a fantastic performance and the tonal qualities make it a favorable choice for the learning students. Those who need a cheap trombone featuring strong structure, easy playability, and melodious sound, it is an apt option.

The finish in gold brass looks very nice. Furthermore, this is a very reasonable option made to fulfill the musical needs of growing players. Considering the size dimensions, it measures 36 x 12.6 x 12 inches. The weight of this trombone is not much and this is very easy to carry.

The brass body makes it more durable and it features remarkable slide action and the tuning slide comprise chrome finished cupronickel. The easy hand position and effortless airflow ads to the easy playing experience. The numbers of accessories included are a well-crafted mouthpiece, a cleaning cloth, and a durable carrying case with inner compartments for enhanced protection. The bag added is easy to carry and you can carry it in bag pack style as well.

12) Allora Student Series Bb Trombone Model AATB-102

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This model presented by is among the most affordable options. Along with its beautiful finish in an elegant structural design, the easy action and comfortable playing features make it a preferred choice.

If you are thinking of learning this commendable musical instrument, taking a start with this one would be great. This one has a solid structure with enhanced longevity and this is available at a very competitive price. It offers a very comfy playing experience backed by smooth and easy slide action. The size measurements include 34.5 x 9 x 9.2 inches. It weighs about 8.95 pounds.

The slide has chrome on the inner and the outer has brass. Specially made for the beginners, it has a standard lead pipe and 8-inch yellow brass bell. Besides, the bore size is 0.5 inch.

The mouthpiece added is made to provide an excellent sound and the trombone has marvelous intonation. For making it easier to carry, a carry bag is also added. This is an incredible choice that offers great value for your money and an appreciable learning experience.

13) LAGRIMA Bb Slide Flat Tenor Trombone Gold Brass

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The new players usually look for a more appealing outlook as it also develops their interest in learning. For such people, this one in the finish is an exceptional option. This is high in durability and strength in construction. The playing capabilities along with sonic characteristics are excellent and easy operation makes it apposite for new learners.

You can enjoy long practice sessions with this model and it is very apt for performing in school bands. Thus, whether you are a new leaner or a student, it would work great for you. The size measures 38.2 x 13.4 x 12.6 inches and it weighs 12 pounds.

This is anticorrosion and made to last long. It is designed to reduce the resistance to sound that makes it easier for the new players to perform better. The functioning features make it favorite for initial level players. Besides, the carry case added is very lightweight. It is made to offer added protection to the instrument and you can easily carry your instrument around. Get this to enjoy practicing on a good quality trombone available at the very fair rate.

14) D’Luca 750N 750 Series Plated Bb Tenor Slide Trombone

If you are looking for a low price model featuring reliable structure, solid construction, good mechanical design, enhanced comfort and perfect intonation, this is a very suitable option. This is Bb Tenor slide that comes in a nickel plated finish.

It has a gold brass body and it is constructed to last for a longer period of time. This is lightweight and carries only 8 pounds. Besides, the size dimensions include 35.5 x 14 x 12.6 inches. The bore measures 0.50 inches while the bell has 7.99 inches size.

It is suitable for both the beginners and intermediate players and gives an effortless playing experience. This delivers a very powerful and bright tone that is backed by the optimum resistance caused by the bore. For your ease, it has very smooth slide action that helps in easy changes in notes in several registers.

Whether you want to play in a marching band or you need one for practice in the studio, this is appropriate for both the settings. Additionally, it comes with a complete cleaning kit that comprises a polishing cloth, slide oil, mouthpiece brush, and grease for tuning slide. The split corks and trombone snake are also added. You will also get a set of instructions with this model. It comes complete with one year warranty.

15) Hawk Gold Lacquer Slide Tenor Bb Trombone

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This model proves the general notion wrong that for good quality, you have to pay a good price. It is a low-priced model that has appreciable quality and the sound it delivers is truly stunning.

For the passionate learners, it is very suitable because of effortless playability and easy handling. The design is simple but you won’t have any problem regarding the quality. The structure is strongly crafted and you can keep on practicing on this for as long as you want. Besides, it offers an easy and pleasant musical experience.

It has a gold lacquer finish. This operates in the key of Bb. The new players would enjoy its effortless operation backed by smooth air flow and easy slide motion. A high-quality mouthpiece is also included to help you begin learning instantly.

Other accessories included are a portable music stand that can be folded for convenient transport, a pair of white gloves and a cleaning kit. Last but not the least, a carrying case is also provided. Start your musical adventure with this first-rate trombone and you would love your choice.

Choosing the Best Cheap Trombone from the Best Budget Trombone Brands

Usually, it is suggested for the beginners to select a low budget trombone, as these are simply made, strongly structured and offers easy playability. Thus, starting your musical adventure with the cheap trombone would be very fruitful for you.

It will not only make the learning process easier but also allow you to freely handle your strongly made instrument and enjoy long practice sessions. Additionally, there are many models that can be used by the intermediate players and professionals as well.

Some pro-level models are also available at low rates and you can use them to showcase your skills. We have covered a broad range of instruments by considering their functionality. All these are available at very cheap rates and their easy affordability makes them more desirable.

Take a more attentive look at all these models and you will definitely find a very suitable one according to your playing needs and skill level. Keep in mind your level of skills as a player and grab the suitable one of these to have a more economical and pleasant experience.