20 Best Bassoon Reviews 2022 – Best Bassoon Brands

Best Bassoon & Best Bassoon Brands

Best Bassoon & Best Bassoon Brands

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Buying any musical instrument can be challenging for a beginner or a newbie. Buying bassoon can be more challenging because of the high cost and options available for the beginner. Although it is always recommended to buy a best bassoon from a reputable store but what factors should you keep in mind while buying a bassoon.

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What are the Best Bassoons to Buy?

2) Fox Model 222 Bassoon with High D

Fox Model 222 Bassoon with High D
  • Premier Manufacturer
  • Supreme Choice
  • Great Sound
  • Excellent Intonation

1) Fox Renard Model 240 Bassoon

Fox Renard Model 240 Bassoon
  • High Quality
  • Advanced Student Bassoon
  • Whisper Key Lock
  • Classy

3) Fox Renard Model 220 Bassoon

Fox Renard Model 220 Bassoon
  • Great for All
  • Secure Performance
  • Last Long
  • Comfortable Playing

Like many other instruments, bassoons have the same buying factors such as your expertise level (beginner or professional), your usage (personal or school), your budget and sometimes access to the store. All these factors come in to play while buying a musical instrument. For bassoons, there is another factor that you need to consider.

It is the material that it is made of. Usually, bassoons come in two different material, wood and hard rubber. Although bassoons could range from few hundreds to 30000 dollars, the price depends upon the material of the bassoon as well.

Wood bassoons are basically more flexible and have a very soothing tone. These wood bassoons are used by the professionals and these bassoons should be handled with care. Because wood can relate to many problems so its maintenance is another question.

On the other hand, there are bassoons made up of hard rubber as well. These bassoons are perfect for the beginners because they are more durable than the wood bassoons. For newbies, it is suggested to go for the rubber made bassoons. They are not only durable but are also easy to maintain. You have to consider the sound quality of the instrument.

Investing in a good bassoon will save you more in the long run. If you are planning to buy a wooden bassoon, it is recommended to buy a handmade bassoon. Although wooden bassoons are generally made up with hands but make sure the one you are investing in is a handmade instrument as well.

20 Best Bassoon Reviews and the Best Bassoon Brands

We are reviewing some of the bassoons in this article to help you get a suitable instrument for yourself.

1) Fox Renard Model 240 Bassoon

Fox Renard Model 240 Bassoon

If you are out looking for an advanced student bassoon with the highest quality, the Fox Model 240 is the ultimate target to get.

The reason why this model is recommended is that it comes with all the features an advanced student might need.

First, there is the high E key, which most students love to have, and a whisper key lock. However, the bore on this model is short but provides a flexible and resonating tone that is only found on professional models. It is, for this reason, some professionals opted for this model because it contains some of the things they want.

The design of the Renald 240 is based on another version, the Model 201. The tone quality on the Model 240 short bore design is more open, compared to its long bore counterparts. The voice rendition allows the player to open up and closed right in the singinglee register. It is for this reason that it has been a wonderful choice for many bassoonist since its inception in 1994.

The body of the Model 240 features red maple design with silver plating and a full German system. A Bb guard and two professional bocals define the quality of this bassoon.

2) Fox Model 222 Bassoon with High D

Fox Model 222 Bassoon with High D

The Fox Model 222 is an ideal choice for students. Fox is known as one of the best manufacturers and many trust their instruments.

The Model 222 mechanism features an 18 percent nickel-silver keys plating, which allows the instrument to extend its durability. However, if you are allergic to nickel, you may want to think otherwise. Of course, you would expect a full German system to be part of this, and it didn’t disappoint at all. The third finger hole on the wind joint features a plateau key design, with rollers on the Ab, EB, Db and F keys.

The way the bore was designed (with extending metal tubes), the finger holes of the wing joint is secured to prevent water from entering into the tone holes. With posts locked in epoxy and perfectly screwed, the Fox Model 222 is sure going to last for many years.

Considering that the body of the Model 222 bassoon feature a maple material construction, the durability is further extended. Linings are also included in the wind joint and boot joint’s small bore.

Fox includes a plush-lined case for easy transportation and preservation of your bassoon. Two drop swabs, two reeds, a seat strap, and crutch are also included.

3) Fox Renard Model 220 Bassoon

Fox Renard Model 220 Bassoon

If you are searching for a nice looking bassoon, the Fox Renard Model 220 is an ideal choice to consider. The first thing we noticed is that this Fox Renard Model 220 looks so similar to its sister counterpart, the Renard Model 240 in its mechanical design. This is more evident in the long bore and tonal warmth of the two versions, which makes them a good point of consideration for one and another.

Just like the Model 240, the Fox Renard Model 220 also features a superior intonation and secure performance of the long bore, a design that ensures excellent performance for bassoonists who are advancing to another level. The Renard 220, which was released in 1972, has a nice surround tone that is well balanced, together with excellent intonation throughout the whole range of the instrument. The design is one of the most secure quality, well suited for orchestral ensembles and chamber music.

Black maple and long bore dominate the body design of the Renard 220. The wind joint and small bore that’s within the boot joint have linings. The body lock and French metal ring are standard while the instrument rounds up with an acrylic enamel finish.

Lastly, the silver nickel keys and silver plating, together with its complete German system gives the Renard 220 a unique mechanical construction with high D and high E superior key functionality.

4) Fox Renard Model 222 Bassoon

Fox Renard Model 222 Bassoon

The difference between this Fox Renard Model 222 bassoon and the previous 222 bassoons is that this new model doesn’t include a high D. Moreover, this version of the Fox Renard Model 222 is tailored to meet the needs of the bassoonists, especially those who are involved in school music programs.

The body of this model features a long bore, sugar maple design that offers maximum durability and it’s naturally aged as well. In the small bore of the foot joint and the wind, joint lay durable synthetic linings for maximum convenience, giving the student the ability to endure rigorous handling. A German bell nicely apportioned the instrument, plus a solid body lock and acrylic enamel finish, all defining the bassoon’s quality construction.

Other additional features are nickel-silver keys with excellent silver plating and robust German system. A plateau key also features on the wing joint thirst finger hole, while a metal tube reaches down into the bore finger holes o prevent water from interfering with the tone rendition. This incorporates the quality of other Fox Renald bassoons—a nice choice for the beginner player.

5) Jupiter 363 Student Bassoon

Jupiter 363 Student Bassoon

Designed especially for students, this bassoon has a very warm tone and clear sound. It is not a wooden made bassoon product. This bassoon is made up of ABS resin which is a perfect alternative for wood. ABS resin also provides a very strong structure and you don’t have to worry about the quality of the instrument.

The key structure of the instrument is designed especially for the students to help them to get along with the keys in no time.

The durability of the product depends on the usage. If handled with care, it can last longer and there is a case as well to help you to keep the product safe. The Jupiter 363 student bassoon has a full German 22 key system and has a special key as D. The trill keys of the product are F# and C3 while C#, D#, and F/A are the roller keys. The keys of the bassoon are coated with nickel and the whole product is crafted in Taiwan.

Overall, the product has an average quality but it is perfect from the learning aspects. This is purely because of the professional functions that the instrument includes. Also, it has a very classy look that we don’t often see in industrial products.

6) Maple Bassoon w/ 24 Nickel Plated Keys

Maple Bassoon w/ 24 Nickel Plated Keys

This maple bassoon has 24 nickel plated keys followed by five roller keys. Although it is not one of the popular instrument product in the market, but it certainly has the uniqueness as compared to the other bassoons.

This RS Berkeley has a complete heckle system and has a high EB key. It has a whisper key mechanism and has self-acting G ring bocals. To add the uniqueness, the instruments includes a neck cord and a custom case. High E and E-F# keys are included in the instrument.

This maple bassoon has a natural curved body with reflections on the maple keys. Manufacturers have provided users with a joint lock thumb rest as well. This will provide the user with a good experience and relaxed jamming session.

The sound of this bassoon is on the good side as well. If tuned properly, the instrument will provide a very satisfied sound quality. As compare to other bassoon instruments, this maple bassoon also have relatively thick walls that play a vital role in its sound quality.

The tone of the product is loud and the design is relatively good in terms of holding the instrument. The durability of the instrument is on the low side because there is no case involved in the shipping package.

7) YFG-811/811C Bassoons

YFG-811 Bassoon

The YFG-811/811C has a slightly thinner body frame but offers gentle and elegant sounds that dwarfed its petite body. The wall thickness of the bassoon’s body is standard. The YFG-811 petite body makes it possible for players to achieve large expressive capability and universal compatibility for the comfort of all forms of players and playing styles.

The thickness of the YFG bassoon’s body, which measures 4 millimeters in thickness levels, allows the bassoon to provide a darker tone—a fitting experience for the modern orchestra.

One thing that we like most about the YFG-811/811C is the key system, which is assembled by hand by skilled and experienced craftsmen. Much emphasis is placed on superior quality and best playability. You will like the Bb hard and balancer on this model, as they match precisely with the entire setup.

Instead of a full German system, what we have here is a roller system that works side-by-side with a much larger size left-hand thumb key enables performance of challenging passages.

We like the way the left hand and right-hand little finger keys are located naturally, and the positions are comfortable and encourage robust playability—allowing the player to focus on the music, not on the instrument.

It’s Yamaha all the way!

8) YFG-812/812C Bassoons

YFG-812/812C Bassoons

The YFG-812 features a heavier body wall, which is designed to ensure its durability and longevity. It is a professional level bassoon, and the reason why so much people like it is that it is a super custom bassoon with authentic, rich sound. This custom bassoon is the right choice for players who are interested in a warm, round tone, and also for bassoonists who wants to balance the excellent power of a new and innovative symphony orchestra.

For players who are looking for a reliable custom bassoon, the models from Yamaha are considered to be among the finest in the market. A majority of the world’s greatest orchestras favors these models. Their full, rich sound allows players to control the subtle tone shadings in delicate passages while enabling you to open and access the sound beyond its current limits.

The finger-keys are ergonomically shaped, and their level of intonation is extremely accurate, providing comfortable playability.

There are two versions of the YFG—the 812 and 812C, and both feature the same top quality material design, long, seasoned maple body construction. With their hand-assembled key system, these bassoons, with ther Bb key guard and balancer constitute a perfect option for players who want love the Heckel tone-holes system.

9) YFG-821 Custom Bassoon

YFG-821 Custom Bassoon

The YFG-821 is another superior custom bassoon from the legendary brand, Yamaha. Also referred to as the “pre-war design,” the YFG-821 feature remarkable capabilities that offer a great degree of tonal flexibility. This model is ideal for players, especially soloists who want to have a feel maximum capability and means of adapting the quality of their sound match different performance situations.

The YFG features the Heckel pre-war system that allows the keys to flow evenly. The design is highly advanced, featuring the best of Yamaha skilled engineering, which has helped a great deal in resolving the problems inherent in the intonation rendition. Also, inconsistencies in tone quality that are some of the conventional challenges with bassoons were taking care of in this model as well.

In a nutshell, the YFG-821 from Yamaha is a bassoon that enables the bassoonists to take control of the most subtle tone in the most delicate passages, and at the same time opening up the sound far more above the traditional limits.

The key system in this model is the Heckel system. F & Ab; Ab & F# makes up the roller keys, with the low Eb & low C# adding to the key spice. No doubt, the YFG-821 is a classic professional bassoon that delivers to expectations.

10) Schreiber Model S16 Intermediate Bassoon

This is a very similar model to S31 below but it was introduced before the S31 model. There is not a lot of difference between these two products. Manufactured by the same company, the S16 model has all the same specs of the S31 model.

The only difference is that it has a 5 hard rubber tone hole linings while the S31 model has six of them. This doesn’t seem to be a huge difference but from professional’s point of view, it can be slightly debatable. Although S 31 has supposed to be an improvised product, users can get all the features of the S31 model with this S16 model.

This model is slightly heavy. This model has a double C touch piece and it has a whisper key lock as well on the left-hand side of the instrument. Bocals of the bassoon are coated with silver which gives it a very premium look in hand and a neck strap helps the user to hold it in its place.

The product is full of accessories and just like its S31 model the manufacturers have provided a 10 years warranty on this model as well. This model from Schreiber can be used by the beginners and professionals.

11) Schreiber Model S31 Master Bassoon

Schreiber Model S31 Master Bassoon

The master bassoon is an expensive product as compared to the other products in the list but definitely worth what it costs. We all know that Schreiber has introduced some of the best quality products in the market. We can assure that Schreiber has not disappointed their user this time as well.

They have installed a handmade key mechanism in this bassoon. The key mechanism is a full German system that has a high key as D and E. There are 25 keys in total on the instrument and there are six hard rubber tone hole linings. The key structure is on the perfect side because it has double touch plates, two bocals, and four rollers.

It is made up of maple wood and can be perfect for the professionals. The only debatable thing related to this product is that whether it can be used by a beginner or not. The answer is that beginners can invest in this product but they will have difficulty in learning on this instrument.

The complex key system that it has make it a bit difficult to get started. From the performance wise, it is one of the top bassoon product and for the durability wise it goes even further. Schreiber is offering a ten years warranty on this S31 model because they are sure about its durability and performance.

12) Schreiber S13 Bassoon

The Schreiber’s S13 bassoon can be a perfect bassoon for the students and beginners. This is because of its short action keys which are easy to learn and play. These short action keys are specially designed for children and are plated with silver to give it a shiny premium look.

The key system includes 22 keys with D as high key. It has high mounted Thomann F, F# and Ab touch piece. Including four rollers, C# and whisper key touch piece, this is a perfect bassoon to teach students at the pro level.

The durability of the bassoon is undebatable because this is another maple wood made product. With soldered and bent bocals, the product is perfect to hand over to your children. It is designed for children, the weight of the product is also on the light side. It only weighs 8 pounds which make it easier for the children to hold the instrument.

There is no neck strap but with such weight, we don’t think that it might be required. There is no warranty for this product as well. Schreiber has provided ten years warranty on its S16 and S31 model. Ignoring this little fact, we will still suggest you to go for this product. 

13) Selmer Model 1432B Bassoon

This bassoon is a product from Selmer. Selmer is basically an experienced bassoon makers company that is making satisfying products since 1920. This 1432B model of the bassoon has a C key and a strong resonate plastic body.

The bassoon has a popular heckle system that is designed especially for the beginners. The system of this instrument has a high C key and large ring A which enables the musician to reach the keys easily and to come up with a soothing sound.

There is a wood shell included in the package which protects your instrument and two bocals complete the package. To enhance the durability of the instrument, the manufacturers have provided their users with kid leather pads.

The instrument is not a recommended product for the professionals but it is perfect for the beginners. Especially if you are looking for a bassoon instrument for your school band, we will recommend you to invest in this product.

The 1432B bassoon has a plastic body and keys are plated with nickel. To complete the heckle system, there is a high C key, rollers for C#-D# and F# trill. There is also a wood case provided by the manufacturers to keep the instrument away from the dust. 

14) Kohlert Bassoon

Kohlert is one of the top three best selling bassoon’s company. Kohlert is one of the bassoon manufacturer company that is experienced and has a very positive reputation in the market as well. Providing with quality instruments for decades, Kohlert has introduced another quality bassoon product.

For feature and performance wise, this is one of the best bassoon available in the market. The bassoon is designed for professionals because it includes all the pieces and comes in a very premium case. It also has a strap to hold the instrument and is one of the durable instrument.

The Kohlert bassoon can be a perfect companion for both professionals and beginners. This is not because of the reputation of the company, but it is purely because of the quality and solid design. This is basically a refurbished product of 2004 model but it includes new pads, replated keys and a completely new finish.

You don’t have to worry about the condition of the instrument because it is still having a very solid frame and rigid body. Although it is a refurbished product, there is no warranty available. Regardless of warranty, the product is still a recommended bassoon for professionals and beginners.

Kohlert is one of the oldest instrument manufacturing company and is in the field since 1949. There are many other bassoon products of this company that are getting improved. Not only bassoon, many other instruments are going through the improvement phase as well.

15) Tempest Agility Winds Alpine Maple Wood Bassoon

This alpine maple wood bassoon is equipped with silver plated keys and holes on the instrument are lined up as well which makes the instrument easy to play. The tone of the bassoon is very soothing because of its flexible design.

The design of the instrument is perfect for a solo player. Some of the handmade bassoon instruments can easily lose its sound because of the quality. This is not the case with this model. Crafted with care, the instrument is lined to prevent cracks and to produce the rich sound.

The weight of this maple is not on the heavier side as well which makes it perfect for the bassoons lovers to invest in this product. Just of 12 pounds makes this instrument easy to hold and flexible to play.

This bassoon is known for its quality rather than its built. Although the Tempest boast has high D and E keys, the pads are hand assembled that gives this product a secure fit. The product comes with two bocals, hand crutch, and a seat strap. It also includes a case cover which enables the user to protect the instrument and to increase the products durability.

Wooden bassoons require extra care. The manufacturer of this product has offered five years warranty so that users can easily rely on the product. The only thing that should be included in the package is seat strap. Overall, it’s a must have bassoon instrument.

16) Schiller Elite Series II Maplewood Bassoon

This is another wooden made bassoon instrument with two bocals. Schiller is a well-known company that has expertise in making the band and orchestral instruments. Users of this company are aware of the product’s quality and this maple wood bassoon is designed for longer use.

The only thing annoying in this product is its boot cap. The boot cap of this bassoon is a bit loose and it usually drops to the floor during the jamming sessions. You can replace it with another boot cap from the market. This is the second model of Schiller from the bassoon series and this bassoon has a hand finished aged maple body.

The instrument comes in a premium leather bag that has a perfect cut off for every piece. That is why the buyers of this product should not worry about the durability. Handmade bassoon fits perfectly in hands and has a powerful sound. The weight of the instrument is not as heavy. It weighs 22 pounds and it is perfect for both orchestral and chamber usage.

The instrument is designed for the professionals but beginners can also use this instrument to the optimum level. There is a mouth piece included in the product as well. 

17) GMS Maple Wood Bassoon

Next bassoon product in our list is a bassoon that is perfect for school and college level beginners. This is one of the popular instruments that schools prefer because it has a free flowing sound and efficient wood made quality. Like many other bassoons, this model also has a maple wood body but the keys of the product are silver plated keys.

Including two bocals, the instrument has a very durable construction and rich tone. The product includes a protective case as well but what makes this product different from others is its one-year warranty for the manufacturer’s defects. Although there is no money back guarantee but a one-year warranty should be enough for the customers to rely on the products quality.

The thing that is very unique to consider is its weight. The weight of the instrument is on the light side. It only weighs 8 pounds per unit and users of the instruments will find it very reliable to hold the instrument. 

18) Puchner Model Superior Bassoon

Model Superior Bassoon

The Model Superior Bassoon is the hallmark of excellence, even from afar. You can easily tell the quality of this bassoon. This bassoon comes with the silver-plated, long joint mechanism, with 13 solid sterling silver keys. One whisper key and one ring make up the wing joint, plus one ring in the boot joint as well. Automatic G-ring key, High D and high E keys also feature in the model.

The one-tone holes and five finger holes are lined with sterling silver tubes that reach deep into the bore to ensure perfect tone protection. There is a double C-key on the boot joint while the Bb key has adjusting screw, which you can use to optimize the intonation of low registers. As for the B and Bb key on the long joint, individual brackets secure them.

The whisper-key mechanism on this model has gliding rollers that linked both the whisper key mechanism and the low E key on the B and Bb key long. The superior antique finish of this model adds glamour to the overall design. The bassoon is a perfect choice for advanced and professionals alike.

19) Puchner Model 23

Model 23 bassoon

The Model 23 comes with a curly mountain maple design, which appears in the excellent dark-red finish, with more than 20 years. The Model 23 is a professional class bassoon, with a silver-plated mechanism that also has automatic G-ring, high E-key and high D-key ring to provide the player with full tone rendition capability. The whisper key mechanism on this model operates works correctly o the wing joint, and is self-acting from the low E-key.

There are 13 rollers on this model, and the boot joint is two in numbers, with each fitted on the F-key and F# key little finger position. Like with most other model versions, the Model 23 also has five finger holes and tone holes all lined with super quality sterling silver tubes, which reaches down into the bore to prevent water build up from interrupting the tone.

The pivot screw keys are partially lined with nylon, fitting the impeccable craftsmanship of this instrument. Due to the top quality finish, especially on the keys, you can request a lot of custom-key works and enjoy a wide variety of flexibility. This is a professional instrument and works flawlessly across all points of use.

20) Puchner Model Classic Bassoon

Model Classic

The Puchner Model Classic bassoon is not a pushover when it comes to selecting the best intermediate or beginner bassoon. Compared to others in its category, the price is not bad either, and even though it may beat your budget, it is worth every penny you will invest in it.

Puchner installed much quality on this model. For instance, the silver-plated mechanism and its array of keys make this Model Classic bassoon an excellent product to consider.

Keys are one of the most important aspects of any bassoon, and this one comes with a wide range of key support. For instance, it has a high D key, which is ideal for students and beginners. The high E key, E-F# whisper key and a host of others make the mechanism to run smoothly and dependable.

The Model Classic from Puchner also features 9 rollers—on the boot joint and wing joint. The one on the wing joint is located on the A key while that o the boot joint are located each on the F key and Ab key small finger. Other notable keys and fingerings are the C# and D# keys, both of which are part of the long joint. The finger holes are protected with sterling silver plated tubes to make sure that the tone is not distorted.

The five finger-hole and the rubber that lined them, including the joint bore provide an all-around convenient and secure design that fulfills the reason it was created.

Choosing the Best Bassoon from the Best Bassoon Brands

The things that a bassoon buyer should consider are the durability, features and material of the bassoon. We know that a good bassoon will cost more. If you are serious about playing bassoon, then investing in a good bassoon is never going to be bad for you.

You can get the assistance from a musician who can guide you about the products and the manufacturers. He can even recommend you the local shops where you can get quality bassoons. You can go for a used instrument but buying a new one will give you a good feel and you can get motivated as well.

2) Fox Model 222 Bassoon with High D

Fox Model 222 Bassoon with High D
  • Premier Manufacturer
  • Supreme Choice
  • Great Sound
  • Excellent Intonation

1) Fox Renard Model 240 Bassoon

Fox Renard Model 240 Bassoon
  • High Quality
  • Advanced Student Bassoon
  • Whisper Key Lock
  • Classy

3) Fox Renard Model 220 Bassoon

Fox Renard Model 220 Bassoon
  • Great for All
  • Secure Performance
  • Last Long
  • Comfortable Playing

There are instruments for beginners and professionals which differ in price. Get one that suits your budget and expertise level.

Playing bassoon can give you a pride experience because this is one of the instrument that not many people can play. If you are a professional bassoon player, you know that a good bassoon player is very rare to find.