20 Best Bass Guitar Shoulder Strap Reviews 2020

Best Bass Guitar Shoulder Strap

Best Bass Guitar Shoulder Strap

If you need only one reason to continue and keep playing a guitar instrument, then the thrilling sounds it produces comes first. However, for guitarists of any of the bass, acoustic and electric guitars, it pains and hurts to play the guitars for a long time unless they use an effective bass guitar shoulder strap that can cushion the burden on the shoulder and hold the guitar in safety.

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What are the Best Bass Guitar Shoulder Straps to Buy?

2) Art Vintage Woven Bass Guitar Strap

  • Fully Adjustable & Fit Universally
  • Unique Vintage Design
  • Attachment String & Strap Lock
  • Handy Pick Pockets 

1) KLIQ AGS3 Bass Guitar Strap

  • Unique AirCell Technology Padding
  • Moisture Wicking To Allow Shoulder To Breathe
  • Long-Lasting Design
  • Shock Absorption

3) Mr.Power Bass Guitar Strap

  • Quick Lock Design
  • Comfort Feel of Cotton & Plastic Materials
  • Endure For Long Hours Wearing
  • Lightweight

The above explains the need and importance of a bass guitar shoulder strap to any guitarist, and if you are thinking of purchasing a strap for your guitar, you need an unbiased content detailing the factors to watch out for before deciding. Below are some of the factors with which to decide on the strap to buy.

1. Material and Weight

You must be sure of the material that any guitar strap is made from. Leather, cotton, woven are common materials used but should decide on how weighty the material is as this will either add to your guitar weight or be negligible. Go for quality materials with considerably lesser weight.

2. Adjustment and Universal Compatibility

If you want a guitar strap that is good for all ages and heights of guitarists, then you must buy one that has length adjustment features. You must also decide on whether to buy a strap for only bass guitars or one with the ability to work with all kinds of bass, acoustic and electric guitars.

3. Guitar Locks

This factor is important because it is what protects and keeps your guitar from danger or fail when it is being played for a short or long period. The lock must be seen to be reliable be for you to purchase any guitar strap to ensure safety.

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20 Best Bass Guitar Shoulder Strap Reviews

1. KLIQ AGS3 Bass Guitar Strap

The need for comfort and convenience while playing your favorite guitar instrument is key, and as such, a product that offers much more comfort through the long-playing time is important. This adjustable and neoprene pad guitar strap made by KLIQ is one of the best products on the AirCell series.

Made of quality leather, which ensures a quick strap lock. It has a 3 inches width and ensures a good balance on your shoulders even as the length can be adjusted to fit every guitarist.

This strap is flexible and can cushion the weight of both electric and bass guitars on your naked or clothed shoulders. It allows the shoulder to breathe with its moisture-wicking ability even as it offers efficient durability. Every buyer gets a manufacturer’s warranty, which covers a limited lifetime with a number of years well stated in the terms.

2. Art Vintage Woven Bass Guitar Strap

Made by a manufacturer known as Art Tribute, this strap is loaded with exciting features and functionality. It is made with good quality material while it offers a very beautiful surface that is designed with vintage prints. Using this product, you need a sustainable comfort on your shoulders as long as you play the guitar.

It is a guitar strap that works with all kinds of the guitar- acoustic, bass and electric. The length adjusting between 37 inches to 64 inches and fit on the shoulder with perfect balance. The strap lock and button guarantee that your guitar is never going to fall even when you play for long hours at the concerts.

Buyers of this product have a lifetime warranty and a supportive customer service to answer any inquiry. There are some other products given as gifts by the manufacturer at sometimes of the year, and you could be lucky to win.

3. Mr.Power Bass Guitar Strap

This particular type of guitar strap is very effective and efficient in providing cushioning and comfort to guitarists as it comes with a padded surface for the shoulder parts. It has a safe and dependable lock that holds for the guitar in place for hours of playing time. Made of quality cotton and plastic materials, it offers a pad holder design and supports every type of electric and bass guitar.

This pad is made by Mr. Power and has a size dimension of about 13.8 by 3.9 by 0.4 inches while it comes as a very lightweight of 0.65 ounces. This weight ensures guitarist will bear no additional or extra weight or burden even as it makes the guitar strap easy to transport for shows, events, musical carnivals and parties in any location. It has no warranty for buyers and this and its lack of adjustment features constitute the major drawback.

4. Art Floral Roses Bass Guitar Strap

This guitar strap made by Art Tribute manufacturer is a great asset to every guitarist as it offers so much than the average strap. Made of 100% cotton material that is strong, durable, and yet tender on the shoulder to help guitarists carry and play guitars for as long as they would love to continue tapping the strings.

It has a very colorful flower design printed on it and comes with required picks, headstock strap buttons, strap locks for the best, and perfect safety for the guitar. It is adjustable in length from about 37 inches to 67 inches and offers so much comfort and convenience to the guitarist.

Also, it is a universal kind of strap that works with electric, acoustic, and bass guitars even as buyers may get various prizes for every purchase. It is averagely weighty with 4.2 ounces weight but its manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty and unhindered access to support to every buyer.

5. CLOUDMUSIC CM-GS24 Bass Guitar Strap

This classical and pretty guitar strap is a product of CLOUDMUSIC brand manufacturer and it comes made with a genuine, quality, and durable leather which is laced with nicely and attractive vintage floral design printing featuring adorable colors. The material is gentle on the shoulder, tender, and strong with its locks well intact to carry on for hours in a musical concert, events, parties, and overnight shows.

This strap is able to work with all kinds of guitars; acoustic, bass, and electric while it also supports ukuleles, mandolins, and banjos instruments. This strap is a little heavier with 5.6 ounces and is a drawback due to extra weight. It also does not come with a warranty for buyers neither is it able to adjust and make usage easier for guitarists with varying heights. However, it can be easily taken along for concerts and events.

6. BestSounds Cotton Guitar Strap

This product is from BestSounds brand manufacturer, and it is made from flexible and very tender 100% cotton material with high durability and quality. The guitar is safe with a pick holder that stays locked even for long playing periods. Guitarists playing both acoustic and electric guitars can use this strap to condition a true and perfect comfort which is sturdy on the shoulder.

The length can be adjusted from 36.5 inches to 61.5 inches for the guitarist with varying height even as it supports both adult and kids playing guitar in school music classes. It has a weight of about 3 ounces and ensures that you can easily take it along for numerous events, musical concerts, and events even as you never need to border about the additional weight on your shoulder. This product manufacturer offers only customer support after sale with no warranty and buyers should note this.

7. Hola! Music Bass Guitar Strap

Consider yourself to be an instrumentalist with a great passion for guitars and other string instruments? Then this is the perfect and most suitable strap you need. This model of Hola! Music strap is made to perfectly give comfort to players playing ukuleles, Mandolins, bass, acoustic, and electric guitars.

Made from soft, tender, but strong and durable material, it comes in adorable colors and works effectively with one or two strap buttons that create a safe and secured carrying. Players of different heights can use it based on the length adjustment feature that runs from 38 inches to about 65 inches.

It has a lightweight of about 2.5 ounces, and this makes sure players do worry about carrying extra weight or burden even as they relish the comfortability offered by the strap on their shoulders. You can go on to play in overnight shows, musical concerts, and events with this strap.

8. Asmuse Bass Guitar Strap

Heavy bass guitars offer much-desired sounds at parties and playing them requires the use of a guitar strap that can provide great and much comfort to prevent pressure on the shoulder and back region. Asmuse brand manufacturer made this very product to offer much cushioning and padding to prevent the painful impact of the heavy bass guitar. It has a padded area of 3.7 inches wide, 0.4 inches thickness, and with the adjustable length between 43 inches to 53 inches.

The padded area is filled with forms that offer comfort as the strap ends with a leather attachment for proper and effective security and carriage of the guitar. It comes with 3 lovely picks even as the strap works well with acoustic, bass and electric guitars. It is expectantly weighted with about 8.8 ounces. Asmuse offers a lifetime warranty for all buyers and unlimited access to customer support.

9. BestSounds C-150 Guitar Strap

If you have always wanted a guitar strap that provides a safe, dependable and reliable measure for your guitar from falling off even when used for long periods of time, then this is probably what you needed. Made and manufactured by BestSounds brands, the strap material is a double-layered material that is tender and yet strong to hold off the guitar sturdily.

This strap provides a lovely and pretty artistic design showing the picture of a sun printing even as it gives a good attachment with its leather ends. This product is made to fit both adults and kids with its 35 inches to 59.5 inches length adjustment features.

It works perfectly and supports all kinds of electric, bass, acoustic guitars including banjos, ukuleles, resonators, and mandolins. It has a size dimension of 10 inches by 2.7 inches by 0.8 inches and a weight of about 3.7 ounces. BestSounds brand offers a one-year warranty for all buyers and responsive customer support.

10. Wepop Vintage Guitar Strap

Using a guitar strap that offers so much comfort and convenience to you for as long as you play the guitar in every event, party and musical concerts and shows are great but doing so with a beautiful and cute kind of strap is greater. This model of guitar strap from Wepop offers beauty and effectiveness even as it is able to adjust and extend in length from 36 inches to 61 inches so as to allow usage for kids and adults alike.

The PU leather is attached to the end of the woven strap material and the leather is durable and resistant to any form of wearing. It also hooks the guitar well and effectively to keep it safe and secure. The size dimension is about 12 inches by 3.3 inches by 1.2 inches while the weight is about 5.6 ounces. Wepop offers full and complete customer support service to answer any inquiry but does not promise a warranty to any buyer.

11. M33 Store Bass Guitar Strap

This guitar strap is a product of M33 brand manufacturer and it offers so much quality protection for guitars while being played and comfort for the players’ shoulders. Made from soft cotton material, it is durable due to the absence of loose threads.

The guitar strap ends with a durable piece of leather that hooks and attaches with the guitar well to provide the safest it deserves for a long period of play. This guitar strap supports electric, bass and acoustic type of guitar even as the size dimension is about 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches by 2.9 inches with a weight of 5.6 ounces.

This is a product that offers every buyer free button guitar picks and safety locks but with drawbacks that include lack of adjustment feature and warranty for the buyer on purchase. This guitar strap offers comfort and convenience to every shoulder to ensure a long time playing on any kind of occasion.

12. BestSounds GSC-03 Guitar Strap

This guitar strap provides the cushioning and eases that every guitarist desire and the need for short or long-time musical sessions and practice. It is made from the high quality is woven strap with vintage designs while it has leather ends that are attached to the guitar for proper holding and prevention from fall and damage.

It has 3 pickpockets for easy picking as you pay the guitar. The adjustment length is baling to go from 36 inches to about 61 inches and offers an opportunity for kids, women, and men to play any of the acoustic, bass and electric guitars well supported.

The strap has a size dimension of about 8.5 inches by 3 inches by 1.1 inches even as the weight is about 3.2 ounces. This guitar strap model is made by BestSounds brand and they do offer a full refund, send a replacement to unsatisfied buyers of this item.

13. Amumu STP-PL-RETRO-YL Guitar Strap

The need for beauty and attractive printings is once more elevated by the Amumu brand manufacturer of this guitar strap. It comes as a pure cotton material well patterned with various colors and artistic designs that buyers can choose and select from.

The strap has a leather material as the ending which provides the best of lock and attachment to any of acoustic, bass, and electric guitars for safety and protection when being played even for a long period of musical concerts, events, and parties. The adjustable hole allows for changes on length from 35 inches to 61 inches and therefore allows for adult and kids usage.

Amumu guitar strap offers much more comfort to succor and prevents the pains of carrying a guitar on your shoulder even as the strap is 6 ounces in weight and 61.4 inches by 2 inches by 0.8 inches in size. It has no warranty and buyers must note this.

14. Amumu STP-CT-VIN-MUL Bass Guitar Strap

This product is made by Amumu brand manufacturer and it comes in different and various kinds of patterns that are colorful and attractive to behold. This product is made of a double layer of 100% cotton material which is top quality and leather at both straps ends.

It is an adjustable strap for guitar and can move from 34 inches to 59.5 inches to support adult and kid guitarists. Double layered cotton offers great convenience and comfort to the shoulder while its leather ends grip and attaches well with the guitar to proffer a safe and secured playing session.

The strap is 60 inches by 2 inches by 0.1 inches in size dimension while the weight is about 6.6 ounces. It supports and works perfectly with bass, electric, and acoustic guitar and contains headstock buttoned tie, headstock tie lace, and 2 rubber strap blocks as accessories.

15. StarHousing Bass Guitar Strap

This guitar strap is made by the StarHousing brand manufacturer. This series is made from extreme quality nylon material with copper buckle. It provides a soft, easy-to-use, and comfortable option to the guitarist as it helps to remove every pain and strain on the shoulder.

It has an adjustable length of between 26 inches to 51 inches and therefore fits most guitarists perfectly. Its size dimension of 7.9 inches by 2.7 inches by 1 inch and a weight of 5.3 ounces that is a bit heavy but still can be transported and taken out for concerts and musical shoes and events easily.

The package contains 2 strap locks, guitar strap button, a guitar slip resistance, and slip resistance and they are for use while on stage. This manufacturer offers no buyer warranty but answers inquiries and questions from customers through the customer service representative.

16. Rinastore Azure Dragon Guitar Strap

This guitar strap is made and produces from polyurethane materials that are reliable and dependable as regards offering a comfortable and easy way to cushion the pain and burdensome weight of the guitar on the shoulder over a long period of musical concert, events, and parties.

The strap is 2 inches wide and has a beautiful and attractive azure Dragon print on it. It is adjustable and as such, can be used by both kid and adult guitarists. The length extension I from 34 inches to 60 inches even as the attachment with the various kinds of the guitar is sturdy and ensures no fall.

This guitar strap works with bass, electric and acoustic guitars and has a size dimension of 11.5 inches by 2.7 inches by 0,9 inches and a weight of about 5.6 ounces. The manufacturer, Rinastore, offers 3 months guarantee o every purchase and without any questions and inquiries.

17. Melede Store MLD-018 Bass Guitar Strap

This comes as a vintage guitar strap made by the Melede brand of the manufacturer and it offers so many features that every guitarist wants to see and enjoy in a strap. It is a strap with the common 2 inches wide and that ends with a double-layered leather that hooks and attaches the guitar in a good position for ultimate safety and security.

Made to be adjustable and extend its length for 32 inches to 62 inches while it has a pickpocket. It is supportive and very compatible with bass, electric and acoustic guitars and even with ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, and resonators.

The size dimension of this strap is 5.2 inches by 3.2 inches by 1.3 inches and weight is 4.8 ounces. This guitar strap is effective in offering a very nice and long-lasting comfort form the shoulders of every guitarist on any occasion and event.

18. Amumu STP-NYL-BSC-BLK Guitar Strap

This Amumu model of guitar strap is made differently from the patterned design that the manufacturer is known for. This product offers a considerable amount of comfort and ease to guitarists who desire to even play their instrument for longer times at concerts, events, and parties.

It is made of nylon material usually used for car seatbelt. It features a quality clip at the ends of the strap and these attach with bass, acoustic and electric guitars to hold, keep in shape and prevent the guitar from falling off. It comes with an adjustable length from 35 inches to 63 inches which makes the strap usable for both adults and kids.

Further, it has a size dimension of 63 inches by 2 inches by 0.8 inches while the weight is about 5.5 ounces. There are accessories like headstock buttoned tie, headstock tie lace, 2 rubber strap blocks, and manual. The major drawback is the lack of warranty for buyers.

19. Rinastore Store ‘Police Line’ Guitar Strap

This guitar strap is nicely decorating and designed with a unique printing of Police Line writing. This product is made by a Rinastore brand manufacturer. Made from polyester woven material is soft and gives a cuddling and convenient effect with preventing the burden and pain of carrying a guitar on the shoulder.

The strap has a common and popular width of 2 inches and is able to extend the length from 41 inches to 67 inches to allow kids and adults to use. It supports bass, acoustic and electric guitars, and even banjos, mandolins, resonators, and ukuleles. This product comes with a free strap button and guitar locks even as the strap provides safety and secured positioning of the guitar all through a playing session.

It has a size dimension of about 12 inches by 4 inches by 1 inch and a weight of 5.6 ounces. The manufacturer has 3 months guarantee for every purchase without questioning and reviews.

20. Donner DR-4 Bass Guitar Strap

This guitar strap is made by the Donner brand of the manufacturer and offers a good number of features and functionalities. The material this guitar strap is made from soft cotton that is resilient and sturdy enough to provide the safety every guitar needs from falling off while also being tender enough not to slide or cut into the guitarist’s body.

It is adjustable from 28 inches to 60 inches and this makes it fit and usable for kids and adults alike, provides an impressive print on its body, and ends with a leather hole that attaches so well and reliably. It supports bass and electric guitars and makes them easier to play even on long party nights because of the weight cushioning effect.

The size dimension is about 12 inches by 4 inches by 1.4 inches and a weight of about 7 ounces makes it so weighty and a big drawback even as It also lacks warranty for buyers.

Choosing The Best Bass Guitar Shoulder Straps

In conclusion, the above factors on which guitar strap to purchase and list of reviews of guitar straps have provided great pieces of information with which you can rely on to be informed about guitar straps before going to the offline and online stores to buy.

2) Art Vintage Woven Bass Guitar Strap

  • Fully Adjustable & Fit Universally
  • Unique Vintage Design
  • Attachment String & Strap Lock
  • Handy Pick Pockets 

1) KLIQ AGS3 Bass Guitar Strap

  • Unique AirCell Technology Padding
  • Moisture Wicking To Allow Shoulder To Breathe
  • Long-Lasting Design
  • Shock Absorption

3) Mr.Power Bass Guitar Strap

  • Quick Lock Design
  • Comfort Feel of Cotton & Plastic Materials
  • Endure For Long Hours Wearing
  • Lightweight

You should also watch out for straps with a good number of years as warranty and customer service support because it will help and make things easier. Go on and purchase the best and most suitable type of guitar strap with the rich information you now got. Best of luck!


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