15 Best Bass Clarinet Reviews 2019 – Best Bass Clarinet Brands

Best Bass Clarinet & Best Bass Clarinet Brands

Best Bass Clarinet & Best Bass Clarinet Brands

Before you purchase a bass clarinet, you need to pay attention towards the types of bass clarinets available in the market, so that you can go for the perfect option at the end of the day.

Bass clarinets are available in two different variations. Some of the clarinets have a range extending to a lower C, whereas others would have a range that goes to low Eb. The second type has the lowest key located on the bell.

What are the Best Bass Clarinets to Buy?

2) Selmer 1430LP bass clarinet

  • Impressive Features
  • Great for Beginners
  • Nickel Silver Material
  • User Friendly
  • Durable Construction

1) Yamaha YCL-221 Student Bass Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-221 Student Bass Clarinet
  • Professional
  • Highly Rated
  • ABS Brushed Resin body
  • Quality Product
  • Elegant Design

3) Buffet Crampon Greenline 1193 Bass Clarinet 

Buffet Crampon Greenline 1193
  • Excellent Craftsmanship
  • Reputable
  • Superior Quality
  • Double D and Triple D Spatula

If you take a look at the bass clarinets, you would realize that they are considerably larger when compared to other types of clarinets. They don’t come along with a sizable repertoire as well. On the other hand, bass clarinets can be heard as pop music, jazz, orchestral and classical. Due to the large dimensions, bass clarinets are placed on the floor with the help of a thorn. Or else, you can find them attached to a strap, which allows the user to carry.

In general, the bass clarinets have the ability to give life to a sweet and a deep tone. Some of the bass clarinets come along with transpose parts. These transpose parts can make the instrument somewhat difficult to play. Therefore, beginners should be aware of this fact before they purchase.

15 Best Bass Clarinet Reviews and the Best Bass Clarinet Brands

Here is a list of top bass clarinets that are available for you to purchase from the market.

1) Yamaha YCL-221 Student Bass Clarinet with Low Eb

Yamaha YCL-221 Student Bass Clarinet

If you are a lover of musical instrument, then the name Yamaha shouldn’t be strange to you. We are talking about one of the most celebrated musical instrument brands in the market, and the YCL-221 Bass Clarinet is just one of their famous designs.

First off, this clarinet is a Bb key clarinet and is specifically for the use of student or amateur players who are trying to hone their playing skills.

As a low Eb bass clarinet, the Yamaha YCL-221 offers most of the same features found in professional models. However, the real difference between this model and professional models is the ABS plastic body construction that makes quite an affordable option.

Band directors love Yahama clarinets because of their tried and tested quality and brand durability, something that the YCL-221 has up its sleeves as well.

The ABS resin body and its matte finish amplify the beauty of the clarinet, making more elegant while remaining lightweight and durable at the same time.

Believe it; you will never regret buying this piece for your ward.

2) Selmer 1430LP bass clarinet

The Selmer 1430LP bass clarinet has specifically been designed for the use of students. In fact, this B flat bass clarinet has taken student clarinets into a whole new dimension.

The most impressive feature that can be found in this bass clarinet is its user-friendliness. It is extremely easy to use this clarinet and the users will not have to go through any frustration at all. Any student, who doesn’t have previous experience with playing the clarinet, can use Selmer 1430LP with a hassle free mind.

However, Selmer 1430LP is not just designed for students. The durable construction offered by this clarinet makes it a perfect product available for the individuals who play the instrument in a band as well. Another impressive fact about Selmer 1430LP bass clarinet is its single joint body. This ensures that there aren’t any spinning joints.

Due to the availability of a complex and a large bore, a rich and a deep bass sound can be expected. This facilitates a free blowing experience to all the people who use the bass clarinet as well. Moreover, all the keys that you can find in Selmer 1430LP are designed to work agile and quick and you will be able to get a comfortable experience.

3) Buffet Crampon Greenline 1193 Prestige Low C Bass Clarinet

Buffet Crampon Greenline 1193

Buffet Crampon returns with yet another dependable bass clarinet, this time, one in the C class. For obvious reasons, this clarinet is a favorite when considering several options.

First, the 1193 Bass Clarinet offers a quality that bespoke elegance and style. The design of this clarinet offers the best in Buffet Crampon craftsmanship, with a lasting finish and a tone that is rich in every ramification.

The body of the Buffet 1193 features a Greenline composite material construction, packing the same response like a granadilla but, this will never crack when on the high.

The tone-holes are undercut, a method that improves the overall tone rendition and ease of response.

Wired as a Bb clarinet with a range that reaches low C, the 1193 boats of power forged silver plated key system, including pre-plated copper posts with a resounding silver plate finish. The finish and feel of this clarinet can last till the second coming of Christ.

One nice aspect of this new design is the two-part neck, which gives you a better mouth position while freeing your neck from stiffness and stress.

If you are one of those ardent university music students or a professional symphony clarinet player, the Buffet Crampon 1193 bass clarinet is what you need to realize your goals in playing the clarinet.

4) Buffet Crampon 1180 Student Bass Clarinet

Buffet Crampon 1180 Student Bass Clarinet

There is a clarinet for every playing level, and a student is not left out either.

The Buffet Crampon clarinet is an entirely reconfigured model to give young students and amateurs a wind instrument that offers a solid fundamental presence in the lower notes—the pillar of the harmony.

So, if at all you fall under this category and you’re looking for something that will give you that anchor for your orchestra, the Buffet 1180 is your go-to clarinet. The clarinet matches every musical style you can think about.

Looking at the body design, the Buffet 1180 features a selected and treated granadilla wood that responds with sound tonal excellence without cracking. It comes with an adjustable thumb rest for players looking for playability. The neck and keywork features silver plated designs with blue steel springs and leather pads with solid resonators.

It is difficult to find a better student clarinet with homogenous and fluid legato that enables the musician to experiment with every technical or acoustic idea manageable.

With its light and compact case, the student player has a lot to gain from investing in this clarinet.

5) Yamaha YCL-622II bass clarinet

This can be considered as a professional quality low C bass clarinet that is available in the market for you to purchase. It offers a key of B flat. One of the most impressive features that you can find in this musical instrument is its ability to handle all playing conditions.

Hence, it is ideal for both novice and intermediate players. Unlike many other bass clarinets, Yamaha YCL-622II has the ability to give life to a focused tone. The edges that cut through the ensemble of this clarinet have contributed towards the above-mentioned fact.

You will be able to find a granadilla wood body in this bass clarinet, which is made out of two different pieces. The standard neck, bell, and silver keys of a Yamaha bass clarinet can be found in this musical instrument as well.

Another unique feature about Yamaha YCL-622II is the availability of Boehm fingering. This can take bass clarinet playing experience to the next level. This musical instrument comes along with a carrying case and a floor peg. Therefore, you will be able to avoid frustration while you are using the musical instrument in the day to day life.

6) Jupiter JBC1000N Bass Clarinet

This bass clarinet is ideal for the students who are looking forward to get hold of their first lessons in learning how to play the instrument. Bb body material has been used in order to manufacture this instrument.

On the other hand, you will be able to find a silver range, plated in nickel, which goes all the way down to the low Eb holes. This is a well-constructed and a solid musical instrument available for the people to purchase.

The two-piece body that you can see in this musical instrument is associated with an adjustable floor peg. In addition, you will be able to find wood frame case, two-piece body and an adjustable floor peg in this musical instrument. The additional accessories that you will be able to get along with Jupiter JBC1000N Bass Clarinet include the mouthpiece, floor peg, case, and ligature.

This is a high-quality product manufactured in Taiwan and its overall quality is guaranteed. It is an ideal musical instrument available for a recording studio, jazz ensemble, and a school band.

7) RS Berkeley BCL310 Bass Clarinet

RS Berkeley BCL310 is a B-Flat bass clarinet available for you to purchase. It offers an impressive range, which goes all the way up to E flat. This bass clarinet has received much attention because of its elegant design.

In fact, you will be able to find an aesthetically appealing ebonite body in here. The one-piece body has also contributed towards the popularity of this bass clarinet. In addition to the one piece body, you will be able to find nickel and silver keys.

Thumb rest of this bass clarinet can easily be adjusted as per your specific needs and requirements. On the other hand, you will also be able to adjust the floor peg. This bass clarinet belongs to the Elite Series collection of RS Berkeley woodwind instruments.

The entire series has received much attention due to the high-quality performance offered to the users. The same quality can be expected from RS Berkeley BCL310 as well. After purchasing this bass clarinet, you don’t need to worry too much about its durability. That’s because a portable storage case is provided to you along with the instrument. In addition, you will be able to receive all other accessories needed as well.

8) Bass Director Choice Bass Clarinet

Band Directors Choice Bass Clarinet

When you come across band clarinet loving a particular clarinet, then know there is something unique about such a clarinet.

This clarinet is a beginner choice clarinet and is perfect for the needs of advanced students. The reason why this clarinet is worth the consideration is that it features most of the characteristics found in professional models.

For instance, the BDC comes with a one-piece ebonite body that also features silver-plated design at the neck and bell.

Extending down to low Eb the BDC comes with 18 Boehm key systems that offer flawless tone accessibility on its 7 covered finger tone holes. The nickel silver keys and their straight tone holes also have stainless steel springs. You will like the leather pads, and the metal tone resonators that sit on large size pads are made of the highest quality and durability.

The BDC comes as a standard clarinet having adjustable floor peg with bridge connectors that are well rounded. It also has an adjustable thumbrest. The clarinet comes with a custom leather case, a cap ligature, a mouthpiece, and cork grease add up to the quality of this beautiful clarinet.

9) Coley Musical C-6404E Bb Clarinet

Coley Musical C-6404E BƄ Bass Clarinet

The Coley Musical C-6404E is a Bb bass clarinet that is tuned to low C. A beginner and intermediate choice clarinet that offers a bright and rich tone that makes it extremely popular.

The body of the clarinet features an ABS plastic design that helps in creating that bright sound that is inherent in clarinets of this magnitude. The 2-piece ABS body further adds to the elegant design that set this clarinet apart from a host of others in its category.

The ABS plastic design extends the durability of the Coley clarinet. Tune down to the low Eb holes; the Corley Musical C-6404E clarinet offers a nice construction that denotes dependable musical instruments with a range of excellent key performance. The silver-plated design makes the key system and the entire design more appealing.

The two-piece body of this clarinet and its adjustable floor peg offers unbeatable flexibility and convenient during play. Some nice accessories like the mouthpiece and solid case are also included to make it more complete and functional for the beginner/student player in the school band.

If you need a better performing bass clarinet for your child, this one from Coley will do just fine.

10) Allora AABC-304 Bass Clarinet

Allora AABC-304 can be considered as a low C tuned bass clarinet that is available for you to purchase. The dark and rich tones offered by this bass clarinet have contributed a lot towards its popularity.

This bass clarinet features some of the best specs that a student bass clarinet can get. They include superior steel springs, Italian leather pads, bell, neck, and nickel plated keys. The support peg can easily be adjusted and it can help the players to take off additional weight from the musical instrument.

This is one of the most versatile bass clarinets available in the market for people to purchase as well. Due to the availability of a hard rubber body, you will be able to use this instrument for a long time period. This rubber body is resistant to weather as well.

Students who get familiar with playing the bass clarinet will not have to throw away Allora AABC-304 Bass Clarinet after they go through the basics because the musical instrument can offer all the functionalities that an intermediate player would need.

11) Buffet Crampon BC1183 bass clarinet

A combination of pure and rich tones can be found in Buffet Crampon BC1183 along with a modern keyword. Therefore, it can be considered as a unique bass clarinet of its own.

You will also be able to find a second speaker key in this musical instrument. This key has the ability to give life to sonority towards the low register. Even though Buffet Crampon BC1183 comes along at an affordable price tag, the overall quality is never compromised.

In fact, it is a professional level musical instrument and you will also be able to play it in a concert band without worrying about anything. This musical instrument has the ability to match perfectly well into a symphony orchestra as well.

The ability of Buffet Crampon BC1183 to produce well-centered and rich tones has contributed a lot towards its effectiveness. You will be able to purchase this musical instrument along with a variety of factory options.

The most popular factory options that you will be able to receive along with the musical instrument include D/A resonance key and F sharp resonance key. You can receive a durable case along with Buffet Crampon BC1183 as well.

12) Leblanc Model 7182 bass clarinet

Leblanc Model 7182 slightly differs from a traditional bass clarinet that you can purchase from the market. That’s because this bass clarinet has been pitched one octave below what you can see in a traditional bass clarinet.

Due to this reason, it can give life to a dark and a deep tone. This would add enhanced richness to the entire musical instrument. This musical instrument comes along with a one-piece body. In addition, you will be able to discover a 1.182” bore in this bass clarinet as well.

Among bass clarinets available in the market, Leblanc Model 7182 has received much attention because of its resin wood design. It has delivered a unique look and feels to the entire musical instrument. The range of this bass clarinet goes all the way up to lower E flat.

However, it is important to keep in mind that you will not be able to use a standard posture chair in order to play this musical instrument. It is a bit taller when compared to other instruments. Therefore, you will need to use a stool when you are playing the instrument.

13) Giardinelli Bass Clarinet

This bass clarinet comes along with a two-piece body. Due to the hard rubber construction, you will be able to get a unique feel out of this musical instrument. In addition, you will be able to find nickel plated mouthpiece and a neck in this bass clarinet. This can give life to an elegant experience while you are playing the instrument.

Due to the molded ABS case, the durability of the bass clarinet is ensured. Manufacturer even offers a five year comprehensive warranty period to the bass clarinet. Even though Giardinelli Bass Clarinet is promoted as a bass clarinet that is available for students to consider, intermediate players can also think about using it.

In fact, intermediate players would never feel like they are missing out something on this instrument. It has been manufactured along with the use of high-quality materials. The unique craftsmanship that you can find in this bass clarinet can ensure an enhanced experience to you at the end of the day.

If you are looking forward to purchase an elegant looking and a durable bass clarinet, this would be a good option available in the market for you to consider buying.

14) Buffet Crampon Tusca Bass Clarinet

Buffet Crampon Tosca Bass Clarinet

Are you in search for a clarinet that's capable of getting the job done? The Buffet Crampon is one excellent choice to consider.

The Crampon features select woods and such other material components that render excellent performance. It is due to these materials that the Buffet clarinet is able to have an impeccable character in craftsmanship. The level and range of intonation in this clarinet are flawless, and the quality matches the price tag.

The Tosca Buffet clarinet offers a dedicated strategy that aims to continue and improve on the company’s historic range of instruments. Hence, the release of this new Tusca clarinet in 2014, a new bass clarinet that replicates the high standard of the company’s celebrated models prior to 1998.

Alright, let’s see what the Buffet is made of.

First, the Buffet is a bass clarinet, which is primarily designed to suit the needs of symphonic orchestra musicians. The clarinet weighs about 29 pounds and measures 34 x 9 x 14 inches in overall body dimensions.

Tusca ensures that the Buffet can broaden the sound found in the B-flat and A models that were launched in 2014. The new design also helps broaden the sound in the 2010 E-flat model.

So, with this new model, you have a well focused and luminous sound, with a new key system that enables the musician to play the best in the clarinet repertoire.

You can’t go wrong investing in this model.

15) Kessler Custom Artist Series Low C Bass Clarinet

Kessler Custom Artist Series Low C Bass Clarinet

The Kessler Artist Series Low C Bass Clarinet has all the qualities of a professional clarinet. Kessler introduces a lot of changes to this new model. For instance, while the first model features hard rubber, this second generational model comes with soft, synthetic ABS plastic that offers a richer and brighter tone for those in the marching band.

With the new synthetic design, the Kessler Custom Artist Low C clarinet offers excellent stability with unbeatable tonality. The lightness of the material makes it possible for the clarinet to respond in clear resonance throughout the instrument. It also provides exceptional tonal balance across all the registers.

The design of the Kessler body is patterned after that of the Japanese bore design, which further gives the instrument stable intonation and even performance. The keyword and neck design imitate the very best of French concept. This adds a richer tone to the overall clarinet concept while offering a better feel. The keyword is lovely and provide stability and feel compare to the first generation design.

Other notable features are the double registered mechanism, a right-hand thumb D, Db and more. The only thing that is not included in this design is a mouthpiece, which is not a great deal since most players buying a bass clarinet already have one.

Therefore, you may want to get on with your purchase without the mouthpiece. However, you can still get a mouthpiece from somewhere else if you think you still need one.

Choosing the Best Bass Clarinet from the Best Bass Clarinet Brands

Now you have a clear overview of the different types of clarinets that you can purchase from the market. As the next thing, you need to go ahead and spend your money on the perfect bass clarinet out of them.

Before you buy, you are encouraged to go through the product reviews as well. Then you will be able to get a better understanding of the product and determine whether it matches perfectly well with your preferences or not.

Along with the bass clarinet, you would also come across the need to purchase some additional accessories. This can take your entire experience to a whole new level. Some of the most popular accessories that people purchase along with bass clarinets include cleaning related supplies such as clarinet reeds and cork grease.

You can also go ahead and purchase clarinet reeds, which can be considered as the tone generator of this musical instrument. If you are a beginner, you can go ahead and purchase some books, which will guide you through the basics of learning how to play the clarinet.