30 Best Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Reviews 2021 (Best Alto Sax Mouthpiece Brands)

Best Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece, Best Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone & Best Alto Sax Mouthpiece Brands

Best Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece, Best Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone & Best Alto Sax Mouthpiece Brands

Among the whole family of woodwind instruments, a very popular one which is widely used is the alto saxophone. It has been in use since the old times and it was first designed by Adolphe Sax who is a very famous instrument designer. This instrument was designed in the 1840s and since then it is being used extensively in different genres including Jazz, chamber music, concert band and military bands etc.

It is an amazing instrument and you will definitely enjoy playing it. Either you are a new player or you are in the learning stages, you really need to know how important it is to make the right decision when it comes to buying the Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece. What you chose would affect your level of performance. Moreover, your learning efficiency also depends on which mouthpiece you are using.

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What are the Best Alto Sax Mouthpieces to Buy?

2) Selmer Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece (S402C1)

  • Popular Brand
  • Enhance Sound & Response
  • Excellent for Setup
  • Great Playing Experience

1) Yamaha Alto Sax Mouthpiece

  • Premium Grade Plastic
  • Clear & Bright Tone
  • Highly Consistent
  • Optimum from Beginners to Professionals

3) Glory Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Kit - Gold

  • Durable & Firm
  • Balanced Tone
  • Pocket Pricing
  • Ligature, Plastic Cap & Reed Included
  • Ideal for Beginner & Student Players

There are different kinds and types of the mouthpiece that you can use for the alto sax. These are categorized on the basis of manufacturing material and price. A vast variety of different kinds of these is easily accessible both in the traditional markets and in the online stores in multiple price ranges and you won’t have any trouble in finding one.

But which one would be more suitable for you is a bit difficult to decide. It depends on a number of factors. For instances, the most important factor that you should consider while choosing a mouthpiece is your level of expertise. How well can you play? There are separate models for catering the needs of an expert player and an intermediate player. So, first identify where you stand as a player.

Secondly, budget is an important thing and you should wisely decide which price range to go for. Buying an expensive model won’t help you to learn best. Be smart and always begin with a low-priced of the moderately priced model. Once you practice enough on the entry level models, you can go for the high-end options.

For your ease, we have come up with a list of some of the recommended and best Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces from various popular brands. Take a look at their specifications and buy the one that meets your needs.

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30 Best Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Reviews and the Best Alto Sax Mouthpiece Brands

1) Yamaha Alto Sax Mouthpiece 4C

Yamaha is a world-famous brand supplying the top-class musical instruments and accessories. Among its line of mouthpieces, the one mentioned here is among the best-selling model recommended for both the entry-level players and the professional musicians.

It has only 1.6 ounces weight and its size is 3.9 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches. Taking a start with this one would be good for the initial level players as it makes it easier to get a balance. Additionally, it gives a clearer and focused tone.

2) Selmer Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece (S402C1)

Check out this elegant mouthpiece presented by Selmer. This is suitable for both the learning students, beginners, professional and it works well for all styles of music. This is one of the highest quality mouthpieces that is great for Selmer Saxophone

It has the weight of 1.6 ounces and size dimensions include 4.8 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches. It offers unmatched quality and easy playability at a fair rate. Try this for improved sound quality and better response.

3) Glory Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Kit - Gold

Glory presents this mouthpiece kit at the very cheap rate. The entry-level players should go for this one as it is easy to use and offers good quality at the very economical rate. Moreover, it is long-lasting as well.

Like other good quality alto mouthpieces, it is also light-weighted and has only 2.4 ounces weight. Its size dimensions are 5.9 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches. It is very responsive and delivers a powerful sound. This is an appropriate option for both the initial and intermediate level players.

4) Vandoren SM713 AL5 Optimum Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

If you want to get top-quality mouthpiece at a moderate price, this is your pick. It offers amazing tone, impressive sound qualities, and improved durability and you won’t have to spend a fortune to get this one. It has about 1.6 ounces weight and its size is 1.8 x 6 x 1.8 inches while its tip opening is a bit larger.

Some other specifications include medium long facing, an accurate articulation, improved control at multiple dynamic ranges, and precise intonation. Besides, it is highly responsive. Grab this for a more pleasant playing experience.

5) Vandoren SM711 AL3 Optimum Series Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Vandoren is a renowned and old name that manufactures good quality reeds and mouthpieces. It was established in 1905 and since then, it has been serving the players with easy to use and robust instruments and accessories.

This mouthpiece offered by Vandoren is a classical option with phenomenal roundness. Like others, its weight is not much and it has only 0.8 ounces with size dimensions of 2 x 2 x 6 inches. Moreover, this medium long facing mouthpiece offers a very convenient playing experience.

6) Andoer Alto Sax Saxophone 8C Mouthpiece Metal

This alto sax mouthpiece is another suitable option for the starters and intermediate players. It offers great quality and remarkable intonation and impressive tonal quality at a very low price. It is also very light weighted and carries just 4.8 ounces.

Speaking of the dimensions, it includes 5.6 x 4.2 x 1.9 inches. High-quality brass is used as the manufacturing material that ensures enhanced durability. Last but not the least, it comes complete with two pads and one cap. The two pads enable you to select the most appropriate one and the cap keeps the mouthpiece clean.

7) Rico Metalite M7 Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Rico is a reputable name that is known for high construction quality, improved durability and fair rates. It is one of the trusted names that ensure the provision of top-class accessories and woodwind reeds. This alto sax mouthpiece is one of their top models and it is often preferred because of its low rate.

This one carries only 1.2 ounces weight and its size is 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches. Some other specifications include 0.090 inches tip opening and facial length of 21.mm. Interestingly, the two tip openings are also available. Get this highly durable mouthpiece for your alto sax at a very fair rate and enjoy good intonation. This is certainly a great option for the fresh learners.

8) Meyer Rubber Alto Sax Mouthpiece (MR-402-5MM)

Meyer is a brand that never disappointed when it comes to accessories for a wide range of instruments. The same happens with this mouthpiece, made to suit alto saxophones. Made with high-quality standards, this product will make the instrument sound great. It offers a prompt response to the actions of the player and grants access to a broad spectrum of notes.

It doesn’t matter if the player is looking to reach the altissimo range or is more interested in getting low notes, as both are possible with the help of this sax mouthpiece. This Meyer mouthpiece comes accompanied by an adequate cap and ligature to fit the instrument.

9) D'Addario Woodwinds MJS-D6M Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Anyone looking to get a professional-grade saxophone mouthpiece can easily find all the required features and quality within this product. Made by D’Addario, this mouthpiece offers a high degree of precision, and it is more than suitable for jazz players.

To offer a responsive and precise mouthpiece, the manufacturer chose to mill the piece from a whole rod of rubber, instead of molding it. This allows the crafting of an exceptional piece, with even intonation throughout the entire performance. It is worth mentioning that the crafting precision of the product is possible with the help of computers, which loyally follow the ideal mouthpiece model when milling every single piece.

10) D’Addario Woodwinds Rico Graftonite C5 Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Beginners that are studying the saxophone and are looking for a reliable mouthpiece could take this product into account. Available at an affordable price and made out of resilient polycarbonate, this mouthpiece will withstand a lot of wear and tear. And, even though it is made of modern materials, this product is capable of producing amazing tones.

It will be a pleasure to practice and play the saxophone with this accessible mouthpiece. It is worth mentioning that this mouthpiece will suit the C5 model, Alto saxophones. So, this is definitely a detail worthy of consideration before opting for this product, as it may not suit the used saxophone.

11) SELMER CONCEPT Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece (00163CP)

A beautiful looking mouthpiece, this product from Selmer is made to deliver great results. While the company has been making saxophone mouthpieces for a while, this particular product is among its latest creations. So, it is possible to say that it is the result of advanced technology and an improved manufacturing process, both aiming to offer outstanding products for saxophone players around the world.

Featuring a square room, this mouthpiece can provide excellent acoustic precision. Sounds are produced with ease, and they are round and rich. With such a mouthpiece in hand, it will be a pleasure to play the saxophone over and over again. The product comes with a protective bag, which allows safe storage and transportation.

12) Paititi Gold Plated Metal Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece (PTTALMP006)

Not all saxophone mouthpieces are made out of rubber. It is also possible to find mouthpieces made out of metal, like this item provided by Paititi. Gold-plated, this mouthpiece will offer numerous years of outstanding performances. The plating protects the item, making it easier to clean and sanitize.

Also, the product comes together with an adequate metal ligature, which allows a secure connection with the reed, for a comfortable performance. With its help, a saxophone will provide a beautiful intonation, being suitable for beginners and experienced players alike.

The design of the mouthpiece features a high baffle, which translates into the existence of a special tone chamber. Due to this, the item will respond fast at the action of the player, making the playing process an enjoyable one.

13) J&D Hite H117 Premiere Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

J&D is a reputable name in woodwind and brasswind instruments and accessories. It offers a vast variety of musical gear and these are often selected because of low rates and high quality. Thus, if you want to get a long-lasting alto mouthpiece at a reasonable price, this is a credible option.

This premiere mouthpiece has a shiny black outlook and it weighs just 1.44 ounces. Its dimensions include 4.5 x 2.2 x 1.2 inches. It is made of top-quality and durable rubber and you can get it delivers a very pleasant tone. This is suitable for both the beginners and intermediate players.

14) Vandoren Jumbo JAVA Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece (SM602B A45)

The saxophone can be the ideal instrument for a variety of musical styles. The player can use it to play rock, modern music, and even salsa. But, to provide the best performances at all times, the players also need adequate mouthpiece with their instrument.

Vandoren is the brand that promises to offer a versatile mouthpiece that will enable an alto saxophone to play a wide range of songs and musical genres. Made out of rubber, this mouthpiece has a large bore and high baffle, while the chamber is small. This allows it to produce a powerful tone that will project around the player in an excellent manner.

15) Meyer MR-402-6MM Rubber Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Meyer is without any doubt one of the most trusted, respected and reliable names when it comes to choosing a quality mouthpiece. Its mouthpieces feature good quality, solid construction, and excellent response.

This mouthpiece is particularly famous for crystal clear tone and more control. Its weight is 2.4 ounces and the dimensions comprise 4.4 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches. It is very easy to blow and gives a rich tone. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, it is suitable for both.

16) Selmer 7712 Golden tone #3 Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Who does not know about Selmer? It is a well-recognized and well established musical instrument company and it offers reliable products. This Alto sax mouthpiece from Selmer is certainly a great choice for students. It carries only 0.64 ounces weight and its size is 2.3 x 1.5 x 4.7 inches.

A long-lasting plastic material is used to make this one and it is precision faced. Trying this can help the students to learn better. It delivers an accurate pitch, a focused tone, and a well-balanced response. If you are looking for a good choice for your kid, this is indeed an appropriate choice.

17) Yinama 4C Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Suitable for 4C model alto saxophones, this product is easy to use and maintain. Made out of plastic, this item is more than affordable and rather durable, being an ideal option for beginners and students. However, since the diameter of the whole is a standard one, this mouthpiece will fit on any alto saxophone.

So, even if the manufacturer mentioned the 4C model, this is actually a versatile piece. Blowing into this mouthpiece is comfortable and easy, which will make it appreciated by beginners. But, at the same time, it will provide a great response, helping the student get used to the instrument faster. Every octave will sound great with this sax mouthpiece.

18) Aibay® Plated Eb Alto Saxophone Metal Mouthpiece #7

Take a look at this gold colored exquisite mouthpiece. Whether you are looking for an appealing outlook for flawless performance, it is a very suitable choice. Its weight is just 4.2 ounces and its size measurements include 6.4 x 2.1 x 1.9 inches. This one has a brass surface and it is gold plated that gives it a glossy appearance.

The bright sound and remarkable dynamic range make sit a favorable choice. Additionally, it delivers a fast response backed by specially designed tone chamber and baffle design. This is approved and recommended by the instructors and features high quality and excellent intonation.

19) Clark W Fobes Debut Student Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

This marvelous mouthpiece form Clark W Fobes is a great choice for the students. Considering its low price, the quality and functionality of this alto sax mouthpiece are just amazing. You won’t get such high quality at this rate easily. Its minimal weight makes it a preferable option as it has only 0.8 ounces weight. Its actual size is 3.9 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches.

Its tip has improved design and it delivers a more focused tone. Grab this incredible piece and enjoy a consistent and centered tone.

20) Yibuy Nickel-Plated E-flat Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece #6 (YB3917)

This saxophone mouthpiece is another good option for beginners looking to try mouthpieces made out of metal. This item is inexpensive and more than capable of serving a player during playing sessions, rehearsals, and saxophone classes. The player should know that this mouthpiece is made to suit E-flat Alto saxophones.

When paired with such an instrument, the mouthpiece will allow the production of resonant and full tones. Plated with nickel, the mouthpiece will be very resilient and easy to clean. It comes with a ligature as well, which makes its use easier and more convenient. The product is recommended for players of all levels, as it is made to perform well.

21) Andoer Plastic Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece (4334280274)

When it comes to beginners, they should not launch themselves at making large investments right from the start. It is indeed tempting to get the best products, as the enthusiasm is large, but it is wiser to stick to the basics for a while.

This mouthpiece is made from plastic and price-friendly. Even so, it will perform just as a saxophone mouthpiece is supposed to. This makes it ideal for classes and practice, so it is an option worthy of consideration. The mouthpiece comes together with a metal buckle that will help the player keep the reed in place and with a plastic cap for additional protection.

22) JodyJazz HR Hard Rubber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Model #6M (.078 Tip)

If you want to purchase a more traditional mouthpiece with more versatility, this one is a highly suitable option for you. Made with hard rubber, this is a more robust choice that can last long. Its manufacturing material is wisely chosen to provide you with the great quality.

Moreover, its weight is only 2.4 ounces and the size dimensions of this mouthpiece include 5.1 x 1.8 x 1.5 inches. This one is a recommended model for both the students and professionals and it gives a mesmerizing and warm sound.

23) Beechler Diamond Inlay Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Model S8

Beechler is one of the oldest companies that manufacture good quality mouthpieces. Thus, if you are looking for a more reliable option that can provide professional quality at fair rates, choosing it would be good for you. The mouthpiece mentioned here provides a rich and commendable tone and a very strong and brilliant sound.

Speaking of the weight, it carries only 1.6 ounces and its size measurements include 3.8 x 1.4 x 1.4 inches. It is very easy to play and has enhanced projection. Moreover, the bore design improves the higher frequencies and delivers a joyous experience.

24) Dukoff Metal Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece (D8)

Check out this one with more stylish outlook. This is a high-priced model for those who are looking for flawless quality, top-notch functionality, and long-lasting mouthpiece. If you are willing to spend some money, this is a really good choice.

Considering the weight, it has 4.8 ounces and its size measurements include 4.8 x 1.5 x 1.3 inches. This Silverite metal saxophone mouthpiece delivers an edgy and bright tone and commendable sound quality. Additionally, it offers an easier playing experience.

25) Otto Link OLM-402-5S Master Metal Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Otto link is not a new name. It has been known for a very long time for its high standard products. It has been manufacturing and supplying top-class jazz mouthpieces for more than 50 years. Its long history makes it more reliable and this metal mouthpiece is one of their most-recommended models.

It has just 0.8 ounces weight and its dimensions comprise 4.6 x 1.5 x 1.6 inches. This is suitable for both the intermediate players and the professionals. It delivers fantastic tonal quality and amazing projection. Moreover, it comes complete with a cap and ligature.

26) JodyJazz JET Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Model 6 (.080 Tip)

How beautiful this black alto sax mouthpiece is. Not only its outlook is amazing, it helps the players to perform incredibly good and delivers excellent sound with powerful sound. It weighs 2.56 ounces and its size measurements comprise 5.1 x 1.8 x 1.5 inches.

A premium quality polycarbonate material is used to make this mouthpiece and it gives a focused and bright tone. Additionally, it comes it different facing sizes and you can select as per your need.

27) Rousseau ER20014R Classic Alto Sax Mouthpiece 4R

This is a beautiful mouthpiece designed by a leading and well-known saxophonist, Eugene Rousseau. All his designs are unique and matchless in terms of performance and quality, and this one is among the best-selling alto mouthpieces. It weighs just 2.4 ounces and its dimensions include 2 x 2 x 2 inches.

This is made of heavy-duty rubber that ensures high durability. It is designed to best meet the classical performers’ needs. Try this one for strong projection, positive response, and a well-centered and warm tone. For those who are looking for a more reasonable choice, it is one of the great options.

28) Selmer BP402 Bundy Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece 1400/1401

We have included another Selmer mouthpiece because of its good quality and low priced. For the starters and for those students who want to learn with greater ease at a low rate, this is a very good option.

It has 1.6 ounces weight and its dimensions consist of 2.3 x 1.5 x 4.6 inches. Considering its intonation and response, this is an excellent alto sax mouthpiece. The material used for its manufacturing is highly durable plastic. Not only it is easy to use, it gives admirable sound quality as well.

29) Eugene Rousseau ER20075 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Here comes another wonderful alto sax mouthpiece from Eugene Rousseau which does not require any introduction. This mouthpiece from Eugene is incredible in terms of sound quality and projection and you will surely have a pleasant playing experience with it.

This one has about 1-pound weight and its size measurements comprise 1 x 1 x 1 inches. Besides, it has 1.80mm medium tip opening. This is an easy to control choice that gives a pleasant and even tone. You can buy this one without any hesitation and you won’t regret it.

30) Selmer BE402-31 Brilhart Ebolin Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece – Model 3*

Here is another low-price model from Selmer with long-lasting structure and good tonal qualities. Both the fresh players and intermediate students should try this one for a more comfortable musical experience. Like most of the other Selmer models, it is also light in weight and carries about 2.4 ounces.

The size measurements of this mouthpiece include 3.9 x 1.6 x 1.8 inches. It is constructed of injection-molded plastic that makes it more durable and it gives a fantastic performance featuring a powerful and resonant tone.

Choosing the Best Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece from the Best Alto Sax Mouthpiece Brands

The alto saxophone, known shortly as alto sax, is a part of the many size-types of the saxophone. Alto saxophones are one of the more popular types of saxophones and are used widely in bands as well as in homes. One of the most important parts of the saxophone, if not the most important part, is the mouthpiece, which, as the name suggests, is the part of the saxophone which you place directly in your mouth while playing to produce sounds. As there are for all the other types, alto saxophones also have many different types of mouthpieces. This guide will help you get a better sense of them.

We hope you find the above-mentioned list very useful. It contains some of the top-recommended and best alto sax mouthpieces that you can use to perform exceptionally well.

2) Selmer Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece (S402C1)

  • Popular Brand
  • Enhance Sound & Response
  • Excellent for Setup
  • Great Playing Experience

1) Yamaha Alto Sax Mouthpiece

  • Premium Grade Plastic
  • Clear & Bright Tone
  • Highly Consistent
  • Optimum from Beginners to Professionals

3) Glory Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece Kit - Gold

  • Durable & Firm
  • Balanced Tone
  • Pocket Pricing
  • Ligature, Plastic Cap & Reed Included
  • Ideal for Beginner & Student Players

What to Consider When Buying a Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Depending on whether you buy a used or new saxophone, you will or won’t have to buy a new mouthpiece as first-hand saxophones will already have a mouthpiece attached to them. However, even this mouthpiece will eventually worsen in condition over time, and you will have to buy a new one. There are a few things that you will need in every mouthpiece for your comfort, and these are listed below.

  • The material from which the mouthpiece is made of is important. There are mouthpieces made out of plastic that recommended to beginners and the rubber that is used more often in classical and jazz music. Crystal is also more popular with jazz players, and wood is an unstable yet warm sounding material, metal-plated mouthpieces, which is popular with nearly all types of tunes in every genre. Further, stainless metal mouthpieces are the easiest to maintain their cleanliness and produce bright sounds while containing the most projection. Out of all these materials, it is up to you to decide which type you want, depending on the music you intend to play.
  • The position of the baffle is important in dictating the type of sound your saxophone will produce. If you are new at playing saxophones, the baffle is a part of the mouthpiece on the opposite side as compared to the window, and the part plays a role in how the bite of the mouthpiece looks. A low baffle will mean that you will mainly get a warm and mellow sound, whereas a higher baffle will give you a brighter sound as well as more projection.
  • The table of your mouthpiece should be as flat and smooth as it can be. The table is the part of the mouthpiece where the reed sits, and it should sit very securely. Excellent contact between the table and the reed will result in the reed functioning properly, and it will also provide players with great tone production.

Popular Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces Brands

Due to them being a very vital part of the saxophone, many instrument manufacturers take advantage of their importance and manufacture mouthpieces at a very high price depending on their material. Almost every brand that makes saxophones also makes mouthpieces separately, as players will find themselves having to buy one almost every year due to their fragility. There are quite a few options when it comes to mouthpieces for alto saxophones, so you will need to be careful when buying one. Given below are some of the best manufacturers of mouthpieces that can be used with alto saxophones.

  • SYOS

Syos are one of the better manufacturers of mouthpieces. They develop custom made mouthpieces for all types of wind-based instruments and all the size-types of the saxophone, including alto. Syos make some of the best mouthpieces in both beautifully designed as well as made of durable and quality materials. They attempt to give players of wind-based instruments the freedom of creating their own sound, which is why they create all sorts of accessories for wind-based instruments and why their motto is ‘’create your sound’’. Syos itself stands for ‘’Shape Your Own Sound’’ which goes along with their mission, which is to create with you the most appropriate mouthpiece for your sound.


Another very famous brand for alto saxophone mouthpieces and mouthpieces for wind-based instruments, in general, is Berg Larsen. Created by a musician of the same name, Berg Larsen was originally created around 1945 after Berg had started manufacturing mouthpieces himself and later made himself a brand. Berg Larsen has some of the most beautiful mouthpieces that are well worth their price.


Dukoff is a brand that deals exclusively in mouthpieces and was made by Robert Dukoff, hence the brands' name. He was also a musician at the time and started his brand in the first half of the 20th century. Dukoff makes great mouthpieces for all wind-based instruments, but especially for alto and soprano saxophones. They make great and beautiful mouthpieces at good prices, making them a great option for you if you’re looking for a mouthpiece for your alto saxophone.

Facts about Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

· Saxophones and mouthpieces are the only instruments and instrument-based accessories that were worked on and invented by only a single person before their unveiling.

· Although the saxophone had been around for a long period, the mouthpieces hadn’t become much popular among brands after a while. After a few decades, brands took advantage of their importance and started manufacturing expensive and exotic mouthpieces.

· Mouthpieces are one of the only instrumental accessories that come in different to produce completely different types of sounds.


Considering the quality, durability and functional efficiency, all are good. In order to get the most suitable one, all you need is to specify your budget range and identify your needs as a player.

Each player has different needs and everyone can be in different learning stages. Depending on how capable you are in playing the alto sax, you can easily select from these Alto Saxophone Mouthpieces.