Beethoven Reinterpreted With Car Horn Honks

Imagine Beethoven’s work reinterpreted. What does it sound like? What instruments would be involved? You can’t imagine what non-musical instruments can be used to reinterpret one of classical music’s godfathers.

What’s one of the first impressions that most people have when they visit abroad, particularly highly populated areas like India? Traffic is something that catches many people by surprise in India, with the incredible amount of cars on the busy roads. One of the most obvious sounds a traveler will hear while on the streets in India is car horns.

Our friend here named Kurt noticed this as well, and decided to do something with the large amount of sounds available to him. Using modern technology, he took note of the types of horn frequencies, keys, and sounds by recording them and reassembling the notes to pair with classical music, particularly Beethoven.

We’ve experienced Beethoven in a wide variety of capacities, but this video marks a new high for utilizing technology to pay tribute to classical music while also composing reinterpreted sounds you that might not typically attribute to Beethoven or any other classical composer.


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