6 Best BBQ Lessons for Beginners Review 2021

BBQ Lessons for Beginners

BBQ Lessons for Beginners

Cooking has been an essential part of our daily lives since long before the known history. We realized that cooking meat and veggies will increase the taste, and make them edible for human beings. Ever since there are hundreds of ways that are being introduced to cook the food and BBQ is one such style that has got highly popular over time.

While you can cook meat a thousand ways. BBQ is one of the most exotic and exquisite ways to have the meat cooked for any occasion. BBQ is generally about cooking the chicken or meat over a grill with the smoke of coals.

BBQ has evolved too and there are tons of new recipes, cooking methods, and spices that are being introduced to make them taste even better. If you are looking to learn cooking BBQ the right way to surprise your friends and family at the parties or want to pursue a career as a professional BBQ Chef, there is a long way for you to go.

You need to learn everything from the margination to having the right temperature and knowing the tenderness of meat to prepare it just right. There are cooking schools out there that can help you learn all the stuff, but you can also learn how to BBQ at home with the help of these online courses.

6 Best BBQ Lessons for Beginners Review

1) MasterClass: Aaron Franklin Teaches Texas-Style BBQ

MasterClass Aaron Franklin Texas Style BBQ Lessons for Beginners

Aaron started his journey as a backyard hobbyist, but now after winning the James Beard award for his Franklin Barbecue restaurant, he has gotten quite a fame for his famous smoked brisket. You will have to wait for hours sometimes for his mouthwatering brisket.

But with the help of this course, you can learn the secret behind his recipe and the techniques used by him so you can also BBQ like him at home. Not only that, but you will also be learning some other BBQ techniques from the specialist so you can make any occasion lively and worth the moment.

Over this four-and-a-half-hour-long course containing 16 video lessons, you are going to learn the difference between fire and smoke and how you can maintain the right temperature and smoke on the coals to not get your meat burnt. You will also learn about different types of meat such as pork, beef, chicken.

The course also contains some famous recipes such as briskets, steak, and ribs so you can get a complete proficiency over the cuisine in Texas-style. You will also learn to select the beef quality in this course and to prepare some tangy sauces that go great with any sort of BBQ you might be preparing.

2) Udemy: BBQ 101- A Buyer’s Guide

Udemy 1 BBQ Lessons for Beginners

You don't only need to know about the type of meat you are going to prepare on a BBQ but also must have adequate knowledge about the equipment you are going to use for that. This course prepared by Brian Ajax covers a great deal of insight about different types of grills that you can use for BBQ.

Depending on the space you have, the number of guests you generally expect, and the type of meat you are looking to prepare, you can learn about getting the right grill for you with this course.

Over this 35-minute-long course, you are going to understand all about the pros and cons of different types of grills that are out there in the market including grill size, the material used, and their efficiency and durability.

With the help of this course, you will not only be able to purchase the perfect grill that would suit your needs best but also be able to invest in a grill that will last you at least a decade or two. That would make this course a right investment for anyone who wants to learn all about the grills.

3) Udemy: How to BBQ Ribs (Master Class) Fall Off the Bone Smoked Ribs

Udemy 2 BBQ Lessons for Beginners

This one here is a phenomenal course that you can get your hands on and that too for free. The course allows you to learn a great deal about BBQ ribs so you can prepare some exotic Smoked Ribs in your own backyard for any party.

The course is all about smoking ribs so you are going to have a deep insight on the topic. With the help of this course, you will be able to prepare smoked ribs that will be so tender to just fall off the bones and melt in anyone's mouth.

This course is prepared by Chris Ahl and covers St. Louis style cut ribs that would be a perfect dish to serve your friends and family at any party. You will also get to learn about the right seasoning, margination, and preparing techniques so you can prepare the ribs beforehand.

Further, the course will also help you to understand the right cut so you can shop for the right ribs in the market and prepare them effectively. The course is all about the classic way of smoking your ribs perfectly.

4) Udemy: How to BBQ Brisket (Master Class) Burnt Ends, 12-hour Cook

Udemy 3 BBQ Lessons for Beginners

Brisket is a time-consuming recipe that takes overnight cooking to be prepared perfectly. Slow smoking techniques are not easy to master for anyone, but this course is going to help you get a good grip on the subject. With the help of this course, you will learn to enjoy a unique and proven recipe for BBQ briskets in the perfect manner.

This is another free course by Chris Ahl that you can get on Udemy to learn about Brisket BBQ. You are going to learn a great deal about seasoning, margination, and learning about a different type of beef that you can get to BBQ brisket.

From mastering the slow smoke technique to maintaining the temperature, leaving it for hours on the grill, and learning about the right time to take it off. Whatever you need to prepare a brisket is included in this course. This 34-minute-long course will enable you to confidently prepare brisket for any event that you might be holding or for yourself to get a delicious meal any day you want and treat your taste buds.

5) Udemy: How to BBQ Beef Ribs (Super Simple) Smoking Method

Udemy 4 BBQ Lessons for Beginners

Beef Ribs are a highly loved dish and people love to get their taste buds acquainted with juicy, tender ribs. The meat on the ribs is one of the most delicious parts that you can get from Beef but you also must know how to prepare it the right way.

This course by Chris Ahl is free for anyone who has an account on Udemy so they can learn how to smoke their beef ribs to get them ready to eat. The course follows a unique and delicious recipe that will help you make those beef ribs melt in your mouth.

With the help of this 34-minute-long course, you are going to learn all about BBQ beef ribs. From shopping for the right ribs, getting them prepared for the grill, preparing the seasoning, and smoking them the right way.

You will learn about the complete procedure that takes around 5-6 hours in this course that is spread over 5 sections. Each section covers an essential procedure to get the beef ribs smoked for you.

6) Udemy: How to Barbecue Chicken (Smoking Chicken Recipe)

Udemy 5 BBQ Lessons for Beginners

Chicken is the easiest to cook over a BBQ grill. It doesn't take long hours like you have to spend on beef and pork and does not require much marinating time either. That is why you can always BBQ chicken if you are short on time and get a delicious and exotic treat ready for your guests at any party. This course helps you learn a step-by-step process to BBQ chicken in the right manner. From marinating to the cooking process, everything is covered deeply in this course.

This BBQ master class is free to access like other BBQ courses by Chris Ahl. You will learn how to BBQ different parts of chicken the right way so none of them is left undercooked or gets overcooked. From chicken legs to chicken wings, whatever you need to BBQ, you can learn it using the course.

There is also some information on two different marinating techniques that you can use and make your chicken tender and perfectly balanced. This course is fit for anyone who has no prior BBQ experience to learn as well, so they can start with the cooking technique and feel confident with a grill.

Choosing the Best BBQ Lessons for Beginners

BBQ is all about balanced seasoning, perfectly cooked meat, and the right marinating time. With the help of these courses, you can learn all that you need to know about the BBQ process.

From buying the right beef, pork, or chicken to preparing it before the grill and how to treat it with smoke on the grill, you will get a deep insight on all from these courses. So, if you want to start with a grill to impress your friends and family at a party or just as a hobby, these courses would be a perfect choice for you.


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