10 Best Basketball Lessons for Beginners Review 2021

Basketball Lessons for Beginners

Basketball Lessons for Beginners

The sport of basketball is an all-weather game which is followed in every country. It is a team game involving two teams of five players each in a rectangular court. Each team fights to score points against each other by shooting the ball through a high hoop. It’s an indoor as well as an outdoor sport loved and played by all age groups.

There are courts with suitable sizes and hoop heights for every age bracket but there are standard court and hoop dimensions for the professionals. The thrill, dynamics, and engagement of the sport bring a big viewership from all over the world.

It is a fast-moving game with different and amazing techniques, skills, and forms. From building muscle and endurance to improving focus and coordination, this game is a physical and mental development exercise. It is also a convincing way of making friends, just find a court and ask to play along.

Every age group should learn and practice this sport for their health and recreation. One must be thinking about hiring a coach to learn the sport with dedication at the beginner’s stage but in this digital and information age, this sport can be learned online through engaging and detailed practical courses.

Today we will cover the top 10 online basketball lessons for beginners. These lessons will make sure you get a good start at learning the sport even if you never touched the basketball.

10 Best Basketball Lessons for Beginners Review

1) Masterclass: Stephen Curry Teaching Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring

MasterClass Stephen Curry Shooting, Ball-Handling, and Scoring Lessons for Beginners

Stephen Curry is a top-class American professional basketball player. He was named NBA ALL-STAR six times and won three NBA championships. He is one of the most talented players in the game and he has mapped out complete details of his technique, skills, and form in this course.

He will be sharing his technique for maintaining confidence while handling the ball. He will teach how to maximize the quickest way to release/throw the ball with consistent and efficient body techniques that he mastered over the years. From shooting to dribbling, this course is a complete guide and a pathway to a mastery of these tricks that led Stephen Curry to his glory.

A complete breakdown of his shooting techniques with clear pointers for possible mistakes is discussed in the course. The course also emphasizes and helps in building practicing routines on the court to get better by each passing day. The whole course builds a lasting motivation to not only love and master the game but to develop a habit of pushing yourself at every stage of the game that we can replicate in other areas of life.

2) Udemy: Basketball: Fundamentals of Shooting

Udemy 1 Basketball Lessons for Beginners

Daniel Yoo is a passionate basketball player and a motivated coach. His love for the sport started early and he has been wholeheartedly involved in the continuous perfection of his basketball techniques, especially shooting since his childhood. He has been voluntarily coaching boys and girls from middle and high school. He performed his duty as an assistant coach at one of the top-notch basketball programs at St, John Bosco.

Shooting is one of the most important techniques to master to score points against the opponent team. This course revolves around breaking down every actionable step involved in making the shooting attempt and develop the best shooting technique possible.

The course is broken down into two sections. The first half mentions all-important muscle movements involved in executing the perfect technique possible. The second half revolves around mapping out drill routines to master the technique. According to him, it all depends on the minor adjustments for both, the technique and the discipline.

For the successful completion of the course, Daniel has mentioned a few requirements. The course requires a willingness to learn, basketball & a hoop, and proper attire. This course is best for avid players as the whole focus is on the fundamentals of the game.

3) Udemy: Improve your Basketball Skill-Set in Minutes

Udemy 2 Basketball Lessons for Beginners

Skyler Lang is a 15-year-old school and basketball student. His dedication to becoming an instructor at this young age shows his love and passion for the game. He is the leading scorer of his school team. He is motivated to share his basketball experience and knowledge with others with a belief that anybody can score in the game.

The main focus of the course is around being consistent with basic basketball skills such as shooting, ball handling, footwork, and more. Skyler emphasis that every technique and skill can be learned by anybody given the dedicated practice and time. He will examine key techniques and forms of the leading professional basketball players. The course is a motivational track for people trying to score better in competitions as not everybody is genetically blessed with tall, strong, and fast athletic bodies.

This course is perfect for beginner basketball players who are undersized or not athletic yet still dedicated to scoring points in competitions. The requirements for the course are quite simple and obvious. All you need is a basketball and a court to practice as the instructor will be demonstrating all of his skills with an explanation at his school court.

4) Udemy: Basketball for Beginners: Improving your Basketball Skills

Udemy 3 Basketball Lessons for Beginners

This is another beginner’s course by Daniel Yoo, our passionate and experienced basketball coach for middle and high school kids. His main focus for this course is to develop a complete picture of basketball rules and skills and raise basketball IQ amongst the students.

Even though the name tells that the course is for beginners but in reality, this course is also beneficial for the player at higher levels. The main reason for the effectiveness of the course is Daniel’s focus on mastering the fundamentals of basketball.

The course categorizes basketball players into two groups for practice, defensive players and offensive players. Hence, the complete course is divided into four sections that are, the roles and skills required for defensive and offensive players, and efficient and specific drills to improve defensive and offensive player’s skill sets.

The unique point for this course is that it also aims to develop basketball IQ in students and coaching. It will help in responding to spontaneous key moments in the game. In addition, Daniel also included lectures that specifically aim at developing familiarity with basketball terminologies. This will genuinely help in accelerating growth as a player and growing connectivity with the basketball world. The course requires basketball shoes, proper attire, and basketball.

5) Udemy: Youth Basketball: How to Get Better at Basketball for Kids

Udemy 4 Basketball Lessons for Beginners

The instructor for this course in Micheal N. Olpin. He is a professor of Health Promotion and Human Performance at Weber State University. The key focus of his study is in stress management and mind & body wellness that he has incorporated in playing and explaining how to grow skills as a basketball player. He has performed the duties of a basketball and other competitive sports coach at the university level.

This is a unique course in the sense that it gives an in-depth view of not only how to excel as a player but how to contribute as a parent or caretaker. This will help in understanding the best of both worlds that will ensure accelerating growth. The focus point for parents or caretakers of the kids in the course is how to infuse confidence in them as it lays the foundation for believing in oneself and excelling.

The course helps in building a foundation, developing better ball control, accurate stances and techniques, and much more. There will by multiple guests and instructors in the course, each expert in one particular aspect of the basketball sport. This course is different also because it teaches how to understand referees and incorporate his on-field signals in the game to improve.

6) Udemy: Basketball Dribbling and Ball Handling. Workout Vol.1

Udemy 5 Basketball Lessons for Beginners

The instructor for this course, Raimonds Feldmanis, is an innovative basketball skill development coach with extensive experience in the field. From coaching middle and high school to coaching at senior colleges and sports institutions, he has developed a thorough understanding of how to push oneself beyond limits with a goal of complete mastery. He has been professionally coaching basketball for the past 10 years.

This course is a complete package for players of all levels, parents, and coaches. This course gives a complete view on how to grow as a player and engage the immediate family and instructors in accelerating the growth. The course has a complete track to follow from zero to hero with essential workout routines to gain mobility and speed.

The course is designed for players who want to learn professional practices, coaches who are motivated to advance his player, and parents who are determined to boost their kid’s confidence by their support. Key requirements for this course are a heavy and a normal basketball, a hoop, and a practicing area. This course will develop court vision, improve crossover between legs, and teach how to manage rhythm throughout the game.

7) Udemy: Advanced Basketball: Offensive Dribbling Moves

Udemy 6 Basketball Lessons for Beginners

Yet another amazing course by Daniel Yoo, our passionate and experienced basketball coach for middle and high school kids. The main focus for this specific course of his is around building strong offensive techniques to aggressively score points in the match.

The course is a complete pathway, from beginner to expert in offensive game skills. The course enforces one of the key skills for an offensive play called dribbling. The instructor will teach the fundamentals benefits of dribbling, key muscles involved in its execution, different types and techniques, and key drills to master the skill.

There is a complete dedicated section to teach how to develop control over the ball. He explains the importance of managing the ball with our fingertips rather than using the palm with exceptions. A complete set of practices in the lesson, specifically designed to growing control over the ball will not only help in dribbling but in other offensive and defensive skills as well.

The second portion is based entirely on dribbling and its types. Besides, Daniel teaches how to use dribbling types in combination to make a stronger and more effective move for scoring a point. This course is primarily avid basketball players who are determined to learn key offensive and dribbling techniques. The course has minimal requirements for basketball, hoop, and proper attire.

8) Udemy: Basketball Training for Beginners/Intermediate

Udemy 7 Basketball Lessons for Beginners

The instructor of this course, Mercedes Griffin, is a professional basketball trainer with over 20 years of experience in the game. He has played in every available court of all sizes and heights, both indoor and outdoor, in his home state. His team won 4 championships in college and later he received a scholarship for his studies in Oregon State. Mercedes is here not only to improve the physical factors of the players but also to boost their mental power required for the game.

The main focus of the course is around strengthening the player’s ball-handling, jump shots, and moves at the rim. This course is designed for beginners and intermediate players alike as a strong base of these fundamentals is necessary for players at every stage. He has also defined beginners and intermediate players with the number of experienced years. A player with 1-3 years of experience is a beginner and with 3-6 years of experience is at an intermediate level.

The course is tracked to strengthen practical skills such as attacking the rim, finishing at the rim, and developing confidence in body movements. The unique aspect of this lesson is that it also helps in understanding the basic principle of health and body conditioning and how these can be improved and maintained. This will help students in understanding the minute details of fitness that contribute to a better game.

9) HoopDynamic: Lessons for Beginners

HoopDynamic Basketball Lessons for Beginners

An online line platform with ready to go easy video tutorials by Elite NBA Basketball Trainer Tyler Relph. He was recruited in the Big East as a professional athlete but due to his career-ending injury, he realized his passion for sharing knowledge. He has trained more than 10,000 players till now. This platform is a highly interactive website that will make sure to trace out the complete pathway towards a career as a professional basketball player.

The site offers easy access to more than 300 workout and technique based tutorials. It also offers live interaction on different social media platforms with professional and certified trainers to get more in-depth and custom knowledge regarding your current form and avenues to grow.

Students also get mentoring on NBA specific pro athlete’s workout routines to maximize performance in the court. They also update their content on a monthly basis to incorporate new research and discovery. All of this content is easily accessible through mobile, desktop, and tablet.

The platform is designed to make students go through skill-building modules in an efficient sequence. These skills include ball handling, footwork, and separation, shooting, passing, and finishing skills.

10) ImpactBall: Online Basketball Player Development Video Training

ImpactBall Basketball Lessons for Beginners

Impact Basketball is an online training program for players, trainers, and parents with 8 hours of on-demand, online expert content. It ensures a complete development lifecycle to pave a concrete pathway towards high-level game skills. It offers more than 350 skill specific videos to target and masters a particular move at the player’s own pace.

The platform offers Basketball Player Development Specialist certification awarded for completing the whole program. It gives access to lives coaches to figure out the individual as well as weaknesses in the team and an efficient solution to overcome these weaknesses. The platform also provides a complete support system for coaches so that they can better manage and train their teams for wins. They incorporate international sports and fitness studies and relevant veteran experiences and knowledge in the program.

The program is divided into two streams. The first one is called, “Coach & Trainers Curriculum”. It is an 8 module course designed to nurture coaches into a robust engine that pulls the team to victory using effective training and team-building techniques.

The second program is called, “Players - Train Year Round”. This program is focused on targeting every student with skill-specific modules that will boost his professional development as a player. Both of the program's emphasize on the principals of fitness and diet for a professional athlete.

Choosing the Best Basketball Lessons for Beginners

These courses are more than enough to start practicing basketball on your own. It is an amazing sport as it will not only keep your health in order, it will help you in making new friends. In fact, starting a course along a friend would be a smart thing to do. This way you both can maintain a steady pace and keep the interest alive throughout the course. Start investing yourself in this meaningful sport. All you need is determination and commitment, you might end up playing professionally for the National Basketball Association.


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