15 Best Banjo Lessons for Adults Review 2022

Best Banjo Lessons for Adults

Best Banjo Lessons for Adults

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Being born with musical taste and ability to make music is a blessing but if you are into music but don’t have the god-gifted art, you can always learn, right?

There are a plethora of musical instruments and banjo is one of them that people have fallen in love with. Banjo comes with a thin membrane with four to six strings that are used to make a sound. The membrane is usually made from animal skin and plastic. This instrument is an active part of the country and folk music.

What are the Best Banjo Lessons for Adults?

2) Easy Banjo Tutorials For Complete Beginners

Easy Banjo Tutorials For Complete Beginners
  • The integration of seven videos
  • Cover every simple section
  • High Quality Course
  • Famous songs

1) Banjo Lessons with Tony Trischka

Banjo Lessons with Tony Trischka
  • Solo and ensemble tips
  • Offers 100s of lessons
  • Videos can be watched in slow motion
  • Great for All Levels

3) Your Online Home for Learning Guitar, Banjo, and Mandolin!

Your Online Home for Learning Guitar, Banjo, and Mandolin
  • 400 videos and lessons
  • Affordable and Great Value
  • Able to learn different tones and styles

There are some famous brands using Banjo in their rock songs such as Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, and more. However, the origin of banjo starts from the African-American traditional music mix.

In America, the banjo is used in traditional jazz while modern banjo arises from the 17th century. There are different types of modern banjos but they vary basically on the number of strings. However, the six-stringed banjos are most commonly used as they are tuned like guitars.

So, no matter what type of banjos are you talking about or thinking about playing, there are multiple banjo lessons available for adults. In this article, we cover different lessons for banjo enthusiasts and have fun with music because everyone loves a little melody!

15 Best Banjo Lessons for Adults Review

1) ArtistWorks - Banjo Lessons with Tony Trischka

Banjo Lessons with Tony Trischka

Tony Trischka has coined his name in the music world and he has been helping music enthusiasts enjoy the learning curves of Banjo. If you want to enjoy the melodies and hone them at your fingers, you will have all the required lessons in this course as you will have access to tablature, interview, backing tracks, banjo instructions, and bluegrass legend performances that work as a motivation. You will learn solo and ensemble tips along with the 5-string banjo rolls.

When you are on the learning journey, you can record a video and Tony will review the videos to help you work on the weak points and learn about the right techniques. There is a video exchange library that is accessible to everyone and you will get to learn so much from these videos. This way, you will be able to expand your playing track.

This course offers 100s of lessons for students with different styles of playing as well as different skill levels. The videos can be watched in slow motion to pay attention to each detail. Starting his career with Country Cooking in 1971, this man is a hub for banjo music.

2) Udemy - Tenor Banjo

Udemy Tenor Banjo

This course has one-hour on-demand videos, lifetime access to the platform, 12 downloadable videos, and these resources can be sued on TV and mobile all the same.

You will be able to learn from 12 traditional Irish tunes and all you need is 4-strings banjo with a plectrum to learn everything that you need. There are sets of jigs, hornpipes, polkas, and reels to be learned and if you want to learn the tablature, there are full-spectrum videos.

You can download the audio and videos to learn every detail and will be a perfect option for beginners. You will also be able to learn EADG tuning for your banjo. Moreover, you will be empowered to tune to a higher pitch in case of an American banjo.

If you are a tenor banjo student, you will be able to expand your skillset while the beginners will be able to learn the basic techniques.

3) Udemy - Old-Time Banjo for the Absolute Beginner

Udemy Old-Time Banjo for the Absolute Beginner

This course is focused on the old-time banjo as the course developers are looking to bring back the traditions. The lessons allow the aspirants to pick up and it can be attained without having years of experience.

The course has logical and easy steps to ensure techniques are easily honed and there are videos, audios, and PDF files for in-depth instructions. No matter if you have less time on your hands; this course will help you ace the banjo without going crazy.

There are 28 downloadable resources along with one-hour on-demand video, lifetime access, and access on mobile and TV. If you want to take this course, you need the plastic thumb pick along with 5-string banjo and a metal fingerpick.

There are PDF files provided that can be printed out and is perfect for the beginners. In conclusion, the aspirants will be able to emphasize the melodies and make an exciting environment with the tunes!

4) Udemy - Tenor Banjo for Absolute Beginners

Udemy Tenor Banjo for Absolute Beginners

If you have a 4-string banjo and want to enjoy the experienced experience, this course will be the perfect option. Once you have completed this course, you will be able to play three different tunes along with the D scale. You will also be able to learn the Tablature reading and learn how to tune the banjo.

If you are a beginner, you will also be told to hold the tenor banjo the right way. There are 25 minutes of on-demand video, two articles, lifetime access, 3 minutes on-demand audio, and ten downloadable resources.

To start with this course, you need to have a plectrum, 4-string banjo which is EADG tuned. You will also be able to play the reels, polkas, and jigs. The best part is that you can download the tablature in PDF form to ensure you have instructions all the time.

There are full tunes that you can listen to and download to ensure the learning process is convenient and effective. These tunes can be learned within weeks if you have ab eagerness to learn!

5) Skillshare -Banjo-Intermediate & Jazz


This is a platform aimed at covering each aspect of banjo playing and ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy the rock and jazz to perfection. On the other, if someone wants to make the same music himself, this platform is offering the banjo learning course inclined towards jazz banjo.

When it comes to jazz banjo, there is very little advancement given the recent use of the banjo in jazz music. However, with this course, you will be able to optimize arpeggios and bebop scale as they are the essentials and with time, the students are moved to 7th chords. But it is essential to note that minor 7th chords are focused.

To teach arpeggios and bebop scale, five different keys are provided and the performance can be tracked as well through the standard chord progression. In the case of the chords, minor 7th chords are taught but the origin point starts from A minor 7.

6) Skillshare -Beginner Banjo Masterclass

Skillshare Beginner Banjo Masterclass

This platform is offering beginner banjo master class to ensure your banjo-loving soul gets to learn each fundamental adhered to a banjo. Through this course, you will be to learn basic rolls, licks, chords, tuning, and other parts of the banjo.

If you keep on with the lessons, you will be able to learn, “I’ll fly away” and you will be allowed to add tweaks as you like. Many beginners have a misconception that they cannot play these songs but with this lesson, they will have all the essential skills.

For instance, you will be taught to fill the gaps in the song during the pause periods and you can also modify the licks as per your preference. In other words, you can add your touch of personality to the songs by honing the basic techniques. The students can learn these techniques through video lessons as it’s more engaging and covers each detail perfectly.

7) Skillshare - Beginner Banjo Course

Skillshare Beginner Banjo Course

For every banjo enthusiast, it is essential to learn the banjo rolls as they will help you roll on the road of banjo music and ace the road. This course will cover the forward-reverse, forward, and alternating thumbing to ensure every alignment is perfect.

The course covers the read tab (tabulator) along with other basics that need to be known to every banjo player. With this course, Cumberland Gap and nine-pound hammer are improvised while the salty fog blues are offered.

All the melodies and chords are provided in the PDF forms. In addition, shady grove comes with the tabulator PDF file as well.

The teacher of this course has been teaching banjo for over 25 years with some top-notch performances at Carnegie Hall and the Ryman Auditorium. He has also won the Guitar contest along with Georgia State Banjo. In addition, you might get insights into acoustic music as well!

8) Easy Banjo Tutorials For Complete Beginners

Easy Banjo Tutorials For Complete Beginners

No matter if you are a beginner or an adult trying to hone your fingers at the banjo, these lessons will make you the banjo king within 28 days by attending a one-hour class every day.

If you want to play songs sitting in your cafeteria, these lessons ensure you are able to make a buzz by creating the methodology for learning famous songs. You will also be able to play dueling banjos. To ensure you get a kick-start journey for banjos, they start with a famous song.

These lessons are the integration of seven videos that cover every simple section and with the advancement; you will be provided insights about different notes. The lessons are designed to ensure you are enjoying every note and gaining expertise on different pieces.

Students will be able to play different types of music such as Rock, American old gold, Bluegrass, and Pop as well. It is advised to use five-string banjo and in a matter of three hours, you will be able to play basic tunes.

The teacher has been playing banjo for over 30 years which speaks volumes about his expertise. In addition, you will be able to play single and double thumbing.

9) Your Online Home for Learning Guitar, Banjo, and Mandolin!

Your Online Home for Learning Guitar, Banjo, and Mandolin

There are beginners and banjo experts who have been looking for ways to integrate their music journey with Mandolin and that will be possible with these lessons. This lesson set or course has different lessons based on a multi-instrument basis.

Even you have zero know-how, you will be able to learn the basics and with time, advance on the journey of music playing. In addition, you will be able to learn different tones and styles.

This platform has over 400 videos and lessons with elaborated details along with audio tracks. The price factor is pretty reasonable with zero compromise on quality and the lessons are available for beginners, intermediates, and advanced level players.

No matter if you are learning the combination of mandolin or banjo or if you are learning banjo alone, you can keep a track of your performance and in some cases, you can get personalized content as well.

If you feel like retaking a lesson, the options are available and you can even start from where you left off. In other words, you will be able to keep everything tracked and organized. In addition, everything is made fun of the students and there are zero methodologies of classroom teaching.

10) AIM - Tenor Banjo

Tenor Banjo

Not everyone enjoys Irish music but some people get into the banjo world for the sole reason of enjoying Irish music. If we look at history, only a limited number of Irish tracks had banjo music in them but to be honest, the number has increased over the years when Mike Flanagan offered his audio tracks with a touch of Irish music tweaked with a banjo. During the last few years, the banjo has become an integral part of rock and jazz music which has increased the follower base of the banjo.

With this rise, people are looking for banjo lessons and this platform is offering two different courses. The first one is Paddy Cummins has a course that focuses on enhancing the musicality rather than teaching the basics as it's designed for people who are known to the basics.

On the other hand, Lisa Canny offers a course that provides basic guidelines for the banjo. This platform has a team of Irish music professionals who are the masters of their world to ensure all the magic is transformed into you as well.

The phrase by phrase methodology has been adopted to teach students as it helps to remember everything with ease. Moreover, this platform utilizes the Virtual Reality feature which is the most unique feature.

11) Deering Banjo Company

Deering Banjo Company

This brand name is famous for designing and manufacturing the top-notch banjos and their wooden armrests have become everyone’s absolute favorite. They have added the touch of wood to ensure there are no nickel allergies and if you wish, you can build your own banjo as well. However, the company doesn’t stop at banjo manufacturing because they have professionals on board who love to share their knowledge.

This platform offers clawhammer banjo playing by expert Irish music professionals. However, not everyone uses the clawhammer banjo and if you want to hone your skills at the 5-string banjo, Tony Trischka offers all the help you need.

These lessons are available in video forms and by the end; you will be able to play the three finger style with perfection. In addition to music, you will be able to keep the banjo operational as they provide adjustment tips.

There are multiple videos that will teach you to use the guitar tricks on banjo without compromising the quality of music. In other words, this platform has everything one needs; ranging from banjo lessons to banjos themselves!

12) PegheadNation


No matter how much experience you have or how big of a novice you are, the lessons offered by this platform are ensured to enhance your playing and keep the tunes playing. Be it the beginners or advanced players, the lessons are designed by instructors and players who breathe and live music. By taking this lesson, you will be able to make clawhammer, old-hammer, melodic, and bluegrass music with utmost perfection.

There are multiple courses for banjo aspirants and every video comes with an introduction to provide insights about the later sections. With Bill Evans, you will be able to hone the chords and fingerings to ensure there are rolls and patterns in your music.

There are over forty videos and most of them will help you learn new songs. In addition, if you want to learn clawhammer banjo, Evie Ladin will teach you the techniques through old-time and traditional songs.

In addition, there are lessons by Danny Barnes with his systematic approach and you will also be able to learn the wade ward-style music. Last but not least, you will be able to enjoy the contemporary bluegrass music while learning to make similar melodies.

13) Play The Banjo

Play The Banjo

There might be millions of platforms offering banjo lessons but hardly any of them offer free lessons. With this platform, you will be able to learn banjo for free. The tutor on this platform has been teaching banjo since 1982 and he has written each thing from his own hands to ensure the delivery of the right information.

There are over 20 lessons that shed light on introduction, tuning, picks, holing, pinching, rolls, fretting, tablature, new tunes, banjo chords, and play multiple famous songs as well. The songs include Cumberland Gap and Cripple Creep.

This course is comprised of five videos of two hours each and with each click, you will be exposing yourself to colossal information. With this course, printed tabs and chord charts will be provided that eases the overall experience of banjo learning.

In addition, there will be videos for banjo chors and you can listen to jamming sessions as well along with free audio tracks. There are frailing and clawhammer banjo options. Once you take this course, you will feel amazed by the chords and how you will be able to strike them perfectly.

14) Ross Nickerson Bluegrass Banjo

Ross Nickerson Bluegrass Banjo

This man is one of the legends from the banjo world and it’s a blessing to learn the chords and tunes of a banjo from him. There are online lessons designed with an aim to improve the picking and optimize banjo learning even if you cannot leave your home.

In other words, you will learn from the best without stepping out of the home. When you subscribe to the course, you will receive the audios and videos of a song along with tablature which works as instructions. All these things are available at the most reasonable prices and you have permission to download the tracks and videos as well.

Once you have paid the fee, you will be directed to a page where you can download the tracks and instructions. There are text lessons available as well and the instructions are written in an easy language to ensure everything is well-understood and interpreted.

The beginner courses have books and videos through which one learns the tuning, hand techniques, and picking. In the advanced courses, you will be able to hammer on, learn cripple creek, and left-hand techniques along with picking and sliding.

15) Banjo Compass

Banjo Compass

This is an online source for mastering the art of banjo and the platform has been designed for beginners to hone their game at the banjo. However, the intermediate players can enjoy it as well because of teacher the rhythm backup, clawhammer, improvisation, and other famous songs that have banjo music in it.

The course aims at quickening up the process of learning through easy basics and techniques that help achieve the results in a reasonable timeframe.

There are basic and premium lessons and the premium ones are usually detailed and in-depth which makes them longer. The premium one is for intermediates who want to scale up to a professional level and the basic course is perfect for beginners.

It’s true that chord playing saturates everything and the musicians need to be skilled at that. With this course, you will have the tips and tricks to optimize the shape and switch without creating a buzz. In the latest sections, you will learn switching from G, C, and D chords.

There is Banjo primer deluxe, classic banjo songs 1, banjo rhythm & backup 101, along with pentatonic improve package and all these courses are ensured to make you’re the jack of banjo.

Choosing the Best Banjo Lessons for Adults

It’s needless to say that banjos are amazing musical instruments with amazing music and strings and membrane that makes engaging tunes. This article covered different online courses for banjo lovers who want to hone the banjo playing. Best of luck with your banjo playing!

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