12 Best Ballet Lessons for Beginners Review 2021

Ballet Lessons for Beginners

Ballet Lessons for Beginners

Ballet dancing is the highest level of the art of dancing. It is one of the most technical dance forms that was originated during the fifteenth century. Ballet dancing got popular as a form of concert dance in France and Russia. Ever since the globalization and cultures growing out so prominently, Ballet dancing has grown out to be appreciated by people of all regions, cultures, and languages.

Ballet dancing is being taught in multiple schools and dance academies all over the world. But it is not as simple as regular dancing. You need to have the right balance for your body, strength, elasticity, and stamina to carry out ballet dancing in the right manner.

Ballet Dancing is phenomenal to watch, but it is difficult enough for anyone to get hold of it in a couple of tries. You need to learn Ballet dancing as it matters and that is the key to acing it. It requires your will power to learn along with dedication and the hard work that you put into it. Ballet dancing is a great way to channel the energy within you and create something extraordinary that would leave a deep impact on the viewers.

If you want to learn Ballet Dancing, you can do it online. There are some great lessons on multiple online learning websites that you can take advantage of. Some of the top lessons that can help you learn ballet dancing as a beginner are:

12 Best Ballet Lessons for Beginners Review

1) MasterClass: Misty Copeland Teaches Ballet Technique and Artistry

MasterClass Misty Copeland Ballet Lessons for Beginners

Ballet is an enticing yet sophisticated dance form that every girl wishes to learn. If you’ve been dreaming about that dance, MasterClass.com has got you covered. This ballet dances course is a perfect opportunity to harness those moves with Misty Copeland. In no time,you’ll learn about ballet techniques and artistic moves that swoons the audience. The course is a combination of 18 lessons which you can learn within two hours.​ 

All ballet aspirants will be able to learn swan move which is the ultimate favorite of every ballet dancer. With partner workshops, you can learn how to perform ballet with your girl bestie. You will also have in-person communication with choreographers, so you can discuss your concerns easily. The course video lessons, along with audio-only lessons, so you can follow them as instructions.​

The course allows the students to download the lessons for offline learning. In addition, you can access the PDF files to learn theoretical concepts. On top of everything, the website updates new lessons regularly, so you learn new techniques regularly. Last but not least,you can watch the lessons on TV, mobile, and desktop as long as you've internet access available.

2) Udemy: Lazy Dance Ballet Burn- 30 Days Fitness Ballet Programme

Udemy 1 Ballet Lessons for Beginners

Udemy.com is one of the most interactive learning platforms out there. It doesn’t matter which skill you want to learn, Udemy.com has got you covered. Well, if you’re a dance lover,ballet is an amazing option and you can learn that with this course. This course is a perfect opportunity for you to learn ballet with a pinch of fitness techniques. To be honest, you’ll bloom into a beautiful (and fit!) woman with this course.​

This course has 1,398 students on board and is available in the English language, so it's highly understandable. With this course, you’ll not only learn ballet moves but harness flexible posture and lean muscles. Once you sign up for this course, you can access seven-hours on-demand video, so you can learn desired moves. Also, there are four downloadable resources available for everyone who wants offline learning.

​The best thing about this course is that it’s self-paced; you can learn whenever you want.The course is available for lifetime access and can be accessed on smartphones and TV. The course comes with a PDF file, so you can learn new techniques with theoretical concepts in mind. It is advised that you practice five days a week for better results.

3) Udemy: Lazy Dance Beginner Ballet Course – Vol1

Udemy 2 Ballet Lessons for Beginners

Ballet isn’t the cup of tea for everyone but when you have a course to guide you, everything is possible. For all those people, Udemy.com is an apt choice and has got you covered with its wide range of courses. This ballet course is suitable for beginners, who want to learn fitness techniques along with it. With this course, you’ll become the graceful ballerina that you’ve always dreamt of. The course is already signed up by 2,189 students, which clearly speaks about the right results.

​The course is the brainchild of Alessia Lugoboni, who has years of ballet performance and training. This course teaches the basic steps along with the names and learns how to attain correct posture and alignment in your dance moves. The volume one is suitable for ballerinas who want to perform Centre and Barre. In no time, you’ll become a confident ballerina who knows the right posture and balance.​

The course has full lifetime access, along with one downloadable resource for offline learning. Topping it all, there are 5.5-hours of on-demand video for students with specialized needs. By the end of the course, you can earn a certificate of completion. The choreographer has more than 20 years of experience, so you’ll learn the basic steps.

4) Udemy: 20 Moves in 20 Days: Beginning Ballet Barre

Udemy 3 Ballet Lessons for Beginners

Ballet is one of the most popular dance forms out there but people literally spend their entire lives learning the dance moves. But if you want quick learning, Udemy.com has designed this course for you. This course teaches more than 20 ballet steps in the course of 20 days,pretty amazing, right? You can learn the ballet moves in the comfort of your own home and can communicate with 145 students who are already learning with this course.​

The course is designed by Lindsey Dinneen, who has years of ballet experience. The course has 23 lectures for an optimized and thorough learning experience. The course also provides access to two hours of on-demand video for everyone who has special needs to cater to. In addition, one resource can be downloaded if you want offline learning experience. By the end, of course, you can download the certificate of completion. 

​The course is suitable for every age because you will learn the body-strengthening techniques. The videos have clear demonstrations, so you don’t skip the important steps.The course is available for a lifetime, so you can revise anytime you want. So, start stretching and learn those amazing postures!

5) Udemy: Preschool Pre-Ballet

Udemy 4 Ballet Lessons for Beginners

We all have watched those little girls in fluffy skirts and white ballet shoes, how pretty do they look, right? Well, if you have a daughter and she wants to learn ballet, Udemy.com has this special course for your little princess. This course has 31 students on board and is designed by Faith Weeden. The lessons will create an easy and friendly learning experience for your kid, so they actually enjoy ballet. The course comes with a 3.5-hour on-demand video to address the individual needs of your kids.​Once you sign your kid up for this course, they will have lifetime access for the kids.

The lessons can be accessed on smartphones and TV, as long as you have a robust internet connection. The course has a duration of three hours, and lectures are designed over nine lectures. The course provides a certificate of completion, so your kid has a shining certificate up in their nursery.​

The kids will learn discipline and new positions with this course. The best thing about this course is that your kids will learn how to follow instructions, balance, flexibility, and how to control the motion. On top of everything, your kids will become active and gain strength.

6) Udemy: Basic Ballet Guide

Udemy 5 Ballet Lessons for Beginners

For everyone who wants to learn ballet, finding the right course can be pretty exhausting.Well, your search ends here because Udemy.com is a suitable choice. This course is a perfect option for beginners who want a basic guide to ballet. This is far from the most classical ballet course for amateurs. Learning the essentials of ballet with this course will be easier than ever before. The course has 33 students onboard. This course is designed by Karolina Nowaczek, who is trying to inculcate her years of experience in her students.

​With this course, the students will learn the ballet terms, as they help enhance the learning experience. The students will learn the important exercises that are important to ballet. You will have access to basic ballet steps. The best thing about this course is that it teaches about the errors and how to fix them. The students will learn the correct postures and alignment.The course comes with lifetime access, so you can revise the steps whenever you want.

​The tipping point is that you can watch the videos on any device (with an internet connection). There are five lectures in the course, divided into two sections. Also, the videos are collectively only 36 minutes long, so everything will be learned in a minimum possible time.

7) Udemy: Online Ballet Basic

Udemy 6 Ballet Lessons for Beginners

Ballet is one amazing dancing form and everyone likes to learn how they can make those graceful moves. Well, Udemy.com has everything you need to learn classical ballet steps.This course promises that you learn the basic and right practicing techniques for better out comes. The course has 237 students onboard at the moment and they are growing each day. This course is designed by Renata Simon,so, it’s pretty sure that you will get authentic tips and instructions.​

This course on Udemy.com has 1.5 hours of on-demand videos for everyone who has different needs. The course comes with full lifetime access for the better learning experience and unlimited revision sessions. The video lessons can be accessed on TV and mobile, and by the end, earn yourself a certificate of completion. With this course, you’ll learn foot exercises on the floor and at the barre.​

The students will learn proper leg and arm positions. The best thing is that you’ll learn exercises that strengthen the muscles, promising proper posture for your ballet dance moves.There are six lectures in the course but they are adequate enough for beginners. So, get those ballet shoes right away!

8) Udemy: Russian Ballet Online. Learn at Home. Part 1

Udemy 7 Ballet Lessons for Beginners

If you’ve always wanted to learn ballet dancing but time got in your way, this course by Udemy.com is one amazing choice. This course is specially designed for people who are interested in Russian ballet. The students can learn ballet dance anytime and anywhere.There are 166 students onboard this course to learn the Russian ballet moves. The course was recently updated, so you learn everything perfectly.​

Udemy.com and this course promise that everyone can learn the alignment and correct posture because it matters a great deal in ballet. With this course, you’ll learn how to perform ballet in the Centre, Barre, and Jump. In addition, there is a special lecture for stretching and warm-up activities. You'll also come across common mistakes and how one can correct them.

​The students will not only learn the steps but learn how to follow them as well. The best thing about this course is that it teaches the pirouette techniques. If you still have questions, you can access five-hour on-demand videos as well. Once you go through the learning phase,you can earn the certificate of completion as well.

9) Udemy: Learn the Fundamentals of Ballet

Udemy 8 Ballet Lessons for Beginners

It doesn’t matter what you’re learning, you need to learn the basics and fundamentals to ensure there is no compromise on the outcome. Similarly, if you are learning ballet dance, this course is a perfect option for you. This course is designed with the step-by-step approach,you make a proper foundation for dancing. Till now, 630 students have taken this course and are pretty satisfied with the lectures.

​The course is a brainchild of Chancy Rattanong which clearly means you’ll learn from the best. This course is a suitable choice for every aspirant and beginner ballerina. The course is available in the French language, along with English translation for a better learning experience. With this course, students can learn the feet and hand techniques, along with curtsey and bow moves.​

The students will learn about center work as well as a ballet barre. The students can access 39 minutes of on-demand video for the specific needs of the students. As soon as you complete the learning process, you can access the certificate of completion. There are 19 lectures in the course but you can learn it all within 38 minutes.

10) Cosmolearning.org: How to do Beginning Ballet Steps

Cosmolearning.org Ballet Lessons for Beginners

Learning Ballet is like a journey that you must take step-by-step. There is no leap of success here and no shortcuts to come out on top. You need to make a process gradually and build a strong foundation that would help you in learning ballet at advanced stages.

This course by Cosmolearning.org allows you to have all the right insight that instructor Eileen O'Brien has to offer within 15 easy lessons on beginning ballet steps. Everything you are going to need to learn all those basic steps to start your ballet learning journey online is here in this course. There are topics like Pile, Battement Tendus, Rand De Jambre, Frappe, Ballet Stretches, and much more. You cannot get better lessons on beginner's step anywhere else with such details and explanations.

The website and course are free to access for anyone making it a perfect solution for you if you are willing to try it for yourself and see if it would work for you. With the help of these lessons, all you have to give is your time and bit of devotion to try out these very basic steps of Ballet dancing and see if this classical dance form is for you.

11) Tybas.dance: Ballett

Tybas.dance Ballet Lessons for Beginners

As you can get an idea from the name, the website is of German origin and offers training for ballet dancing in German and Dutch. The course listed on ballet dancing on this website is the perfect way for anyone who is looking to get some authentic insight into the traditional ballet dancing. With ballet dancing embedded deeply in the roots of European culture, this is your perfect chance to learn it if you settle at nothing less than the best.

You can find hundreds of video lessons with 5 different levels as a part of this course. These levels are divided into basic and advanced levels where you will be able to learn not only how you can practice the dance but make it count while you are at it and give out some stunning performances.

12) DanceDispatches.com: Ballet Classes

DanceDispatches.com Ballet Lessons for Beginners

The website is renowned for offering dance classes on almost all the major dance forms. You can get a hand of their course on ballet that is offering multiple ballet dancing lessons from different parts of the world. All these lessons put together to make their online ballet dancing course that is just the perfect thing to learn from.

This course allows you to learn ballet dancing from instructors all over the world and see how ballet has been evolving amongst different areas of the world. Each course contains just the perfect amount of lessons that you can follow and practice at home without getting bored or distracted.

Choosing the Best Ballet Lessons for Beginners

These are some of the top lessons on Ballet dancing that you can choose from to learn Ballet dancing online. You need to be careful while practice as ballet dancing is an advanced form of dance that can cause you some possible injuries as well if you are not doing it right. Have your pick at the courses above and see if it would work for you.


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