ArtistWorks William Caballero French Horn Lessons Online Review

ArtistWorks William Caballero French Horn Lessons Review

ArtistWorks William Caballero French Horn Lessons Review

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There’s no tinge of doubt that William Caballero is one of the most important and respected French horn players of our time. The renowned Principal Horn has poured his rich experience and extensive knowledge of playing the French horn for the past 24 years to create a comprehensive video library with 100s of high-quality lessons.

How French Horn Lessons Online with William Caballero manages to be top-notch yet easy to understand is simply incredible. Mr. Caballero takes a somewhat unique yet refreshingly exciting approach to learning to play the French horn, all while engaging students of all levels and styles with a huge collection of tutorial videos, backing tracks, and lots of other studying materials.

Artistworks french horn study materials

The students also have unlimited access to a ton of special guests, exclusive interviews, and they can also connect with a vibrant community of French horn enthusiasts from across the globe. In that respect, French Horn Lessons Online with William Caballero course is as educational as it’s fun and exciting.

The icing on the cake is the Video Exchange feature that allows students to submit practice videos on the learning platform. Even better, William Caballero himself reviews each video before providing a detailed feedback, complete with thoughtful advice on how to improve. This is where William’s French horn online lessons truly stand out from the crowd.

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Right from the start, each French horn lesson offered by William Caballero is detailed, well-structured, and richly complemented with extras. Players of all styles and students are welcome to sign up for these amazing lessons which are available in a 3, 6, and 12-month affordable packages.

ArtistWorks French Horn Lessons Online with William Caballero Review

ArtistWorks William Caballero

William Caballero is perhaps one of a handful of people in recent history who have carved a place out for themselves in the world of French horn. He has been the Principal Horn of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for more than two decades, making him one of the most revered French horn players of our time. After graduating from the New England Conservatory in Boston, William became a member of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra before joining the Boston Pops and Boston Symphony where he served as the Third Horn.

Other notable highlights of his colorful career include being a guest Principal Horn with St. Louis Symphony, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the Philadelphia Orchestra. He has also held the position of the Principal Horn with Houston Grand Opera, the Houston Symphony, and the Hartford Symphony.

Caballero is no stranger in the music academia, having taught at Rice University, Curtis Institute of Music, Indiana University Bloomington, New England Conservatory, Duquesne University, and the New World Symphony, just to name a few. His decision to teach French horn online is a huge sigh of relief for many eager students.

Student Experience

In the last 24 years or so, only the most elite students could study with William Caballero, but with his online lessons, that means ordinary folk can now learn from the master too. Whether you are a veteran or a newbie looking to break into the world of French horn, Caballero’s online lessons offer the right motivation, supportive, and learning tools you need. Students have unfettered access to hundreds of comprehensive lessons tailored to their needs.

Caballero offers a personalized learning process that truly focuses on the student’s style, level of experience, and individual needs. When you sign up for the lessons, you will gain access to a rich library with myriads of exclusive interviews, tutorial videos, backing tracks, and plenty of other study resources.

Artistworks french horn lessons

For novice players, French Horn Lessons Online with William Caballero provides what’s called Foundational Skills. These are introductory lessons that give the students a chance to get a feel for the instruments, as well as touch base on French horn basics like breathing techniques, tonal centering, hand positioning, air attacks, buzzing lips, forehead movement, and so much more. The good thing is that each lesson is the building block for the next one, allowing students to take their skills from level to level without much hassle.

When it comes to intermediate and advanced French horn lessons, that’s where the good stuff comes in. You can venture into the world of Kopprasch and Maxime Alphonse etudes as an intermediate student, or delve even deeper into Brahms, Bruckner, Ravel, Schumann, Schubert, and Reynolds etudes as an advanced student.

Artistworks intermediate to advanced french horn lessons


There’s always something for every skill level and style of French horn in these online lessons. One of the biggest draws of taking French horn lessons with Caballero is that you learn from the master, and he often covers a wide variety of techniques and methods. More importantly, it’s the main aim of the lessons to get you playing the French horn right from day 1.

The curriculum is broken down into 6 categories: Foundational Skills, Practice Habits and Playing Maintenance, Intermediate Etudes, Advanced Etudes, Orchestral Excerpts, Solo Repertoire. The first two lesson groups are designed for novices, while intermediate and advanced students are more comfortable with the rest.


Help & Support

Students can contact Caballero via email or get help on the ArtistWorks platform. They also have access to a vibrant online community of French horn lovers. They can ask questions, share ideas, and start discussions.

Key Features

  • Video Exchange Learning
  • 100s of lessons available to students
  • Get custom feedback for your practice lessons


1. Robust community offer the right support and motivation

Artistworks french horn community

2. Ability to submit practice videos and get personalized feedback
3. Learn from niche expert


Not many French horn players have the experience and prowess which can match those of William Caballero. The lessons are high quality, and broken down into small, learnable segments, offering a rich and pleasant student experience. With top-notch features like Video Exchange learning and large community, taking French Horn Lessons Online with William Caballero is worth your investment.

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