ArtistWorks Paul Gilbert Rock Guitar Lessons Online Review

ArtistWorks Paul Gilbert Rock Guitar Lesson Review

ArtistWorks Paul Gilbert Rock Guitar Lesson Review

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If you have finally come to the decision that it is time to expand your repertoire, ability or technique, then you should check out rock guitar lessons online with Paul Gilbert. Anyone that has tried looking for private lessons knows how expensive they can be. These online lessons not only have that private lesson feel to them thanks to a feature known as Video Exchange, but they have also been shot in high resolution as well.

These, are not your mama’s old school rock videos. Instead, they come enabled with features such as loop and slow motion so that students can manipulate the videos to suit their learning pace and style.

Another benefit of signing up for these lessons is that you will be getting them from THE Paul Gilbert- rock guitar extraordinaire, musical giant and a living legend. The lessons you will be getting from such a recognized name are invaluable, and that you can interact personally with Paul himself is almost priceless.

ArtistWorks Rock Guitar Lesson Online with Paul Gilbert Review

ArtistWorks Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert is simply one of the greatest rock guitarists that ever walked the earth. World-renowned for his shredding ability, musicality, Paul is one of Guitar World’s 50 fastest guitarists of all time. He is also in the top 10 list of the fastest shredders in the world.

As such, his skills and experience know no bounds. Paul has experience as a teacher, having joined the Guitar Institute of Technology from very early on in his career. His is approachable and takes time to really down his award-winning techniques.

Education experience

Paul is as great at shredding as he is at instructing, which is very hard to find. Paul has made the learning experience very easy but this is not to say that hard work is not required- you will have to be very attentive and dedicated if you intend to get anywhere close to Paul’s level of playing.

Fortunately, the ArtistWorks platforms comes with a feature known as the Video Exchange feature that allows students to submit videos of themselves rocking out or even just asking Paul a question. What happens next is that Paul goes through every video that has been sent in and in exchange records a video response offering critique or giving answers to queries.

Best of all, when you submit a video, other students in Paul’s school of rock can also comment and critique videos so that everyone learns from each other’s abilities and experiences. Although this might sound a bit scary for some, the students in Paul’s community are nothing short of supportive and respective, so you can expect to learn in a judgment-free zone and in a highly interactive and collaborative environment.

The curriculum

If you have ever tried taking other online guitar lessons, then you understand how terrible some of them can be. These lessons by Paul Gilbert will surprise you pleasantly- they are short yet detailed and it is not unusual for Paul to sprinkle a little humor here and there. In other words, the videos are perfectly customized to all playing proficiencies whether beginner, advanced or intermediate.

Paul’s instructional videos offer a complete education in all styles, compositions or arrangements. Beginners can sign up and benefit from the wealth of foundational courses and lessons. The courses cover all settings from solo performance to symphony orchestra.

The video lengths vary from five minutes to thirty and they all come with the option to play them in slow motion or loop them. The lessons are simple enough to follow and they will allow you to learn the material in great detail.

If you find yourself struggling to catch up, you will also have the option of submitting videos through the video exchange feature so that Paul can comment on your performance. Even if you do not want to send in any videos, you can still learn from the hundreds of archived exchange videos so that you can pick up some useful hints that you can apply in your own technique.

The player is also very easy to use. While all proficiencies are welcome to sign up, guitarists that are looking to progress or advance past the basics are the ones that stand to gain the most from the program. Not only will they be delivered by the best of the best, but the topics covered are also very resourceful like string skipping and advanced scales. In total, there are 24 intermediate videos and 32 advanced ones.


Key features

  • Students can access the Video exchange library and the arrives at any time
  • Each subscribed student gets as many as 5 submissions
  • A workshop on music theory


  • There is a mini chatroom where students can communicate with other.
  • There is a community spirit that is fostered with the video exchange platform
  • Affordable and easy to navigate


When you stick to this online lesson with Paul Gilbert, you can be sure that your learning, repertoire, technique, and confidence will blossom. If you have never filmed yourself while playing, it would be a good idea to teach yourself some of the basics just to make things a little easier for you. The video exchange is what sets these lessons apart from all the ones you will find online so it is important that you utilize it fully.

The chat features and the online community will help you feel as though you belong to a community, all while learning at the feet of the master himself. A lot of students all over the world pay good money to learn privately from a teacher of Paul’s stature so these online lessons are definitely worth every penny.

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