ArtistWorks Noam Pikelny Banjo Lessons Online Review


Artistworks Noam Pikelny Banjo Lesson Review

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Several myths exist about the banjo. Many people believe that it is one of the hardest musical instruments to play. What you might not be aware of is that rarely will you come across a much easier musical instrument to play than the 5-stringed banjo. You can learn to play it in less than 5 minutes even if you have never held a musical instrument in your hands.

If you doubt the authenticity of that last sentence, then you should check out Noam Pikelny Banjo Lesson on Artistworks. Noam Pikelny, the Grammy Award winner, is one of the world’s premium banjo teachers. He has developed a unique singular sound, which you can also learn to replicate upon registering for the class.

This American banjoist has performed as part of the group called Punch Brothers. Previously, he was in two other bands; namely, John Cowan Band and Leftover Salmon. Apart from the aforementioned Grammy Award, Pikelny has received plenty of other accolades recognizing his skillfulness in playing the 5-stringed instrument. These include the following:

  1. Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in 2010
  2. International Bluegrass Music Awards for being the Banjo Player of the Year in 2014
  3. International Bluegrass Music Awards for being the Banjo Player of the Year in 2017

If you have never played the banjo, then the Pikelny class on Artistworks should do wonders for you. Alternatively, sign up for the class if you are simply interested in being the best banjo player. For the most part, you just have to get the timing right. Nevertheless, that is not the only topic or issue that Pikelny handles in his class.

About Artistworks

Artistworks offers different professional, highly experienced, and talented musicians to offer classes to eager and interested students. All classes are online via videos of the highest quality. Instructors are excellent communicators too. It is little wonder that they are capable of delivering a comprehensive and fun style of teaching that makes it easier to learn banjo.

Apart from Noam Pikelny, the other instructor on Artistworks is the talented and charming Tony Trischka. The two Grammy Award winners are the best banjo teachers you will ever need. Essentially, you have never been in better and more capable hands than these two! Therefore, register for this class to take your musical instrument-playing skills to the next level today.

Here, you have a superb opportunity to learn how to play different instruments. Pikelny specializes in playing the banjo. However, the platform is full of teachers with expertise in playing various instruments. For this reason, you should visit the website to register if you would love to learn any of the following instruments:

  • Guitar
  • Mandolin
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Woodwinds
  • Brass
  • Percussion

More interestingly, Artistworks is also great for students interested in improving their singing voices. Yes, the Internet is full of online schools and classes that specialize in either instruments or voice. Artistworks is special in that it mixes a bit of both. In this regard, it is akin to a store that sells everything you need under one roof.

ArtistWorks Banjo Lesson Online with Noam Pikelny Review


Lesson Presentation

As previously indicated, all the lessons are available online. The Punch Brothers co-founder delivers his lessons in an easy-to-follow manner. That is because he wants the person without any previous experience playing the banjo to grasp the basics fast and efficiently. These lessons will stay with you for the rest of your life.

The technique-based program preferred at Artistworks is a departure from what you might encounter on other online platforms. Artistworks has opted for this approach since opening for business in 2008. It hosts over 50,000 video lessons that tens of thousands of students have relied on and learned from through the years.

Furthermore, the lessons are interactive. Noam Pikelny interacts with the students. Therefore, expect to learn the banjo on Artistworks just as you would do in a brick and mortar class. The fact that the platform uses a revolutionary solution to teach students the banjo is welcome news. It has equalized the environment for students of diverse backgrounds to learn.


What the Lesson Entails

Noam has chosen the contents of his lesson carefully. He has a clear set of objectives that he hopes to accomplish by the end of the lesson. The objectives are the same for each student. Therefore, you should benefit from it just as much as the other students are. The way the lessons are spread means you can choose a package that you find attractive. These include:

  1. Self-paced
  2. Adult beginner
  3. Certificates

First, it is important to note that Pikelny – and the other instructors – give you an opportunity to prepare, record, and submit a video for review. You will get a wonderful personal review from Pikelny to gauge where you are at in your journey. To do this, you would have to rely on the powerful Artistworks Video Exchange Learning platform.

Typically, you should expect to learn the following at the Pikelny class on Artistworks:

  • Foundational banjo chords
  • Mastering the whole banjo neck
  • Bluegrass banjo and more
  • Essentials of banjo music

The lessons do not stop there, though. Pikelny has prepared hundreds of lessons to guide you as you learn to play this 5-stringed tool. Therefore, feel free to approach each lesson with the confidence of a child who is determined to learn to walk. Allow Pikelny to equip you with the skills that transform you into an avid learner and player of the banjo.

What the Lesson Payment Entails

To learn from Noam Pikelny, you would have to pay the price. Fortunately, Artistworks offers you three different plans to choose from. One, you could pay $105 to sign up for the 3-month plan. Alternatively, $179 would give you access to the 6-month plan. If you are thinking long-term, then the $279 paid for a 12-month plan would suffice.


Noam Pikelny Banjo Lesson on Artistworks is full of multiple pros. For starters, you learn from true professionals with a good reputation in the industry. Here, your teacher is a Grammy Award winner. Secondly, the lessons are all available online to learn at your pace. Third, you have the freedom to choose a price plan that appeals to you.

The fact that Pikelny expects you to submit your videos for review is excellent news too. All video submissions come back with personal and detailed feedback from Pikelny. Moreover, all students can see how each one interacts with Pikelny too. Use this opportunity to take your proficiency in playing the banjo to the next level.


At times, the video player seems a bit difficult to use. Other than that, the platform appears to be catering more to the needs of the beginner banjo player. Nevertheless, those in need of taking their skills to either intermediate or advanced level would also find the platform quite useful and relevant.


Is the Noam Pikelny Banjo Lesson on Artistworks worth the hassle? Yes, it is! Therefore, get your check out and pay the fee required to access the lessons, videos, teachers, and all relevant learning materials. Few platforms are as geared specifically for banjo players like this one. Therefore, take advantage of it to learn from an award-winning instructor.

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