ArtistWorks Nathan East Electric Bass Lessons Online Review

Artistworks Nathan East Electric Bass Lesson Review

Artistworks Nathan East Electric Bass Lesson Review

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If you want to learn electric bass, you’d be hard pressed to find a better instructor than Nathan East. With a bassist career more than 40 years, Nathan East is experienced and has a vast amount of knowledge to impart to any would be a bassist. He has channeled this experience to creating great electric bass lessons online at ArtistWorks where you can now learn through video lessons, guitar tabs and backing tracks from the master himself!

ArtistWorks Electric Bass Lesson Online with Nathan East Review

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Nathan East is one of the world’s most renown bassist and is extremely popular having recorded more than 2000 recordings in his time. He took up electric bass at just 16 years old and at 18, found himself touring with Barry White. He has collaborated with Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Dolly Parton, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk among others.

He founded the Grammy-nominated jazz group, Fourplay and produces and writes music. He has 3 solo albums and a whole host of others with Fourplay and other artists. He has received awards from International Rock Awards, ASCAP, N.A.R.A.S., and British Academy of Songwriters, Composers, and Authors among others. Today, he remains one of the most in-demand bassists of all time.

The electric bass lessons with Nathan East recognize the value of learning according to your skill level and therefore are self-paced and catered for the various specific needs of each student. There are the beginner bass lessons that offer the foundation skills for the learner, the intermediate and advanced bass lessons as well. All these levels are on logical order and build upon knowledge learned in the last lesson. They consist of exciting materials and style that only a master experienced instructor like Nathan East with his infectious bass tunes can deliver.

Nathan draws from his vast knowledge and decades of experience to build a curriculum consisting of a richly compiled video library with 100s of high quality unparalleled electric bass lessons. His unique approach to engaging students with his well-rounded bass lessons and individual review of videos that students create off of his exciting exercises make this online class one that offers specialized attention and gives students the confidence to lay privately, publicly and professionally. As such you get the best value for your money when you sign up for these bass lessons.

The ultimate quality that sets apart Nathan East’s electric bass lessons is the personal instruction students get. This is especially through the key feature that allows students to submit a video for him to review through the ArtistWorks Video Exchange Learning platform. Easy to use, this platform allows Nathan to review your video submission and offer a video response that is specific to your video and offers specialized useful guidance to allow you to improve on your bass playing skills and take your skills to the next notch.

Students can also use the platform to access the library and watch the various interactions that other fellow students have with Nathan. This gives them insight to other tips and guidance that may also apply to them and help them take their bass playing to the next level. The Video Exchange feature aside from being a way to receive great feedback also helps in allowing students access to a community of bass enthusiasts which brews inspiration, drives motivation, increases the interest and hence the self-discipline in the students to practice harder and better.

Another benefit of taking up electric bass lessons online with Nathan at ArtistWorks is the flexible pricing available. There are amazing deals on the table especially with the consideration that the instructor is a talented master bass musician.


Student Experience

From the moment you sign up for electric bass lessons with Nathan East, you gain from a well-rounded learning experience. Nathan has curated a comprehensive video library that is constantly expanding and features pop, funk and rock lessons with arpeggio and chord exercises to mention but a few. The videos have slow motion and looping features for self-pacing purposes. You can also submit a video for review by Nathan himself to help you identify the areas to keep improving on.

Whether you are a beginner with an interest in paying electric bass or an intermediate player who has played on and off or even an advanced somewhat experienced player with an interest in filling in the knowledge gaps, expand your techniques, build up your chops or just on overall advance your understanding of music practice and theory. Don’t worry, ArtistWorks has got you covered. Nathan East’s lessons in electric bass cater for all style, skill and experience levels.

The forums at ArtistWorks through their Video Exchange platform enables interaction with bass enthusiasts that you can compare notes with on everything to do with music and electric bass playing. There is a vast amount of content here, ideas and tips that help improve your bass playing skills regardless of your skill level.

The Curriculum

Nathan East and the folks at ArtistWorks do not play when it comes to curriculum development. Like the other courses on this site, electric bass lessons online with Nathan East is specially designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced players offering both bass playing videos and skills as well as a comprehensive music theory library.

At each skill level, the lessons are divided into smaller easy to understand section that makes learning fun, easy and scalable. The videos are also focused on bass tuning, ear training, chord progressions, walking bass lines, arpeggio speed drills, and staccato and even show preparation.

There are Nathan’s albums and songs featured in here such as American the Beautiful and Tears in Heaven as well as further miscellaneous topics and additional songs. This is a great well-ordered curriculum with sections for each skill level and lessons divided down to learnable bits.

Key Features

  • Musical Theory Content
  • The Video Exchange platform for submission of electric bass practice videos
  • 100s of electric bass lessons
  • Great forum for worldwide music enthusiasts
  • Slow motion and looping on videos
  • Backing Tracks, video lessons, and guitar tabs


  1. Unlimited access to hundreds of electric bass lessons and study materials
  2. Access to the Video Exchange platform and library
  3. Caters for bass players of all styles and skill levels.
  4. A worldwide community of electric bass enthusiasts to offer support and share ideas and tips


  1. While this is a sweet deal featuring a master bass player, the lessons are slightly more expensive than those of the traditional guitar

The Verdict

Unquestionably one of the best bass players who is a master of various styles, Nathan East is a great instructor to teach bass players with different skill levels. Learn at your own pace and don’t forget to pick up a great bass for according to Nathan East, it becomes your “voice, fingerprint, and sound.”